Thursday, 11 August 2022
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K&C – The Sox won the division on August 5th; Trenni is leaving WEEI to train for a marathon 8-6-18

He skirt and Callahan they came out last show. The last edition of trying to get mossy love come into work every day I can’t cry because I’m Cabot top concern here. It because I have to run like eighteen miles it’s funny about training for a marathon are you kidding me I don’t currently large action. You will not miss me at all the media son with her committee and I. 2001 may have been some of the darkest moments in my life. But I think thump when god says. Can you hear me now. Now I hear the fear do you think to a family to. So make sure you okay what you’re going through what she’s going to die Jacqui ask not what my. This tip my aunt Gerry Callahan. And do our fields along the road is not bite birds how. There’s guys Bradley peaceful and the game has died at school Jessica I want when a search for the right center. Yeah the it’s. Isn’t a home run exit velocity and. Our Sports Radio WEEI. Like got an hour ago that game while hand over Fenway Park. Walk off victory for the Red Sox a sweep of the New York Yankees in the division. Is over Alex Lambert morning or you too bad nobody works not much. Too bad it’s all Jerry to this morning I thought it was Alex Gerry Gilmore RNC well it’s kids have to go to bat. How is the PNC is the right on Saturday. As great. Or read about Nike’s night baseball games I mean for the first time in my life I did feel like Terry cal and yesterday. I mean I watch the end of that game you role played as Jerry before. The first yes but not not alone means he’s there with me. I mean out and act now exactly to your last name not agree game and you would say it’s been a year create it’s it’s always is that the team today while I like like this yes we this applies alarms in the Red Sox yesterday and well prepared we are immigrants just like yesterday as sick of the negativity but. I want to see in that game I couldn’t I had to wake up early job this morning. Now you’re on the air at 6 o’clock ready to go and so I think like most of the audience that is listening right now drive and a work good morning Boston. You did not hear or watch the end of that game some people probably did but most people even with a indication time in Somerset Roth this week right. It’s a bit after Mitt and some just don’t bested. Four hours of time. In a baseball game on a Sunday in our sport and it’s like it they were kind of like the fourth inning at 10 o’clock am like this is it a case of what what was the score after four ranks not at school yes. Ice skate took two hours to play the first four freaking eggs I I and I don’t at this slightly what do you do all week. It is Finkel pitch clock they could have put him but dragged their feet on all okay that’s when you could have done to speed up. Mossy hero to knock in David Price because they were slow last night and the game was slow and bet that all bundled jeetz there. Bullpen comes in and blows it. And you go to the ninth inning it’s eight and by the way I am well in bed by an outing the last thing I’d I’d saw was milky bets home on some were early in that game by game I fell asleep. Woke up well afterwards done as did many people. But the game was not over for what’s this is is Jerry would say since you are playing the role Jerry here you would say if you were to open Jerry. People wake up and they wanted to Ella pat I wake up Paris they don’t know what happened curse my bed last night in this case Jerry. Is a 1000% right. We walk you through a got the key points of what you guys last night as they were outside and get analysis in between each call yes we will break down exactly what happened executive does not do it yeah I would say it’s got organ rate the next four hours ago so it’s 401 going it’s the night then yes overall it’s chat and on your thinking okay. Closers on. It’s him give him one he’s given one he’s the easy Dominic closer game over right not so fast these wild last night can’t find the strike zone. She want for JD Martinez got the relatively floated party. Bases loaded for Judy Martinez yes co anchor speakers. And the pitch. Swing and a line drive. He. Line drive. Two hours mentally. Was just totally flopped themselves up to standard ball guns. You seek a state that the dramas don’t you hear my voice — best air we go and attack ads afterwards that you Martinez talked after the game symbol. 43 game. L looks like the Yankees are gonna pull this thing out bought let’s hear from joke its stake in here how what happened. Chapman delivers. When he hit a bouncing ball that deep buried backhanded by doing long long well. Okay. Yeah. It’s. Yeah. At a critical Greg birds gotta make the play. He Craig — past two days template and then the ball is not in his gloved it and swaps it and hit it hard got to what I know wasn’t a great role. What you have to make that play for space course he though he doesn’t make the play call by Joseph there. Excellent call by joke estate to two match what the moment you’re down 419 inning. It looks like the game is over ground ball to third Bradley comes all the way down from second. On the miss played there and you now tied the game an ominous or read a good call on my god you know it’s it is do you believe that K but I think that moment deserves they can you believe that the Yankees are about to get a win instead. It’s seven an app from the division you feel good one before we get the win that that momentum coming out this series yet it’s a your feeling good and one throw in now to tie game and from there you had to know if you still awake I wasn’t. The Red Sox are gonna win this once they cited for four. That was essentially by and matter of how the organ and just a total meltdown from the Yankees this week I mean on every single fast every single. They were complete and utter meltdown they are done they’re dead they’re not even gonna win the one. They’re opens the artists they wild card Oakland is needing them in the one game plan always you’ll get to all of apple its first year of this one edits they go to the tent back Barnes and nice tidy top of the tenth inning. Red Sox opportunity for Andrew Ben intending with some on I’ve ever heard of pinch running for the Boston Red Sox it’s outpacing. Right what Senna Tony Greene yeah I’m not sure it’s ice sample let’s Heidi say it and not on the listened to my friends who never canyon on the call Pena yet I don’t think it’s Tony Peña I don’t think it’s Tony reality. I when he rent yes it’s random thing I was gonna let him never tell us what was that can never had the call. In the bottom of the tenth inning a couple of runners on for Andrew Ben and Tandy send us home at 3 o’clock in the morning and Andy. And holder dances and Yankee righthander pitched. One and a concert tour of the rights and repel. And it’s. It’s. And in a book on the Yankees. Beckham all the way back. We’re really in the night and they didn’t want or the tenth and the Red Sox won it but if the ball down. Liaoning likely. This game they never quit and durable way that they were added it’s a I’ll let you believe another one. Does decide. And you’re and you are right if by your you this is too. Is it before your Sports Radio time here in this town gap. Are you worked at the sky in a in an attic somewhere and and here was it was a guy who was close out to South Shore we’ll pass it so you did chosen Pete shepherd Pete shepherd famously. Had to get peed here said the Yankees were psychologically damaged at one point and that’s what they are right totally psychologically heiress on web out out and down I don’t care no iron judge wouldn’t have made that that got us in this series I mean it it’s all over right I was hearing this weekend and I was in my show yesterday. You say people too mossy drone program my good friends are saying about how all like this isn’t over yet the Yankees don’t match up all the Red Sox. Really. Opposite happens in the Red Sox went to Yankee Stadium got their asses spanked for four games collapsed like they did flat last night I mean would any of us