Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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K&C – The greatest defensive players in Sox history; Belichick sabotaged the Jimmy G trade 7-31-18

Security. You wait to find out if Dustin Pedroia can contribute this season second baseman for the Red Sox Dustin Pedroia doesn’t hurt with a hand rob Bradford and out spear how’re you update the trustees’. Swooped in and acquired a second base and the kids are using human he has gotten progressively hotter as the season has progressed right. So when it whenever I’m my last year playing I’ll let you know when this special. With Kurt committee ahead of Vijay he acted like a little girl socket that he did Tommy girl I don’t know car. I think he’s being overrated now almost like you’re Hogg and I’m more convinced than ever and and the people are gonna a hammer me. Hey bill that this is simply a matter of during the course of the week he was not into public first let’s say it right now we should go to amber and Gerry Callahan athletes don’t know what’s anything just say I mean if you’re not down here on the Reid asking a quell. I don’t look at 141001. Jock strap it blocks that you are. Where she lived. Some of the apple way and that post does not hold you understand hey hey I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to. I can’t yeah yeah. I did I’ve not gotten. Sports Radio W. Dial our great hurt Callahan it’s out it’s all. Alex could two shots I just stopped. We were debating at the break is what we do now we don’t know that didn’t know regardless got Jerry Jerry property fiery which let you got pretty passionate there it is I put it Tuesday night you know not to witness I will never kicked in the nuts and it was got angry but we were asked Chris who’s the best defensive player. In Red Sox history period. Kirk give a very good answer I would disagree. Hole. Places Jose it’s Jose Iglesias Stallone’s Detroit still spectacular. Alex Gonzales. Was great and underrated nice article or. Yes but he lost the gold glove to a Jeter right peace in god forbid you know that was an outrage of still over what she wants. Agree that he’s been up there are these cops and and getting killed by these criminals them. They just able to just below yes. I had the relatives of the supporters screw up the relative who. Were turtle boy was talking about was relatively go to the took a shot to cops. Shot two it was a record album when we talk him. When I screwed up OK let’s go wee wee okay it was defective best offender question I mean what are you doing here tragedies in the discussion with the shoelaces and show us Gonzales a question. And of a different had some really good first baseman got Butler Dwight Evans JT snow and Doug Mientkiewicz. Dwight Evans. Fred Lynn yeah but you wouldn’t say Evans or live is a better outfielder Bradley I would. He’s got an unbelievable arm weapons arms just. But I’m saying right now solid he’s. Would you sick and well yes right is considered the best of its snow he’s got Great Depression already left fielder that’s I don’t think it was a great first baseman was a great left fielder but I feel disease. Left it doesn’t count and agree. A few man named Clint Kriewaldt plate of rice. No third baseman third baseman that that’s some good ones had. Really light pole was good cannot permit is no third baseman review that was like and nettles or Brooks Robinson really don’t know I’m not Brooke troubles most overrated player of what a great great offensive player but not a very good in general just as good defensive metal not just close so close now to those Schmidt all played childish and a tough fight you to the judgment would be well run as my answer was right. Glacier is right I wouldn’t. Argue English is his great. Was great and also if you’re under eighty I don’t want to hear from overeating only if the old times you saw these guys have seen all these Pedroia. All Kelly won four gold gloves oh Jesus overrated in Dunn thank you goodbye there. Well we know that now at least this year is done is his nemesis. Ian Kinsler right transferred would be great racists and pitcher to get to Sasha and what are you talking. Without being kids are racist to get to go text to point that called numerous alleged I looked it up Chrysler added to do is that he would agree that doesn’t make a racist eyes on the Red Sox I would not agree. He. The only do it was racquet out graphic regulatory that’s what you read. Sure which created a tree she’s three when I refuse. Getting Clinton’s. It alike clintons I mean her face is getting a good rebuttal acts through the roof off of your own that go Riley apple work but I got a plan they get out realize what my tummy hurts all the parts in cans are racist. Ian Kinsler performs damage control after racially fused comments CBS to try. Perfectly appropriate comments on Twitter compared march 23 2017. Down down down with the black and I mean I don’t defend. I think he was hacked. So is last year last march during the World Baseball Classic which they want. Way to be Puerto Rico in the scheme before chose to exporter group of this country’s what do they get their own team sit