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How much should dog training cost?

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When trying to determine the quality of a product, price¬†is often an indication of its value. This¬†philosophy¬†doesn’t always¬†apply to dog training. Since¬†the industry¬†is unregulated nearly anyone can say they’re a dog trainer and charge some pretty hefty prices¬†as well.

In my opinion, the worst offenders¬†tend to be board-and-train facilities who promise a well-trained dog in two-weeks¬†… often charging unsuspecting owners upwards of $2,500. To make matters worse, many¬†claim¬†their¬†staff are certified when they¬†are not.¬†

My best advice when looking for a trainer? Search for a certified trainer and beware of any who certify their own staff. This includes big box pet supply store chains as well as board-and-train facilities.

The only reliable indication that¬†a trainer is certified is¬†when they’re¬†credentialed by any of the following independent certifying bodies: International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Certification Council¬†for Professional Dog Trainers, Karen Pryor Academy, San Francisco SPCA,¬†American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (Diplomat of), or holds a Masters Degree or PhD from a¬†recognized and respected university in applied animal behavior science.

Dog training prices may vary depending upon where you live in the United States. The experience and education level of the trainer is also a factor. The following is a general estimate of what one might expect to pay in New Jersey for a fully credentialed, certified dog trainer:

Basic Training РPrivate in-home* (1-hr session)
Puppies $80-$125 per session
Adolescents and Adults: $125-$150 per session
With detailed written behavior assessment and training plan(s)

Fear, Anxiety & Stress РPrivate in-home* (1-hr session)
$150-$400 per session
— With detailed written behavior assessment and training plan(s).
— Trainer encourages communication¬†with pet’s veterinarian

Aggression РPrivate in-home* (1-hr session)
$250-$400 per session
— With detailed written behavior assessment and training plan(s)
— Trainer encourages communication with pet’s veterinarian

Group Classes (six, 1-hr sessions)

Veterinary Behaviorist*, Applied Animal Behaviorist (1-hr session)
$800-$1000 per session
— With detailed written behavior assessment and training plan(s).¬†
—¬†Behaviorist encourages communication¬†with pet’s veterinarian.

*May include added charges, such as for travel, medical testing, laboratory studies, etc.

Karen Fazio, CDBC is the owner of The Dog Super Nanny professional dog training and is the Director of Behavior at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital in Monmouth County, NJ. She may be reached at 732-533-9376 or


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