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Hello Judy Miller who threw a party or three little pigs is just what you need these you’ll dig yeah. And FM ESPN. Sorry get a chance for a thousand bucks right now or text the word it’s delivered DEL I VER text deliver it to 728813. Chance to win a 1000 bucks again 11 o’clock keyword is deliver text. Delivered DEL I ST ER 272881. Street chance to win a grand I’ll have another chance come and update nude for right now I get plenty of time detects the word delivered DEL I VER to 728813. Chance to win a thousand bucks good luck. In Memphis is full station. Life and locally but know we really cool things too real. You’re real quick and well I mean getting myself and. Listen I hit it tells them you. Oh yeah. Right the roller Jason and Jon 989 FN DSP and Freddie. It is Friday if you can’t through. July 27. I’m about as excited because it feels like of all worlds watts in Los Vegas right now for the devise their Johns added they’re after the show today I’ll be there next week. Mike Connelly is bears little Iran’s bare. Lot going on around base locked out about nowadays including John grew. About this about us blow these TV who stated that school though a lot of I got that name right right yeah because somebody called The Who called them bluff city legend I heard it or lose we don’t be dumb do dodges didn’t talk if can be prone zone. Then food city basketball club is yeah. They adds a I still call things anything can he busted on argued so many transitions of there are you’re exactly right I right stay current the the basketball world is is that Las Vegas right now. I will make my way over there after the show’s Jason said. You me and I was happy. It GP go hang out pressure up bottles. Me and set gonna hang out as well. Cut so it says that he’s a college coach now on once you hang around with James wise men and trend watcher Matthew hurt that’s who I want came out I will work. Well love well that we see hopefully. All of those guys played this weekend as well here’s what we got on the show today. And it’s 1140. We are going to hopefully pain. Hopefully be joined by Ernie Khyber Ernie Khyber of course is the president and the coach of proof city basketball club. And they got trophy last night they beat who. Matthew thirteen view him as a which has a lot of players on him by the way can I only got Tyrell because Davis Tyrell Taylor wanna say who’s. Who’s committed to a power five squad but it’s it’s escaping me right now the got a kid I believe it’s one of Wisconsin mayor Matthew heard what they got players on that team. And on yeah and in our new driver got the win now let me tell you this. I got a text message birdie driver. At 4:30 this morning or authority that’s too Fareed Vegas correct. So he clearly was enjoying oh I know though. You know how does he now why you say we may be governor Ernie sharper you have imported you know how Dicey gets when we talk starve our friends from Vegas oval one time away agree with that. We go rod Strickland. That was that was a home run. He was and he was in Vegas for the summer and of working out. But Sam watts and that that was boxing promoter that was so we’re I think we’re baton 500. That is pretty good or bad father wanted on our Vegas gas. So we’ll see of we’ll see regularity on the on. That’s eleven. Forty thought about the the win and and and the performance of turn to watch purge him he was ready available for just Jesse what you’re exactly right now you’re paired they’re responsible exact unlike you you’re exactly right. So we’ll talk to him at eleven. Forty at 1225. We’re gonna talk to Michael coat. Michael coats of former Arkansas around like bashful. He transfer to Alabama State to play for his dad had that last year I played high school football Cordoba yet. And is out of wires he wrote back yeah yeah and and now he’s doing. The real world thing now he’s in night actually worked for for our company. Erica I did not know that until I reached out on promise you that that was our inner comes. Don’t know Michael go the got a seven years the NFL and it started Cordoba hotly said he is NFL want a Super Bowl as a member of the New York Giants exactly so Barry very accomplished guy with our 46 at twelve. 25. At 145 we’re gonna talk — some over under some tuna because some sports gambling. With duck is Syrian. Is that once revive the course as an ESPN anchor as an ounce up he’s going to be doing some tests themselves full time sports gambling beginning this fall for it seems like they’re like. He’s doing more and more of that Al does that mean I did involve them in that and they showed in its that’s what people care about most people are looking Ramones were most of last remote code as showplace does that does that does that look like most people put him in that world makes makes sense that. Source shifting to that holds up exactly so he will join us. At its at 120. Fives that the show today got a lot going on a lot to get to. But let’s start with sort of the good in the bad from Memphis basketball in Las Vegas. I think that’s a good place to start well let’s because we like to be positive on the show the focus on the positives that sort of positive positive. Is that hoop city basketball club led by Eric harper. Intranet Watford in Tyrone Lewis know James Wiseman last night I’m not sure. I’m not sure what the status of James Wiseman is eye injury you had no idea I don’t think I’m going to be seen James lives in this week I think he’s gone. Maybe I’m wrong I don’t know but he hasn’t been any team pictures. If you he wasn’t there at the gym last night. Like I think he’s done. That would be my guess. Causes he was injured in Ambien played a couple couple days. So I mean it is the end of summer this is sort of when guys start to shut it