Friday, 9 December 2022
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Upside for shore. But still concerned got to go out and prove it on a consistent basis and if for some reason opposing quarterbacks while they evaluate the scenario look at. Richard Sherman say you know what I’m still gonna pay respect until withers was gonna get tested early and often this season. So you have issues with either guy yet what are your bench who’s on the bench Jimmy war. Battling injuries. Has never met expectations. Last night gets toasted. Corner is going to be a big it’s not a concern maybe I’m crazy and maybe that’s what to talk about the lads I don’t I see it but right now. If I’m breaking down all the positions and as we etc. we won in Minnesota. I think Kirk cousins to be a nice little situation there at that front four can not generate a lot of pressure to help bail out the back in the defense. That’s why I think it’s really a two way conversation because the back into the defense didn’t get any help on that play Jimmy ward got toasted he looked back like Lowe said but. The front Ford didn’t generate much of a pass rush on that play or on net driving you start to look at these guys. In net front and you think where is the difference maker can come from. One thing I love when pop does the game is when he gets in his directing game mode Kelly a Mac team is ranking now a game. One player can completely destroy an offense if he gets in that zone where he’s on block double. I don’t think the niners have that guy so that puts even more pressure on an unproven secondary. To that point I mean up tried. You probably kaput as. To force about there being that guy right. And while a lot of people are excited about the progress but there may last season still a long way off from being a Khalil Mack a Von Miller a JJ watt type presence on the defense and did combined for one he Solomon Thomas last night or Wagner broke through in the Thomas came up and cleaned up after and sell. I’m not saying that they don’t have that capability but you don’t have the guy was really popped for me there are teams that are going into the season knowing exactly who that guy hits and their teams all over the NFL that have that. The niners unfortunately are not one of those teams the raiders will get into it a little bit here also lacking that because Colin a Mac is not into it. Porter and Mike and I going too far and my two concern too early about this well. We will witness from this looked like he can play you not concerned about how come you’re concerned about ward and he’s very concerned about award is because ward may have to step up and play early because it affect your any plan in Minnesota in hostile environment. And you’re from Ford and get there and we don’t know work Sherman’s at yet in his process we understand he’s got to tweak hamster. I think we’re a little premature I think it awards last. I he gamble. I mean that he just took a size office worker was like he laid up for the don’t think I got beat. He got beat he didn’t walled that he Wald the defend the receiver off. Heading to the boundary in if you watch the play go watch watched highlights he takes his eyes off his work which is the receiver. Any looks back at the quarterback. In what he does that the receiver keeps running he doesn’t think the quarterback has learned that Dex Dex is going to let go and hence the touchdown happened so. I think did you look at that played you could talk that it is just. Attention to detail stand with the play and I think those are things can be concerning because that is saying are you being a pro. Take your keep your eyes when you work so you do have to look at and say. Okay you could have done it you could play your technique you could’ve stayed with it you could they held it longer you could’ve you know not fell off at the end but he didn’t. So when you do that it makes me have some concerns about your ability. Not your goalie that plays but ability and attention to details we talked about it yesterday the day before what are you looking for. It’s not about winning and losses it’s about argue assignment ready. Are you technique pretty do you know your assignment induced don’t rent and other ones lane and do those things and right now some and at times some of the things that these young guys are dornin guys that are veteran guys and within in the league on this niner team. It’s not technique sound so coaches have to coach these guys up because right now a news flash if so does not play in our well. What’s got to play so he’s the number two you wanna see this guy they’ll replace step up and play better. This Malcolm Smith hamstring injury to you gotta keep an eye on that he’s got to get healthy you cannot go to Minnesota. Against Alvin cook and that offense down Rubin Foster and Malcolm Smith. But royal welcome step that we saw that last year he gives evidently you can’t be down two thirds the starting line backing unit. In Minnesota on the road. You of your home against Detroit who has had a hundred yard rusher since the Nixon administration there and short perhaps. Perhaps you can get by. But you’re gonna need all hands on deck in Minnesota. And that hamstring injury hopefully I think doesn’t linger. Right now I think you have to really be cautious with him the rest of the way throughout the pre season schedule knowing full well you’re going to be without rooted Foster for those first two games brought coil I think we’ll come in. And play well but after that then you start getting down in your third stringers on the depth chart and how might that affect. The way you compose your roster tune knowing that if Malcolm Smith is hurt if it lingers did that have to keep an extra linebacker knowing you don’t have proven Foster for the first two. I don’t even think it’s going to be that when you look at Minnesota what they’re going to be Joseph they’re gonna try to cut the defense anti that the defense you look at this defense you say okay or trim Mitchell and Smith. If you told me if you look at the other side Buckman Thomas Thompson Thomas rather than Foster those guys also won’t be there. So you don’t say what side in my government to Iman and arms at side and not run in the book and I’m not noticeably when Tom’s they’re big good run blocker so you understand who they are. So you cut the defense to make sure you senate tries to reach your tries to reach you know reach those guys from the book and try to double team there. And you say okay let’s let arms let’s see if this guys want to be able to hold up. Let’s start warning him you don’t have Smiths and Ali he’s got to come and play purity got a Mike linebacker stepped in so now you gonna say. I want to act this side of the field. I’m gonna