Saturday, 18 September 2021
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K&C – Mut is giddy about the Red Sox demolition of the Yankees; Reimer has a new nickname for the Sox 8-3-18

He’s currently. And Callahan. I. Good guy a Red Sox. Steve gators and has now made three home runs in the game it’s because. That’s. Yeah. Ball game over Boston where we Kirk minute Max G. Water’s. Very low IQ fourth in our her talent and remember what the countries that we’ve. Do no way Jose to put defensive missions most so we. Not lottery what you can get out 7151. Oakland personal ones they think we’re playing I think change and Gerry Callahan Sasser. Instead JA happ because he’s killing with the I can’t put your hands when mount really good. At 4 o’clock game. These two teams that played their schedules a little bit differently bringing home the slot that he’s grateful to some of that going on there are New York but they still get a recess of that OK yeah and Obama skateboarding I go to break the Red Sox since the upper echelons still something to prove. Sports Radio. WEEI. On nothing approve after last night may be an absolute beat down at Fenway Park four nothing early eight runs in the fourth inning. And they’re off to the races Red Sox win and we are here do you four hours a Red Sox reacted extended a Red Sox review six and 3:10 this morning Mott and Reamer Sports Radio WEEI ounce rewarding our audience it’s actually via your Mike and Nancy. Known and on and I at the end of the post game. I’m like man Nancy and its Red Sox to an outline of what’s that got much does review. Mike let me its key does the end of the post game muck muck would never say. Enjoy the rest of your thirst and that’s why I ask he would say Alex. Alec three are coming up on reds suck you can have a call 6177797. Not exactly his own cause early and often I like that it’s being. Enjoy the rest went. I say that because I want people calling to for you guys tell we wanna see the lines like can you can Fowler had calls right away last night a Red Sox review I’m Mike McCarthy. Enjoy the rest. Your first home it’s exactly what you get the in the post and yet you you give me good buildup the most appreciative let’s try to make it right he is a team player I’ve been there I was on the other end of that when Lou and I started we had dale on a filly in the mornings and never mentioned. The we’re starting our show you on that we mentioned this as well I think you blame down for the down it’s my admiral on have you listened to the beginning in my reloading. I blame myself I sucked I still as I’ve never gonna pay that before that’s on me it didn’t help. And I kind of plea deal that much as we get a boss who thought that was okay what put in a cafeteria. Lou is open on the that that I just knew that I sucked in general but we had a boss who put dale on before us chase penalty area. Lou always open and was his friend so I never said don’t hate he did appear. You know these guys didn’t like come in with shotguns and say give us that show so you can mention that there’s a show coming up at 10 o’clock instead of just. Ending the McConnell no cross over for a week of a new show but that is huge that’s natural Alfred outed dislike you for taking shallow even know I’m not saying you know as its course design so but but his bosses frightens them. So what are no big deal dull mentioned that they show is starting today it’s the four with two guys and read full time job in radio. Are starting to show replacing a guy who’s been here for I think we can count last year Dale’s been for 97 years at the station so there was they need to be some sort of build up to it. And instead he’s filling in for Dino or Jerry Jerry was thrilled to rip us he was green loves the drama there he even does trust me Josh still hates me. So he liked the fact that deal was an outlaw listening political sucking up you’ve done to Gerri you still not one overs higher up he kind of easy sell it was it went Wednesday. Is tell the knowing it’s on its face like at a couple things I didn’t know like a contract situation is only just gets sole. Mac he wants me to be John leader Ralph so much and emulate a little bit like that there but I think it that is flat that is the dumbest thing ever said you white don’t need or not. Kind of look like not even close not even in the same Webber and I’m honored her as good morning Chris Curtis is he gives you guys have similar skin complexion. What’s both olive colored to. Folks I. I have a very morally commuter than what I think right now I know what all the hard skin no I’m looks like I digits. It was at eighty or shots to develop a picture of the over the express wants all and no dinner three hour dinner where two hours is about you guys a one hours by Dino. Looks like meter meter hair is long now it’s a Lawson is gain like forty pat yeah I’d Yates had a belly for effort and nobody looks like John eatery breakfast is known and unknown there’s no breakfast what’s. I don’t know where we’re well I’m watching the highlights from the hall of fame game might adding it’s going to be a rough and policies listen listen. I don’t even bring up the NFL this is they strictly rexrodt show after the September and is far off the ball outside the hall. For the Detroit fly. Is that that’s why minute hand is not here today celebrating this great Red Sox victory no he knew he knew was gonna be for our Red Sox reviewed just wanna absolutely no part of a that that could be the reason why he’s not here I have no idea I found out about 5:30 this morning. The Kirk was not here so that’s all now you know I’m calling this bill. This Red Sox team that was going on here on condom we call on some rookie that’s that’s the Grand Slam a few weeks ago the bat flip right. Steve Pearce the bat flip we like that lately about the GDP is maybe yep that got flip boys that’s at their back. Tests that’s not the theme on the Red Sox podcast you can’t say that outline your you’re not speaking to a small audience there was a large you are speaking right now. To the largest audience essentially in Boston radius and you just said to everybody you like to call the Red Sox. The back football what’s. I’d tell exit it’s fine it’s not fun I mean this team routed the Yankees last night and it’s fine. You did it and it was fun watching Steve Pearce last night OK the re home runs so cup so a couple of guys Yuri it’s a couple of guys jury Jeff sports bar. I turn to sports are they high five each other game back with boys are back as well as the backbiting. Is drop as making it back boys are smaller bottles no shot let boys you’re terrible marketer you’re awful. Double back flip lights what’s wrong with pops up. Like Jerry these needs a nickname bludgeoning of what they caught it when you’re on the call me John. Yeah and scanning your back at all Antalya which mr. nicknames the ever revealed that and so. Mama’s got big boobs salas is black. I’ll big ones. It what idols I I this is my tennis court he’s baffled boys. Nice that the old ball — ball — last night humid steamy 97 hour hey slash evening rally or else but 37012. That’s like sitting in a middle seat and my last night like ninety degrees with humidity just sweating your house off place was freaky and Edgar and A half thousand people sweating like CC set up the snow but they’re excited they’re team you’re on your back flip always steep