Wednesday, 29 March 2023
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How To Make Your Home More Dog-Friendly, According To An Expert – House Digest

Your dog’s safety should be a priority — as one would strive to child-proof a home, it also makes sense to dog-proof your canine’s space. Kimberlee Tolentino suggests using barriers within your space to keep your pet safe. “Barriers are things like baby gates, dog crates, and play pens. These kinds of barriers maintain boundaries for your dog in the home, and keep them safe from potential hazards like dog-unfriendly food, trash contents, and other dangerous objects.”

They prevent a dog’s unwanted and potentially unsafe access to rooms or stairs, put a stop to possible animal fisticuffs, and also cordon off a special place for your pet pal to call his own. To this end, Tolentino outfits her home with a system of pet-friendly barricades. “In my house there is a screen in front of the fireplace, a tension gate at the top of the stairs, a built-in gate at the top of the porch, and separate crates for each dog in the house.” She continues, “These barriers can also be helpful in managing multi-dog households, cleaning messes, and keeping track of curious puppies.” A dog-friendly owner must also ensure that the deterrent is sufficiently strong and high and be prepared to replace it to accommodate a growing pet.


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