Monday, 15 August 2022
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Kerala Floods: Alert Pet Dog Saves Family From Devastating Landslide!


In the face of danger, our furry 4-legged friends have often jumped in to save our lives at the nick of time! Remember Gulgul, the loyal indie that saved his family from a burglar attack by disarming the robbers putting his own life at risk? Well, another heartwarming canine story comes from Kerala, where the floods have wreaked havoc on people’s lives, killing 37 and forcing 35,000 people into relief camps, according to NDTV.

In Idduki district’s Kanjikuzhy village, Mohanan P and his family were fast asleep in their home, when at 3 am the sound of his dog’s barks woke him up. The man tried ignoring it, but Rocky the dog did not stop.

Instead, he started howling. Recognising this as a distressing, unusual howl, Mr Mohanan realised something was wrong and rushed out of the house.

Rocky saved his family from a disastrous landslide, in Kerala. Image Credit: Sneha KoshyRocky saved his family from a disastrous landslide, in Kerala. Image Credit: Sneha Koshy

On exiting the house to check on Rocky, the family immediately noticed the impending disaster. All of them rushed out of the house, just in time, before their home was destroyed by a landslide. The family, including Rocky, have been moved to a government-run relief camp nearby.

Canines are often quicker to spot and react to danger than us, which is what causes them to give off warning or distress signals. In Gujarat, a dog saved his master from being mauled by three lions, when he raised the alarm, attracting a crowd that forced the lions to flee, according to the Times of India.

In yet another heroic incident in Bhubaneshwar, a dog single-handedly killed four poisonous snakes, slithering, trying to sneak into a house, according to Deccan Chronicle.

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The courageous dog was trying to kill the snakes, and in the end, even though he was successful, he died because of the multiple snakebites he suffered in the process.

Well, these are just a few of the instances that dogs have saved their humans, often at the cost of their own lives! No wonder they are referred to as “man’s best friends”.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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