Thursday, 18 August 2022
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Jerod Mayo’s dog trainer says she did not kill his bulldog

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The trainer who had the remain of former Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo‘s dog in her home is now breaking her silence.¬†

Amelia Ferreira, who is currently being charged with¬†one count of obstruction for “concealing¬†evidence relevant to¬†this investigation,”¬†told The Sun Chronicle in a six page statement that she acted “like a coward” in concealing the death of Knox, Mayo’s young English Bulldog, but was not responsible for his death.¬†¬†

Knox originally went missing in late June and his remains were later found on August 6 in a trash bag in the closet of¬†Ferreira’s Cranston, RI home.¬†

Originally,¬†Ferreira was said to be walking¬†Knox¬†and another dog¬†near Joe’s Rock conservation area at around 8:00 p.m in late June. When the trainer was tending to the other dog, Knox is alleged to have vanished. That story then took puzzling turns as Knox’s collar was found in “pristine condition” not too far away from where he was said to be last seen.¬†

Mayo and the local authorities then spent the next two months on a hunt to find Knox. Eventually, Knox’s remains were found in¬†Ferreira’s home and the true story¬†came to light.¬†

Ferreira has now allegedly told authorities that she went out to train another dog and left Knox in a crate in a room with air conditioning. She later found him dead after returning to the home about four hours later. 

“I sat there on the floor holding Knox in my lap, crying for what seemed like hours. I was scared to death and had no clue what to do,”¬†Ferreira’s statement read, via The Sun Chronicle.

“I don’t know why Knox died and it eats at me every day that his family is still left not knowing what caused his death. I didn’t make the right decisions but what I am 100 percent sure of is that I absolutely did not hurt Knox nor did I do anything to him that caused his death.”¬†

While Knox was eventually found in¬†Ferreira’s closet, the bulldog’s remains were initially placed in a bag and in a box that was kept behind her shed, according to police.¬†Ferreira was then going to later bring the remains back into the house and cast blame on her husband.¬†Darrel Ferreria was arrested on July 9 for domestic assault and during that arrest five dogs were seized for being in poor health. In that time of¬†Darrel Ferreria’s arrest, police say that the closet where Knox was eventually found was checked. Per the Sun Chronicle,¬†Ferreria does face charges of cruelty to animals with his own dogs.¬†

Darrel and Amelia Ferreria are married and live under the same roof, but are said to have separate living quarters. 

Following the revelation of how Knox actually passed away, Mayo took to his Instagram and¬†chastised¬†Ferreira for the “disgusting and inhumane” behavior that transpired.¬†

Amelia Ferreria is said to be arraigned next month. 


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