Friday, 19 August 2022
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Law Enforcement Blotter: August 16-20

Driving complaint, deputy approached at the fair by concerned citizen who would like extra patrol in Holmes City, citizen reported vehicles traveling through area at high rates of speed.

Animal complaint, calf in the ditch grazing, Carlos.

Fraud, person was scammed out of some money.

Found property, caller reported finding a magazine with 38 bullets.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported a kid was ripping up the road on his ATV, the road was just graded and now it is already bad, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, garage door has been open for a week and when neighbors walked over, the door to the house is open.

Suspicious activity, someone pounded on the comp’s door, her daughter left garage door up, believes someone is in her garage.

Suspicious vehicle, unoccupied vehicle parked in the ditch.

Friday, August 17

Driving complaint, caller reported man was intoxicated while driving, Nelson.

Public assist, caller bought fish house, house turned out to be stolen, was confiscated by authorities, wants to know what options he has for retrieving his money back.

Littering complaint, flat screen television and couch in the ditch.

Criminal damage to property, window was smashed out of window while floating on river, purse stolen, Miltona.

Theft, copper wire was stolen of comp’s trailer.

Criminal damage to property, window broken on car, wallet stolen, Carlos.

Animal complaint, two calves on the road, Carlos.

Vehicle in ditch, caller reported vehicle in ditch, female inside, appeared uninjured.

Saturday, August 18

Vehicle in ditch, comp reported vehicle on its roof, Highway 29, Vermont Access Road.

Driving complaint, caller has problems with people driving through his property.

Burning complaint, caller reported someone burning plastic and smell was going in comp’s house, has happened several times, person spoke to, was burning a chair, told to put fire out with hose.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle went through four-way stop, hit a mailbox.

Suspicious activity, caller reported kids walking down street, flipping up mailbox flags.

Driving complaint, truck driving erratically, caller afraid someone is going to get hurt, Evansville.

Drunk, caller reported man laying in front of the door to apartment building, Nelson.

Sunday, August 19

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported vehicle on side of road with lights on.

Public assist, caller will not be home for several days and thinks garage door was left open, asked to have it checked on, garage door was shut.

Fraud, identity theft.

Animal complaint, cows and sheep on the road, Carlos.

Criminal damage to property, comp stated looked like someone shot out the back window overnight sometime.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported someone tried to steal the motorcycle for sale in the driveway, damaging it in the process, Carlos.

Traffic hazard, railroad cross arms are down, but no train, Carlos.

Water complaint, caller said a small fishing boat, canoe or kayak was in middle of lake, starting to submerge, unable to tell in anyone was in it, Lake Henry.

Monday, August 20

Theft, caller reported motorcycle was stolen over the weekend, was recovered, wanted it documented.

Driving complaint, caller reported SUV all over the road and almost hit comp’s vehicle, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, caller stated vacant house has two doors open, doesn’t know if anyone is inside, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, checked on people standing by car wash doors, everything was fine, Carlos.


Thursday, August 16

Suspicious activity, comp heard window open, thinks someone was in the house, now doorbell is ringing.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked at court house all week, northside.

Theft, caller reported several tools stolen from construction trailer.

Suspicious activity, caller reported smelling natural gas.

Attempted fraud/scam, report of possible scam.

Theft, caller reported his wallet was stolen from his truck, 9th Avenue East.

Property damage crash, two  vehicles, no injuries, minor crash, County Road 46, County Road 45.

Driving complaint, caller reported a lot of loud vehicles racing by his residence, wants extra patrol.

Driving complaint, report of an elderly man driving the wrong way down Highway 29.

Criminal damage to property, window busted out of vehicle, items stolen.

Traffic hazard, caller reporting group of kids walking on road, sun makes it hard to see them.

Friday, August 17

Animal complaint, caller reported dogs barking for 45 minutes.

Traffic hazard, railroad arms keep going up and down with no train on tracks.

Public assist, manager of hotel has concerns about guests, would like to talk to officer.

Property damage crash, minor crash report, Darling Avenue, North Nokomis.

Driving complaint, vehicle pulled out in front of comp’s car on a green light, near miss crash.

Parking complaint, caller reported a vehicle was parked too close and she can’t get in, owner won’t move car, they were informed about how to share.

Suspicious person, caller reported man walking on street, bending over a lot, staggering, seemed to be having problems, checked on, bus never came to pick him up, was tired, transported to residence.

Noise complaint, vehicle with very loud music.

Suspicious activity, report of kids wrecking retaining wall.

Theft, report of items stolen off front step.

Noise complaint, anonymous complaint of loud noise at Zorbaz and Bug-a-Boo.

Saturday, August 18

Public assist, caller reporting kids drinking and racing in parking lot.

Traffic hazard, caller reported bunch of dirt and gravel in the road, someone may fall off their bike and get hurt.

Public assist, caller upset with the way people drive at the intersection and wanted to speak to officer.

Public assist, caller reported seeing a car from North Dakota and a car from Wisconsin meet in parking lot and transfer a kangaroo wrapped in a blanket, drinking a bottle, from one car to the other.

Animal complaint, report of two small dogs barking outside all night.

Driving complaint, people racing around in parking lot.

Noise complaint, caller reported loud music coming from a house.

Theft, caller reporting theft of dog that was tied up by camper.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Sunday, August 19

Suspicious activity, caller reported dog in house is going nuts, thinks someone is outside.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported car parked across from her house.

Property damage crash, vehicle was hit in parking lot.

Suspicious activity, report of kids walking around messing with neighbor’s slow traffic cones.

Hit and run, rear-ended at stoplight, minor crash report, Dakota Street, Highway 29.

Property damage crash, vehicle parked was hit by a vehicle passing by.

Traffic hazard, intersection is flooding.

Criminal damage to property, someone busted out the back window of vehicle.

Property damage crash, minor crash, two vehicles, no injuries, Broadway Street.

Monday, August 20

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, minor crash, 17th Avenue East.

Animal complaint, dogs barking.

Hit and run, vehicle hit in parking lot, Highway 29.

Harassment, comp’s neighbor is threatening to come over and steal her clothes.

HIt and run, vehicle was hit was parked, 7th Avenue, Elm Street.

Animal complaint, caller reported either an eagle or hawk in the ditch, appeared to be injured.

Hit and run, minor crash report, Highway 29.

Juvenile trouble, report of young girl throwing rocks at ducks in pond.

Animal complaint, dogs barking all day.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor report, 50th Avenue West.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.


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