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August 02, 2018 at 10:02 am | By Sgt. Paul Twidt, Kellogg Police Department

•Hit and run crash on Bunker Ave. Was able to locate vehicle and after impounding said vehicle. Owner called and then she was able to bring driver of said vehicle to the Pd. Driver was cited for hit and run.

•Assist SMC with a male that was out of control in the ER. Cleared assist.

•Citizen contact at Dave Smith/ Cameron Conoco.

•Assist K76 with dog at large. Cleared agency assist.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Foot patrol 2nd, 3rd, Mill, S Division, Kellogg, Main.

•Open vehicle door at Morning Star Lodge parking lot. Cleared vehicle secured.

•Open door at Noah’s. Cleared building secured.

•Work on reports and investigations.

•Report of smoke seen on sunny side of city- Mission Ave, area. It was a person burning leaves, advised them next time to notify fire department to see about regulations (did not look like anything out of control).

•Public Relations 100 block of W. Cameron. Business presentation for welfare checks.

•ATL welfare check. See below for information.

•Went with county unit to 200 block of W. Riverside for Sex Offender Check. New registrant to the area, no answer.

•Follow up on investigation for use of FTC card.

•LL request regarding civil issues. Cleared public assist.

•Citizen contact in Kellogg City Park. One of the males was a suspect in a burglary case K74 was working on. Advised male subject to come to KPD tomorrow, unless he wants a warrant for his arrest coming out. Also trespassed male subject from Kellogg City Park and 600 block of N Division.

•Civil standby requested at 300 block of W Cameron. Cleared public assist.

•Called to Legion Ave for a female locked out by her boyfriend. Peace was restored from an argument.

•Traffic stop on McKinley Ave. Verbal for headlight out.

•Traffic stop on Legion Ave. for headlight. Verbal.

•Civil standby at 318 Cameron. Party’s involved agreed to conduct their business tomorrow.

•Landline regarding petit theft. Cleared report taken.

•Landline Request reference blight questions.

•Called to 200 block W Mission for animal complaint. Upon my arrival dog was brought out of the car and into the building. Cleared public assist.

•Called to juveniles climbing the underpass on Hill St. I advised children to not climb on the underpass and instructed them to go home.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Assisted county in Smelterville. Report of unresponsive female in vehicle with hole in the window. Turns out the front windshield has been broken for quite some time and she was only sleeping.

•Dispatched to 100 block of W Brown St. for report of Dave Smith vehicles blocking roadway. After speaking with RP, I went and advised Dave Smith employees to avoid parking in the middle of the street on W Brown. Cleared public assist.

•LL req regarding side by side vehicles and no seat belts. Advised RP that vehicle still has to have seat belts and they are not wearing seat belts then it is an infraction. Cleared public assist.

•Parking complaint at 100 block E Riverside. RP had taken a picture of a vehicle that was parked on the curb and blocking the sidewalk. Vehicle was gone upon my arrival, but I managed to track down the owner of the vehicle due to the RP taking a picture of the vehicles license plate. Cleared verbal.

•LL request regarding feral cats at 200 block of W Mission attacking neighbor’s dog. Cleared public assist. Yes, I was thinking the same thing- Return of the Wardner Feral Cat Gang.

•Towed an abandoned vehicle located in a lot behind 400 block of S Division. Cleared report taken.

•Traffic stop on East Idaho for stop sign. Cleared citation issued.

•Called to the 500 block Mission for an animal complaint. Unable to locate any dogs barking.

•Called to the 200 block of West Mission for a possible verbal domestic, unsure what house it was coming from per RP. Was able to find couple and after speaking with parties, it was simply an argument. Cleared peace restored.

•While on the verbal domestic call, K76 and K75 heard multiple gunshots near Cameron Ave. No further shots were fired and we were unable to locate the source of the shots.

•Assisted County with 29 Service. Cleared other agency assist.

•Landline request. Cleared public assist.

•Disturbance 200 block W Mission Ave. cleared peace restored.

•While on disturbance call I heard gunshots near the 300 block of Cameron and Riverside. Unable To Locate (UTL).

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•K73 and K76 foot patrol during Silver Hoops and IT WAS HOT. Broke up only one fight. The rest of the day went well. Not sure if K76 can pull off the shorts tho.