lucrative and I clock shall go. I hope kids watching WBZ. Can watch the way we play the game and appreciate the way we played a game. As opposed to a Puerto Rico plays or Dominican place Kansas to New York Times that’s not take any away from them. That’s just the way we were raised they arranged differently initial emotion and passion and you play review shall motion read you shall passion we show it in different ways. There’s what could possibly go wrong with that he’s stating fact. I was affected ones when he’s more passion and other well I think he’s racist that’s not fact. Well yes it is a fact this is you know that’s back or do you don’t passion is currently understand that yes but it. But that’s up but that’s Jerry that’s a fact it is a fact. He’s not that I Puerto Rico plays more passion in the United States they act it’s a fact more emotion. Pitchers that you watch the games. Yes you get more emotional. It’s really a good Barack and American baseball owners are taught to keep. Turned us in our emotions in check on her way back an owner that’s you don’t bets at the moment is about fifty Graceland in just to be the case of this race in dispute with the cables you got but you’ve seen in Geneva where they celebrate who today. The teams he’s talking about the Latin American team as what’s the bulldogs celebrate last night they were it’s like American I don’t know that’s a walk off when he started which is an average. You know play always entertaining for us it was a measure. I remember it was a big issue. Actually incredibly well I don’t think it’s healthy it’s anywhere near racist but — fact it’s not racist at all angry actually especially when you’re just saying they played differently. In on the play the game differently and I think we do it they play it more like. Kids play high school kids preschool kids show more emotion than major leaguers may actually exit taught. You know in the minors and all the way of protests to don’t even like roll your eyes don’t even you know. Pitcher can never question umpire can’t ever. Object to a call in and you can’t hitter Kent you know because important I don’t remember they don’t feel that way in wherever and program Latin American country annually but anyway it’s not it’s not a with everything from racist it’s now it’s just that’s just people pretend that race right so well that was just one text or so I think his was okay. The figure you’ll you’ll be OK I think what it sucked here yet. Don’t usually do that means in snow I think guys like him get revitalized when it in the race and he’s that kind of player. I think he’s the perfect actress. Kids took effect at the deadline guys like him get vital they do it happens all the time he’s gotten progressively hotter as the season has for gotten progressively hotter eggs he’s in his progress on progressed he’s a good post season good World Series player I think he likes the pressure would you would you get hotter as the season progresses. You would get yes progressively harder as it progresses it’s like getting you know. And I think he’s gonna be good who robbed. No ego he’s progressing who burglarized last season progresses. As the season progresses he’s gonna get progressive hopes it. Old is 36 the reality is a reality. Realities in reality he’s going to be 36 he’s an upgrade of a newly. Released in the field. Got experience yeah everyone who’s to blame them like swim exit dirt dog gets dirty you know. It’s hard to remember their claim for eleven years as some of the Jewish guys in the plan Caribbean that if you Trace back like that villages. Crazy insane people and speaking of and speaking of racist and anti semites sure. You love documentary you’re my guy go to guy come and watch documentary watch it I zone usually you’re wrong my last saw the best documentary. I’ve seen ten years he’s had the royals was the best ever Eagles won his awesome. There wasn’t ten years ago the object to solve this week. Okay what is this going to be nothing anyway Netflix has got a documentary about Louis Farrakhan on six surprising higher. Barack Obama and and you know a month later this documentary that positive look at his his friend Louis Farrakhan. And so one of the producers there’s. Will be on Louis farrakhan’s son on so they of this behind hailed as just is contemptible. Racist anti semite a guy who says. You know it was a great man calls. White people wide eyed devils and blue eyed devils and we just unabashed. Races was an effort originally by they bought a glory yet. As it was made in 2014. About doing a deal for years ago but by the ball right and it’s gonna get on July Bono attest I think it’s tonight either. Was it over the weekend premiered on Netflix yet which means we’ll get a lot more rivals and a lot more good views and and but don’t you think it’s a little bit of Maria. Sympathetic look at I guess probably very and so that is on its human being. My guess if it’s Netflix. And it’s it’s on them as one of the produces yeah it will be able to do in bit of a year. I would think background I would think for the it’s called the honorable honorable content from your. Honorable Louis park and it’s the title of Jesus or something