down he’s the number one clinic on a very like what what’s he claimed. In an area like there’s an end there’s nothing. Is this is a big deal for our you get James Weizman to go to Vegas in the first place or to our LA it as it wears LA and it was days. So I want this ended Elvis without wise correctly backyard when you’re a Minnesota team and they want to have I don’t know what — called summer showcase maybe. And they had a trophy. There and they’re bringing back the trophy chase piano while we got to evidence that you know we did this for we did this would think that nor heard last year when they won the other 48 exactly right so we gotta get out B I get variants in studio that’s the good when you rail national I was gonna come through yeah I agree and it’s just it’s just the way it goes. So that’s the good news. The the bad from Vegas. Is a report from Brian when ports. And all Nazi where I didn’t mean I guess it’s more of a nugget that it is unknown if I were your own more of a nugget and it is maybe report. But team USA is also having their camp in Vegas I always do. And this is what Brian went Horst. Sweet Paula George looked great two months off knee surgery did full contact. Mike Conley. Was not. Doing full contact. James Hartman gotten. James Harden looks in great shape and motivated following game seven loss. Carrier be clear I can hear you anymore and one on one work. The rest of it doesn’t matter when you back it up and read me what it said about Mike wins out it up I don’t care about James Harden. Mike Conley. Was or not. Doing full contact. Let him because that well this is getting by this is. A year about it quite a year after he was shut down. Last last season. And. I I usually I would want him playing now what do that we may be not as bad as we don’t you know you just talked about were like you know like to be. And glass half full guy. So I saw look at this one button. Don’t necessarily mean. All right this guy’s ms. Big part of the season is oh here we old and you know I mean like they could be being super cautious side get all that all right that would Mike we don’t want you donating out their concert if you don’t mind. As we just want to make sure we’ve got for the start of the season. Out so it may not be. As bad as we thank. That’s there I don’t see any way you look at and say it’s positive news right what do you would ideally he would be part he would be RD cleared for contact you be feeling fine he’d be ready go. Right now right now I will say it’s not unexpected. Of the grizzlies. The did not expect him to be in Vegas participating in book I think because my colleague told Grande city media. And Mike Wallace this exactly I won’t be doing much will context up the sparse and it is but I know I’ll be able to do. A lot of the non contact stuff like I’ve been doing the past few weeks. And it does sort of you know bring it home how serious. Achilles injuries are. You know yet I tell you I would of assumed. That you showdown for the whole season. He’s ready to go by now. It to me like he’s ready to play basketball. By the end of July Bosnia we’re only a month earlier about a month and and and a half away from training camp. This has a long time I guess that’s plenty of time. But they’re giving you saw the video ends up on a vertical right yes I did is that it like a stunning. And and your open when you see a video of this this does not only is he is he back east own good maybe even in me and pushing it to a level now that he’s up. No gaining el Amin making gains. Hum. Got residents or from from Mike Wallace threw that’s you know I’m not gonna do much while I’m out there but John I mean. And look here’s the other I didn’t expect there to be much. Because again these guys are playing to played this year rises just sort of a cab to get chemistry going again the event is next year right enact these guys won’t be there but I figured. Once you get out there John and your among all your peers when there’s 3035 of the best players in the NBA out there. You get out there. You start planned due to pick up games began and you figure the competitive juices started going to fit guy probably got a little bit no I mean it’s clearly clearly show up and down and that to me like I said. May not mean. The worst here right now no need to be you know jump off a ledge right now. But ideally yes I’d like to hear news that he’s playing a little bit play a little bit in gitmo little contact again you make the points that out yet so severity of an Achilles. Super severe argued that. But I would have liked him to be a little further. Along here so. Once Mike Conley just kind of give you an update here. Once he was able to reach the stage of being able to get on the court and and work out on the court. He went through high impact our intensity conditioning once or twice a week as Reese leased two weeks ago. Those sessions increased to three or four and I thought we were close here on certain that this kind of surprising to hear that it just. In he’s just now demands a full week of workouts. In enemy like I would’ve anticipated it might have been you know further along than it actually is and listen here’s the thing. And an aunt and an idea because. You’re a mayor can and your father was an Olympian and it means something to you to be a part of team USA they got the two dozen nineteen World Cup. And they got the Olympics in Japan and when he when he saw it right I understand that and you have an opportunity to be a part of literature to try to be a part of it you know I I did it. But when jaws the attic. Keep in mind that you’re your franchise. Desperately. Needs you and they need you at full strength. And if your not. Healthy again if you’re not about other planet you know if you’re not fully ready are you enemy like if you’re still