Sunday, 25 September 2022
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Jenny’s new business promotes healthy and happy pets

FUR babies of the Mapleton area are in for a treat with the arrival of a new stallholder at today’s (July 28) Mapleton Flea Markets.

Jenny Herdman has a background in science and has worked in the Queensland Ambulance Service for more than a decade. But recently she made a job tree change that combines her knowledge base with her love of four-legged friends.

Aside from her Bachelor of Applied Science, Jenny has undertaken training in Bowen therapy for dogs and cats, also called cat and canine muscle release therapy (CCmrt), and she offers the treatment modality for local pet owners with concerns for the wellbeing of their furry friends.

A holistic therapy that targets the sympathetic and central nervous systems, CCmrt works on cats and dogs to bring the whole body back into a natural state of balance and homeostasis.

“CCmrt can help with a whole host of conditions,” Jenny said.

“It can assist in the treatment of tendon or ligament problems, arthritis, uneven muscle development, muscle wastage, intermittent or unresolved lameness, roach or sore back, lymphatic or lactic acid imbalances and many other issues.”

Jenny also has a keen interest in dog nutrition, and is holding a stall at the Mapleton Flea Market to inform the public of her practice as well as selling her new range of handmade, grain-free, nutritious dog biscuits and treats.

“A healthy diet is vital for your pet,” Jenny said.

“So many pet foods on the market today are not healthy or safe for our pets.

“I am excited to be able to offer this safe and nutritious alternative range of treats that you can incorporate into your pet’s daily diet.”

She uses her own homegrown produce, as well as local and organic ingredients where available to create her range of Jenny’s Nutritious Dog Treats.

“I use safe herbs and spices in my biscuits, as well as organic buckwheat and coconut flour, to make them grain-free, which is far kinder to dog’s tummies,” Jenny said.

“I focus on high-nutrition ingredients that help target different health issues as well: for example, buckwheat and turmeric dog biscuits, super green buckwheat dog biscuits and coconut and cinnamon dog biscuits.

“Coconut treats are like a dog-friendly chocolate.”

The Mapleton Flea Market is from 8am-noon at the Mapleton Hall in Obi Obi Rd, with off-street parking and a range of market fare, refreshments and entertainment on offer.

To contact Jenny, call 0438102904.

To find out more about the Mapleton Flea Markets, contact Paula on 0419 726 603.


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