be sitting here going oh well the Red Sox still match up while the Yankees no way the Yankees are dead they’re carried they get their dot blown out on Thursday they get emasculated by starting pitching with Marcelo and a ball beamed back to back games and and then the psychologically damaged part. Is last night Chapman on the mound can’t throw strikes you lose and walk off fashion and instead of against sleep a little bit of life. It’s seven and a half and say we got fifty games left or whatever it is. Well played some bad teams all the Red Sox I guess we can make the case no shot ice senate Thursday eagle and win three out of four sweeping you ended it. And with a sweep I mean it’s it’s. Set up your pitching rotation don’t pitch Chris Sale until September let these guys rest. They’re gonna win the division they’ve avoided the wild card. And they buried the Yankees this week and again the Yankees play cupcakes too for August but it struggles sort of the right stuff that they’ve struggled against bad teams seeded apparently 500 against Baltimore and Tampa day. I mean this think that this thing will be double digits by midweek and division lead and I we we talked about this Friday after the first game that it was a big series for Aaron Boone. He sucked this weekend and the EE I understand that he goes no Aron judge. But just the the look at that team all weekend it looked lifeless for team lost a bad game it’s Baltimore on on bla is Wednesday coming into the series. And then get their ass kicked on Thursday. They would dead team walking for a couple from the fourth inning on words that fourth inning on Thursday they’d never recovered from and they dug excessive but OK I don’t know no recess session a night game tested did not pitch on Saturday they had to go to some other clubs are said to pitch in that game. And if excessive pitched. Curtis they would again this weekend if you pitch in that game on Saturday that boy that’s would know once talked about that but they should so I think that’s a ticket CEOs are deferred net two point of people don’t have. That’s what it’s starting to see at its audience yet jetted here any of relic into mossy Michael. What would the case like in there are worried about Craig Kimbrel peripherals okay wanna like an a in a five game series in a possible the Yankees beat the Red Sox in the post season. No all but. The rest of the way like the come back and Johnson and listens Asia is happening just because it’s just to speak ties were that’s now are now oh Exel like that analysis because yet because it’s baseball hockey season what you get for android becomes the baseball just why. Just because Bob averages so obviously we’re celebrating here in Boston today and celebrating the Red Sox winning the division. At I’d. Out of the Red Sox this morning. To see whether gonna hang the media elites banner at some vulnerable straight and it’s three straight they will do that unsure on the next home cynical in Toronto on the Baltimore so lots of time that. To get the banner plays for the next time you go to Fenway Park to be celebrating. And nail these banner somewhere in the ball or the people who are still at the game passed and an entity that is walk out that is my question they had been a work like what’s going on down did you see the shots there was a lot of no hold no I’m assuming have a 30000 plus jobs means expensive go to Fenway and spend the night there’s so I don’t know. So are these the it’s different than your your home right if you invested that time could be. Could be people who that’s one game a year I mean so it’s like four hours and forty minutes they think was the final 4:39 Democrat before 1 o’clock so so you’re getting its eleven in the suburbs again normally tune in the morning. Yeah a lot of money for at least that its inaugural Weaver. I guess primetime game. It’s it was a close enough game where an overstatement but he’s the go ahead. Close enough we stick around just to see only down three runs in the ninth I can’t I can’t make the case because I first four innings or just torture I used it as a fan. I leave every game early like there’s nothing better. Then we can act as a kid I never would have thought this I was the I was the can make my dad’s in the end of every single Red Sox game but now. Fifth sixth inning. Beat the traffic listened to on the way home even if it off I I and I I wouldn’t even going I leave at the end of third quarters of football games. And a third quarters of basketball games. There’s nothing better it’s like leaving nothing that I don’t know the question so there’s nothing better to leave and gamer I agree totally figured what’s the nothing better than leave it or what. What’s the benefit the benefits by far outweigh. The negatives of leaving the game early eventually but that once in A lifetime OK you missed some crazy comeback and everything that match. Matter of not talking about a playoff game talking about the world but regular season any event when you meet in the fifth inning now have you ever classic have you ever sat in traffic after it patriots came on one. I that’s not I would not wish I would I don’t think I wouldn’t go that. But sometimes your U you’re with friends or family or something lead after the third court on August the fourth I don’t ever seen a fourth quarter liven patrons can and I’m not cover them not to become. There’s in the car you would all that traffic so we will hear some on the way home you get home to catch the last couple minutes give me five yet nights. You you’ll be sporting events early I don’t even the fifth inning now add Utley got the eight I’ve done that time I got all that what you. Seventh seventh eight inning is going to be even earlier that you know these games Saturday elect him hop in my seat. Got out of there without traffic sought to me that’s not a whole game basically now right meetings he Kimbrel clothes and I’ll write only cheeky too bad way to clear loser popular than. It — the honesty hometown team lose your trying to mock me I bet you we have more more listeners than not know much that enjoy leaving a the only thing that it lives on board is different than leaving you sit in the fifth inning when in I’m a factory in children and you like when you get to the lower the kids are. Star give us kids having short attention they can’t say their baseball game especially if it can’t sit there a full ball game don’t shut up don’t. That’s an arms and I would call the greatest thing ever and that sort of the reasons sporting call girl missing that traffic Curtis shattered it’s wearing it early are good burger. Who that see that’s not fair lady and I put your you put me a pretzel to earlier about an hour right now that’s up to questions that yet honest and we’ve worked all day everyday as you can go or a broad scheme for a reliever. What’s better eating CC with a fork or leaving a sporting an early or having a good burger the all day every day and that’s it we have three and a half hours of course is already answered those questions and the people to at Fenway — estate because they missed eight terrific broadcast he has cancer and it baseball. At a great story in WE I I dot radio dot com Ahmad pompano the game record this is a big fan of or. Honestly they they. I’m sure there are things that have been worse on the web site before and have a hard time to come out they were doubting you because you got mad at the end but we know who tweeted out on the account Amy because nobody read this sought last week adopted a gallon on the clicks yesterday no no you’re wrong hole I’ll know that bloody great graduates either after he’s a loop we know what I like yesterday and only read it because Curtis on our talk yesterday. About said that the show wants to at all. Rewrote the war. Still that boring lifeless story on the most boring which is with broad but it’s ironic because. Then he’s got Matt excursion my man nobody owns that OK in my no one knows he’s in the Booth last night that you need it using it to the needs of parts of course he was in my first at I want to Iraq. An adjustment as a basic know how I’m not at spears and and I’m trying to build