here is 33 call are as. You’re down for nothing. You embarrass the UC deal with the community and at the sweltering heat of a Boston license about is obsolete awful disease in Kenya and he’s running out there like every dress the way Munich I can. Three innings and confine the plate he weasel Aybar 77 pickles people need to know that outlasted the realities and handed the ball to someone named Jonathan holder. On who did not record an out before then and of course relief appearance in the history of Fenway honestly it might it might be John laws and as couple bad ones but Jonathan holed the last night could not record an out. Allowed five hits seven runs and the Red Sox and through the inning down 42. They 33 minutes later wrote ten to four. And the rout was on Andy made job the holder. If forced air balloon to go to Lee sets it was gonna pitch on Saturday. And is essentially over from there there was no drama. After ten Ford looked like the Red Sox we’re gonna get blown out early when Brian Johnson give up federally LeBron. And then they put the switch on. You win a game you embarrass the Yankees listening two FAA and can listen would that atmosphere and it conditions he’s made what we act heightened atmosphere condition or. My morning. Atmosphere conditions you can listen in here FAA and like it went late at night early in the like I heard crystal clear driving in the US and and just said that whoever that guy got it from behind I want line I want the football over to seat the guy was killed when they still hammering Red Sox yankees and the purse or it. Yeah I heard embarrassment Aaron Aaron Boone. And I heard Obama. There were in default call energy and all wells company left holder for a firm for way too on. Maliki gave up Aaron Boone gave up last night you left hole there in there he never got he and Edward and went up. He had to was late getting to Chad green was next in out of the pen after Jonathan hole there. He had a terrible last night meanwhile as. Alex Cora we ran all light on the Yankees pushed all the right buttons at the Pearson their batting third. Had three home runs against the Bruins we could kneipher Alex Cora bad night for Arab vote and a great night for Jerry Allen and red sock Ian Kinsler. Jerry is right must watch it also looks a lot of it was the opposite way that is better and hitting you know yes they pulled most of his career last night. Well we’ll little right handed out knock to right field. While the rumor yeah. Pals at the must watch a U where people were not watching this late I’m sure people bill McGee went late at night. On the play he made defensively the diving play was good. The play he made ranging to his right. Into left center field was as good as the play is Jackie Brown he’s made all your eyes and hiding icing on the line drive was better. 0617779. Sound and I added that it might take what was Ian Kinsler played it was better president’s diving play on the line drive was that the play. Deep in the hole basically shortstop I think it’s an clearly outplayed us dot Qwikster with the wind up with did you see this still shot of where he was when he made that play. Is John Carl’s statement and Ryan to that on slope asked product with a waiting list or it’s meant to so but it wasn’t you know south Tucson now. Right now wasn’t good at what it’s a dud Mir Ali from the past get a little bit of speed that was a phenomenal play. Last I’m not saying it wasn’t a single line drive with a little bit dull little more to green to work all week yet still all of my baseball people call little outlines in this. What they they would. Agree but he politely and erotic what’s the point does he. Wallace was the first caller to bed now alas that’s Corey first or second caller starts and is nocturnal. On Red Sox and different Maryland oh with don’t know I don’t I’d. I was listener did not hear friends I refusal to Walter Wally ball or was indeed the first call last night. Adds it now hung up on them lots and Mallard had called back. Out so we did. It was an angry not always the it was the I did mascots and or there on the left coast one of those things it’s tough. As complete effort for the Sox last night that they did it on defense running power. Lots incredible may again make your beer regard the lead they’ll admit his big one. I I say going through a series listening to be highly rated first pitch last night. Big spot for the manager ball burst your guys Alex scores got a lot of credit this year John chuck and read buried there yesterday totally and giving Alex core credit for this team and they don’t get all your line which is such it’s easy so I mean I mean John girls gone like let him any. Two division titles Wyndham World Series and liquid what do we do it on still taking shots at John what what’s what’s sad is that they had all this chance to make a move on John Ferrell they think they brought him back early. Now people argue that because he got the cancer diagnosis she couldn’t get rid of them. Think they could have gone away at some point during the year they wanted to move but it could’ve done some different things and I think. They were gonna stick on and managed to browse the defendant left and right John Meredith and left and right. And now he’s an easy scapegoat. For Chris Sale did not pitch well David Price obviously did not a million other things the way it at all here last year earlier in the season you know last year odd players senate you know we we were to a heights we put too much emphasis on every single night it’s the culture lacks fun man better atmosphere than iron where I once. I think did you. On soda it’s an easy thing to go back and do. But for quorum the these this is a big series and you can you can mock all you want me in Curtis to say that the play the rest of the Howard house a big series out score because they’re up six game. Against this team but the big knock the Red Sox this year has been. Against the better competition for an Tony NASA’s pointed out they’ve not beaten the really really good teams in baseball league beaten up on Baltimore Tampa. Where’s the Yankees in the opposite the Yankees not played great against those fees but against Cleveland the Red Sox and others. They’ve held the road it’s an Al in this series no Chris Sale chance to bury the Yankees by winning three out of four getting a sweep. There’s some pressure on court to have a good series and he gets last night’s victory and walk it’s limited to us yes absolutely this won’t Yankee team right now I grew at my fellow baseball also on. Tony NASA Roddy. It’s a it’s a wounded animal you step on their throats you choked up about you can end the division this weekend yeah you can’t let it out last night. Other day from from jump they ran and lost general I will say this if you were at the game like I ones. You saw Austin wrong line part of the game the Yankees spent withdrawal line. It was a reliever or pitching coach. They spent like twenty minutes with him working on throws down a second they put. They have that that score of one of the screens they put out center field because so many role line sources before they even hit. Sony is throws one over second base in past second base this guy cannot sort of saved his life and the Yankees knew what they worked on for twenty minutes for the game last night. Core either saw that on the game plan was going in Iran. They