try to hit it big to try to bring a safety down in the box to try to help decide to feel this this is the death cited defense special you know I haven’t room Foster guys diploma top slide two things there if you don’t have Smith as well. Now you’re gonna attack that’s what Minnesota’s gonna do they can do play action today outside they can you know I got holes and add defense is now on the safety gets busy it’s nosy down there that’s the type of defense if they’re gonna do it’s by scheme by design so you’ve got to make sure that you got some guys here in music coaching staff you gotta say okay. If I’m to defense coordinator on the offensive coordinator and I’m looking at that matters coaches have to evaluate their own team and take what I do if I was planning gets me. What cited as to what side of my deep it’s what I try to attack and try to explore in it would be that side with norm said Mitchell and Smith doesn’t leaned you know leave mine at the plate with Smith and her. Bosses out so I can go that way. That’s why I’m gonna try to attack to defense. Who ran the ball play action get behind their cupboards safety to start tart has to get down there are planned out and about and now we can get to get them guys are role covered so. I think those are gonna be some issues that Minnesota is gonna try to exploit on this thing against the man. Just like a lawyer you gotta percent pretend you’re on the other side of the court. And you’ve got to come up with all the arguments and all the attacks are gonna put on you have got to find a way to go down that rabbit hole and defend against all of them. All kind of talk we’ve done to the first two plus hours and show less than 5%. 5% has been dedicated to old Jim. We’ve barely talk about grapple it and OG whenever they know Jim last night. Well nine snaps it wasn’t that much really look gab but come the glorious they were a couple of nice third down conversions one he took a hit DO when he stepped up and found the open player. To slide over throws one that he got kind of bailed out on a pass that was behind the receiver. I thought it looks solid and again at this juncture early August you want guys to just stay up right. You wanna be able that look at how we did a less than look at how he feels afterward a I thought the run game didn’t help not at all in his brief stint Jack McKinney and had a rough night amid the run blocking Garrett Celek in and the tackle. Had a mix up on one literally runs three lost six yards so those things get ironed out but I thought old Jimmy looked pretty good. During it’s 634 yards nine plays thirty yard drive and he was out of there in school or like he said is still working through some things out of selects looking good wins way. I’m certainly get a feeling that the niners. Do you him at a much brighter light than most people outside the Bay Area they gave that contract last year. I think part of the reason they did that is because the evening this year is gonna be the explosion year and they don’t wanna be on the hook for that. Problem Goodwin got some on on Petit said tonight’s cats last night. So that was suddenly get excited about. Overall with a wide receiver unit came in concerning anybody. Know I. I ducked did you looking Jimmy G and in that series eighty head. I thought we threw the ball OK at the elected elected city missed out route to the left side of the field just to overthrow. I thought at times Cho even though he has poise in the pocket he can he has good awareness that he can movement sliding get outside the pocket to meet girls gone feel. A couple times he should just climbed up and simply stepped in the pocket. Any prematurely moved out to the right. And he took away some other receivers when you move out of your out of the pocket remove sort you’d take I have to go away the bad guys had exactly. And I saw him do that and I think he’ll get those things he understands that it’s at its early its first preceding game he got a little bit of the jitters and sit if you feel that pressure behind you a bit of stimulus little bit of the Jimmy GA’s air so. I think that’s awesome things that he can work on and I think he’ll watch the tape and say man I should step climbed up in his pocket and kept a lot of the windows open so I think Eagles sit atop Borg looks at certain things look at it drops look at his progression it’s a analog build on that. It’s only the first pre season game hell no one’s perfect. We will find out. Just how well Jimmy you played deck press got the rest of the team. And how the cowboys’ performance that the first drive. Yet you can’t figure it here tonight a senior watch that opening drive you think oh my god meant pray it’s the first pre season game but. It’s like someone make a play in the scramble for twelve yards for the first down on third nine. That’s a press cattle Judea now thankfully in your division outside of Russell Wilson you don’t have to worry about that too much and Russell Wilson’s offensive line straight busted but. I mean I am the cowboys had their way on that opening drive yeah. Also talked Drew Bledsoe about all that around 830 we get Dave Matthews Band two gets giveaway at 845. Michael Lombardi are our good friend on Twitter. Former general manager of the Oakland Raiders with Khalil Mac wanting more. Then twenty million dollars per year. Parentheses sources tell me he actually wants 22 million and parentheses. A deal with the trading team must happen first going to be costly on both ends trade and contract we’re gonna break that down next because Khalil mag is facing. Eight very significant number on this specific day. Although at a flash Jolo and did your boys here on any president in the game. It sure is growing tips continues. On 957. Big game. Perhaps some more organized our coming your way here on many types of the game perhaps not. So we discussed it seems pretty segment ended several what’s written in different directions five different direction to think internationally graduate. No ran a couple of errands and hearing are these bad. He’s back he’s looking good today. Drew Bledsoe the Super Bowl champion coming up in twelve minutes at 830 cam Inman. Will join us at 910. With the latest on all the injuries the niners are facing. All call ray series pitching coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates at 930. Based Barry Bonds five times in his career as a pitcher bonds never got a hit off. Battery. May be glad to cancel the ceremonies on Saturday. Forget about all that other greats if you got your race series OG. You’re you like YouTube and bargain at Columbia they’re tough people’s shall bear he’s highly Kia put them honest I didn’t. Yeah clearly had that one moment you’re. Parents are right the Oakland Raiders this