at it in a stage where. You know you’re not ready to full contact and is it really. In your best interest or the franchise’s best interest for use to be an added at a teen years I can’t even do I was. The Austin and I would countered that with us. I see where your going and it ended their clearly playing a visitor says it has been burned by it you know. I get there aren’t three you know international play right I get that. But in this instance they are being cautious. And in this instance to. No Mike Connelly is and probably going to be one of those was a twelve or thirteen rats they or for next year but but let’s keep this in mind too. My standard and an all star but we we’ve talked about this before maybe the best player when he’s done prior to never have gotten into an all star game. This is sort of that experience for him. You know I mean there aren’t with those guys that are out there are beleaguered exactly yet it at least the rubbing elbows with all of the best in your day air and it’s it’s sort of vote. You know it’s sort of saying OK you are one of the best if so in and that it if you if you told him in and looked. Yes you’d like the news to be that he’s playing right right now these full contact info correct this is the next. I’m concerned. But this is this is what you want and in this is clearly the French us and this is more important shut it down force but we still want you go out there’d be among your peers you don’t get to be an all star ever. Right this is kind of what that is your counterpart and called everybody else to go experience that. You don’t get you to buy particularly given Nigel with a lot of all your friends and your buddies yes you’re not you’re not playing full contact Fred but other than that the experience is better but let me answer your calls there we handle ourselves so to not sit there and if you’re still if you know your show an announcer Dick it’s silly. Go ahead and send him he shut down everything’s fine and he gets beat to feel like. One of the best players only because he’s out there with them. I mean I’m not coming out like Ivan Drago here right like I’m not a countryman here but I because I love my car general Eduardo but but it doesn’t value there for my tong OK okay. Maybe they’ll let you but you also had just set it if you just took the risk out and he’s not he’s not you’re not allowing him to have. The fact that the knows what what risk is there aren’t you also just said he doesn’t have a chance really of making a team. That’s once and this is different and it’s of this from this sort of like is camp is really. Indeed around he’s got this is sort of that desperate that that’s it for you this is the all star experience debt that had any idea is that how you are seeing now is your you know you around it is is is relatively minimal if you’re not doing it it’s just a drill but I mean there always a risk always eggs. Zip we’ll still be doing those drills and doing you just talk about Aries you know going three times a week to be doing that anyway here. For the most part they’re just individually wreck again you’d you’d take the risk out. I’m not a again don’t I don’t like the news of what my template but you take completely take the risk out about. Are they completely never say that guys get hurt doing anything rise. But you take most the risk out by telling him no you can’t do this again this and you give him you allowed to go out there. Feel like one of the league’s best players right there’s something there’s got ahead and I can see that for him you know you’re I guess it is that sort of exclusivity that as of baited him I’d rather have him out dumbing down to be really in this is no knock Omaha Mike but in his life he’s a great role Mahler and they’ll promote itself I’d rather have him there. And Arctic and we’ll car and AM wow moment. I’d rather have him that would be the guy you I know but I’m just saying right now right now this is I’m fine with. A otherwise what you really don’t sit here in Memphis again doing it individually. A far more than being out they’re taken prospering. You don’t pick and these other players Brian do all that stuff that’s that’s the only good with that there’s no way to look at it that’s that’s way way way and again like I said that the grizzlies are not. I’m. Blind sided by this they know exactly where he is he’s had to go out there I just hope he’s a little further along once he got out there you play. Yeah a little bit you know owners pick up games go all those guys. And sound like they’re taking any risks that. At this point it’s the best move you make if he’s not clear if he’s not ready right now to clearly isn’t right the best thing you know what’s amazing to me is that Paul George still does. If I mean again after that horrific injury that he again everybody has created is about. In that was team USA moment can live like that. The free Kendrick can’t live and feel like that. To say may eat you can’t use am I got to my got to you know I’m I don’t want not just cause that dude he hopes to five times that when the offseason he’s open anyway. I don’t happen anytime and any Jim and Albert Collins now LAX not all basketball goals have stances is some doubt. I did that do but they’re it’s the station John it must be like the the odds of this like lightning striking new twice now. Right you’ll live in fear not go back to something that’s. When you get a chance to play in he’s not when he’s not like Conley he’s playing he’ll play there are represented unite Europe he will be you will be they’ll you know turn that down out of fear. He’ll be on the roster. But yet that’s that’s the good and the bad from Vegas he on the one hand you’ve got turned a Watford. You got Ernie tied Bert you got Kyra Lewis junior all great players top thirty caliber