an agreement. I’m trying to build yes I understand you guys just think that every com ask your rip job I’m trying to build a beat here on WEEI dot com now I compete I tell what you I always breaking news is you are trying to go to ESP yen. Unlike you our team Jim Al hill I do not let it heal our pieces format best urgent joints that you are right I have to get to ESP and as you no doubt you’ve heard that broadcast last night that was something completely different that there have been. Heard it’s hit the ball this season so much that it’s been on the ground in line drives for example this is a home run exit velocity thinks this is gonna be near a hundred plus miles an hour. I get it let’s velocity topped its guide you have new age I mean exit bluster he’s now become wait. It signed a new age anymore every every broadcast on our radio guys every time the home run. All say what the exit velocity is available I’ll tell you testing in the office just Mendoza is Barrett in round I’ll tell you that he stinks she isn’t she awful but I can I’m not in defending Iran last night. Is he thought he was not good. Arts press. Don’t listen in all of baseball crash. All around and I’ve never been actually tell us I think these if so it’ll come walk through these tall. Enough. That’s different. See that’s and Melvin quietly go quietly rid themselves adjustment goes and I’d say no next year on the front and and and and to be all you love your journalistic got element that she brings the broadcasts she’s curious she’s a part I think questions party taken Roth the big time interview saw a rod did the JD Martinez interview last I don’t would have been a Jess Mendoza spot. A year ago but they’ve now she’s now on to inside the green monster and baseball card collections. Or what do Pokemon cola light the lighter fare she’ll be all pastors and told me on the broad aggressive QNA he was so pull up the same night they’re turning convention on said that the the irony is that in this big thing invest persians these big quote is. You know I wanna I wanna blow it up you know I people this idea about baseball broadcast a certain seventies. You know idol I don’t wanna do that anymore and you listen in the game last night. And he is directly other sixties and seventies last. We get and that’s okay you get you right your left here a bit. Binder we hear an awesome and dust and gets little gadget and other basics here as in thank you. If I had a blank canvas and there were no ramifications I was proceed I would try to blow up a little more there’s still expectation on the audience that supposed to sound a certain way yeah okay Wilbon didn’t don’t don’t don’t sound a certain way do it differently what’s that. You’re you’re saying you wanna do it differently and you turn it all last night. And he just he sounds like every other broadcaster Alan yes that’s right way to go when he does. When Pope will play the dry for the dry wit. I asked him to beat him any inflated sit if you’re gonna defend your guy entry talked to Curtis and pulled some sound because people tuned in less than an ESPN. They got generic play by play guy. They got A-Rod make improvements he would making proclamations like this is game seven in the World Series I UN adjustment goes to talk to exit along with that David Price is a terrible brought with that David Price 2.0 last night and they care Edmondson I don’t hear that he did indeed it was John Henry of all the conversation Boise police shot and it was Jim Nantz talking about Robert Kraft I mean Mike and it’s I think what Iraqis they played the clip of this brawl with Barry attacked from all four he couldn’t get away from that fast and no insight no jokes nothing. Q so you can hear the embarrassment in his voice takes himself way too seriously stale like you I I thought he’d be able to joke about that it was good on fox and he bat he. But for some reason now he. He’s that there’s no more joking with him now like they’re they’re very few laughs they brought in every sound foxes are the guys busted boys got a bit. I feel like now he thinks that a bigger position he’s got to be more serious. I got just constantly talking to IE let it it’s like Tony Romo disease but worse. That’s that the constant hockey. Overall voting get no. Iraq does not gotten the league did the praise that Rome because rob was much better than Rodney Eric doesn’t show up for a second I haven’t examples of pretty good chemistry on joking right on your excellent but I think it’s a new cars is where reporters are all distracted. Is not to mention Judy Martinez was already running around with celebrities and the guy in the face painted the Damon sucks T shirt. Most comedian Jeff Ross I’m not sure it just doesn’t take. Yeah we lost you status yeah. Pandering and yeah yeah. This that’s. They like each I’m having fun it’s a conversation it’s a demeaning to a ball and strike a while watching on TV we don’t need a ball strike. I don’t we don’t need to he said it and then. If you read his court exactly egos and I had the point in this and there were no ramifications palace proceeds and he is telling. But he’s being walled in by ESP gave wanna the toll that it is that they are not letting him take the job and they were gonna do it differently he can’t some some of some us are just employees might be doing none on and you can’t eat he can’t. You can’t say that and then do nothing different on the broadcast that it’s what a kick it like if he tried a couple of things like you could point Alex to one or two things. Where you go case trying something different ESPN’s trying something that I would say you know what you can’t do well once again I understand. But the broadcast sound the same when it did with with Karl Ravitch as it did with Chris Berman and strong and against Pitt does it change is the same yes Rihanna. Package no matter who skin that’s stupid Booth you cite Iran to eighty Martinez and good hitting tips. You and that’s what. But the butt and just Mendoza called Iran on this. A-Rod as against exit velocity and like launch angle stuff Aaliyah and Martinez a sport right and they never debate an adjustment goes even says. A surprise you guys in debate more about that he says oh we teed off camera lets say all camera up bracket racket and talking about the dirt than the huh. The proud Desmond doses little rant against the masters acquiring Roberta was you know she said it’s a good line they traded integrity instead of prospects. Getters in. That Boston Chris I face they wanted to yes we got a 110. Yeah. Obstructed. Being world champions. Like in Boston Red Sox Nation as Michael and good morning Boston Red Sox Nation hello Tom morning thank you Tom Warner approved. Red Sox Nation see where we’re all excited here were celebrating this were mocking ESPN. For New York fans and John Sterling was not the same exciting night. And I don’t I don’t think I can’t imagine Johnson was as excited as say Joseph and teamwork when the Red Sox tied that game last night right. Giant Chatman deals swung on and grounded to third and you are feels a long throw is. I’ve heard echoes Bradley he’s still. And the game decided whom. It was a ground ball to deep third and bill are just didn’t have enough he bounced good and very couldn’t hang on he hangs on the game’s over. What Lazare is. Well I think just think it’s pretty similar in the Red Sox on the I’m not debating it it and I sterling even as little more don’t think his statement read sites about Iran and now that’s a big spot and ink is the I mean it as a bad call or bad call what do you as a whole got broadcast house more mode is team is just as happy or psychologically damaged an auto crossing Susan Susan has already left the boots she’s down ready to get interview tonight and early. What saps who left early tell it she took off she go can you gotta do the eatery down into the locker room so my guess is she was already gone. On some weasel upset he knows extra innings price on the walk off commander Ben ten acres or I got to imagine just as depressing as we just heard him there on the game tire. Here’s the two of them you’ve been intended he swung on and shot up the