is a story from Adam show after the raiders by the way three point favorites for tonight’s pre season debut. A colleague at the Detroit Lions. Quote overrated defense man Khalil Mac continues his hold out. And will not be in the team’s camp on Friday a source told ESPN’s Adam Chester. By not showing up to can’t Wear the raiders’ first pre season game on Friday. Against the Detroit Lions match will be fine 8141000. Dollars per the collective bargaining agreement. That is no small chunk of change no matter who you all are. As I like to appease those from Amazon that pretty much is chump change. Ashley is absolutely yes I say honey pan cook outs laundry money ran ashtrays and cars anymore for the department recently agreed to be changed but that’s for these honesty to the 800 K ’cause is gonna play out. And he’s not gonna show up today so he’s good on both the raiders are 8141000. Dollars now at some point when this all gets resolved the raiders say it’s okay you keep that cash. A British court after that. Status Demetrius and seeds I’m 5050 they could keep it in the raiders have been known to do I know would you retire you’re retired greater. There what are you guys are roundly you can ask anyone. Man they’ll tell you that the raiders are stickler you don’t want your last team you don’t wanna play for because you get your timing your duty he gets a meager. You’re severance do that lefty. And the raiders are one of the teams that won’t fight you tooth and nails a lot of guys don’t like it irate believe it enough so when you retire from the NFL matter what the team is that teams responsible for paying you watch it there they pay you like you you you have a severance that you have league so you get that that they don’t have to pay necessary to severance in the teens and then you delete does. But they have to make sure your medical your insurance sometimes you have this wages that they do hit the tees so the last team to cure all one. Onto the ears on the hook for Arizona hook for so but the raiders will fight they got to lauded in people now raiders ours as you know we’re not given any freebies that way so. Are they considered freebies to other teams around the league just go ahead and pay the majority of the teams do. And raiders are just it’s no tag you in trust me I call my guy like I’ve liked. Raiders of the blood bear the one I got to ask what’s the why behind why would you fight these guys to do now for a guy spent so for example. Would they have thought Charles Woodson on that. I know I don’t look I’m not saying you know yes or no but do they go after everyone at the end trying to prevent having to pay the full amount or does he just around the age it’s just known. Threw the football association. Do the players. And by association. At the raiders wanted to Epstein soon negotiate when you’re saying that this the last team you played four. In guys don’t like boundaries Estes and also I said that to say that. They’ll back I don’t know because I’ve what I hate what I know. It may be would elect we could give his back but you know what you decided to hold out we won’t. I think clearly Joseph right now though clue Max beings. Go back I think it they’ve given these actively being shopped no question I think that he’s really think that his I think it is representation. I think the raiders who say they go at it you can get some tablets that come back with your best offer and I think he’s out their dog. Why is because statements that you have from Munich when your coach to OJ look. We what good would this guy we need to get better any pier where I mean assets that we get with vehicle Alessio what happened. So when you when you say something like that to a dominant defender. Now beauty shots fired so now it I think did you look at Siegel his agent his lawyer and his reputation is Bobby Bobby have gotten permission. To go out and see if there’s if there’s some suitors because the raiders right now can’t pay him. He’s winning they don’t have the money they can tendering but I think now I think they’re trying to get that form and I think very I think Leo and his organs in his representation. Is actively try to get some teams. To see what is it first round and a second round because the raiders are going to lists and they are going to listen to to certain suit. Well you be a fool not me no matter who you are in any sport you listen every. I remember I didn’t either Bobby Evans O’Brien C meeting came on either a year to go like right at the trade deadline and we asked about whether or not any player was untouchable. There were like no now granted they don’t want to or plan on trading guys like Buster Posey but if someone were to call up and say. We’d love to give yeah. And it you know insert ridiculous package sheer treated just who pull it. Is bad business you should listen to everything. Everything that you never know how it’s gonna play out saying no. Doesn’t do you any favors it doesn’t put you and advantageous position it just walls off opportunity created many opportunities as possible so here. You’d be foolish not to listen but the question is how close is it actually gonna get. I still cannot wrap my head around the idea. That after. Fifteen years of poor Roche is first round picks you actually knocked it out of the park on one. And you’re not gonna be able to keep him around for second contract that just is so be funneling to me it raises the question what’s the point. What’s the point every year going out there. Every year going out they’re making tactics if you’re gonna have to suffer through the Michael Hart’s. And the jamarcus Russell’s in the Robert galleries when you finally knock wood out of the party should be rewarded for that. Part of this is the structure in the mechanisms at the NFL on the collective bargaining important placement. Just the very idea of one of the best defenders in the game not being around this team I care what you get in return. I don’t see how that’s gonna get people excited about this season. Originally this whole exit strategy out of the Bay Area to Vegas. Was about giving the fans a few last ditch things right it was about Marshawn Lynch is gonna join the team and we’re gonna do this and that. And it’s still it’s we’re gonna try to get (%expletive) title before we get out here that’s something. Losing Khalil Mac there are no amount of Marshawn Lynch is in the world you consigned to make up and. Alan I think maybe that’s a narrative that we in the media have put upon the raiders more than the raiders have said look this is how we wanna leave Oakland I don’t know if if outside of the Marshawn Lynch signing. They’ve done that much to say look Oakland these last couple years are gonna be about you. And you know war reluctantly