players. They’re bringing home the gold for hoop city basketball club and that I’m maybe it’s not bad maybe it’s just not always lands I’m not as good as you would it would hold. Because there’s that’s where the grizzlies are going to rely. Like never before on Mike Conley today are banking on guns. That is sure it is the job Marin bland and because listen before you better be healthy before my colleague got hurt. Last season. May wasn’t he wasn’t super efficient. Like he was at a different level going back to that spurs series 2017. The beginning of of last year the first 1012 games but Hugh was a different guy. And into your credit you said that’s what he could beat he could average twenty a game. He can do that. Well it is you right Mike was so focused on being the conductor miniature bottles got payers. In other four while we he’s talked about you know it like a god to scored on a pass on this but I don’t get aggregate market ball moments not not where Obama is to put that down. Because that he’s capable of being that little or type. We sent us at all on his shoulders he’s capable that that’s what I’ve looked up looked forward to a healthy might. Playing a lot off the ball hopefully this season right pat dudes got I mean with the way he can shoot the ball now with what you can do for you off the ball. There’s a roll there for him there’s value there for him off the ball and but I think it’s it’s added to his game clearly means pushed the scoring average is hopefully we get that might back at aggressive my back and if they do. They’re gonna convey that this is one more to say they’re gonna convey. Then you come way back you moms you have arraigned today and as the day they may be geared temple trade it was open or did you understand the court advantage in the playoffs could understand rev up party and here’s you jettison your worst two players. You know to me like I’m sorry that I was intoxicated I was that. A thousand shrewd move it wasn’t grizzlies who was strewn about just on my much or raise the ceiling that they Europe. There and give it was the slower is what it did exactly it didn’t raise the ceiling and the ceiling is what it is the ceiling is 42 to 44 away. While forty to 44. I think that’s privacy she got a good player out of it import two players they let me yeah I don’t know who I was outs and yeah yeah you gotta what you don’t William Greer called geared to blow a good player he’s this is a service he is an upgrade for both of the deal is directly compared to what you know you know doubt he would agree yes. My gonna go south pars say he’s a good MBA players serviceable he’s a better and he brings a certain presence that I will do good in his role l.s say good NBA player good in his role. We need role players. I won’t what they look again what the grizzlies have done is commit to bringing in Smart. Veteran guy. Who. Are just gonna compete every day. And and that’s what they mean by grill grind me Greg Greg this is a they’re gonna score 85 points a game. And that Z go jab steps on the elbow again like that’s not what they mean when they say gritty grind. Now this is ever read given night you know. That they’re gonna try to win the vast oil and they’re gonna compete to win the bass organ they’re gonna make it hard on their opponent is won’t mean a thing. If my count there are going aren’t exact omen thing they want it 100% or not and that’s gonna be interesting to watch over the next you know month there’s no doubt if he can get back the full contact if he’s ready for training camp you know is that kind of the next thing. I’m assuming he will be and they’re just play it slow because he is their their franchise piece and that makes cents. But so through time will tell as it normally does I will come back Ernie tied for hope we will join us at 1140. We will talk to him. About when in the ship. 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True only on mattresses sports station they’re ready to nine FL a month ESPN. My bags isn’t done. That is not evident ESPN has promised his name is Pete Campbell is a national college football and basketball reporter for Yahoo! Sports bum on Twitter. At Pete demo he joins us now Pete how are you man good to hear from you. Dear you’re not so do you laugh a little bit. When you hear Mike arrest goes say power six. I certainly don’t laugh I just think of the financial disparity between the low end power I have and not. That the high end group of five and it’s not a gap but it can’t. And and it’s not. Gonna sorry. I guess that’s sort of is the problem obviously we’re here in Memphis and and this is a be a huge point of contention those future of college athletics. That gap in that canyon as you put it it’s only getting wider it feels like. Well certainly it’s gonna get wider and in this television deal John for the American execute crossroad to believe there are certain left. I’m not on the curb last time. Did you turn to TV negotiation leak was dotted all these new programs. I feel like it has grown about as well as you could and he’s got years and nationally relevant David seems like he’s been in and use Seattle. You know appear on to the scene and you know I really think just generally they’ve done they’ve done a really nice job. What they’ll get for an eye and a lot of phone calls and and are a lot of people would eat 78 he’s got on the Michigan side. Nobody really knows because certainly the property doesn’t have the value of power all right. And nobody’s. Nobody can think they’re gonna be in that neighborhood but also the same bad certainly there’s far more value than right now we’re the schools are getting nearly two million dollars eared TV. So if you are the AC and you know you’re not going to command the money that any other power five. Would command do you consider. Sort