like a cable a number oh the honorable minister Louis spare on my my journey through music. It’s like doing. I don’t feel it’s hacking it’s that community David duke sounded documentary about the difference is that the twosome has no support what I mean doing this guy’s got a big following its frightening Jesus I mean look he hates Jewish people. He says like the world’s patrol by what you wish you insurance. You know in the mountains or something. Chris he’s a total nut job but it will races to windows civil soft pedal feels almost sixteen and X 62 posted twelve he called this would documentary did you see. A lot sculpt three identical strangers is a title of the ruling have you heard of her triplets this is you’ll you have to watch as it is one out and watch it. Don’t care what you may be watch. While while country that was likes to for too long and never forget is an hour 45 and promise yes well my baby out it’s worth watching. Three triple X rays separately and yes only giving away because it’s it’s crazy. And you like to spoils amok and it’s crazy crazy crazy person just posted trust you more watchable things like 90% rotten tomatoes are times of the really the New York reluctant. You just love it you know what slow start and it gets it through that I don’t like across. And what celebrities whether celebrities just you think they speak form in this probably congressman’s some democratic congressman Keith Ellison is a big fan true. I Dexia. I don’t know maybe Barack Obama is he one model for what he saw him in second pain or ports if it’s supportive or favorable or sympathetic. Yes that’ll suck to be dishonest. Calm but progressively get worse progress progressively. Worse as the season progresses when does can make his debut. You don’t sock puppet. Klesko. Was in LA when it happened I’m told he’s going to. You’re old enough to walk straight point. What’s the noted. The Red Sox. Not play tomorrow do you. Should go to watch the play is based on tomorrow. And tomorrow winds its way it was unable to do just goes off the case I never heard often very strange epic four off days. They do it Irish are one. Publicly known doubleheader mic and some like nine homes and what did you see. Why the patriots Rauf practice today excuse me and you don’t think this team is formed. Whose team is 44. As a win had to catch apartment I saw. He didn’t he followed the first one which was too bad I felt bad for him. Second when he caught the place went crazy he jumped all over and sobered like it was a walk off went right now with final later they have to have today off it was a rule. They you know these new rules against oh what does exercise in rural 56 days Eros and today was going to be enough phenomenal what those wacky preacher Belichick being in that loony crazy really got it and he said let’s see if as they went to catch a punt that some tweet about Isiah went as well very fun. Who Twitter page we get quote tweaked something. Belichick Trent brownies to catch upon it was significant human ending. Belichick’s it’s never coached a bigger player I believe that that’s good question though it is heaviest ever coached a bigger player but it is does it look like someone out of like one of the the longest yard movies myself some looks it looks like he looks artificially big east and when he was stuck a Mike Reese is one thing Greece’s small. He blocked the practice for Sony Michelle. I’m gonna have white looks how how big Sony and show once a policy. Forget. Six to. Ticked me please but the main threat for a sixty Seahawks. Used artillery triple on 68380. At least that’s the Judy the veto bills for Sanofi. Yes I think. Thanks a lot cost them. 6177797. National at all the Brady stuff we get back. The Boston Globe in Poland and bowling joins us here on Kirk and Galley and bend much and re very for the guys are you. My my favorite comments so far as someone from Miami said I shut down Tom Brady better than the dolphins’ secondary and. Of them. I don’t feel like you know there was you’re stays Everett of the Florida. I was ball braves I had to arm today that he was thought he was on painkillers your bong and that did you know you don’t. Yes I believe so was it apparently doing a little boat to we have some fun. Well we win some laughs yes. Every time with the spring trying to do you know just go crazy and you lose he would get all punch drunk and you know they’re really. And they deal fingered that’s suspect and we were last class is all is well Hillary is the heaviest reds. But then we’re go at night have a good time sure you’d be miserable cause you do most miserable but bigamy for a moment consider me. I can’t I can’t drink. Because like OK I choose not to your bosses at their surrounded by U who’s drunk and we’ll go on the air I’ll. Well it’s good this year was an outline Urbina degree count for this year for others spoke of a good time next year. Hum sure. A look at say every day and what you hate the team and I want them lose. So what do they care. I don’t character Q and would you but that there are people who care there are people who care in kids will be there hopefully yes well known Willie B loves sport he loves