going to Vegas but you understand that we need a stadium and they said yes and in Oakland said no. And they made other moves not on the football field you know maybe their play by play voice being removed might be another indication that. They’re not so sold out to give Oakland won last hurrah so. I think we should. Maybe pump the brakes on that narrative because it might be immediate creation. As it pertains to colonial Mac though the best player on your team a guy who’s a top five defensive player in the league. If you decide you don’t want a re sign him. Because yield the is that good that’s one thing benefits because of money you don’t have the money. To pay him or you don’t want to accommodate the money to pay him that’s a whole another bad sign for me it. Do you win the business if you can’t pack maybe like this big this is a business for the absolute. Still be a stretch like Paul Allen’s Seattle. The Seahawks are nothing to him. They’re not playing they’re just one of several ridiculous assets and Gil owns Paul Allen is actually a guy who for years has been in this. War with this Russian mobile oil billionaire to see who can have the world’s largest private dot. The second one of them releases one the next guy spends how many countless millions of dollars to build one a couple feet longer and then the other one builds a new one. But those are people operating on a completely different planet and it’s that’s what it takes out an NFL team. That’s what it takes. It’s your right Joseph but here’s a gentler. Mark doesn’t have that you Kazaa and Koppel is on a show to talk about it they don’t have that type of money. And they have to wait to the TV revenue money and that’s one at opposite I think to. Is maybe you’ve got to look at gruden grooves and RD got a lot of money invested in my quarterback I’m not gonna play a second player because I it will it will keep us and keep us hamster. So he’s looking at it. Not that we’ll can’t play any believed he thinks wheels a dominant player. But when your head coach says these certain things people didn’t see it all know that’s just part of deployed. Wait a minute. How can this be you gotta look at yourself and we’ll Mack’s position. Their cards signs he plays three years four years of his contract. What do they do they ripped it up they get take care. You are still the better player he’s looking at OK who’s the best player OK is it their cars a clue Mac okay give or take. The clue Mac’s not far behind him. They’re tough for any number Igor. A lot of people probably say the Mac would be the one player that’s probably the best of team. Give or take so if that’s the case. If you will and a duel for for car. And now you’re you’re in situation and you haven’t even had conversations since February. In there has been no contact your new head coach comes it there’s been no. Contact. How do you feel as a player when you’ve been all you ban is a constant pro. You’ve been the first one there you’re asking help run the defense you’re not a guy that’s getting in trouble you do all those things in UC carpet paint and now you’re sitting saint. Okay what about me and there’s nobody calling him their phones that ring and there’s not even an open dialogue so what does that tell the that is totally they’re not willing to budge good better and different it doesn’t mean the raiders a bad organization it means maybe they don’t have the money or it means may be just may be. I’m not gonna pay that much for a pass Muster even though is elite of the elite. Not gonna pay two players echoed many so that’s the way this organization lending business it doesn’t make combat is that what they wanted to. Enlisted that if it doesn’t work out of colonial mag goes on Minneapolis and has added seventeen sack season and it does make you bad because like Joseph says. You finally get on a draft pick and he got a few good years out of in the Feagles on to be a super mega star hall of Famer in another Jersey. And you had the opportunity to pay him that didn’t spend that is on. But it happens did you know it happened in you know Philadelphia about Reggie Reggie he went got the money that’s different Reggie playoff. Arnold colder and the greenback didn’t you play twelve years for Philly also if god gets way to go to Green Bay what do you do well. You agreement Maggio and gotten any Jolie got Mormon any regrets not according to Reggie went on the all time greats the minister of defense. Reggie went to Green Bay because god told Ann and Greg banks and other very different I don’t your god getting involved in the column accentuate enemies how about your board freak. You bonkers leaves Tennessee Beagle who normally. So it’s it happens we have seen dominant players. Leave organizations. As a team says you know what the threshold and I’m not born here. Another team might like it. Another teen says I don’t care I’m gonna pay for one man’s trash another man’s treasure. And for that time and time again they can’t make it work but again I didn’t bravery of Tony and as you can flip from the San Francisco. They’ve got the money. That’s a team right there that would probably like. OK we have all this cap space we haven’t need when he won terms draft picks this is Greg it’s interesting because some people try to make this case. About well the raiders we need to get to one’s three and four you’re not getting back. No one is going to pay this guy twenty million a year and give you multiple first round picks you’re gonna move him from may be one and a full war. At best because the other team that is it was a whistle I’m gonna give you my entire draft and may have twenty million year that’s the thing that’s gonna make it look bad because the return on investment. Most too little look at it like that they just look at it as would admit he’s got one and a four for Khalil Mac that would be confusing to people. But yeah. It was a back in it but very happy now to go to the phones Super Bowl champion four time pro bowler. Former quarterback of the patriots cowboys and bills the great Drew Bledsoe joining us here on 95. Seven the game drew as always good morning thank you for your time when we get to this time of year. Even though you’ve been away from the game for a little while he still kinda get that itch once training camps open in pre season games get under way. You know armor for the first euros it was really really strange you know due to additional restaurants to football often and not be played and it was really kind of crazy but it. They haven’t figured that a little bit of ultra this little or approaching Smart school football sort of complicates about school boards and and so vivid in the you know in the smaller it was political football or. That’s always fun to get out