of going off the beaten path. Do you think about Netflix do you think about who do you think about Amazon doing something different that maybe maybe it’s it’s it’s not traditional. But and that package may be sweeter for you do you considered going that direction. Oh boy you have to write you have the most tech companies go to FaceBook got a very good week but those those tech companies FaceBook especially though. I’m Amazon has shown interest but it’s very bad night package out. There’s a lot of silly money out there and Silicon Valley right now on cable quite frankly your silly money contracting so. I do think that they’ll those are viable part of these conversations. Whether it says they subsidiary would license get into your rights or whether it’s a primary one. You do got to think that you’ve got to think that that is certainly on the table and the American people. Have certainly done their homework. An empty what what would be the incentive. For ESPN to go look I mean obviously you know the needs that you don’t ever ABC’s Beckett but but what would be the incentive for them if yeah well of of going out of paying of paying more what’s what’s in it for them battle that’s what I’m concerned about what ride like why would they go up. If they’re if they’re not gonna have any other offers they come close. Well there’s certainly going to be competition when you look at when you look at whether it right now yeah you obviously a box you obviously have. I mean it’s it’s not out it’s not a one big great spirit there will be other there will be other competitions and some of its traditional cable like we now. I mean look it’s it’s a lot of inventory in its inventory in places. Where you can get good rates. Thursday night Friday night the league is when Barry amenable to doing that my and that’s attractive because. After the game it’s going to be on the background in the bar you know those those those windows or are places where. If you’re outs ideas and family. You can they would get a good number on you on use yet USF game on Saturday into an eighty you know. But we get a good number on day out you know Memphis Houston game on Friday night Bieber wants that. So I do think there there is certainly more value undoubtedly more value. But the question at that they’re gonna get double double for I’m pretty confident saying that Coca and they could get tripled but how many multiples is is is the question I think it is hard to quantify how undervalued the last deal was that’s why I’m so confident we’re going to get more value on. That the government we our course on Pete family is a national cultural ambassador artwork for Yahoo! Sports we have just Jersey tugged ladies and executives sort of around the country. Do you get this sense that the perception of the AC. Mats is the reality of it because. They just think about last season UCF won the peach bowl over SEC team UConn won the national tidbits have been bath while the last years and a bass what does that mean as much. As football but. A very solid football conference do you think the perception matches the reality across the country when it comes the American athletic. That’s that’s a good question and it’s hard one of our perception of the matter ports are in my opinion it’s a good look outwards. And it’s it’s growing it’s getting better. Big concert that I think are strong it’s like it’s a guy I was with good ball right you got we’ve got that Central Florida you know I mean Central Florida it goes Scott. I would invest heavily in ever retire because of the young university that surrounded by Alan. I think US debt business and quiet and there’s no reason I used it should be consistently competitive outlet at school. Lot of that is just accept how they’ve also been some really good leadership at those places you cleared it anyway that you see have been knocked. Obviously you know you go around the leaders there’s a bright side I’ve got a decent paragraph that apple comes to mind once again at Tulane I think there’s there’s some personality come on enough but you don’t get greater now this doesn’t talk enough about her around. The much bigger jobs that statement just a really good job so really big bet if you if you look at the little BP’s position where position it’s just a matter how. I guess how quick perception matches the potential of the reality. I think the other piece of this is you know obviously if there if the lead to triple its two television concert that be finding great. Still tells a compares and everything else and it’s you still have the expectation of competing which is just increasingly. Hard to do the other piece is that if you’re UCF or are UConn or Memphis or Cincinnati you are still praying. For another chaotic round of realignment. What would even be the catalyst for that at this point pizza so for another round of realignment in your opinion. It really simple answer there you look at this year realignment. In is a line where it. You know a flurry TV contracts and that people have added schools to make themselves more attractive. To the next round it’s dvd and I believe that an article I wrote on Yahoo! that next round starts and when he after 20/20 story. It’s really the negotiations start to hear that or that. So we’re essentially to three years away from potentially now more a long way away and but blessed some are proud to realignment within a market straight night. Record didn’t go to the Big Ten because of their tradition of excellence and they tend to say allegedly brought a New York City market. I think markets matter less now as we heard this screaming well Brighton ma I just don’t I don’t think like you know the old the old big east in basketball is built on market and it was a genius way to build a lead in eighty so. More schools equal more