middle and they sit here comes Brenda lead scorers. Well the game over Boston win. I’m glad it’s on I’m not knocking that note on them and give those that era it was the same turn out as they call on the on the tying run. Now day and I played it more down the middle that was pretty similar. I adding Joseph and good credit to Joker George that we played all across the country and oh yeah because they are much better calls than I realized that much as I daily have not heard because a lot. We have best versions called is that their own we’ll get that if something that you’re defending your guy did a home brought all I gotta hear this now meg since the since the guys breaking the mold in the Booth yes for ESPN has got the pictures tell the story but of course it’s dig into and never had a better calls because number one at best now there’s going awesome but number two. There’s the home broadcasters and Red Sox ones of course they’re causing in the month it. So what is a Red Sox fan now yes what’s the phone viewed as the divisions over you won the division August 6 slowly made yankees are nine and a half games back. We start lining up playoff rotations. That we do give Buckley’s books rightness com this week all I Darren problem buck writes that’s Ayman. On this week would you must not speaking with me now. You did a baseball shall leading into Red Sox they tell us your own any was there at Fenway covering. Could you down a couple of hours. We should eat some puppet on a lot of red hot issue. Come down a cut you guys are two out podcast but as you could come down does that mean on the phenom works in Manila where you here at Fenway I was here now. I chose to be here and attend the deposit all parts oh yeah big Sunday night I am all part because that cut got the boot that I anybody Napa Oscars and I know Mac is being named Ian. Actually so why did your guy image real journalists and one personal. It’s just like I don’t know Athena Alex select the option I thought about it but I have like ten minutes ago and if Imus Japan needs to Japan us. Mean really we just told me how to be a big team it can’t get stated the last night I was there’s not five and you chose to be here in this Carolyn Myers is not as Hamas in drought there in between shows he had nice gossip session. Child by the guys Brittany on the year to combat all hopeful I’m surprised you played out at some point to jet dropped I mentioned like within two minutes about has been on an island mornings I can’t I can take a month to get I I can’t imagine why has been on decency really good shows hear me why yes I told them ultimately there is the unspoken might relic band. It’s on spoke I think it’s I think it’s been spoken at this point here is a much to rally. There is no longer that’s where I lectured I don’t want you to work. Anyway that that at some point becomes that you know one of those things that will like we’ll get paired back up at some point. And now wife it from Kurt Curtis what do you think we think that’s gonna happen that don’t really know. Every union for the judge might agree I met team yet got people tweeting you guys have ripping me in your July at worst week went out now I don’t reflect my weekend take my kids to a rainy suffered down how I was not. No we. Meaning now. Was watching I was the candidate ace Diaz in one thing about it late afternoon their did there than not they’re not night. Owls these you’re too young to sit down people I imagine now I might buy five and a half into an Matthews all by admit. Even I could not drag my kids to the track and the sickly had to be inside can enjoy outside suite we punt we bowl against Abbott neck next weekend. They’re good they’re trying to get ace and I’ll additional weakened for September and if they do I’ll definitely be great now I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. I don’t well we’ve got now how often are today without mentioning David Price. Or get to desperate right Tina says that negativity in this town. So awful I wanna start rice positive here today and that’s the Red Sox winning the division and the celebratory calls at 617779. 793 sevens that day to celebrate much like psychological damage before your time. Eddie ailments Yankee loving nation party also before your time but this is a the Yankees have been eliminated not an app back. Six weeks and weeks of baseball with nothing to play throw for the Boston it’s done it’s done and again I don’t know why we take it for granted the Yankees are gonna win that one game playoff and an autopilot will meet again LDS. What that’s an eighth plus. But just aren’t and anyone was not. That’s public Eddie on TV actually at a metabolic on the Phantom Gourmet. At some point. And US for people all the top state for the target IC call or that is saving target last night yes unlike you he’s real fan Reagan they let missile site you see him more impressed Rick implements for forty last night how’d you joint. A play like in the third inning we’re looking at the clock on the right feel all look like when I guess not it’ll midnight at least and the longer it went across to the other. Side of the night. We got to go to the tablet at all what the hell get out of ball game and you can only did came and. Yes you can I would have been out of there and in the eighth getting easy out of there. Well after that comeback there is no way I mean the a lot of people out the car will vote out all the time he gave added a lot of will we yankees can’t still hanging around good read like fans throughout the. Rick did you go to bat an area David to staying after to hold them. Did you go to bad wreck before this call. I have I have I don’t know three out of sleep I got out already working Dodi. Look out the patriot keeping an ultra long time and I’ve been all want from Charlie and Thursday night games at like 2330 in the morning after that happened on board that I. You work in today no problem three hours’ sleep right back yet. Back up and conducted. So no we don’t Cumberland I think about it because no arms Britney is gonna get a shot to come in this Equant and this guy with a good work epic three hours’ sleep no promised them that. He mentioned Iran demoralizing you are on copy George the next call. I think now I see our little bit little bit down the Huskers and yeah I would say I found in my coffee during the break Columbia. Ball of fire 61777979837. Of the phone number I guess relic into mossy said there’s still competition here that he’s still fear the Yankees. Things over we unfortunately agree about this it’s nine and a half games Red Sox have 49 games to play. So they go five or some real Texas and I’ll turn the tech section on to read this kind of wanted math if the Yankees the Red Sox go 500. What did the Yankees have to go to win the division. I’m out there that it’s 750 ball it’s that there’s some win number I’m not great at math I’m not gonna tried and tried to on the air but. It’s not not that works out sell it the things over they’ve already been out to be missed the answer that pushing Chris tailback good who cares the pitch again until September. Give a month off at this point. The Red Sox won the division it’s not enough games the thing is over for Google but that he was going to be. I yankees come in make it competition the boom was gonna get me here they got stomped on Thursday. Like fools for a couple days and then last night. Mentally deranged Yankee. That’s just the Red Sox answered every question you you had you had them this weekend right they answered every question. They did including that David Price yes he’s pitching better but apparently. Was still not with the media after the game won’t get the David Price in your call people celebrate the Red Sox. Winning the division on August 6617779793. Symbol do plenty Red Sox today trust me but as a popular they were doing you heard in the open. Treading into mossy is no war they are done they had their final show this week so I was a little down meets this we will analyze the hell out of that decision and try to explaining. Out why she’s leaving on her show. We had UN relic rip me over the weekend we have Ray Lewis. Speech at