Saturday, 4 February 2023
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Jerod Mayo’s dog found dead after mysterious disappearance

More than a month after the dog of a former New England Patriots player went missing under mysterious circumstances, the dog’s body has been found.

The Rhode Island SPCA said the body of Knox, a 5-year-old English bulldog owned by Jerod Mayo and his family, was found at the home of the dog’s trainer.


The dog’s body was found in a home in Cranston, and died while in the custody of the trainer, Ameila Ferreira, the RISPCA said.

Ferreira is being charged with one count of obstruction for concealing evidence relevant to the investigation.

Officials said Ferreira knew the whereabouts of Knox’s body for several weeks and intentionally concealed the body from authorities.

The cause of the dog’s death is not immediately known, and additional charges may be added depending on the results of a necropsy, the RISPCA said.

The Wrentham Police Department said last month that the disappearance of Knox had “strange twists” and was unlike other missing pet reports.

“Generally, we don’t post about lost animals, but this story has a strange twist that suggests there may be more to the story,” police said in a Facebook post.

Police said Ferreira, who had been walking Knox and another dog in a conservation area in Wrentham, reported that the bulldog vanished while he was attending to the other dog.

Police cast doubt on the claim that the dog had run off and vanished quickly on its own, noting English bulldogs have short legs and are known to be poor runners.

Police also noted that Knox’s electronic collar was found nearby, but the special collar, used specifically for training dogs, did not have any marks of blood, fur or signs of being removed forcibly or torn off, police said.

Mayo’s family took to social media urging the safe return of the dog after its disappearance.

“Our main concern is expediting his return so our family can have our dog back with us,” he said.



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