•Dispatched to Silver Mtn parking lot for a dog that was left in the car. The dog was not in distress and the owner came back shortly after arriving. Cleared NAT.

•While at Silver Mtn, the front staff also gave K72 a purse with some marijuana in it. Took possession of purse and will attempt to get a hold of the owner on Sunday. Cleared public assist.

•Suspicious circumstances on Prospector Loop. Cleared report taken.

•Disturbing the peace at Silver Mt, K77 handled the call.

•Assist county with burglary in progress. Cleared other agency assist.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Disturbance in parking lot across from hoops. Cleared peace restored.

•Dispatched to a battery with K75 in a parking lot on Railroad Ave. near the basketball courts. Parties were later separated.

•K75 and K77 received a report that a male was sitting on the bridge of S. Division drinking beer. Made contact with the male and found no such evidence of that taking place.

•Responded to an animal complaint near 100 block of W. Mission. Discovered it was a coyote on the hillside making a racket.

•K75 and I stopped and broke up an underage party on Galena Ridge before it began.

•Called to Silver Mt. Resort for a fireworks complaint. Upon arrival, K75 and K77 discovered an individual lighting aerials in the parking lot. After the individual decided to run back inside, they decided to come back outside and own up to it. Individual was given a verbal warning.

•A resident called in a noise complaint on the 700 Block of McKinley Ave. After checking the area, I was unable to locate said individuals.

•While at silver hoops, a mother approached K72 about a little girl going around and biting other little kids. Found said child and mother and mother took control of the situation. Cleared public assist.

•Fight in progress on 300 block of Mission Ave. Cleared parties were separated.

•Tagged a vehicle with a 48 hr tow notice for not having any plates while parked on a public roadway. Vehicle is located at Mullen and N Division.

•Assist County with a crash at MP 48 I-90. Vehicle and trailer did not play well together and both went into the guard rail.

•Foot patrol on Bunker Ave & Chestnut St.

•Took a land line request from an individual in Spokane. Individual claimed to have items stolen while staying at a hotel. Investigation is ongoing.

•Citizen contact on the 400 block of Chestnut. Individual wanted to let law enforcement know someone had taken and or moved around items in his home. Call was later cleared unfounded.

•Issued a parking violation ticket on Main St. & W. Portland Ave.

•Vehicles blocking McKinley Ave paving project. Owners contacted and vehicles moved.

•Parking complaints throughout the entire city due to construction and lack of parking (1/2 my shift was spent on this tracking people down to move).

•Welfare check on 21-year-old male that did not show up for work and had issues over the weekend (documented in previous briefs from the weekend). Able to make contact and his phone was dead/not working. Contacted parents to advise he was okay. Also advised them on best way for civil stand-by.

•Subject called wanting to report lost wallet and ID. Attempted contact without success (out of state now and no answer). Subject called back later and a report was created and completed for lost property.

•Contact at Kellogg City Hall regarding public records request.

•Landline taken at KPD regarding possible Social Security Scam. No report needed, directed to contact Fraud reporting at SSA.

•Landline taken regarding possible abandoned vehicle in 400 block of S. Division. Vehicle is in the alley between Mill and Market.

•Contacted subjects at City Hall regarding stolen vehicle and items in vehicle. This was out in the County and referred to other agency.

•Dispatched to the 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. for reports of a large explosion. Checked the area but was unable to locate the source.

•Dispatched to individuals on top of the roof of a building on Main St. Individuals were later located on S. Division and were given a verbal warning (Building was the Frontier Office. Their office will be notified).

•Responded to Silver Mt. for another report of individuals on top of the roof of the four-story hotel. After a very………very careful search with the help of a county unit, I discovered that the individuals had already left the rooftop before we arrived (I don’t think K77 likes heights).

•While K77 was on another call, County assisted with a report of an intoxicated male attempting to drive a vehicle on E. Portland. County unit made contact and later convinced the individual not to drive.

•Open door at Kellogg City Park by the baseball field (concession stand). No damage observed, appears it was left open from yesterday. With public works, checked and door is able to open/close/lock without issue.

•Dog placed into the pound from County.

•Parking complaint on the 300 block of E. Cameron Ave. Gave verbal warning.

•Citizen contact on the 400 block of Main St.

•The strangest thing happened to day when I left the Police station today. I actually got to drive on McKinley Ave.

Be Happy, Be Safe, Wishing I had a Pool.


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