Sunday, 26 September 2021
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How to Prepare Your Dog for Competitions

Training a dog before some contest may be a tough but very important process. Everybody knows that some pets feel stressed at such events. They can’t focus, find themselves lost among strangers and don’t show satisfying results. But good manners are also important in everyday life. Some doggies just don’t like other people except their owners. They don’t miss a chance to bark at somebody or show a bad behavior. Max Polyakov is an extremely experienced dog owner. He did his best to train his pet and now enjoys a perfect result. Follow these recommendations and your dog will be as smart as Max Polyakov’s Firefly is.


How to Get a Perfect Training Result

Max Polyakov says that you have to be serious and patient. You should develop your own technique and schedule of training. These steps will help to create a special understanding and contact between you and your dog. Check your pet’s health statement just as Max Polyakov did for his Firefly. Notice that it’s better to train young dogs because they absorb information quicker and have a flexible character. These pets are also more active and curious. Moreover, it’s easier to prepare younger doggies for competitions than older ones.

Your training sessions shouldn’t be time taking. You need 5-10 minutes but repeat them during a day. Start with some basic commands and begin to give harder tasks only when your dog already knows them. Never hit your pet or yell at it. Just repeat the material again and try to explain how to fulfill your task. Practice all the time and ask other people from your environment to say some commands to a dog regularly, just like Max Polyakov’s Firefly. Walk with your pet and prepare some activities to keep it energetic. When you see that results satisfy you, choose an appropriate contest for your pet.

There are such competition types for dogs:



     Earthdog trials;

     Dock diving;

     Terrier             trials;

     Field trials;

     Lure coursing;

     Sheepdog trials.


You should choose carefully a contest type according to your dog breed, its sizes, speed and health conditions.


You Get More than a Good Competitor

Max Polyakov is sure that effective training gives you not only a strong contest participant but a reliable friend. Each lesson makes you closer to your pet, you start understanding better each other. It’s all about respect, devotion and trust.




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