inventory and more inventory equals more money it’s a very simple equation. So the potential of realignment of the potential. But new negotiations. Ultimately is going to bring back your realignment back and I did not really excited about it everybody super undercover. Maybe if I did a switch and real fast guard vessel doesn’t know you’re busy dude do you. Our our college coaches talk and less speed in the sense that got this FBI investigation moment nobody knows there’s wires who’s not in terms of when you get out to a place like Vegas sort of you get around these events. You know you could you could you could decide until coach and maybe maybe double talk and off the record are they still talking as much are they at they were attracted you know at they’ve cut down on what they’re saying they. Trust you as much as they used to how how are they reacting to that. But there’s one million dollar basketball coaches like to do they like to talk all day. And all day so some stability is not about right. Darren and there’s still that they’re not our man hey I’m all Obama did I can’t talk about that as a mighty bug so that’s kind of gone. It would have they kind of move past. Another anyone bugged out Coronado high school invaded but I. Don’t. What oh what I’ll have you seen so far in Vegas in terms of in terms of food city any players have caught your. I mean shoot yeah there’s I mean all all the great players are out here so. Yes you do you know that it’s it’s sort of like oh an efficient way to see a lot of people in short space time and that makes sense so. Yeah I decision Pulitzer do now there’s Q are New York area teams that are that are planet not worry about here or not. Yeah I mean I have not seen game didn’t light in Denver has seen and certainly in in the past Omnia on the circuit you obviously. Paper out dead look legitimate of all the praise and buzz that he has in we had when he buying your city I guess he’s got to do our school now but obviously. I would imagine it demands on your lips guy as you if you look at that and here. It is is that is that the buzz because that was that was that’s that would be news to us people that buzz that he’s going to prep school then lies then. There’s. I certainly don’t speaker tong here but the but the thought is that. He does he does your credit that was that was conveyed to meet the Viennese and in the bleachers and here and end so certainly don’t think I didn’t as a gospel but. That’s I did I thought that notion that notion out there. Yeah interest thinks so a lot of people suspect there will be the Kennedy depth commentary thank you man Peter Crist say the time in appreciation as always thank you. It is Pete. Demo covers college basketball and football for Yahoo! Sports interest thing. We’ve had decided as if it was like understood maybe maybe he was maybe he was misunderstood I don’t know. If it is that in my read that wrong it is said Dave why dives into a pretzel what. What sounds like that’s what he’s been here in the bleachers yeah around around and around these games and that’s not always thought it was unlikely well we heard he’s good cities or did they come out and said that. Publicly but I’ll always close. More unlikely these prep schools don’t talk about this would jump they never stop comment on the offers we want you and I MG we want you don’t feel like you think that stops. And they play and that you tell me east is still without Penny Hardaway announced the latest huge national schedule like what’s the incident for James Tuesday yeah. Does that uninteresting stuff. I would come back Rivera thirty countries around James wise and the last two weeks we’ll talk about bad about what in the ship and more to come back Jason’s done that it’s not a vanity SPF. Your tickets to the 21 annual big Brothers big sisters sports hold steady shooting for a July 28 at 7 PM at night. These Shelby drive. More in your possession now. 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Against 2758177. I we’re back Jason and Jon noted tonight FM ESPN. When humans and our next guest name you make sure you put the word sick after yet. We the big dog the president the head coach of groups city basketball club he joins us now Ernie caliper how are you my friend Arne. I’m great salad I gotta do it. We are good we’re doing well I’m not to go on the flight and see you soon. But tell me about the win last night you beat Matt Hurst team. No James wise men. How the game go. Well obviously quicker but a quick note. You know we lead our players play great receivers. Great regular program and they’re trying to whopper. Played a game you know it’ll polite about it church street sparked Woodson and then have the you know. You know I don’t Olympics. But yeah MPT it all that if discussion seriously it was a great game he way to auto. Ernie for for Memphis fans that warning to tells what kind of player. Turned in his or what he brings to the table. Well Yiddish mutinies compatible. All these auction and they gained she can speak English or beat either champion winner and he. Wanted to. Gary Gatorade what play Arnie want is. Use chase championship and you’re a row so you’d obviously a winner a leader. Competitor as what you want. If three or four. Which I Z a three year Ford’s small for power for what is it because people we call because. He can be a major expansion. At our ordinance to go to screaming eagle coat she. Interchange so we got that’s that’s what makes it’s special you know. May even be mismatched you know. You know and their families you know we we they we had we had traded on the show. Last week and he mentioned that you know that he’s known Memphis assistant coach Mike Miller since he was five years and I imagine. Basically the same for you right you know on their family for for quite a