ran Almonte pennants and older and get a thorough when he stole second sport but an ace that hole and I was down on roll high rights but they ran from the beginning of that Judy Martinez. That I stolen base last night that was aggressive balanced score Roemer that was a big part of the Red Sox went last night as complete team and on paper there as the season the Yankees judge the idea the rest of August to yet be out sucked anyway. I in mind in rotations are the only agreeing out there not who knows better in July but he’s been at it. Let the regular season in division is. The Yankees now as it’s out it’s I’ll see I think when the next three days on the way to really rebound got a little momentum coming out the series and pick up two games and there in it instead of six Napa three snapped back. In the division Abby significant. But I mean but it’s split about what is it the Red Sox on the flip side of it with three out of four. Or sweep the Yankees it is gonna leave a lot of people including the guys that he is predicting the Yankees are gonna come back on the nearly a lot of people. Is drowning in his here’s this morning it’s exactly like Kirk Snyder yes as the Red Sox won and he’s very upset elements of on they can make it and it AIE. I I cannot imagine with the Red Sox schedule the rest of the way. The amount of crap that teams are gonna play. The Yankees come back from say six an app seven outback the weekend ends with them out of five back in the all important loss column six or seven back. Forget it right and out and that he can really take your time with Chris Sale right that’s not take your time with standard Bogart and all these games become. They meaningless but. A lot less important for the Red Sox the final seven weeks I mean one thing that you’re still looking for is David Price sunny and still can’t wait big spot for it at the Red Sox win the next two games. So let’s big obviously but it still is important for David Wright’s two out a good start against the Yankees and Red Sox uniform. Because it hasn’t happened he’s literally never pitched well against the Yankees and the reds Sunday night prime time. And aka price. Circle. Even if it and it even when the next two that’s a big one out and that’s and that’s what it’s also fans but there are still policy a lot of fans at this point is the Red Sox that wag. But there are still some fans that like Saddam wind and see David Price struck. I still pain not a lot not a majority Roemer you’re usually rise I am but he is done so much harm as a Red Sox pitcher. With the off the field stuff it’s a small amount. But there’s still fans who call in and and be happy to glow when price does not pitched walls and well last year when he hit on all and they seem to embrace and just fine. Bill bill fans they know how we are undeniable and on the highly rated Red Sox released till the calls people didn’t end it as discussed on Monday sports talk Korean cars are such a minority of sports they’re not they’re my people there understand we like guys there archetype yes but there and they’re not indicative time. Stephen problems these are guys I need to hear from Stephen bottom it’s called yesterday which shocked well Steve writes yes he calls talked trend Steve Steve what is it. To be fair. He’s equal opportunity when it comes to ripping the different cohosts on the and we heard to make it to yesterday for the first time in months him no I your first time in months with an actual funny Paul looking good call I’ll write righty all secrets do — but he’s the script it calls announces says saint annual cost me called me last Saturday at the time as they say it was a socialist but he’s just so angry it’s more than he’s trying to make Kirk and Jerry laughed when he calls and with his command script. He. You could hear it is call yesterday really needs to know he hits you a key Eric there are some real hate there used to originally as a leader mean political news original team means he can beat him and he is on op that he is off to he ring by the a’s being collars I Jon and whispered Stephen Stephen Fall River if you’re out there a break in but you. I’m done I don’t know what that means they’ve got a call the drunk guy calls and lives on with Steve’s last you know gas. Called yesterday over 67 times and this wasn’t funny he was not all money at all. Lying about in Maine his aides say his job Stephen full of like this the no actual Susan John and Westport middle west call yet so he called back in his real name is Steve. Not jaw and he’s not a dispatcher that trucked recognizable actor last Friday when he called in. We don’t know allegedly he had some cocktails and the Cold War confirmed okay so the next day when he called and confirm that he. And Friday when he called NFL it was all right Kirk is on Friday yet that does well in drinking again in my opinion and sorrow that calling in. We tried again but it’s just felt it was not rates now it would what Jack Z separates us name is Steve because I’m football record any and he said he a lot of it is aid she doesn’t not forty and fifty egos and I’d taxi dispatch from a taxi driver. It was just days in January and march like regardless realize that they would lose a lot of on his birthday Curtis that’s. Let’s end but he did it give you is Social Security number Paris they’ll have of the Social Security numbers and why wouldn’t. Why why does the caller give Chris Curtis himself number 555 before on the board for the first time ever here is giving me this huge story he says okay here’s my Social Security numbers you can act all of this all of us are looking up according park but I asked for guys that isn’t that that’s crazy person stuff already also I think is totally sane when you get the idea is you create like a radio host here’s my social. Verify my info and a caller to your show. Oh boy and I asked her picture that’s right John in my sports team in Fall River whoever you may be. Let’s godsend Tex Alex aren’t what you eEye dot com would you deal asking random guys are picked as he loves you stop doing that you know message tech IL policy let’s I wanna see you look it’s become a thing with the like they did the Boston Herald today had ripped body would you well I mean this is album cover let me. This is how the people get authentic pictures what’s on the cover today Medford mr. Olympia Eric hopeful building his. Body of work Jessica has slump has the story and today’s back page and there’s a shirtless Jack. Up guy. Doing some sort of a preacher coral set. Which is rats would that be to work out wanna go to the back pages there are Red Sox game last night what city what city you know read the site oratory there ports who socked the little hole buck hold on a second. Sox need bogey back can’t afford him a shortstop and until I can take a break here read this is there score there’s no squire was Eric game last night bonds let’s see in the volatile game quarry take your time Zander injured devers out to improve Robert turn bull pens can be the difference. Big return for Fave fan favorites gal a lengthy piece here appears in the Big Three turn out like the keys to the Sox opener incident that was a good part of by the way speaking at this I’m glad a newspaper won also but I was I would like yesterday doing the two rats podcast and he is very unhappy with you my spot. Really marry an app that would play