itself. That’s his place that’s part of a country yes. Yeah he’s stability oaks club and hated you know I gave up. He’s is still is up any chance they resent and sock puppet. It all depends how it performs right there and feel like yeah and that’s the thing is you how to write what does he fish in great to do progresses. He’s a leadoff hitters and luckily. Women don’t like that correct. If you think you can be addictive. If he’s good he’s like a competitive right now look at it in there right. It might in my state who’s the second baseman next door is heard about whatever. Let’s have a go back second addresses many times and I’ve always been mentally everybody else does he wanna play center or second we get this witness who wants to play right. I mean my growth and whenever wanna play right now open third. I thought I wanna put center. Really open third my favorite players Cuba’s my favorite player was Fred Lynn and if you were that I didn’t really. Ago Summers I love them alive. And YouTube here I. I hated metals real. Yes he’s a great player great player but hated yankees and red that is that’s legit these fiery. And somehow got in fights of the Red Sox. He heard it was a pink by a Celtics Thurman Munson doesn’t think Mickey rivers was a thing. Your rivers ran over these them Nazi views these are guys and Google phone page and the one chip chartered. Billy yes collectively there was no that was mr. rivers. McKee we have in the back Hitler during those fighting Thurman Munson heard it and Eagles did to all the Red Sox in doubles hurt him right now. All the Red Sox are great. There were awesome price and as Jim runs and ready. MB speed at which it’s a great strict Burleson wonderful guys this funny great like I didn’t care that would thinks that’s what I know people’s asses. Like Belichick today of course. I think all the success did you know that you do your teams and we championships they do right that’s a good point terrible we’ve permitted increment tailored DJ your parachute that did that matter. I usually carry I was not angels. These people call cost or forty years and now and they they just love their guys but I think. There are people. I mean there really people are these calls yesterday you know all the shows. These people who really call in The Who ate there once you’re like oh we don’t care real fear of previous there’s this it is never have been eliminated like it has been recently. Because it is so obviously line it’s so obvious that everybody when you go on about John’s he’s right about that all they almost everybody talks about Malcolm point now. Now and Belichick debris. Belichick and Brady but that’s not like a specific thing I don’t know the Butler and the grapple things are very specific. And what are you saying when someone says to. Why do we get so little flat out however I have a clear answer for drop below vs Butler remains ambiguous grapple ones. Belichick was told we have some into this agreement essentially was told. Brady’s going to be guy going for right next couple years in a matter OK it’s simple place that we’re not deal and some righteous thing so he then. Walked out took a right or left on the hours offices walking in called lynch are Shanahan in the deal was done. Negligent that is quite an article which I agree it’s insane it’s the worst may be the worst trait in the history of the city. But but we have a definition for. We. Emotion. Right as opposed to. It’s supposed to but we have and we don’t know yet we know the proper answer to saint Jack I don’t know Iraq hello and mean. It is crazy and it gets another lesser coach or lesser GM fired. When you think about it and the idea that he sent them somewhere where he thinks he’s can succeed. Makes it even crazier. The better grapple plays the worst Belichick’s going to look. In one way I mean obviously you think. That people like you assume. That he wanted to keep crumpled it could and so yes let’s go to but don’t agree. If he’s great you pigs in the hall of Famer and you might just say stop probable are all pro. The coach which works as we know we would’ve got four post its worst cause we know what he could have gotten four I believe he could’ve made a deal with Cleveland. And three or four other teams would have paid more doctors and says it would have been so as he looks that right and apparently doesn’t care ’cause he’s. He’s road project where Democrats have to do with I don’t you have to give final approval of that deal yes Roy young you know they just say of course no of course they do just say we’re not trading for the deals outrageously but you’ve been part crap we’ll tell Peter King right that Jonathan Kraft the kind of put but the thing I’m Jonathan he says about wanting him he said she might be deal single dot. Which you know it’s it’s it’s terrible to can’t say pill you know known penetrated for more because all these fuel moxie that’s metal not mocking Michel of people saying was no reaction at the list in uniform BP’s. Grapples sixth. Right up six favorite whatever what got you this year so that’s about right. The Euro pop right on got to admit it hit a record right now let’s say quo what’s going to be quarterback. He