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How To Toilet Train a Puppy — Tips, Tricks & Advice – Country Living

how to toilet train a puppy


Are you wondering how to toilet train your puppy? Toilet training is often one of the first things that owners want to teach their new puppies (it’s recommended to wait until they are eight weeks old), but how can you make potty training as successful and efficient as possible?

“Some dogs pick up toilet training within a few days but others might take much longer,” the PDSA tell Country Living. “All puppies learn at different paces. Even if your pup is a quick learner, they’re bound to have accidents at first.”

Take a look at how you can toilet train your puppy below:

Step 1: Have a clear plan

Ensure you have a clear plan of what you want to achieve with your puppy before you start training. If you want your puppy to toilet outside, make sure that this is where you train your puppy to go from the start — puppy pads in the house can confuse matters,” the PDSA say.

“Give your puppy every chance to get this right — take them outside first thing in the morning and last thing at night, after every meal, after their daytime naps and every couple of hours in between. Reward them each time they toilet where you want them to with praise and a healthy treat. You might find a certain phrase useful, such as ‘Wee-wee time’ – if they get used to hearing that each time they toilet and get rewarded, some puppies may even start to toilet on command.”

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Step 2: Keep up consistency

Like many training techniques, try to stick to a good, daily routine. The PDSA tell us: “With consistent training, your puppy knows what is expected of them. Young puppies need to toilet frequently, so you will need to make sure that someone is available to support them in their toilet training, certainly for the first few weeks when they come to live with you and until their training is established.”

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Step 3: Don’t punish them

Positive reinforcement is a successful and effective way of toilet training your puppy. While some pups take longer to learn, don’t punish your dog for having accidents. According to the PDSA, puppies aren’t mature enough to hold their bladder for long periods of time and can often get distracted.

“You can help by learning to recognise the signs your puppy may show before they need to toilet, for example, they may start to sniff the floor and circle, which is your cue to take them outside quickly. Focus on rewarding your puppy when they get it right, and clean up the inevitable accidents without making any fuss. If your puppy only has your attention when they’re doing something positive, they’ll understand that certain actions result in a happy outcome and they’ll learn what you are trying to teach them.”

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