Friday, 14 December 2018
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Kansas City trainer explains service dogs relationships with owners – KCTV Kansas City

LEAWOOD, KS (KCTV) – Service dogs can be life-changing for people with special needs. They go through rigorous training from rambunctious puppies, to reliable companions.

Callie and Buck, service dogs, train with David Caton almost every day in Kansas City.

“A service dog is so important because it provides a specific task for a person,” said David Caton, KC Elite Dog Training.

Tasks like getting a phone, want to work Callie as a service dog. On the other hand, laid back Buck is a therapy dog.

Caton takes his dogs training out in the real world to offices and even at home so they can replicate tasks where ever they are.

“It’s your best friend because they live with you and they do everything with you, all day long, every day,” proclaimed Caton.

Caton says Sully, the yellow lab seen with President George H.W. Bush, is a service dog.

The pair were together only seven months before the 41st president died over the weekend.

But Caton says they are still connected.

“It’s a huge bond. I mean, 24/7 they are with the dog,” voiced Caton.

Having Sully at the memorial Monday in Washington DC is important for him to move on too.

“He knew what was happening. And that is where we saw the dog in sorrow and laying its head on the ground and really understanding that his owner was not with him anymore. And him mourning over that,” exclaimed Caton.

Sully was with the late president as a short-term service dog.


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