Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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K-9 Dog Training Program continues throughout the week in Pendleton

PENDLETON, WA – K-9’s are vital parts of many police departments all over the country, and it’s the handlers job to make sure they know exactly what the dogs are doing. 

All week at the Pendleton Round Up Oregon State Police are hosting a K-9 Detection Dog Training Program and today was all about drug detection. 

This was the scene today, eight different drug detection stations and over 120 K-9’s going through each scenario and getting scored. Some stations have distractions like tennis balls to try and throw the dogs off, but it’s their job to stay focused. 

“So you could have something that smells like latex with drugs wrapped in it, but we know our dogs are alerting to the drugs as apposed to the latex.  Because we train our dogs not to alert to those proofing odors, the latex gloves, the cash and items like that,” Said Corporal John Lehman, Pendleton Police Department.

Scenario one is a room with cocaine and heroin hidden in the walls and its the K-9’s job to search high and low to find it. But exactly how the K-9’s tell their handler they found the drugs is the most interesting part of it all. 

“Each individual dog has a final response whether it’s a sit, a scratch, a lay down, and stare and you as your handler knows your dog well enough,” Corporal Lehman said. 

But what keeps these dogs motivated and doing their jobs is their rewards. 

“My reward system is a ball, so when she alerts a drug odor she receives a ball as her reward,” Corporal Lehman said. \

That’s why the K-9’s show up to work everyday on time and ready to play, and since these K-9’s actually get to live with their handlers so these dogs really understand the meaning of a man’s best friend. 

Source: http://www.nbcrightnow.com/story/39181224/2018/09/Wednesday/k-9-dog-training-program-continues-throughout-the-week-in-pendleton

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