Wednesday, 29 March 2023
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How do we do it? What Would Jeff Do? dog Training Tip of the Day #119

– Good evening everybody, how are you, Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training with my What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day, tip number 119 Today we put up a shorter video of, one of the Board and Train dogs, it's a German Shepherd, with its owner, and the dog was, came in highly reactive, highly anxious, and the video just shows the dog, the owner working the dog, around other dogs, and not being reactive, and being nice and calm

A valid question, somebody said, is there a video you have that shows how you did this? And, my response was, which can sound snarky, but it's like, all of our videos, and I just wanna make sure that everybody understands this It's everything put together There's no one video, there's no one protocol, there's no one procedure, that's gonna get your dog from point a to point b, from a, a place of reactivity, and anxiety, to non-reactive and calm, it's everything But, a little bit of a sort of an in-your-face kind of statement as well, 'cause that's sort of what I do, believe it or not, through punishment is how the dog got there Now that's not all we do, only 10% of what we do is punishments

But I really need to clarify, in order to stop all these unwanted behaviors, there has to be a punishment component Of course we use rewards, everybody uses rewards, but nobody wants to talk about punishments And then on another note, whenever you see a dog doing like, a two-hour duration place command, and you're like, gosh, that seems like a long time, or, oh my God, that dog is bored Whenever you hear about us saying the dogs are not allowed to sniff, or mark, on walks, and they have to be, focused on the handler, a lotta times folks will say, well that doesn't seem like any fun A lotta times when we're like, the dog has to do this, you're like, geeze, that seems a little bit intense

And then when we talk about punishment, people are think, you don't need to use punishment (speaking gibberish) Well, and this is not directed towards this person that posted this, but this is just a general statement You like the results that we get, but, a lot of people struggle with the methodology, you can't have both You can't The reason why we get the results that we do, is because of our whole philosophy, which includes a permission-based training protocol lifestyle, in controls, very black and white between yes and no

Our yeses are powerful, and our nos are powerful It includes lots of duration work, meaning, teaching a dog to do a lot of nothing, even when it doesn't want to do a lot of nothing And it absolutely includes punishments And again, I talk about this every day, because everybody needs to learn how to properly punish their dogs Most people don't know how to do it, most people don't know how to reward their dogs properly

In fact, most people reward their dogs, and they end training and reinforcing unwanted behaviors, and I talked about that last night, in the reactivity video But every single dog owner out there, should learn how to properly reward, which is fun, but also properly punish, which everybody struggles with, but, that's how dogs get from point a to point b, and you're gonna hear a lot of nonsense, I don't allow it down below, about, you don't need to do that at all, dogs don't need to be punished What they're thinking of is being abusive No, you don't have to be abusive But punishment is facts, and I will talk about this every single day of my life, because owners are left hanging, owners are being lied to, owners are struggling, and it's so important that folks understand that that is a very key component, when you want to stop unwanted behaviors, in fact it's the only way to stop an unwanted behavior

Add or subtract something to diminish a behavior It's called punishment Look it up Jeff Gellman, Solid K9 Training, madly in love with you, I'll talk to you tomorrow, bye

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