Saturday, 4 December 2021
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Jax is a male lab/hound mix, about 4 years old. He is a bundle of energy and love with a big “smile” and non-stop wagging tail.¬†He was named¬†“Jax” because he loves jumping on his dog house and running around the play yard. He would love a fenced in yard in which to run and play to his heart’s content and may even love agility training. He is a little shy and nervous at first, and therefore no toddlers is recommended¬†as they may move too quickly for him. Jax has lost some fur due to fleas, but since he has been in the shelter,¬†he has had¬†several medicated flea baths, put Frontline on him, put him on meds and he is already feeling and looking so much better. He loves the water – not only the kiddie pool, but also getting baths. Jax would be a great companion for an active person/family who would include him in lots of activities and play time. He does not seem to be too fond of many of the other dogs at the shelter, and therefore, may be happiest as the only pet. He seems to feel more comfortable with dogs who are quiet and mellow. Please call the Taunton Shelter at 508-822-1463 or e-mail The website is


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