there and in give back to young people trying to play the sport from what I am watching a guy who didn’t play football I see Jimmy drop logo up there for. Nine snaps and really. Not have an opportunity to do much. What do I look for as far as. Grew not a silly grating the performance but just trying to see how he’s progressing early on campus. I don’t think that this started the year with Rick Hirsch starters are gonna play very much to commit to ought to give a very different though it’s. How things are going to do going to be a practice you know being diluted to such as a limited time and it gave me you know he wouldn’t elaborate much in the particularly with a guy that’s that’s because. You know as many years in the Jimmy does step to look at with the young guys. And you can learn something they’re gonna play a little bit more Federal Reserve quarterbacks that are in the league. But you can’t look at the stat line and try to Kabul it was something there because stats in the pre season. Barbara. Basically meaningless here deepened some sort that are game planning and up pressuring their. Played basic coverages you can do completions to when those are bigger. But what you wanna look for with with young guys will look for timing and accuracy. Leo revert you know Russell Wilson when he. Was in the pre season his rookie year. Remember watching him and his stats were whatever they were but but I look better than the ball a little out of a certain content quickly. And it was hitting receivers right right didn’t you know display in the states and and public about a little disconnected by people that this special. At when he we need an about Jimmy Jean not able to play exits of time in the pre season and teams alluded to expense in the early hurricanes. Some of the things that coaches continue to simulate the type it’s funny because Minnesota smell right around the corner of Minnesota we understand would simmer. That from fourteen get after a great defense what are some of the things that they can do to get them ready for for that Minnesota and even though you know and and I gonna play extensive increasing. You know I think it’s just it’s just repetition to get to the ball out of his out of despair and if it should be just. Against the Euro against the bike was then come within. By the way Tim Simpson old firm regulatory in my defense of coordinator Paul with architect. So big Mike Zimmer fair. But. Yeah you’re right into the south to continue. To put you put some sort don’t give up all our quickly. And Jimmy seems to be ago attitude that’s a court decision maker is accurate. But here it is continue to get reps against against it was going to be an effort situation. Drew Bledsoe joining us here on 9570. Games of the Oakland Raiders it’s all about the return of John gruden. Can this team get back to prominence how will they handle the Khalil Mac situation. You know with gritty and coming back to the game you’ve probably had plenty of time to think about the questions so many of last. Has the game passed him by how hard is it going to be to jump back in what do you think is gonna be the key for him as he gets set to make his return and a few weeks. You know that it’s interesting piece of us with with him up in the Booth for all those years. In I think the opposite could be could be the case in terms of the game passing him by you know instead of just being focused on one team. For all the years he’s been able to travel to everybody in the league is doing. Get behind the scenes and see who’s being renovated she used to a new stuff. You know so I think you’re convicted Vick could be a real advantage for a you know go port confusing not just a few teams. But he seemed ultimate. You know that. At lake. But you know they’ve they’ve they’ve got to the got to really go over to another big struggle but you’re so. You know I’d be surprised that he you know in one year all of a sudden step up and become real contender. But you never know every gruden did prove successful. Before beer and you know it wouldn’t surprise me if there are pretty relevant you know the next couple of these. How much can Jon Gruden help Derek Karr and the idea that he has a ten year contract gruden does and how dare Scott the long term deal. Will working with just one guy over a prolonged period of time the huge benefit to Derek. But I sure would like to try to hit the spot and put forth in years Betty coordinators. You know civil. But yet I can be huge benefit the community that the lord is direct a big group news. Did the right guys in the image and it. You know and I really releasing dirt cars especially individuals involved you know with Google lost usually accurate. So I you know I think I could be really super positive thing for their car go forward. Not just ago but really good offensive mind. That’s going to be with the long term. In. There were in pollutes there’s a couple of those moves they coordinators. Good excellent report with. Really didn’t even have to think about what play was coming to actually knew oppose connects to your thinking on the same thing completely. And it was applicable. Enjoy the young quarterbacks may feel that guys that are out there you can even throw. Noticed Tom Watson Iranian narron. As some of these guys that just came out this Josh out. Wait which guy has shown you more or do you think it has potential to really be a game changing type of quarterback can say well like with this kid has he has the potential be special. You know I’ll go to do what you do if you and you know our reasons are pretty do you think that the bigger made billboard. In that you might beat you might be regard you know but I think you watch him in college. Theaters reasonably accurate passer you know do you think it’s going to be addressing in a bucket or did vote you know the period to draft a quarterback. You know with the first overall pick in yet to be much size 6465. But civilian agency Russell Wilson sort of broken that mold that it. It okay to gratitude is to believe in ago that the that doesn’t have to be 64 devoted to do but I think Victor might be pretty special. Would be really introducing the symbol of those to do with the jets. You know the judge historically you’ve just been an awful footage for quarterback. But I really like him totaled game. In a political. And in the situation are most intrigued watches yours is Patrick Holmes and in the in Kansas City. You Kansas City. You know traded away there. Their guardian of the turn to Alex Smith who is a proven successful quarterback in the league. And they’re expecting to win now you know this is not a building project here at the city’s so earlier threatens to. The world can consistent and so that London and win right away