the whole fame Randy Moss is speech all the hall of fame stuff what else we have Kurtz. We have by Zack Smith the now what disgraced former wide receivers coach at Ohio State spoke to a Columbus radio station this week and one of the most honked. Leading question Milton and embarrassing interviews of all time that we should hear from at some point. I’ll hear from that Mike my president is now going back and forth with LeBron or what Apple’s audience or not least surprising thing of all time. On a very busy Monday mutt and Reamer enforceable. I listened Sox. Beef skirt and cal. I mean you don’t think it took guts forgotten according to say no I’m not happy that trump gusts up God’s plan in case of American Callahan. You see fox Sports Radio WEEI. And smooth. Its. Okay. This data. It. The electric mad TV electric. She is changing baseball on the move or we got caught out of her an alarm call like that it was their bottom ball over but that was a gun I don’t competitor and needs and the date is villains this robbery is CJ just like they drive I’ve states that did you know Pedro Ortiz. And Bennett and Andy as an anti theory he does curse the Yankees. Eyes are pretty good against a leg presses the Yankees I’d David Price pretty good last thing it’s been really Egan apologize to David Price of all of yes college guys and David Price how mean me and him. Yeah he came to the Red Sox yes he showed up. It’s an epic and it’s pitch well on a regular season game and he has to do like nine more times and the post season and balls a day and there was tying a cutter and cutter and changeup away that was as formula online it was work at the arguments it was electric he was a good thing when I could watch it since he got blown out was it against against the Yankees and yet as tasteless yes he’s made five or six starts and he’s got an ERE somewhere in the two. High ones we’ll have a great race at odd times point 84 and is that yankees been great since then there’s no they’re not knocking that that the point in the problem David Price is that. No one is gonna believe that you said going for the break everything every question you’ve had about the Red Sox answered. That’s the one where. You people are not gonna believe David Price we see a couple of that there’s nothing David Price can do about that until October I mean last night was still big for price because. You literally had never pitched well against the Yankees and Red Sox uniform eerie music in the very gates I mean so just. I know it’s. Regular season and the Red Sox won the first three is the pressure is off of their last night but still pieces on the first gets out of that jam and then. Sells the rest of the way and again he can’t answer the playoff question until October by. He I can do is pitch well against the Yankees when he has the opportunities any any did last night we finally got that monkey off the back rate finally pitched well against the Yankees. And now he can cross not one. Exactly that. Will affect him in the post season they match against the day it’s just good right an Angel has not aged finally showed he can pitch well against the Yankees and Red Sox uniform yes it’s better than the alternative spending in smoke last. At prob it. Obviously look like the first and he was gonna have a tough night and Soto bounce back the way he did you give him credit for that. Op after the game I saw Chris could kill and others tweeting that he was annoyed with the line of questioning. That he walked off and we showed displeasure. With the media and their questions we have some of the day in May there must be more sound here or the video. Must tell a different story can we just listened to the entire a couple of minutes here and the only thing there. He it sounds like he’s sort of shakes his head here at the end this is Dan roach doesn’t question it sounds like. A little bit of a pass from David Price course. Product I had no idea I don’t know I don’t have as I’ve got 30 in the morning at that stage that was just go home around 1 o’clock probably yourself some around there and I don’t know we just an if at this point now it’s weird because when David Price doesn’t pitch well. And he has one of these media issues. Then. People want a colony kill. But the fact that he’s pitching well now I don’t think Red Sox fans are going to care whatsoever if he’s now decided on against the media on the use them as my eight. As it is as fuel for my fire here down the street let’s let the whole thing last or even you know he was mean to act you’ll never recover. Recover just fine the fans love them last post season he pitched out of the bullpen and last night he got. Multiple scanning of nation’s leading man when he struck out Luke Voight and six got a standing out got another standing O’Neal was pulled at the top of the seventh. I mean that’s that we we don’t know about it. You pitched well the fans will treat you well. The simplest it’s the we have Bob Moore from price last night the couple more a good. I I go home. Any and he may have said that the way that it was cleaned up by a couple guys this amassed an auto. Or re tweet it and I rose to ID ID here in that last cut may be individual is. Is worse we what was the question we play just the questions. The questions were not bad towards David Price they were basic baseball questions and they were questions about yet the Yankees and in good to get this. Like you said good to take to step brought against he’s one it’s one last question you asked answered we now now okay when he throws on a Red Sox uniform. He can pitch well against the Yankees. And now. As a Red Sox fan it is. I guess focus on to get him the most is the regular season right that’s it for the next 60 I will say they’ll from. Last night price helped by a pretty liberal strikes on Al I’d say that’s strictly call to Gardner. Not strictly that was that was a ball. And we can all agree on apps and also now that he’s pitching has more to finance guy right not as many fastballs Oxnard peace in the globe the other day. So a lot of change ups away last night the margin for error for is so it’s time for David Price and he asked to be 100%. On his game he’s getting lit up like he did that start Sunday night in your he’s he’s made the adjustments since then. I guess they can take it easy on him they can take it easy on all these guys now the next six weeks if you’re if you’re looking at pricing your Alex Cora. And you see okay is it been different pitcher and I can get him some time off. They’ve now allow themselves that that’s the best thing this weekend is they put the Yankees in the rear view they can do whatever they want Chris Sale is not gonna start this week against the blue jays. Others saying it’s because. It was set up for him to pull a pitch against Philadelphia in Philadelphia. And he would hit they’d want to own a T yeah who care who cares what the reason is. Keep this guy out as long as possible it is funny how the the narrative changes let’s further it sucks to lose last night obviously still don’t get about seven half games but the Chris helping I think more people would be saying well they say it is only in this one star right now is missing and neither is this cause for concern but since it’s nine and a half now out this week you say well. Fine he is cautious as possible. He is conscious as possible so even if the talking points or conduct changes without when pass and it it especially like if it if and if price had been hit hard last night in silicon the starting pitching again he struggled and obviously go back to sail absolutely could nag like Greg we know we can’t count on David Price. What is still gonna come back and there’s warming fear factor their that’s the cushion you’re right they give themselves. Where you sweep the Yankees. The way they do won the game well all four games that someone different fashion they won big on Thursday that the big comeback win last night. And as a fan base you shrug it off and say Chris sells not gonna pitch now until sometime ball which by the way you that they lost last night. That’s the Smart thing to do is the latest guy as long as possible is he’s the