like buck came into the Booth last night and did not acknowledged he came and took it I got in left yup he says one day he would get his chance that you and he is. Anxiously. Awaiting that’s what always as in regards because you are you have been too hard on The Herald he says Mott. Always has everything to save a Harold and he does not remember that I L disaster out when he incorrectly pronounced peak Brady’s dad on the act. He did that’s a putt told me yesterday verbatim good have to go back yet is baseball writers Dennis pence I would say block grow a set and taste test is that if that’s every seat who knows. Seat is that it’s that podcast don’t got no real life even want to talk on the pod because to be okay we had a chance if he wanted to. I was there in the Booth he came in looking for Diet Coke and laughed and said nothing. He could’ve easily said something there this feels like buck trying to become relevant again on in Haiti saving I don’t find a rivalry with someone as young up and coming. Talented a rising star at the station will find them. I thought well why do I know it has to be made and I challenge that person my podcast. Nope it was into the podcast he didn’t want to do it on the podcast he just told me that. He is one day he says he’ll get his crack you sneaking a week for what I said has been unfair about the ball hits in just pile lines heat they had every they had this great chance that you. Around the globe and I have. Weightlifter guy on the front of Harold and I have he’s an X-Factor from Steve Butler on the back page is not a snip a Red Sox curt says John Michaels how high. You know it’s is it I’ve all I’ve always said that. Harold while webs that really really goes underneath this or any other website is going well in my computer just cracked out I can’t read anything because that’s exactly what is it not forty year old degenerate gambler who lives and to better in my apartment to nationalize or 2000 dollars in debt. Again but that Douby Steve Buckley listening to everything he hears on the radio and believing it to be true. Like that’s an Al buck is getting caught up his — to three and it’s not an Arizona that’s pretty nice it was at one time and ash was a nice Condo which we sold operate. Significant loss of the time thank you very much. We bought I bought the 2007 or whatever was to get high I bought at the top of the bubble so and I told essentially at the bottom but at like three years later and I’d say go right you sell. You sell real estate when it’s when it’s really expensive. And you sell for 101000 dollars last three or four years they do right reviewed a monster with much it would be so great to everything you shouldn’t do. In order to doubt he’s there to reverse Barry Armstrong I I always thought. And when you open a credit card and you spent a lot of money that just to somebody else pays right at the yeah getting to straight what’s that mean good couple bucks a month. My last 25% off stay with bills. And it asked me. Oh angered at the antics have you or Curtis who were funded by your father’s talk about money is enough decision. Alex you have you have the safety net of a very. Affluent thing correct not okay. I mean streets that are right. The metro west so but it’s tough or when that when the website closes mature February 1 and eight although. Based on yesterday given some idiot again Kirk and somebody at the website on back on Twitter. The date might be moved up I saw like November 1 for the illegal unless I am o’clock Internet as an adult website but that happens and you’re out of work for say six months yes you’re okay. And had to move home. You after move at the earth it beautiful for six months or you would not be funded by the family abuse that dad and into part time thing I’ve been. It’s not a dollar from two women do part time Alex streamer bar tending to like six I don’t know how to parts all rightfully yeah well a big deal descendants UB Bill Simmons 2.0 mean streets of Bob Austin. Talking like it is talking of a voice of the fans Alex rumor I would if you did that. Your doubt help yup like six I would be that were ninety most about your adopted I lose my job as easily selling my house. And moving back home with two kids and that’s app I know there’s no back up there’s no safety net there is no us. Trust fund waiting for me so for you to mock me about money is little decision I have three young kids I have a job as I don’t have a college fund. Our ports is that the guess I fault they’ll get us and groceries but you have written that the that is if I win. In the college fund skirts over what is apple. I would hasn’t won that’s. It’s a I. We’re getting there that’s lobby itself out there no way that’s right it’s advocates epic go to the horse racing this either college fund that’s why I’m glad that my by governor Charlie Baker stepped in and sign the bill. The same horse racing this weekend. That he really he did I don’t see this now to because the line for 24 hours. The state at the end of the budget window forgot to. Approve horse racing and simulcast in the 20182019. Then it’s up and downs has live race this weekend so they had to go back. Special session sign something governor sign that there will be racing this weekend and I will be there to open house tomorrow. As text not one but two children didn’t Alter that Bennett. I’ve for Bennett to experience holds up almost two and are easily enough to spot for protect don’t joy tomorrow really if you. It would defeat in all sincerity in the efforts that come with that when there’s a temperature. They’re there will be huge viewer say you know what you’re gonna sit here you know like as a as a as a parent gets a two and a half. No matter where we take him there’s going to be tempered the taken to separate that had not a victim to a playground or the movies or splash at or anywhere so widely phonetic melt right so why do anything that. Two year old would enjoy a project and will inflate their pace as playground and as he loves bouncy houses they have great bouncing off the Suffolk downs there’s a lot of places. Bouncy houses and programs that don’t include gambling alcohol and to dinner every zero alcohol to markers like it may 00. Sort of how does that affect my children speak to people are drinking they’re at their round earlier been doing them late night hours right I mean no but that’s all right why not why. At that time. Bring in bring into bars and they’d written cards out and I even go to happy hour or so it isn’t like oh god here eight note if you surround your kids are degenerate directories. They pick up some of their characteristics like I’m so messed up because I went to the Ozzfest now eight. And stealing millions hospitals I don’t think your five I think you were going to be messed up and I think you. I think you’re going to be. I guess is very sad very insensitive very all sense from the least sensitive persons in your history you’ve read of the media all you do is read the text during the break. It not doing it’s I was ill effects and he got an idea I was so somebody is looking at the text here before me. And they’re looking at the numbers that he can block people only have to ask not me somebody who is blocking different numbers here I don’t think it was and then the last person that sitting in Nazi I believe was keep yes but maybe keep his blocking it does not strike