because that’s what their expectations. Drew Bledsoe with a us here on 957 game. We have this debate every year when it comes to highly drafted rookie quarterbacks do you start them from day one or do you give them some time to learn to get used to the playbook an easy man to the hot tub so to speak whether B baker may fielder seemed Arnold oh what would tamper you and do you think thrown to the wolves and let it be a trial by a fire sort of situation or do you wanna develop the quarterbacking give them some time. In it’s dispute purely depends on the guy. You know if terrific aren’t ready to play any shows that in practice and chose that the preceding. You know bit the Newport. You know the ability argument against the American have a guided that was clearly your best your best option a quarterback. It’s your team’s really awful and you know you can’t protect him you know been together so. Two for the worst thing you do young quarterback to throw out there with and you know it is. Had ripped off in the neck and that can be the other can be done little more forward. But you know I’ve always been in the carefully look at the guy gives you the best chance to win the point. If he doesn’t that you that you of the new atom is littler for a little while I’ve played right away. You know enjoy it and then well over incident Jordan. It’s a good argument at this properly or. But I wouldn’t have had it been the other way in so the neglect what’s in the field where I would be open field were so quick. But. The united juices do really truly depend on the got some guys are ready to go run away some guys it’s time to learn. Couple of quarterbacks and I’m interested to see it in certain circumstances this year Kirk cousins and Russell Wilson Russell because as offensive line is not going to be as good and. He has decreased weaponry in and Kirk cousins and a new environmental with a better team than he had last year how much should these quarterbacks the affected in judged by their personnel this year. Yeah I you know Russell are. I really hope that they put the put together as a group in front of them to as. Is there to protect him a little bit you know it is so special what you can do. Outside the pocket. But it yet to create something you know outside the off and on. You know. Such a high percentage of the players likened to return to put stress on them to construct from there are off and so hopefully they couldn’t put a put together with these group put Russell in particular little bit determined and incumbents. You know with the bikes. You know that the vikings are so darn good defense. He’s got some really good weapons you know if he comes and he doesn’t have to be doesn’t have to be you know world beater. Is to win football games for the for the vikings in the commitment just yet accurate. You know manage the opportunity really candid that in that situation he can be a game manager. And then with a lot of organs because can be together comes in principle. Drew we always love talking football with people we gotta talk a little hoops because you’re in the news. During the NBA playoffs. Odd the little battle between Terry Rosie here in Boston and Eric Bledsoe in Milwaukee during that series early in the playoffs. There’s this great. Can fourth. But part of rosy years trash talk to Bledsoe or back and forth was calling him. Drew Bledsoe grabbed and Eric Bledsoe take us through some of that because at the end you read to gain you guys are exchanging jerseys and everything. Now than it was so and so and so funny you float things that only happened now you look at that happened fifteen years ago about social media so. Several well the social media deals is positive but the it was so I think it was you know. I think it was initially kind of an honest mistake I got a little background monetary rosier been talking with some of his buddies and they were they were talking about. You know part of what Drew Bledsoe emergency and then and I think at that point I’m ruptured Terry you’ve really knew who was written you know. But they were talking about it and so then that kind of got stuck his head when he went to be the next I think it was an honest mistake by him the caller. So they’re they’re split so essentially true blood so. Obviously Eric it’s aired them like they’re very much. And fired back gathered in the that would turns back and forth thing in the the owner of the Celtics were broad spectrum is that different. The guy reached out to me today we we’re going into this with a view. Clinching game of the series and one of film something for the for the you know for the arena which you do that sort of ruled due to the arena in the battle blew up in the but it become about credentials improve upon that I. I enjoyed it that they have been a fun note that the military review of what it really good about you know me. If you would run that well in the not play well the story the but what we elected you put it will. I do is awesome it’s either you look good hey I don’t want you listen to it may be cut from gruden. And then as a player what kind of what you take me what you think how Cleo Matt take this thing really. Very good last year on defense with oil and we didn’t have an interception I think all year Arnold we intercepted a pass until week fourteen. We’ve got to get a better pass rush we’ve got to play better defense period. And we hope Khalil gets in here but in a time Dan we have playing guys that need work. You know aren’t you know whatever with went and withdrew from minute to conceal what they’re doing a book about it from watching him as a coach and we’ll watch the news in the Booth and he’s going to be honest with Hollywood depicts. The prepare and you know obviously over the controversial like Mike Barack you know. It is bizarre to me guys like that seems to be habitable that you’re going to be can be ability adrenaline but. The third record turn over at a hardware and you know what you want sir you’re good you’re on the Villanova a couple of teams have been called in terms of dancing like every time we took the ball over that we had to go eighty yards to score we’d rather short field. In the complexity of the over the which you have to do it makes you wouldn’t really talk to score a lot of points. Super Bowl champ four time pro bowler former quarterback of the patriots cowboys and bills Drew Bledsoe with us here. I’m Manny I’ve said in the game drew it’s always a pleasure thank you for your time to look to your cougars this season as well. The other record very early in the big. They lost a lot mentally lost a lot of people to players Oscar Cordoba are clustered you have to coordinate and so. It could be very good could be a tough road for the sure that. But you