yes it’s going to be quarterback all the talk girl is on everyone’s listening lieutenant six Iraq was a good year he’s a real candidate Brady vs girly men later in the broadcast as the MVP. I ordered him I would say I would say that he’s he’s at himself and elegant. I’m no question I think rough was going to be good I don’t think he’s gonna don’t know is that going to be used it well. When he made the deal put the game and that. When he made the deal he hadn’t had that five of those trick right correct so he has gotten better since he made the deal in Belichick’s defense. Amounted to phone different Belichick in his defense. He was a game and have been of course. We Arctic ice that was our guard Eric had offered more than that in the previous hot seat. We think we’ve done I mean if I’m assume there’s no doubt he could’ve gotten more no doubt is such Superman there was no doubt there was an emotional. No reaction here. We just fight and argue knock wood which is exactly the opposite of what Belichick normally does he should do things speech to number one. He stressed it also speaks how much you dislike to bring to it doesn’t speak truth or does sure does and yes it does he wanna get rid of them. There’s no doubt wondered and this guy without much because library because Kraft said we’re keeping the guy you don’t like Belichick said screw him and stopped since I’m on on alignment in debate on Malcolm Butler. Bloom I guess we’ll never know maybe we’ll know more someday who knows but. There’s other people can talk besides Belichick knows Patricia. Obviously has bought urges other players. Who could talk to might have more to offer. With a definitive answer from the coach will probably never know. Here’s. Here’s what he’s thinking though. Some of the women out focused on training camp it’s just like the whole you know the whole. Trumps your coach Brady. Though he’s gonna win without below the low trump collusion then yeah none of that matters if what happened was if what was supposed to happen happened. If Hillary wins we don’t know any of them so that explains. You know why they were doing what they would do. It’s because they were supposed to win and if they won you’d never know Peter struck group. Or pay a journey these people were I think I think none of this would the surface I don’t think of it this way if they win without Butler. Belichick makes his point he punishes them for whatever reason chair and he wins anyway I think he thought he can when Mel Brady to. Don’t win the Super Bowl yes yes and what you want to try. He would much rather striking when you with Super Bowl next year two years from now but when the last years of civil go check right now you can have grappled Brady for this year he choose grapple. No doubt he’d rather have grapple well that’s crazy. And that’s personal computers title shot that’s my point I agree and I am I lawyers. The man who never gets emotional seems to gotten emotional plot so why is that. Is what it’s not as simple as is crashing you can trade has some personal thought between the most all of our open heart surgery if they photographed in never said we’re not trained Brady you think you would trigger breathing yes forgot crumpled note I went no doubt. Maybe this offseason. Well maybe. One’s going to be on the substance quite yet see a TS the subsidies this offseason trade the MVP yeah. Great person approach I’ve met with them weekly. We’ve had this argument from coach you don’t believe that I don’t believe he even Belichick and applaud do that totally. But I was up it was interesting for you mentioned the shows two of other players who knows that never heard from Belichick. If you really tax them after every game. He is more attached. More and love would drop below that any player he ever had outputs and it’s about it’s about pre b.’s of all bees are texting drop always somehow showings himself in check radio check on his own interest rate drop below it should decide you wanted to he would text America today. He’s doing it because crafts that you have to do this that’s one thing he wants grappled succeed yes or he’s gonna make you go of course. Every game grapple women’s looks forswear it looks worse thirty years it was kissing his ass for us to meet you too fans. I mean it that seem to matter Harry looks bad because you’ve could’ve got more. And the idea that and I hear people say that supporters of Belichick’s. He wanted to send them somewhere replied see that’s negligent that’s not your job. Your jobs to do what’s best for the team we are all of us actually five or things equal I would put it wasn’t known was in Cleveland and offered more and we’ve gone through how many other to Arizona. No other teams could have would have offered more spent less than ten minutes from the beginning to the end of the treasury. In the 49ers set out was the least oriented Jenny that’s the story. If they wrote them an idea that but also they’re they thought it was the first you know due to take a fine. Who was the first. They do we for the call for the second half they tell you showing out there. That’s amazing well enough but that’s amazing that makes sense and then you hear other