Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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Leigh’s Lost and Found: The simple class you can take to keep your dog from running off

In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, we’re focusing on the importance of getting your dog trained so they obey your commands and don’t run off.

A white hand of a caucasian woman showing her obedient Rhodesian Ridgeback hound dog with cute expression in the face the sign for DOWN outdoors in the park
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It’s a small investment that will pay off big time in the long run.

At the PetSmart training course run by longtime dog trainer Val Hewett, dog owners learn the basics of canine communication.

Val says, “I get asked the question all the time, how do I keep my dog from running out the door? How do I get them to come when they’re running down the road?”

Turns out the answer is pretty simple. Learning commands your dog understands.

“Start using these words so the dog knows what you’re saying. If you say come, then they know what you’re expecting.”

This course focuses on four commands: Focus, target, leave it and take it.

“You’ll use the leave it command a thousand times more than anything else.”

Each word teaches your dog a behavior that will keep them by your side, listening and obeying.

Val says, “the whole point is to handle it before it becomes a problem and condition your dog to respond, where at the door, you wait. When the door opens, you wait, you don’t just go rushing out the door.”

Val says dogs want to be taught and led and they’ll thank you for taking the time to get them well trained.

There are plenty of basic dog training courses offered all over the Ozarks, but if you’re interested in taking Val Hewett’s course, she trains at the PetSmart on south Glenstone.

Source: https://www.kspr.com/content/news/Leighs-Lost-and-Found-The-simple-class-you-can-take-to-keep-your-dog-from-running-off-497938381.html

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