difference between. You being a real contender and you’ll be an out the first guy failed because he mentioned it was last night and at price got knocked around you’d say well. Okay understanding cautions Chris L but he’s faltered in August and September artist’s career he was awful last postseason against Houston. Those questions about the starting irritation in the playoffs would be fronts. And it now held those I guess but even if they lost last night Alex I would have been fine with them baby Chris Sale. Because the August September numbers we talked about heading into the weekend because he’s had this history of struggling more than any other months. In August September that that’s something you can live with as a Red Sox fan is is. Take making sure that guys is when I got to do to get him whether it’s next a couple of days. It that they lossless like Al the Red Sox fans would be as panicky. About but it’s nice well it’s got knocked around and I think they would be because and you would say there’s actually a hundred and he expected him to get knocked around. And they’re more pleasantly surprised nobody did it shows that he can actually pitched well against a big team and a good lineup in a big game the Red Sox which he hasn’t done a lot. Since he came isn’t done until last night really likes the Yankees as you said Dan and new Hampshire at 6177797937. Celebrating the out Red Sox winning the division of the banner goes up next week when they come back on good morning Dan. In my act I seen some time it would stop all the sporting usually early for sure. In you know listing and in the quarter just talent when you eat at last calling it cut off. No it’s not that’s not right I did I left early since before it was you know. Eligible you get a kind of stop serving alcohol and why in the ultra benefit our approach appreciate it there’s no point you stick around. And Beers gotten so it was much thought to be drunk or sober accurate Sox game it is about now is less about the alcohol more about the traffic a 1000%. About I I. To test the post game traffic and he. In any sport you stay lately a task athlete in my life or being the traffic it’s why I like we’re doing where it’s not that he’s not from Fenway Park because when you where you when he stayed till midnight what time ago Pierre. There’s more traffic. So you leave after the game from there you’re sick and if for forty minutes leaving there what it yet it’s never easy way out of Fenway Park after game. Yep the driving back and forth so yes play doing review till midnight that actually helps has nothing to do is the engine said. With the seventh inning off Brian Hoyer they cut that’s the right time the couple people should not be drinking that night I agree. But that’s what I see nothing to that’s why I wanted to do to show amnesty instant that void and wait rushed and we trapped but there’s no traffic leaving there when you wouldn’t would you leave their prior to gain you have been fine item to but it would it was easier for me to get here. It. Like to take a cab there. And might who might overdrive yesterday that he and it locked and first words scariest words when it’s me it’s I know exactly who you. Rates. And weakness does that happen a lot. In movers around when an angle where you agree. Once and agree one house in IC EI chatter is the effect was he Fannie yours just can’t station I can never tell I mean everyone’s nice to hear. They see you didn’t. He told me he thinks I’m becoming politically compromised with my students on this. He says he thinks he thinks I’m a true liberal like training to mossy but he’s been sensing a conservative turn from me. What’s your pin is on I said what are you listening to what as an I’ve I’ve not gotten that sense. In listening to working with you but me maybe I’m not hearing that the right things may be that you were drug rehab and what other shows you like what appears that the weather should what it loves pain NC huge Kane of Canada kept. Yeah that all the time Lindsay talked attorney to mossy leaving he thinks it’s gonna open the door for mark teams on Saturday is. Yes and I’ll go and I heard mark this weekend adding markets grabbed the sole hosting weekend thing. I love it by the throat he is not to let go to our team and south fork pacs market has yet LDB of Mark James going to be in our lives every single week and now going for. No training and Tomas who to get to you. James at four hours against solo leading four hours Seoul last week this is becoming. This is going to be a staple of weekend programming at W. Marches opportunity by the throat yes the throat latch was part of the course thank you Chris. On that’s a Mark James did this weekend and hope there will be some more opportunities or for you. To step up and gets more opportunities in the week I work all the time but like football is Saturday mornings that’s one thing. Like football. But he does want to have a social life than what would I bring the program I wrote and had no social or can read those awesome flight football stories you pull flags like football. Well the Sox are my softball team open but it’s one of the whole package but Saturday morning though I always thought the Saturday morning spot. Was or even Saturday in the days Saturday. Is the big spot in the week and that’s the premieres at eleven to the radio attorney to Mossad spy I would agree sometimes slot Mike and the mad dog when they used to on FA in the wave together they would still do weekend shows its instant on the thing guys still like in the I had an — job and in Wendy’s is no doubt habits he’s the those weekends stuff. And so that I do we had up until this year I guess I was due in the NFL Sunday show so plenty of us have done weekends as well but that’s Saturday magic spots. Mikey Crist would still committed to that do five days we can do that that’s a good way for you to. Project I order you would turn that down for like football I am happy or any other any other time months. I called by the Rick Blair I’d hybrid players catch when it again raises to beat the champs you’ve got to beat the champs and they catch him. And I take it the way it acts I thought was to be the man you’ve got to I don’t know not that dad you what’s the Ric Flair to beat him and you got beaten and mark starts and as an hours element sort of but he added it doesn’t matter what it is he has energy and you humor you and I both the same segments weekend. He was so fired up on Johnny and Ali you had to guess there’s not going to be any meeting of the minds between the craft Brady Belichick there’s not going to be equal buyout. No combine but I mean he used to getting that debating deflate. On Saturday it was August 25 team. Value. We did some sort cast politically you know we got a little a little in the weeds at 7 o’clock ice ice ice don’t. I’m still occupants we’ve gone covered all the details inflate. We get to three hours this is a lot of unanswered questions. Already engaged they. Really do an idea that yes he was doing hard court deplete its art James I thought he is a professional radio yet. You know what treading a 1000% right. Is seeking to twenty minutes a wide Johnnie Mae and they’ll never go back and become doesn’t orchids and not speaks to a about a crazy it is that the patriots like group legitimate interest means really. Interest in him I think that got me he’s the perfect flyer for Belichick remember the broad team that produced no easier Tebow people suck it was way better than men’s cell for those of deceit it’s the low lights I should say OK I saw the terrible effort that he had exited tackler Mike he’ll play safety for you went on one defense I don’t it is great to have both teams are actually interested in Johnny you know what I’m Kris and how predicts it sits there. Again you’re too. Totally cast I’m my biggest claim to fame is that I live in Miami for five years and I in my whole life that never touch cocaine. His biggest claim to fame and by the way he could deport me with the energy does. He is here Red Bull guys see and out just the straight whatever else I like man he’s always had a bridle caffeine whenever I doubt are you