know. Bleed crimson Salma BOB troop formal way. Rude Fresno state that’s all he did. Act act act. Love with bags don’t take Garrett because my older go to bearable level but Ford target begins in cedar. What was the famous story out Fresno watching to see you guys like Tony Tony college in a really good game right really big time were both fourteen and hit them where both ranked in the top. Poignant thing in the country in England wired wired drew hit a fade route in and game winning. It is we it was we got after this is a game was an up and Coleman or was it down here without I would out of Fresno. They took us and president and the burden heading Eisenberg we went Attica with Helen McCain. Bledsoe threw two touchdown passes in the final 339. I’m to lead includes over the bulldogs 3937. Because we know we quit we took the lead with two minutes three minutes left we had a bomb on them it was back and forth. I’m garner yeah yeah Guilford a Malcolm Seaver and 54 yarder. But so it for three Tony three. Fresno state relayed field goal but it was too much from drew get to the gather real stats aren’t this is just an AP article I’m just gaining further. All of this is the classic cat fast approach rather than you know who knows well that the bullets then I. I argued that I think the numbers Ron rivers numbers you’re on the show we talk about you this that classes are they show it believable Google poll Ian yet yeah ridicule. Coming up. Unbelievable Google you’ll hold you go to college football reference dot com you finding team to get the box war and it’s it’s really very basic. I could train a monkey and not even the one of the Smart monkeys when the idiots cigarette smoking monkeys to do list. So what you typed Google something and you got 13 of the box or to the congratulations. That. Good god apology except. And you’re welcome and yeah I’m not seeing low in the game stores I’m not imagining he went twelve carries for about 88 to play and I didn’t. Yes it was it was barely a scratch yet we just aired it out it was this agreement. Beginning meant to the fullback position. It. But maybe you’re one game if you have a deal ground and pound try to control the clock a little bit keep the ball out of Bledsoe is hands I went on to have a pretty nice career. It’s up blame game. Landings they’re trying to you know shoot out Drew Bledsoe is in the state. The lakers thinking we’re gonna change again was it a little lower body didn’t get everything honestly you find those numbers. Bring it up we’re gonna really get into it out of our area to think it’s giveaway Dave Matthews Band Saturday September 8 shoreline. Tickets on sale now live nation dot com that’s live nation dot com. Personally callers triple 89579. Of I seventy courtesy your boys Jolo and did you welcome enjoy the show. Triple 89579570. Firstly callers windy Dave Matthews Band tickets that guy’s worth. And I actually have the number and try to meet it is in insane amount of cash they met these these mean so all much money in his career a blow you away. Amazon and I know he’s were 26 and you know it’s like. More or less than Judge Judy. Well that’s per I don’t know what she’s worth I just know she makes per year I know that didn’t always follow her or innings forty I think that’s a threat and dollar worth that’s our annual salary and yes Dave Matthews 300 million. Yeah 300 million dollars for Dave Matthews seemed crash into me every three nights when during the summer and a half now the last four years. Judge Judy’s been around sheets and years and she do you. 78 years she’s got that she’s gangster angst she made a while but we say 35 north familiarity seven million point seven million stats gangster her bailiff apparently gets a million. That’s an iced tea because you know regularly at its TV I don’t know what he’s doing and Americans always order in the court you know the TV show. You blog and it says applause lines keep quiet. Because they’ll make a million bucks you met the mayor of a few weeks ago million bucks. Yeah yeah. Yeah we’re what’s the contacts so we’re here in Oakland okay program worked with little by case. Again mandated trying to the bettered himself has been. Incarcerated or had struggled with the loss of he flew in and we had been together. With the mayor Lee reached Libby was there as well we’ve just big create a better committees I was on the port on the panel. In CNET so good for you that so that’s what it was about one of the rare moments where there won’t be a joke to follow that up that’s as good community service and you could and it’ll be a big robust round of applause please please dips as you continue to search for an article that’s just readily available its fingertips and actually there is gonna. Did joke is not about expense. It’s a bad. Yeah I’m actually searching for a new job opportunities we’ve. I kind and indeed dot com thank you are there any radio stations left you lose them there global market but I. It was most. Lot near Boise called Eli always. Ahmad on illegal backpack and I nice open I didn’t. In a small studio by myself we bullets and apartments in Boise I don’t mean oh Drew Brees and Ned. It goes so well in those now on the web the Ed beat the couple’s first. Easy bubble burst I’m Steve Langford. It does you remember when he did update five months ago but anyway what happened you guys got in over your head the. You know worst these guys that it went with these this guy as a clown and he took us it was a situation where we bottom and we’re going to convert. And convert them into. Condos and markets are ticked deterrence was OK look this is hold to an apartment in people the guy who we’re in who put the most money and decide cell pings on the dollars he got his money. And now what it is kept. Two more years later just ran him out perfectly will remain free and over 700 at peace and it’s you know on when stimulus some yeah right tailor them off yeah. But it stopped at a major reason you don’t think Coach Sutter. I am familiar with what drew makes an unfamiliar with. William it. And you both are quite successful and I think that’s at the end of the day we look at immunity should feel good they put a lot of hard work and and you were rewarded and you Smart about it every day you wake up and you coming here and you just try to produce great radio. I’m starting with the Mandela and on yeah. Us the last. Its demise so I mean again I’m not apply for a really nice and men and don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t yet know. And that’s he’s about. So our job and I’m going nuts when I’m not why would you why would you poke the bear ’cause that. Used to do no sense of why should unite this new. I mean just think about that first hit why you know why is so aggressive