Monday, 10 December 2018
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In or out: WLFT viewers can vote on its Thursday night lineup

Local TV station WLFT/MeTV will be letting viewers decide on its Thursday night lineup.

Starting this week, primetime on WLFT, Channel 30.1 (cable Chanel 17) will feature five locally-produced shows: “A Better Life,” 7 p.m.; “Dianne Andrews In Black and White,” 7:30 p.m.; “Let’s Talk About Dogs,” 8 p.m.; “Kel’s Cars,” 8:30 p.m., and “Colorado Xtreme,” 9 p.m.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done this on the station,” says Dr. Lucas Fry, the station’s general manager. “I don’t know of any station in the United States that does this type of local programming and asked of viewers to like it or hate it.”

The shows will run for 12 weeks, during which time viewers can choose their favorites.

“They cast votes by going to our website ( and taking the survey. They can vote more than once, but only 10 times (total),” Fry says.

Depending on how the votes shake out, the least-liked shows could be canceled, but more than likely they will be moved to a less favorable time slot, Fry says. 

“A Better Life” is produced by WLFT, while other local production companies helm the other four shows.

Hank Henagan is host for “A Better Life,” which is in its sixth year. The show “brings the audience interviews with guests who have products and services that can help viewers live a better life. … Doctors, chiropractors, automotive services, home repair, travel planning, day spas, the list is endless,” a news release says.

The talk show “Dianne Andrews In Black & White” concentrates on controversial issues. “Andrews takes an approach, similar to a point/counter point, in which she is able to disseminate varying viewpoints,” the release also says. More than 100 episodes have aired.

“Let’s Talk About Dogs,” making its debut, covers dog ownership and care. “From adopting, to training, health care and diet, with product reviews and interviews with canine industry professionals. Laticia Balser, a certified professional dog trainer, explains and entertains to help both dog owners and those who simply love dogs,” according to the release.

When “Kel’s Cars” host Kearney LeJeune takes one of his classic vehicles for a spin, Gaga the dog is usually a passenger. In its third season, LeJeune and his crew restore, modify, buy and sell classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Viewers watch as “old heaps are transformed into timeless jewels,” spectacular finds turn up at car shows, and the latest in safety and comfort modification techniques are explained, the release says.

“I was on vacation in Vail, Colorado, three years ago and experienced this (family-run) adventure company and decided to produce a reality series about it,” Fry says of the other new show, “Colorado Xtreme.”

In the hourlong series, “a group of tourists arrives in Colorado, seeking the adventure of a lifetime. A strong cast prepares the mountain, machines and gear for tourists snowmobiling the 6,000-acre private resort in Vail,” according to a show synopsis.


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