me as someone who. But I asked Harris about I thought the same exact thing but your ears you were so excited to like it’ll trauma text like what’s one on. Where that your. You’re very you’re very into the what how people respond to you not not it’s not as much as relic you’re in the know as you would have been not a matter would Oz fester and no Sierra Jong eats you and I take my beating man. House. And senate that said that I don’t know I don’t odd. I just came back. He’s serious I’ll. Might get and so we’re gonna do a lot of shows next week together with sound like now you’re fired that’s going to be you know. Mutt so it’s. People are now guiding me and buck now setup bring buck a year about answering your camera does not engage in a box gonna put its feet all I’ve locked up on Monday put his feet got heat but does not take it well and you can. Eating skewers so be neat. He should not mach. Buckets on the back of the B and he’s on he’s on when he. Every not every weekend but not not every weekend and occasionally in a podcast is a few he’s upset about is locked eyes he wants feedback with these you know he’s coming back all the big comeback from how annoyed with C that the — back and he’s now. Who asked to annoy the Nazis party original big show mix it in on the show. Back in the day now the Osce back it’s also I’m still not right here Kurtz earlier in the week that policies and he views this afternoon with Keefe. After the loss on the Osce yet he too mossy kiosks. Well that’s the Osce can not beat mossy. All their I don’t think. AT. I they’re probably a little blew different politically. I think it’s just depicts but that’s he walked a dynamic right your European experience issue green. People I don’t know what the Osce but I know Freddie on Freddie fine. Debates on filtered and England’s. Exciting that he smokes cigars in the attic heat off and he put his hands up at once I saw the biggest hits the I’ve ever seen in my CN mock but Purdue in the shoes up on the gas. Freddie will do that with that the bare socks. And they’re cool but they’re clean like white old school. Athletic socks like the ones that you see illegal TV shows like what anybody if he puts the feet up he walks around in the way athletic socks. Puts the hands on it said he’s right that’s like an old big shall move us. What you thought it would do balance it’s checkbook in these guys put their hand on there and put their feet and never you never worked I’d used before your time I’m Fred you add the of the night the patriots in the Super Bowl they came back to beat Seattle Friday night did the real post game show a real with a first call I would luck this would be great to find current session text. I’m by about a time did you denounce hosting. On first call is Albert and violence the Brady has that huge game while Albert was he lying as far back is 20142. Touchdowns in the four or maybe it was yeah I’d. Maybe it wasn’t the first poet to be needed to Albert brawler or David important. Saying we’re giving Brady too much credit. For the comeback patriots win that he really had been neck. He had two touchdowns in the fourth quarter against the while and happy and not stand for unsolicited shots Tom Brady especially on his birthday Ebert it’s big it’s happy 41 Tom Brady he’s a big part of the show this morning now only is it is for that on. He’s being destroyed by some website called a Daily Beast today which which is usually switch a battery which is usually Tom which is usually great website and a big fan Daily Beast I’m not aware of its work the great argument. I’m guessing it leaves a certain way politically. Re now now. Here’s the question. Last year they goats for Brees fortieth straight aid goats a training camp pennies the petting zoo for people to take pictures with that is that they get him anything this year. Yes sounds is this there’s dealing so it’s. They’re they’re going against something but I’m on the teased for what again again and how exactly would already have I friends are there news I have a friend. At some point revealed that not only is Brady’s birthday anomalies that Billy b.’s going after and but theirs is the flake gate we’re gonna re litigate flaky it and we’ve talked a flaky wild dog note I have some thoughts about PSI. I’m McNally the garrido dink I have new Foster Ellsbury and about the Foley gate. A staff member I still remember I think every piece of deplete the east now original report that even reading and I. I’ve been reading it’s it’s like EC chairman Dave wedge book guy I have no idea how much as you know they’re different gauges that night Alec is now yeah they’ll have the uniform gauges a lot of but the PSI numbers I know about it. Doll. A case of the next week and that to me says a Super Bowl the ball perfect how to Brady play that game Alex yeah I think I putted. I’m glad he went better playing the second half of the AFC title game when they really don’t explain the ball yeah though they keep played better he played better in the second we have the money Jones speculating on a patriots is signing of players Eric Decker is here and he’s he’s whites and males you know when I know when it comes to that. With the NFL disaster it is as you helmet rule which beat higher quality Sports Radio topic across the country today that it got to get this off with a on. S no doubt landline and have their football experts and user upon Ryan Clark bugger McFarland woody woody all of allied Louis Riddick. He’s he’s one of the new guys there among the rule is he’s everything he’s the best you know I don’t know. Matt ball and that is an easy talk Texan knows he’s about it do it it’s been born here. Some Brady deflate gate happy birthday Brady what else you miss and acres more. Well we had our president last night in Pennsylvania was. Entertaining crazy insane slurring it was superb. I have not heard any of this sounds of the ballpark last night for the Red Sox big wins how many here this fresh during headlines when else. We have a Steve basement when I went after deck press Scott for not agreeing with them on the air and policy yesterday and personal anthem takes today though Alex of that’s that is good addresses to flake it’s awesome sound of Eric directory as a reality TV show we can place themselves from my wife is a big fan of and so we can hear very arrogant or. Now the gay community people are very happy at the patriots acquired Eric Decker yesterday he’s a canyon until a replacement not really eel yes he’s our new. He’s our new tees are new are new patriots like have you heard his wife’s country music Yasin not a big Decker and say about him he’s a hard core conservative that Yemeni attempting Lashley certainly there is national yet yet he was like upset about he’d been kneeling for hand down my easy gay icon gas. Swept is it day day icon. CA is but it your buddy you heard his wife’s music and oh we should we play at some point today and play this music miss Eric Decker is Jesse James. Decker maybe she’s a very attractive young woman. And also draft didn’t sound from the sanctimonious. Jim Acosta had to get to that headlines as well as. Battles are tired or not that’s going to be electric company 20/20 one at what times corkum and harassment of I am not sure about that but this is mrs. Decker yes. All of us sitting and nice to act this is their current reality hits close my eyes. See like