Saturday, 15 December 2018
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KC Mavericks hockey team adopts puppy, raising it to be a service dog for veterans – KMBZ

The Kansas City Mavericks hockey team has adopted a four-month-old Weimaraner puppy that they are raising to be a therapy dog for military veterans.

The female puppy, whom the players call Mave, will benefit Warriors’ Best Friend.

The hockey players will take care of Mave until it is time for her formal training, said Bella Jeffers, with Warrior’s Best Friend.

“The dog can interact with others, but in a polite manner,” Jeffers said. “They’re very calm, they don’t jump on people, they don’t nip like puppies do.”

The Mavericks will have Mave with them at several team events this season, so fans will opportunities to meet her.

“We’re excited to raise Mave here throughout the season, and then once she gets to the point where she’s ready for this training program, we’ll get her ready to be a service dog and become a hero for a veteran,” said Tim Veira, Mavericks director for community relations.

Mave appears to be an appropriate name for the puppy, and not just because of its similarity to the team’s nickname. “Maeve” is an old Irish name that means “the cause of great joy,” or “she who intoxicates.”


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