drinks he drinks a lot of Coca call okay. Three dot sodas like Coke. Coca-Cola cold OK I don’t believe that story first. Until somebody brag about a loss the through good that I think you say on the radio. It’s a significant move at. I turned down drugs when I was in Miami they’re also got other guys on the up and admit to using cocaine and I mean it’s not them you really admit on the radio. Let some people have I guess I am. I don’t want to lie about it he does have a lot of energy so that the caffeine thing makes sense here at but he yet in March and that’s why can you sicker opens now he has no worries going like nothing’s creep you know so he’s definitely time to. But there’s more time for Mark James now there is ever lied once and so we have this special day because we have the head. Of weekend programming at WEI as he mentions in the mid day show Saturday training to monster that’s the primetime slot yep it’s now gone. What happens is to Mossad staying with a different partner are different parts moving and it’s a lot of questions that need to be answered all the other question is you people know Eva what happened Saturday I would say a lot of people don’t listen all weekend I did not your dislike I’ll do because of Twitter. Or some sort of this yesterday the parity accounts went absolutely nuts they tease the big announcement yesterday train to mossy and it turns out. The show was a Long Will react to that any good point Alex. We need to talk to the had a weekend program right to see what the plan is going forward or it’s well not out to answer I’m sure they argue that you’re waiting for that’s right it’s. It’s been months in the works I hope it’s not Albertson’s off the cuff Curtis and if it all weekend programming up things will get a big announcement next. Kurt can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Yesterday. Mister mister Rodman’s documentary. That is no darkness barriers to system there’s like nuns at all there is no matter much if you know you you watching it. You’re just like tears like it was like something. That and I like to all topped out popped on target and fairly full movie. It is free press firm ran on Friday afternoon. Why and a documentary uses it. And the handle. You know and the tears of thanks to dripping down my face is mister Rogers like. Like everyone talks about how you actually really was a great guy. So I thought that document area. With Fred Rogers at some point was it gets on dvd everything Fred Rogers they think of the west Borough Baptist Church. Not familiar with. Sides of the news if you and alleviate the spread Roger’s part of that is that one of the guys names annoyed let’s first names Frederick what’s his last name and Cameron’s. You’re asking the wrong guy off the actor and I think of Fred Rogers and mr. Rogers a growth of mr. Rogers tried beat you again this is Fred or — time Fred Phelps rights rights rights to associate Fred Rogers old threads of the Baptist Church old friends catch okay. I’ve not seen out her try to talk about that was one of the was more recent training to mossy shows they are not dole showed us just like everybody else is second to last trains and — do they both went on a two week vacation is which is nice of your weekend hosting day two week vacation I’d I’d I’d act very jealous of that they had a couple of weeks now shows. But there are back together on Sunday dates he’s big big announcement. On their show yesterday. We’re trainee announced that apparently trying to mossy no longer Christopher’s. Yes well. We’ll get Dennis. Basically I’m lazy and I want my Saturday’s pac. That’s pretty much for the comes out to you can’t not lazy it’s because I have to run like eighteen miles in twenty mouse train for a marathon and quite frankly I like to do things on the weekends I’m always take and Saturdays off so rather just take Saturday off. Where to shop yet to run a what are we two year. Yeah because I was in Cleveland with the Red Sox for the play doubts Aaron Bates I know when I hate lights hold the I think when Jerry’s are mono sort of officially tell me your trainer and it showed. There was a staple show for a couple years and years as they say to mossy and yesterday was there lash so here’s the question answer train set eyes and she told me is while that she has been it’s been in the works for one rights its parent must idolize. Talked about it. In June. Odds is going to be the last time Curtis. Did you doubt that this was in the works I’ve found out Friday. Donna Frye had had a weekend programming was not made aware got okay these sort of clued in sort of the big point four hours north. So you think that this is in the way extra couple months or was it a snap the season based off. What happened here last week with ice cute been on now I think the you’re. I I certainly between themselves they talked about. You know and have just I wondered which read his rights are trending to mosque is the longer in Chinese the longer doing any radio stations that. Confirmed cursor is there we fill in Stoppard weakened stuff for one with where we stand I believe the door is always I’d sure for her but she’s not going to be schedule anytime soon. As far as I until now. On an act like this was inevitable right in the moment she removed yourself from NC. And remove yourself from money you Friday because used to do other felons shows to issue descended gays and and you absolutely yes it was Donald bodies recently wrapped what do you mean so that the moment she removed herself from money you Friday. You kind of figured this was inevitable. Yes I did the I thought it would last Red Sox season I didn’t think she just walk where the station completely and that’s it cheap you heard the sound lights there the first this work it’s confusing. She says at first she’s lazy wants or Saturdays. But then says it’s because of marathon for what you want to do bolts who once trained lawyer on in the morning and then socialize in the afternoon which I guess can be true. But it it. Is that really bull I think it’s more about. The reaction she was getting around here are certainly part of our deciding now a lot I got talked to were like I don’t know what shore but let me she didn’t tell me up I don’t think she enjoyed. The reaction I mean it’s ever since removed itself from the shot I think she liked it she just decided she didn’t want to be apart. So and it’s something I heard couple weekends ago where she was concerned about. In this in this at this taste decision works this way you say something down which I do all the time. And they have sound of it and you’d the producer mark tape and they leave it for other people because people organ or re rack it. Any sound really that he can play back and reactive ice cube that’s our business yes apple ice cube. I’m mr. Rogers doesn’t matter. OK I ever allow and so white guys in ads on IQ can sunlight may my god may be urine of remote Alexy save a lot of respect for Texas OK idea always suspect protect somebody is gonna mark tape on that and it’s gonna be replayed and and to their credit they show specifically. Does a tremendous job of playing the sound that you have to hear the rest of the station okay. So I heard a story recently we’re trying to was concerned about them saving certain sound and she wanna sound security when you get to that point. Where your you’re worried about what you say in what the other shows are gonna say that’s it. Ballgame YouTube he shouldn’t be here and he kissed it lies right in Houston mind. Which I asked this team yes here’s my question though so and that’s the case that you don’t you shouldn’t be shouldn’t be at this station. If you are. Telling Wii or saying a lot of where we can Russa can hear you it don’t don’t say that and wanna get today is going to be saved anyway. And it’s going to be played back and you can’t hide from it and you’re worried about it and this is not an almost every weekend and he trainee would say something it would react to hear there’d be something during the week and she would never address at its mosque and Saturdays he just decided she wanted to do and anymore and I mean that’s her H not a full time