people say you know Belichick likes second round expression high seconds. Which is what it was supposed to be before Barack Obama plan. On what you can’t tell me the fourth pick and draft. Now isn’t preferable to a second rounder being overrated now almost like I would like how brilliant woody look Belichick if he got the forefront fourth pick in the draft. And traded for one of those QBs for whoever for him go whoever was there to point orbit just traded for more picks or should we want do what you want but just think it’s and you would. Lose grapple. You would gain. Who was a foreign Al Rosen was on the board who else was our talent Josh I’ll say Josh even though he’s on the Victoria. Say get shot channel with the fourth pick right now you’d say that’s. A succession plan two more years of Brady. Rookie contract five year deal on micro upload your five year deal going to those stores are bigger a bigger storage photographer on Brady have new use for each other none. Although now then it’s not a word to 00080. Was good mentor no personal stuff knowing anecdotes nothing zero. Upright outplayed Brady either iso from the start that’s what I would do wouldn’t even meet together in the YouTube they have separate meetings no use for your little. And pinch yet. None separate meeting Timmy thicker upload to the you have one package every yeah. Many more no no that’s because he told the bring a day and he took the big fat points and a drop language of ones. If we’ve grown closer he’s better than Brady what’s he supposed to say I’m what you meant of course senator Bennett and Diane Brady said he was better than Bledsoe right. Supposed to do I Albert would take these calls are going to pack 6177779. Through several we will. So here’s Kurt and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. I look I mean I think it’s just I’ve had a great relationship for eighteen years and you know where my best friends. I love working with a he’s got a very special relationship that I cherish and and as you know it won’t I always talking about everything in a decision they found myself. I love my close family. Very closely we’re here are some for that long. You were reported relationship and obviously I’m happy on the team I think he’s coaching me. And I’m going about their dual led him and. One more year that your head coach renewing its. Great so raven 42 in the game as head coach yes yes you mcdaniels would rather have. Brady or can you grow up for how long. For effort as as as a coach the patriots like for last year you says Brooke notes I was just Belichick would prefer Brigham. About grapple over pretty good last year this year don’t. I’m saying is so if McCain as head coach I’m guessing you need to be head coach more than a year to this would rather grapple knowing what may be for Ortiz. A business he Bob Stevens went a couple of good years left dozens that we doesn’t. He doesn’t produce to Goodyear’s east forty that they can fix Irving your fourth time he’s he sees them every day he sees body cavities concerned. Those weapons of go that. But there’s no steroid rumors now we should Brady knows frosted flakes he knows from that’s that’s that’s a yes he puts his Coke in the prost the four X. All and when asked Tom Brady and I think he’ll listen is don’t do what LeBron does and protect kids from the camera when they’re practicing football basketball baseball when you watch this documentary. He has kids all over the place now we didn’t we were slow biscuit who saw little daughter also has been the ones. Advocates are the video all the time zone that’s. She wasn’t in the web radios ready kissing a rain can ellipse. That was his son OK I’m just trying to remember yet Kissinger says one thing that. Like presenting him as you know. LeBron likes tacos on making the NBA. Sorties and and we watching the practice running in the game practice and LeBron gets in the lay up line with his kids too annoyed and listen to that Rachel Nichols and LeBron is just it’s just got to be sold on what was it about LA you know she’s meeting about him schools school. But I would ask I was asked this question to ask you to I’d met Richard Nichols or whoever produces get up bird what’s a species to be co coo John skipper. Do you think anybody who watches your show here’s LeBron James doing this bill in the school and they try to build him up as a hero. But you think any fan players. In short pass thirty seconds it works it works for attend an interview. Bogeys are there among other things going to school that’s nice and eskimo LA and Alonso and probably the bar refuting any fan past like one question cares about school. I don’t know McChrystal has schools and how it was Oprah schools. Yet yes. Where’s that Akron. Welding school in Akron don’t stop. He’s playing and Allen yes. He’s left Akron and the dust two homeless guys will honor LeBron wanted to overnight unit play on Ohio 24 hours in a row it can. I heard yes. Didn’t show with a probable and have to eat it it’s. As he was covering the protests and why is we can take you to jump from the state informal poll what’s up John Arafat to jump from Kenya but it. I I would go on. They do you break that