that Bud Light. Open and you know I am talking about how tank top yeah cut off jeans and boy bluesy. Yes I get the to cousy wet now it’s on its way into who’s important country for the patriots. Susie. Good to let’s rock in Kenny Jesse singing about an island somewhere. Ninety year old Gerry Callahan took a Edison high it is and I I enjoyed it’s jackpot. Isn’t there a moment across. America. Connie get that American flag outweigh that today. Actress and strike cowboy hat off that infield thousand years old I’d still be kids. But just it it’s too young of a crowd really a way to. Just heard the hottest chicks and the country sure they should add in my experience they shared view but at this age an ambulance yes 88 that you steal. I’m 38 you feel a thousand years old really outlets are they all went Clerides ET there and yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s way too young for. The price to pull out my country so. Now we begin cotton ice there too does mean is on your mechanics that big gave him until the tenth. Odd step into the achievement gap that jump into. Again that’s not me saying lives on the interns are here and now there is a shot that’s okay. I don’t give up the phone number title people react to a huge Red Sox win last night this is sort of like an extended Red Sox review 61777979837. As a phone number or can say how good the show and so far. But outside in for Kirk and Jerry those guys are off. I assume back at some point next week although. Lisa Curtis is next yesterday bubble. Animate like all next week essentially. So we have a lot of people are gonna really really good might. I like some early grades on my re outside somebody unprovoked. Tell me this week how much they liked our show on Monday I you know what I’ll defend that edited that that was the best villain show I’ve entered an apartment. So will there are slow admittedly by early reaction how good out tonight and 6177797937. Affordable to the Brady deflate gate the NFL. Very busy Friday Sports Radio WEE. These skirt and Callahan with the current committee and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. And that to those sorts on and hit in the air that deep right. Michael’s that’s the way back on the track at the wall. Not at all like that they’re getting the S and do. Hey SF three run home run to right center. This. And as the dawning of the age of regardless. He has a three run home run it that’s how the series begins a three nothing yankees’ lead at the board Al could be recorded. It is city salami went to a boy in the army last night we beat it. Let the wild about this is that it’s constantly automobile life played by sound here this morning everything here we are at historic U. Picked up about the audio there what was that a salami to a boy in the army. I saw a hell does that mean they have an ice cube. And now always that I’ve delegated city salami went to a boy and they are an idea what the hell is going on there Marbury here in park Perkins Jerry. At 6177797981. And Alex the phenom take on last night’s game because still hosting merit sites podcasts on and I would point out — I. I would like it because it has to better than your original Sox take out of the game was today about fortunately not the nothing in my entry watch the game I watched at all you were all party last admitted that he thought was I three man Booth today to set I can I can skip it model hail the Red Sox portion. Onslaught about a Thursday now thirsty Thursday agreement on the good boy I didn’t lose my debit card and Richar error which is always troubles I am your host economy with a yeah. I did go out nobody’s got a what’s it like it looked Italian place it across street from my apartments with a call. But take a wears on now that’s that’s a lie it’s a good place went to senator penny all but slight swipe right. My daughter grinder nice right I’m looking bright bright dot not a nine partner I may. But Sports Radio host and a big market. Who you win you’re there I gotta I gotta know I don’t like Eric Decker I VIR I do not reveal my profession no don’t don’t reveal why am. I say I want people I don’t I don’t of people called the out. Star believers here I don’t I’ve had people like me for many people make when I was banned from the show last summer right people message me like eight the company to hearing your and Mike please go away like really. I’d take occasionally you know here blazing at spotlight for a second but if so you’ve got banned for the show. Attractive guy next an ordinary OK that’s that you’re you your. Tonnes a year line of some unattractive reached out I would have to answer let’s spend some time ago let’s and cancel your during this satire gets kicked me here all summer and cal and salt and needed because here you some great guy because they were ugly dudes that’s why. And I okay. Let’s it would have been so super especially to me decent pick up why fact that there. What’s your phenom take a case of Brian Johnson at a game last night is throwing up all of himself Harmon ticker glorious home runs and extra but he settled down needed. Give the Red Sox four solid innings. And struck out Giancarlo Stanton the Internet port with men on base and cheese up again. Called strike three which offered 8687. Auditing evaluate pitch from Brian Johnson. What sucks a momentum and the plot in the fourth where he beat the Yankees every which way they were running or hitting for power that was a complete efforts. Not fourth inning last night not we will remember back that NC that was where we saw the championship potential witness Red Sox but he suggesting as part of the phenom take that the strike out Giancarlo Stanton was part of the momentum what are the bomb before and it has that was at the games that box that’s the dumbest thing you’ll say that I could have been a wife Stanton gets a base not to not spotter it’s a hole and I got his at bats over but that’s over is not swung the game no no it’s not. So it means so bots let’s update get the basic who runs scored like 621 it’s six to want to who comes and pitches the fourth inning. For the Yankees who comes at a pitch the fourth that he no matter what happens with Stanton and different talk different who cover Anthony case the and yet practiced more tests say that they’re not lot. So act giant is able to OK and then guess what they scored eight runs and it’s eight to six Saturday if no need it would deflate it there is all all of our regiment baseball there’s really no momentum. From a guy striking out another guy a different team to a different picture coming in it and all of a sudden now team is pumped up. Because all it’d it’d big guys like I guess right on the top of fourth inning east meets but it’s it’s likely demise and adds that alignment and zipping straight sets as well in this boy is did you ever play organized sports yes of course you don’t know where high school c’mon boys let’s go that’s got to pay. Let’s go get sling some act way to go BJ. Yeah I don’t I’ve weary go sling some lumber yeah. They’re they were jacked up that’s why they’re running them JPG it was at all goes back that strike out a Jean Karl stand up. We have not mentioned I think the played it it was a momentum play it is not the strikeout the slides that Jackie Bradley junior slot what a sight off. Headfirst slide a but the ram Dodd amendment it went and run now it went