employee here so. But my question is with cane seat. When she officially remove herself from this was it February march but what are specific incidents. Or was it justice has to mossy was banned of course there is that specific instantly to mossy. IPad specific incidents which have bullets in my apps and which I did the podcast with Kirk Wright explained you know her re didn’t talk about walking away for your own issues which he said personal reasons why she coalition want monster which is still wanted to continue to work on the weekends from. I try to ignore those singular moments when we just building up. As after the Olympics acting education came in exert good point she came back for the Olympics and at that point did a podcast of Kirk. And is not on a show when a long long time and I guess the biggest purse in the doors open now I always thought there would be. Attorney goodbye on the show she come back into dual least couple hours of the guys. She a lot of memorable moments on the show she was a big part of the casting couch image the casting couch launched. She was a huge part of that the beginning. Can raid on us she was she was excellent and and something. Something changed on the way out I don’t know because. At the beginning she would fight back and go back and forth and it got to a point where I guess. She’d wanna do that part of it anymore we always amazed at how well she came in big guys and be ready to go after things he says the lawsuit or other things that came to come and do the show tick you know go back and forth yeah selected list and did not yet if you Kirk made her cry during a segment into east electorate not on which I believe that the increased ticket handle it it’s just you’re right she just decided I think it was building up over months of this mean here’s of this. That just enough is enough I don’t work here full time and wanna do this anymore I’m gonna focus on TV. And like you said a moment where you tell producers don’t save the sounds I’m not gonna react to a it was on during the week because it’s an it’s an ecosystem here real feed into each other but. When you decide you don’t wanna do that. It’s inevitability that eventually and I thought okay she take yourself out of that she realizes that being on the weekends here is still a good promotion for her and I think. There are more people that know Tony from doing WEEI radio. The nor from doing NBC sports balls I as the lead that 1000%. I. Sobbed. I think TV ratings and the the on on on bull. Would explain that sort of thing and it’s issue. Curtis is right she was in on the back before she was in on the battling each. At some point she decides she no 1 morning part of honestly the joke but it’s. The ecosystem that’s the word nice useless yep that’s the right we’ll feed into each other here in again I mean every week. The U guys are react to sounds. They had on their show she wouldn’t address it Saturday if there’s something on Twitter she would and address it says in the moment you stop doing now. Like in. When we don’t hear so she is no longer doing Tony to Osce that show is ended their a lot of lot of loyal fan I was a big. I I I don’t I don’t I was crap you’re one that I was pressed on Twitter was around me and almighty god risk those that is people there was no celebrating at all Kurt I was there are no parity accounts that were doing cartwheels and for the end of turning into mosques I was upset I enjoyed the pilot program I they gonna come back to replace king and CLA January 1 I thought that was in the works that’s why does she stay in timeout the ready for the new show. So this is the only other questions that if you wanna reacted that attorney leaving her oh does that treading the Aussie being over you certainly can’t 617. 7797937. There’s a huge weekend spot until now. Which you don’t appear while willing to take Asia flag Falwell advice I guess they show which is ridiculous to say that another prominent liberal should perhaps take the place I don’t I don’t mix and please replace one with another touted things take a term what happens tomorrow he now. Is it’s a mossy James is it’s Hamas in Roemer is a Tomas seem Bradford is to Muskegon and Al kicked relic off that Sunday morning show on try to. Where himself with his. There is a radio component these jobs here he’s got to do some bossy I think is going to use his role on the morning show as a as a barred. He doesn’t have a role here right now he doesn’t wanna do the shell. The role on the morning show what his role he whispers that he may be may be returning in the near future. I I’ve heard none of that I’d heard whispers of this guy’s a possible return. One of our favorite segments of our media roundtable. And Dino and cremated a bite out get a flight Pope offered Tino agreement I will get capable full paycheck but I give up like half a paycheck that deal hosting like a soul low. I can’t be so so how Woody Allen dean hosts a show on the weekend yesterday with me. He’s a DB and he’s a club it would do and I would grow to become. Acting close friends that was absolutely that was intense the Dino Roemer show that Friday tourney was with her as a pro last appearances and well. I don’t think he work with people on weekends. Smelling football. No we we make up cutesy set mediums over the last couple months is deleted as an illegal technologies yeah you know Tomas he and Brad faux otherwise known as two jobs. And a robber right gas. It line. In line meanwhile no one of them a Porsche would be no but I’d. We did eke out early on John and worst with our eighty super that was terrible but one of the worst shows I would say history of this radio station was Dino. Schilling Jerry Horton. Oh I don’t know it was a dale and it was a dale and Holley Fella and over Christmas break that was one of the worst says there it’s weird. But I heard much of that on the house absolutely dread I don’t wanna bury that people will do so at some point today and Gerry Fortin vs Chris Kurtz a battle of heavyweights valid battle line. So really have no answers Chris have no idea what I saw what Saturday or Sunday like what’s the plan this weekend or. Double header set right so it’s not save you if that’s what John writers can be overcome my guy John and an excellent job I think it’s gonna include Mark James and somewhere should perform he’s worked hard he’s very talented he’s got a great radio voice he doesn’t say no he doesn’t signal reimbursed plane flight football. Tomas these home asleep trying to doesn’t wanna work anymore. He never says no give and they shot the Mark James experience that’s the name of the show should be three or four hours solo. On a Saturday or what Ben Chandler says that that’s the best ability is availability to market in this business that’s eggs it keeps saying yes because he did they ignore works hard and as stupid does as well. I radios for dummies. Are just keeps saying yes that’s my only asset of nobility and where critique that cigarette ads around here that’s it rate asked do you think I’m here this morning the lawsuit about. I think it might not consulate novels of the scale of mossy see those of us who don’t have as much talent. After the show opened up and actually I’m raising my hand. I got my first figure this basic is someone to one Orkut near corral and they called meet new flashes as the come to a show which I mean a problem they have they’ll get rid of me since I won’t say no more than Jack just a guy I can tell them at meter chemistry guys go back useful news outlets as to get a I’ve I’ve advocated for meter on the show other people above my pay grade to do not want meter filling in for curtains so that’s not my that’s not a much problem I would love meter back. In the nick I’d love me or at some point this week. I’m advocating you John Mayer brown wants the command. Chris Curtis levity on the record above that meter at some point this week’s a plus our son’s come to PCs and kick for the Eagles. 6177797937. The phone ever headline the Red Sox won the division and a lot mortal going where you made covered backed I was fortunate you WB yeah.


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