Belichick had enough fruits and supplement like you know law. I’m dumb that I’m on a single drop below to the border not as a one place separating would wanna go out Seattle. Brady has no interest in going anywhere surfaces or anywhere else that teams not as good Brady wants to win. One or two more times but I think it’s emotional I think you’re right about that is an emotional component here Belichick must. Then emotional because he did not make the best deal we could make for the team. I agree a minute I think you know Luke and Barack all of this at this stage of weary of and development. It’s cute and I think everybody’s Art Bell checks are. I have got no choice he had to trigger IDR his bright you are said you have to trade but he could’ve gotten a first round pick because again the next quarterback he could have gotten some real value. Form as as some. Mark James pointed out yesterday or Sunday when their child was on him. Don’t you go more for brand cook’s troop Ewing got more for Brady this offseason brings point 71 year left on his deal in this trade him for first trumpet correct correct. That’s unbelievable carry twice first Olympics. Cookbook Iraq blow so a wide receiver with one year left on his deal. Get more return than for a quarter of the French. Very well said it’s not real when you are into them when you when you walked in we but when you. Which phone call Buick person calls when Jim Talent second topic figured out a way to afford knives so you know he’s with the first. They’re saying it has no place said that he said we expect him a call back with that we you know another off a paper that’s amazing. There were preparing a road count right problems come yes. 40 one’s they wouldn’t trade and the dumbest thing we get a couple picks and he wanted to model the conference. These series that he was afraid if he played for the browns. He would come back and bite him a man to beat him that’s that’s so dumb first of all. Belichick’s generally featureless front secondly. He’s gonna look at Cleveland say oh once they continue to gonna kick perhaps you got Joseph its statement said. But I sold off almost stupid Mets Fuhrman when he’s not the only such an animal that’s a minus subsites Arizona’s on the conferences play teams. Not the conference that would be interested in franchise quarterback. He didn’t want you want to make industry except he’s some of them were afraid because they heard he was interesting points to yes owns and he’s really good. Yes any awards died because of Carl must have. You and I’m Wilson very serious car accidents Balkans died yeah I know it’s like a defense microbes total so mine which totaled yes. I put it the same color. Iowa by mr. Gardner. Since I was told you what the exact same comment simpler for you got a fixed a lot of cars totaled. See but the same color Jesse Jackson car. I still open I like I feel comfortable when she’s got a different color and I thought I would feel like at a comfortable in the different colored outside the car. Just being lost a case that anything else John to buy another one against in his ankle that’s a YE. She needs you knew why are we heard enough from this guy he’s the funds it. Any thoughts and yeah John. Yeah how many pro even modest. On section question I apologize I viewed it. It was fun element to Saratoga last week and he just go to Suffolk where is that the Monmouth park races you’ll Monroe park that’s right that’s where is broken nose down Friday I somebody somebody in me to estimate the size they can’t believe. He’s he’s parents go there is wife goes they’ll go watch a gamble so we college fund away his dream is to teach cited Campbell. I’m sort of done that I don’t they sit there against son is five who knows how to put totals Hillary’s right. You know he’s every vacation he has at a racetrack and execute such gone. He has for good guy so it’s I don’t know if he’s got a young kids were you can’t introduce postscript beach like okay have jockey autographs. These posts were at the beach you’re exposed to via these units was forward after the pair a couple balance but our partner they’ll never. Reducing and never go on vacations like Everest. You know at least he more people like him than like Q. And owns a simple man always urged blue collar man right. Regarding decide whose kids are gonna go to you the Middlesex community college or are for experts fine. And which is great I mean that’s beyond these kids are limited intellectually he’s gonna he’s gonna stay in that ranch in shells that may be things go well. Fingers crossed. And on. A little Uday and the family room. You know what finished the basement put some wood panel and up in the basement why I think is he says next summer’s what was really make a lot of money gambling is get used to tour Cameron some day maybe maybe. Asia. What’s next for them apple on whoever yeah. I scars yes yeah sweet I got an economy not a new team. Not new but use them on I mean just look at that time share in light yes and age you may capital cost. Myrtle Beach Berkowitz writes Myrtle Beach nice ones yeah it’s not here have you captures in January anytime you want they have some great dog tracks that