from. Terrible base running to brilliance Klein a matter of seconds when do you wanna see how the ball a bit too long what. I think the picture and got that he the pump fake screwed up I beg to Jackie rally Jeter’s credit. He’d fake a musical back to third it got the throat go there and then the slide home. Was was a brilliant slot what do you say hey I’d bet that’s a momentum play. Brian Johnson’s striking out John Carl will stand the Y sending had no factor in the Red Sox will now be they did Bradley play you can see the team get lifted up by that place to cut the lead to one. With downside by Jackie Bradley junior that’s momentum now Erik you guys off your Red Sox podcast too long that’s moment there were two guys are at Stanton gets a base not as we say it’s six to one. If it’s it’s 621 at the inning is still going on the gate is that it’s and they still work eight Rollins. Against. Mindset Austin holed there the next date they haters would have been deflated it would now. I saw some comparison last night it’s not terrible. Market Smart to Jackie Bradley junior. I got it does little things for your team but that apportion the fan base still has problem JBJ is much. Much. I think over 300 like the last six weeks maybe that’s what’s yet for the year. Look at the last six weeks July streak he had like hero is on a hot streak this is this that the this what momentum sounds like for the loss of rights talks. Moved back its second kicks buyers who want to ground ball right back to older. They get Bradley hung up rapidly coming to the plate head first. It’s it’s. Jackie Bradley millionaire. Political and believable play with a win and and maybe that’s and a broad minded more out of the way. There was safe dale. It’s safe tail and never safe dale. Say. Thank Chris let’s let workers acres that much is on the board added that he did yesterday yesterday Curtis. You rate as it. Head on his cheeks it’s nine minutes by Wendy’s is cuts in the system it looks real. Is much looking today. So if you don’t like this is not a significant opportunity. Act Kirk’s easily this is a vacation if I do I do feel much more relaxed. You do. Well actually no don’t I please say that please please please don’t you mark 6:52 o’clock and vacuum the place he’s. All the plays when he used to oh yeah. Those guys are at the station most here till midnight and came back at 6 o’clock the next morning and or blinked a lot like what that some of not if you have not done it nights and nine and then came two nights in these odds at midnight shows it’s not thinking into the next hearing if you’re the H here today it would have gotten six other people committed to ultimately go to keep him publisher Dino Dina. One I did and seen the morning and then Lee I’ve even been there have been their that’s pretty good the league I am a man I’m a radio iron during the Jimmy Fund last year did the morning show the guys came back and Red Sox are both in and out on unity and on the airline. That not mean that subsequent months the Red Sox tonight that’s the view take you to midnight with their phone calls at 61 sentence and seven and 790s. And it. We do run non Protestants. Are so I do a lot of handicap and repairs and it occurred to regulate them but it’s. Back that’s it’s against our ally itself is amazing that walks and he picks winners only does. We vigorously interpreters on an alpaca watch the horses walk around to watch right there at the finish line sees as the MVP speaking contribute to his own car. He can yes anything he keeps I’ll keep 90% of his winnings get a sense that the so that Jackie Bradley junior slide was the moment with strike the strike you and that’s it as daunting as it scotsman I guess. It that there’s no second level through that god is to say is it’s a dvd side which includes our — — holder than extending back at blow ailments but never played sports obviously because the — he scored in that spot it would inflated heads but instead watt who — panel console comes in and out it does help matters elder doesn’t suck because Brian Johnson would give up into the jungle city beach it would have been pays to know why it was as your work if you were there are terrible while wolf we doubt whatever you worked at a Thai restaurant got five last night feel when you face attacks on you would have watched that you would have been at the ballpark with the real baseball reporters here at town. And receive the reaction by the team. With Jackie Bradley junior slides the Pierce’s home runs. I’m being Kinsler plays that’s Mateen got them of the stolen base advocate and a lot of confidence early in the game. Good job Brian Johnson that was not the big. We were watching the secret I watched I watched all the way to watch the watch the beginning and every pitch like armor and Alter it to him about it didn’t want my two minute that because. Is that you hear it up with that me and Jerry the next man I was out Hubert but merely as a tactic. Chased out of his department was about to roll six months. Are you definitely get on the audio that I do yet them. Some blaze and takes any game you know part of an act of war now you forget that there’s like so to Alex’s at eight you like all it’s a lot of it. And I barely any carry houses away there’s ally caught a desperate I would started to bury Jerry with a here at their two times a college football. When Jerry’s voted for the Heisman and the national title game and Curtis and there there’s there’s a decent about it caught Barry I’m not an animal uses the ultimate game on cars copies right for thirty says. It’s a really hard at the mill wood who we BC wanna — lost the game of the week is smaller caught on. Oh you’re not an ad that night alleys like golf thought in ankles. They agree there’s a lot of golf want to weird I. Just want. All Boston with those great run the ratings compared to the brewers’ triple. We’ll be back after. Each Kirk and Callahan. And we look predictions have the page is going for twelve for the games to get tough stretch nine game losing their criticism both for the thirteenth because I Kurt can Callahan. C fox Sports Radio WEEI. You’re back at the game. Couple different ways tonight after that tough at bat with a bases loaded. One wanted to eighty as low. As the Beijing market the Booth here. Doing my prep for the big inning in the back. You’re not the lobster roll went third the night. And then I think I know there they’re up or down 42. It’s a high pop up first base idea that knock out fears over. And I thought given. What I expected to the show to be today it’s much and now Roemer in for Kirk injured guys back at some point next week. On I thought we spent some time on that today for sure and that is the confirmation. And I I guess I think he did it because I told before. It was gonna come up this morning. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com zone eight not one not two but three. Lobster rolls last night in the Booth. Is it diet off confirmed that saw rod yesterday for the first time. Few weeks looking real wean you get on the walk for all white third and I think Portland Amaechi he looks great the Macy’s Macy aid where we’re really. Negotiated really would you call. I’m man. Oh boy meets may see it I I mean she I don’t eat. Do I ever got a word wrong on the shows I don’t know when you’re a guy a scholar of the literature such as myself scholar of the list yes. Afghan border and our Turkey callow an hour coming out now doing trending at 8 o’clock 7 o’clock when alternate that I’ve never made it through a clean trend good that’s why you’re never at 7 o’clock here senator after he never have her out in the second bye week and old Lola. I think it’s. First saw that most of what that the fact that I was taught him a bye week is deputy Hoyt to cyclic what constantly backed out of the second bye week in below the patriots schedule or what might edit and when talking about that. The guy here direct soccer and same guy that’s you gonna hear a review that’s nice down to talk about Butte breaking down and your job right at all. I’m not not yet and you jump right to edit what it’s it’s attributes take your calls let’s tell Michael child socks are socks Michael’s changes yet unaware. Accidents he called no you call Michael Charles and Ayman. As a carbon JA happens and today. Dan you ballot Allen is at least. In the ten years down on my body to never corrected me one. Last year Michael. But that is say that what rob said there on the air I was preempted by Bradford good job by him. Because I saw you sick of the boot it’s great delivery of food last night. And they’d that he 67 lots of rules there are route and get their right when it starts right on the foods there takes his first lobster roll. Before he leaves the Rome. He takes a second. Lobster rolls so it’s it’s true right away just by himself. And it’s a light and mental make a mental note let’s too that’s already significant number for the show. That because back for the fourth inning there are couple laughed at present Evans rollicking and get one from self keeping that fat boy did not single idea. Don’t draw my relationship its final of the year on here were terrible together were boiling water on the most famous or tiger possibly that we missed all these shows that they were knocked it. On so we haven’t committing got on there to left when rob came back in the fourth that thing lateral laws he went back 33. Lobster roll. There there for the people in the Booth they’re not for Bradford does he really ask a primary I none zero me podcast assumes that because I work for the station that he loves lobster we get robbed of lobster. He ate three of the six so ally allotment for the yeah I know last night. He ate half of Robb deserves it and if we want because we beat our page your goals for the month of the I’d dot com it was an incredible efforts are we celebrating at some lobster rolls out the part I’ll import was the answer a video that we see united you know what. Every little bit counts that may have been lumpiness over the top beating another loss for all white third of the night of the judge slightly ignores them to. Joseph this IQ and John knowledge that after that of course has it after the 11 with back. What can we could keep playing adding Joseph doesn’t knowledge lobster. I don’t have the hole as quickly as they cut that we heard coming and rob was talking with a lot to a twice in the state just called the action but I asked him off the year to rob that’s your third correct that at all I don’t and only the bread locate your lobster you you’re eating everything that rob I can see you doing right. Prop for the big inning in the back. You know the lobster roll went third the night. At that I think I know is there they’re up or down 42. As a high pop. Cloudy high pop up might notice if they don’t like he’s not even now. I think just because Joseph knows by now. That rob is just that when it comes to ease the goal keeper I he’s lost a lot of weight again credit is the programs amazing. Whatever he’s doing we all know it is that you should be doing it as well. On he looks awesome but now. Maybe summertime stress getting to a little bit now he’s yet he reels and we re a 00 so celebration. Yes it’s gonna throw a celebration yes it’s a celebratory week that slip and swear that’s gonna be we’re gonna be a lot around that much longer as we’ve established so at this. Particularly good times all the while making Denham. Taking a good time while making them I would say. One is that ones are the witness Albert taking three of the six allotted for somebody else. A little bit grass greening your wants are wrong idea why I give my hydraulic aipac they built delicious but I was not not. To be fair not a huge lobster. Yeah that’s I. But a man of the people shouldn’t of had to Kindle it’s a lot of work occasionally lobster roll once or twice disarm and it was not a means lot of work you you don’t prepare yourself for. All lobster generals a lot of work. He means either exotic in it yet the thing home and out of an audio you’re cracking ally and it’s all got out the meat over here and I’m I’m talking about honor and a lobster ball correctly from Iran it’s dirty cup for NATO in that role. Actually to take a lobster part yourself you’ve you can eat the lobster earliest yes that’s that’s delicious it’s it’s easy to do I’m sure it is rob I can’t I can’t crack lobsters statement like that be you like once a year they had lobster tonight that and I’ll bet they did and enough. Escort every night with a night it was lobster and if you thousand dollars a year you pay into wishing yes they give us lobster every night. And I I would skip the dining hall and Ike is nice to embarrass it you know odd — do it. It’s very masculine it’s a lie excellent work very mass it’s not it’s hard to do to. I’m not I would even not usual if you put a lot survivor right now without what he called those things herbs now. Both the metal thing on crackers in the right that that they looked like Ronald clock crash that I wouldn’t want to not try to do it. The plane that’s epic yet and that I was eating sushi with a buddy of mine I got to fork at the CG place alliant team sushi a team for all day every day I know is loving you know Mike you Chris is laughing at me any wise up about this I left Lutz and T and for every I am on team for when it comes to sushi actor actually team bare hand. You go into that the did Monty role I figured dirty hands failure is so I saw competitive it until low sodium so low sodium soy saw a little bit it was Sami. And your good that did that chopsticks it’s not join black white blood at the shopping experience and not be doing quite a bit of you can get rid of a Cape May be Canty to chopsticks and had yet but I am a little luckier I get my hands and I’m kind of a cave and anyway hands as well so I don’t I don’t care I’m never gonna wanna use chopsticks at night and I can’t. Can’t do any of that stuff I can. So I’m. I’m OK with skipping out all optional add adrenaline gets one Evan deserved last night I want the past month off to hardworking member on the Red Sox be after Robbie pre. And no one else the boot got an Casilla strolls 6177797937. As the phone number. It is Tom Brady’s birthday it is we are a lot discuss with Tom Brady not only is side deflate gate being. We’ll say reproduced in our lives but at least highlighted for something. Heroic Tom didn’t out of our home here on C 889 just for saving the C later on YouTube we don’t think he dad. And we are getting Tom Brady getting raked over the coals by web site and not from anyone to get to all that or get the headlines a lot more mutt Roemer in for Kirk and Jerry team for all day every day.


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