always being nice let’s let’s bring it up and lets you set them off. They do it gives gives a look at us game and you know enough mr. Google over here I’m actually I’d. Didn’t succeed tax related than I want to Cincinnati coach have been attacked for the last time there I’m not a word. On the get me tuna sandwich and see how that plays from OK your gross stuff like nails on it as well works around there. Can either for the fiftieth of Michigan it out yet. Pudge shouted down just work and then now treated like any other day quite frankly need to do work and then you’re just gonna go home I go to dinner with the family I guess that’s. You wake up the next day and it’s just another day in Allentown down to 51 pretty much ate the more you realize as you go through things. He started what unit had this big plan. You throw some big party with a much people who don’t really give a crap by you anyway. Saddam out five grand and I had to do all these dishes and clean up. With a budget Gibran he’s coming over again house at my house who don’t really care about me or what have gone on so it’s passcodes. Well. There’s a lot better to having we know too soon I’m not painfully it’s you know painfully accurate when you think about it that sounds a bit. I felt as if I was saying that. You’re saying it. It’s an idol I’m surrounded and I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by people who love me you welcome friends and family and you know my coworkers is well. But he you know he start to think about a case all on by Iran from the station and I’ll invite all my golfing buddies and I’ll invite. My high school friend my college friends and. For rules for what. You know ultimately if you asking me for my birthday we’re gonna do from my birthday ought to be left how low tide at badger day. If I really wanted to do some big I would be working that day itself but I’m coming in because all I enjoyed the show. August 15 day after the golf terrific we have some laughs and then after that. Wednesday is another one. Think it and it’s that’s a perspective on an. And Billy dark perspective now but I get that you might think you start trusting in new Willis talking to the life and just my family about just my will different things that I want. You talk about your birthday tomorrow would death he get old peace agreement to. I don’t wanna I don’t I’m not gonna have a cast. I don’t want anyone to look at me when I’m get why people do that right now I want I want to people to come and celebrate talk about life. I don’t wanna him to look though had he looked he looked at oh do you see him all they did did you you know what he’d open up the gasoline only catch just one on the throwing in the ground. And I don’t care mean what you say you don’t want an hour wind casket I don’t I don’t know that I don’t mean with the casket in the building. Do you wanna be you want to be very I don’t know I would be very tasty when he buried but you don’t wanna be apart the party parties everyone else or put me in the ground and you guys have almost to me. Risks are great in my life do you think you need to do it and look at the fall kind. I don’t know why it’s so bloody. That’s how. Above them all and can become a that day don’t disintegrate better than they see Dell be tested other. But what do I heard in what. Saying you know don’t get bloated bloating you face the look like Sammy Sosa and Harbaugh all the all the man. Everything you read the same things I just you know what I’m don’t throw me in the trash I don’t need it anymore. I don’t need to spend money away don’t drive started dumpster out back to understand about your religion and what you. Okay yeah hopefully in the American and I the only process of ma if limit. A quite a high opinion of yourself think Edwards did show up and say this site. That’s how all he’s related to the conference at least some Cunningham. And you talk about da didn’t trade eighty Latin had a true. We commend the deputy to connect casket right athletes don’t like people talking and had so. Many people take impeach. Hole. You don’t use thing. Like forty years now whenever you go. Katie still with the warriors and the day after he dies Katie leaves the warriors besides the liquor yeah just like both Oklahoma problem. Really enjoyed this. Could tell in the whole world he was right he said every 62 years. Finally was right back though. Man that wanted to do crazy conversation right now you’re a Disney. I’m not name is you can’t hide and go and when I have if I have a funeral I want to be dislike him you know you can’t analyze I. I want people Rory how have you rose is smaller for I. Iron did you ever watch judge yet they Garry Shandling bang the specialized equipment so I’m HBO it ends with Gary’s wait. And all that pain is comedians he’s friends with got up and they banned material jut a house up there grade Kevin kneel limit and they all we’re just kind of doing bits at. At Gary’s expense as they paid tribute to him on the way out it’s very sad but it’s like it’s it’s a Larry has some of the stuff they say would you Kevin Neale had this one joke reside. I really saw this neighbor to Karzai I I think from there we know we should know that this is going to be try and I. There’s so much good material. Nobody got what do you want to you wanted you want the Biden I want everyone fallen down and cry and I want everyone to just one of big ass so just asked people get their cars are crashed into each other in the live but even just a mess so I am very dramatic you do want to buy there. I want parade down market. A pop up as an opening casket just hold me up in the air like up Nokia neck and disk so. Ticket then that’s I came in the world Tom gone out naked in naked out with a good book says dragon baby. Enjoy the greatness that’s unit into the greatness and realize you know what. Timid out again now. Burma and there you rise again. Is very much I’m not planning on rising again I’m planning on an ending and I do I gotta be that now I plan continued are you just keep coming back I believe so. My beliefs but he did Dark Knight now you’re gonna rise us and I mean it and it did Italy. Wow. That’s all I can really say about that I thought the last hour got sloppy and then. Did scrapped on birthdays crap on funerals and that we laid out our morbid plans for the end of our lives and just like below are ready. I think if you know this is a great point oh grade point dot com it would cost exam that only I had actually said that an hour ago and taken my own advice. Which I did and then I also Dennett. Wouldn’t be in this mess do coat. Tonight birthday. At the hope Michaels I really just you know you don’t you push a button on.


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