Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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K9 ‘nose work’ training planned: The nose knows

Wallowa County Humane Society will sponsor it.

Ellen Bishop/For the ChieftainLola Johnson rewards her dog, Zita, for locating the target scent during an outdoor Nose Work trial.

Ellen Bishop/For the ChieftainLola Johnson rewards her dog, Zita, for locating the target scent during an outdoor Nose Work trial.

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The Wallowa County Humane Society will introduce the new sport of K9 Nose Work to Wallowa County with an affordable two-day workshop in Joseph Sept. 15-16.

“We want to help dog owners engage with their dogs,” said Carol Vencill, president of the society. “Whether it’s young dogs or old dogs, big or little, it’s a fun sport that owners and dogs can do together, and dogs can use that wonderful sense of smell that nature gave them.”

Workshop organizer Lola Johnson has more than seven years experience in Nose Work She has won multiple awards with her dog, Zita, and is starting a younger dog, Sissi, in Nose Work. She plans to develop a Nose Work club that will offer practice sessions and additional training.

Johnson, Zita, and Sissi will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Wallowa County Humane Society, 104 N. River Street, Enterprise.

The sport challenges dogs to find hidden scents. It is similar to, but less demanding than, search and rescue work or detection of explosives or contraband. The sport of Nose Work was founded in the late ‘90s by three trainers experienced in these fields, who saw an opportunity for every dog and owner to seek a closer relationship.

Nose Work is a recognized canine sport governed by the National Association of Canine Scent Work, with certified instructors and judges and contests across the U.S. and Canada, Australia, Japan and Sweden.

Nose Work training begins with dogs finding treats hidden in boxes and progresses to more difficult “finds,” including work indoors, outdoors and around vehicles.

Certified K9 Nose Work trainer Joyce Beithan, of Ridgefield, Wash., will conduct the September workshop at Carol Vencill’s barn in Joseph.

“Nose Work really builds confidence in dogs,” Beithan said. “It’s really the easiest dog sport for the human end of the leash. People learn to understand their dogs better, and to read their body language, and then just stay out of the way. The most important thing is to keep it easy. Dogs never get tired of being successful.”

The two-day workshop is divided into four three-hour sessions each of the two days.

The cost is $30 for the first session, and $20 for each additional training session. These additional sessions will be designed to help build additional skills in each participating dog

Information sheets and registration forms are available at The Wallowa County Humane Society, 104 N. River St., Enterprise, as well as The Dog Spot in Joseph, The Bookloft and Wallowa County Grain Growers in Enterprise and Main Street Feed and Supplies in Wallowa.

Info: Carol Vencill 541-432-1630 or Joyce Beithan 206- 819-7297.




Source: http://www.wallowa.com/20180814/k9-nose-work-training-planned-the-nose-knows

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