Carol and media we can Sacramento is a new markets open there could ever sort of form. I’m not say how. Ta that’s the way most people want to know like you currency that can grow rich. They don’t replace one person who say nice guy to veterinary questioner bring extra sound like a sound like an arrogant. Out of somebody lived making it. Without legal like I mean honestly at home his parents went through life and my dad did you gradually got Rich Thompson upstate or to the Guy Ritchie grow up which. Let’s say Salt Lake that’s a Ken and his wife they probably make combined LeBron 2150 dollars. As what some brilliant huge and added that all the lights back up through torture when he called you just genetic counselor that sounds Politico bird votes a child together in 2000 he QB Taylor one car make a 100000 dollars together. Let’s get three kids. They do they go to public school of Michael proposals. Enough along. Once they bring in a banana impeachment of the condom on since sacred right fine yeah. But it’s really good on a college gonna go to public college. Probably. Probably so yeah you don’t have to prepare we’re about deserved and we’re good there that’s fine I don’t know you know when I was gonna cost that announced appointment no kidding Jesus yes if you’re lucky like. Gerry Ford assembles them join the Marines don’t wanna run out of high school movement goes for you to read towards peace it was. Oh you like you’ve beauty was excellent but it was about a decision by a role in rise. I’ll oyster or who cares it’s reused piece the suns are on his son was is and is known. Means and Jerry was gonna say sixty only before genomics company or tweet they get the death I’d like to read at all I think it’s great military teams it was sixteen decide who’s going Marines whose parents you know wrestle with a replica of the year argument it was his dad finally had to agree he had no intention to go to college like his friends he wanted to be marine that’s correct and if your son wants to be marine what he gonna do. Tell me campy. Yes it’s sung yet this number is up to four years and I guarantee you he’s a better man needs mature is composed she’s. You know grown up a lot yes in my estimate something more Belichick I don’t think he fought or it could make he did good things I’ve stolen a lot of interest. Let’s not I do this all the credit of course is on the grass some voice in him when he’s eighteen says screw you coming I can do and I hope it doesn’t happen. Ray you and support one have to sport he’s my kid that would be happy about would if you was it. One of those first transgender sold that’s different and be very happy but at some point in state that’s if that’s okay. It is reporting great to re tweet even when it’s all important. Music loyal to the station east it always gets you he’s a winner but was fired you don’t really dream all the time watch. The work African Galen. Hall of Christ exports from some. Signs it’s. He’s good writers try to rural White House true. And that’s true it was a it was a really bad time to ruin mine mole with the highlights highlights here I’m Bob good for supplement its fiscal sure that’s in mystic Connecticut once a man that can do one. I don’t. You. I’m doing great what a lot of discussion about Barack blow and they didn’t get it now. Not a big what if god but what if they treated great. What would spell checker got. Only curse I think when Lleyton would get that fourth pick in the draft Cleveland. A late for whatever you say would you say like contending team either quarterly or when I got a first from park we can find the team picked the team we’ve been decimated. When you talk about the reigning MVP the most marketable place. Margaret Margaret would’ve had the MVP was October and trade deadline he’s also freeze also forty. I think. My my concern is soldier would work harder to get more. Library that I know I wouldn’t have cared how happy Tom wise that he wouldn’t have you know new and attacks after every game that you but. There is a ceiling 24 year old will be in on the trademark. There are a bit they get if he didn’t try. The the perception jet. Would think if my first round that could be great to be wild. But don’t worry about that I am surprised. The Belichick didn’t. Feel that in that role the he promising back. You know rather strange runaway doesn’t get it done uses Danny and I estranged son a Brady as you like to point down 41 right. He gets banged up for gamer to. Not mean you probably will never get knocked up for the season because he knows how to prevent those answers that your but it gamer to look at cautioned though something. Who plays a lawyer Brian Hoyer yes thank you start to win (%expletive) win now. Obligated necessary. Drive and good with my when you put it would you’d have the perception that the next guy was in in. In the fold Ryan or the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns and Mitch Daniels and friends were were preparing him to take over by Al force.

Source: https://weei.radio.com/media/audio-channel/kc-greatest-defensive-players-sox-history-belichick-sabotaged-jimmy-g-trade-7-31

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