Friday, 14 December 2018
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Hunter joins fight against drugs

With his pale-yellow fur and cool demeanour Hunter may seem like an adorable pet. But he springs to action at the command ‘smell search’ and starts sniffing around till he unearths a small pouch of ganja from the dog squad campus.

Next he is left in front of a string of motorbikes and here also he sniffs out the right one without much ado. The Labrador Retriever will now assist the Kollam City police in one of their toughest missions — tracing narcotics.

“Drug-related cases are reported from various parts of the district on a daily basis and many young children are falling victims to this menace. We have intensified all measures to curb the inflow and Hunter will be an asset to the force,” said District Police Chief P.K. Madhu as he welcomed the new member to the force.

Hunter who saluted the District Police Chief as per protocol was fed sweets by him.

14-month training

Hunter was sent to the Kerala Police Academy in Thrissur as a three-year-old pup and now he is back after completing a 14-month special training, that too after acing the contest for police dogs.

“Two dogs, Hunter and Hector, were sent to the academy from Kollam for training.

There are sniffers and trackers in the dog squads. While trackers are used to work crime scenes, sniffers assist in detecting explosives and drugs.

A topper

Hunter came first in a recent demo and contest for trained dogs and he is the best,” said D. Shine Kumar, Assistant Director, Animal Husbandry Department.

Hunter’s expertise is in searching buildings, vehicles, and open areas to find hidden narcotics.

Instead of barking, he simply sits next to bag or vehicle after tracing the stuff.

“Since some explosives blow up at the slightest of disturbance, they are not encouraged to bark. Narcotic sniffer dogs are also trained in the same way,” said the handler.

Hunter, who has successfully completed his training, will be now be part of the Kollam City police while Hector, the second narcotic sniffer is expected to assist rural police when he returns.


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