long time have you. Korea and laughed right out soles so we want to or immunize and what we’re all pop up lower stalker bridge. It’s thirteen year old shirt shop in college roommate exists. Administrator then you don’t talk argue all optional whatever. You know. Four years old chips it might impact hate each grip when it around you know watching Christian practice short coached up. It’s over Jewish slap important meeting music great great bay edged paper program that put it all Jerusalem. And Christian and Christian has just been basically live and in Vegas the last month because he’s now. He’s an assistant news or use an assistant for this week right. Yell yeah it was great the kids certain interest. The analogy of the game you know you keep species kitsch album there was it would create our own staff. Respond. You can’t help but notice in your certainly hello when last night especially. With no James Wiseman is he just he Izzy Izzy is the injured right now I just can end up being cost us what that what kind of is the update on on James Watson has been playing with you. Yeah yeah yeah since Kuerten you know on. I’m pitched ten straightaway where that fire yet. I shouldn’t say I did it I did you know we had to ask you know we had to have it at a patient yet I wouldn’t be. And he’s hurt and so my note note. Though reports Eric stay out of that. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you learn what what’s cello loss and brought to the tune. Tall and he’s competitive. Golf. Yesterday she played Grady working really hard. Aegis. Big time you know big game in LA are big games played as well at all and yeah straight quite good he’s a really good you don’t dark and or. In the poll how hard he’s got like rhetoric getting right let their books she’s. A player they need workers tell us. Ringleader. It seems like he’s smooth like deedrick in the sense that you don’t you know. You don’t really see it notice that he’s out they’re dominating or anything but by the time you look he’s got 1213 rebounds and he’s done a little bit everything for you seems like the Chicago. They’re good to feel like you know. They’re great. We’re encouraged Israel. Roguish issued a normal actually keep you know this is misinformed and then there it goes and gets all of its. It just it shouted you don’t know what all Oca in eight years or call. We are per song and hoops idiot basketball club president a coach Ernie Khyber here on Jason and Johnson and Carl Lewis because he’s a top thirty guy that you that you’ve had playing with your team though the back half. Other summer what’s his game like Karen Lewis junior. The shot I think he’s the best point guard approached. Per. I really do eaters it’s so fast like he has jets in athletics department. I mean competency. Almost get this get special. Mean he is going to be. Really really high level possible. But beanie ER at all in world just got to get a little bit stronger by overturning that this article content. I mean I saw this as we talk about the ground writing about the grind for college coaches right whether its Penny Hardaway or Mike Miller or whoever it is you know this is this is the grind time. I mean they got to worry about you know 1516. And seventeen year old. Guys give them an abandoned feed now maybe it’s a great it’s a grind for Ernie diaper. How tall are you know not meant what do you do like you are rather head down and how do you do it over like a two week period between LA and Vegas and you keep everybody and not. I’m trying to go for your four year old line next week I’ll fill our room. Will be unsuccessful you got all these kids are human alive for two weeks. English you to make sure you’re bound over roach. That’s that’s that’s it you know I’m saying the chaparral is now irons and argued. Is it okay yeah it is a crime but it it costs it. In the day about your. I helped it get scholarships. Ought to get church it will looks personal. No other way to beat yet look Jim guy like stone cold beer and religious ershad Edgar interest. All I’m saying why ought status. Just you know can’t satellite or play in front of 070. Coaches at a minimum caught issues. It’s great you know about that and they look I’m a little easier yeah pull then there’s very little English what lesson you’ve been home in Memphis. I think. It’s it’s our four we that the four of fifteen sharpen up to cheat sheet of 6 AM so let’s last start. You know in him being an American. Two weeks here’s the other here’s though course what time you go to bed last night yeah trophy says yeah how you got our model maker you got some bottle service yeah. If you get some you slow it down telephone message to cheat on her. Let’s go. That’s the way Larry’s live by the way happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I know. I suppose what’s next on getting there this afternoon there’s a new event what’s that what’s the next event that you guys are going to be plan. Well played and nobody lied to start Saturday and sound. Case or play got a really big game you know I’m sorry cooks. Ali you know under armour Keeneland you got stuck you know couple set players owners should be on just beat Grady Little stir court not go Irish. You know technician will be happier spirit that or look or play more games and all we get is more W you know keep representing them you know Memphis led all. We need more gold journey we need more gold don’t sub now brother I congratulations. We’re trying to bring you know child won’t just say oh god I’ll see you soon as you learn. Our great Kidder thank coach it is earned the Khyber hoop city basketball club head coach and president. So yeah I mean intelligent. Can you imagine can you imagine being away from home. With. Your response let’s start in LA right in the mount an LA and as well straight weeks right am I make is they went they went they went straight from. From LA. To Vegas they went straight from LA to Vegas and you know and and there’s no home you know get to go home and joblessness finally below we heard what the trick was. Sells one around the world earnings keep this hit me with all the way you know when you’re about 1718 year olds you know so I exact I mean. It’s we you told us if secret got a few model for our moms who wants keeping them right now we praise mile trip down. They are now but yet no listen it’s. It is a it was actually you know. James Wiseman is is is hurt or was I don’t that this is a big mr. you know to me it I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s. The these guys play so many games in the summer. I mean hundreds of games basically feels like it must feel like you know you start in April you go all the way to the in July there. James Wiseman is done with with if this is going into his senior year thought about reclassify probably the whole summer at least the first half while it. You know he’s proven what he’s had the pre season number of the country. There I mean what else is there for him to do what else it is different to accomplish on the pile on the doubt I’d get all that but don’t that they’re just from talking of animal and from talk and the coach further and you get the goings on happening. Something’s happening whether it’s prep school route when you shut it down to final prep school right now whatever it obviously he’s got you know some injury concerns yet. You’re giving you your banged up yet either way. Arm and you don’t some announcers but it feels like to me weird like it’s there’s something weird going on how to pulled off earn our economy back I’ll do one talked much about Wiseman. Hamels then and he’s here he’s going to prep school feels like we stumbled on something your life. What I’ve always suspected the jays laden would play somewhere else offers seniors these now look a similar to his hopes. You hope you’ll be here you hope is an east. But again he’s not playing for pay the hard way to east again next year and again I would ask you don’t have it in front of me what’s east schedule look like. Is it the same as when Penny Hardaway was cut you figure they’re gonna play a couple of games nationally. But does it compare to what they and it crept schedules gonna look like Wright what an Oak Hill won an ING schedule look like right. You know at this point. I’ve always thought I’d do with any dog that’d be unlikely for return of that they would break up outside that constantly so I’m not surprised O’Leary what’s we went we went tailoring and other publicly that come up obviously you’re going back east everything kind of own bed for low while. Now feels like it’s bubbling back up right ’cause ’cause we but. We heard because he and John they both schools were to put a stop recruiting him the prep schools like they’re gonna stop just because James Leyden says publicly he’s returning to east. But it somehow we got a better situation for you that’s all basketball out here you know what I mean like work we’re gonna get you ready for that first year college to have your more ready than you would be. At east. You know not playing now for Penny Hardaway right. I guess I’m gonna stop its and also offers a nice is definitely would not be a good development for the tigers as we’ve said time and time again if James lies and leaves the city of Memphis for not over but it certainly not a not pot not a good development as a saved like I think we put that in the my colleague category. Yeah and it doesn’t have to necessarily be bad news and a girl is betting you don’t plan by anywhere right. You want the advantage is having the city recruiting and you want Ming gravitational pull. You know I mean them that’s what you want and when you leave the city limits. That’s why it was a big deal when the bulls are times Arnelle was gonna go okay and like you were recruit you were dead set on didn’t Darnell stokes he. They committed Oak Hill have been in the going but like he thought about it and that’s kind of when it struck you that hey. You know maybe he doesn’t want to play in Memphis subversive I entered loses had a Malcolm dangers around and every minute the day’s best friend tell them hey man who you know. Are we all of next year and have the advantage you have as one days wasn’t stops and goes and fills up his car the gas station everybody drive Bosnia condiments you lose that advantage what he’s not exactly that and China and look I got a little shot out earnings when titles. Whose daughter’s won 1415100. National titles and I’ve got to. All were shot that all teams garnering only golds and a vessel vaulting to bring home national champs of some of this resolution and doings daughter’s fourteen and fifteen year old degas. I will come back we’re gonna the rundown lots to get to we will be joined by Michael Cote the twelve point five former Arkansas Razorbacks a real champion and then duck Ziering will join us at one point five Jason and Jon did you have any espionage. He is ready to trying to ME SPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and favorite us today from the office and he’s more of our list. Only on the best Memphis is a sports station. Announces the fortieth annual summer sales event when I’m. Just announced get a 1000 dollar rebate 128 teams four runner. Or interest rates as low as 0% on most other models fall series Toyota is your number one voice l.’s leader in Memphis sports when he seventeen according to CNN as India is reporting shop online today. Will today’s 767444. Offers include taxes title registration fees administration Vicente. There’s fun isn’t qualified buyers for starters and 3118. 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