Tuesday, 16 August 2022
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How can I stop my lovely ginger tom being aggressive?

Dear Pete

My wife and I have a lovely three-year-old ginger tom cat named Leo. When playful or hungry, he has a habit of wrapping his jaw around my wife’s leg or arm, not biting but almost. My wife just walks away, and never rewards him with food. Why is he doing this and how can we stop him?

LC, Bedfordshire

Dear LC

Some cats seem to tire of being petted and express mildly aggressive behaviour when they’ve had enough. It’s hard to change this, but try by rewarding him when he’s behaving well (with praise, play and treats) and withdrawing rewards when he bites (as your wife is doing). She should also learn to anticipate his change in demeanour, watching his body language and backing off when his ears flatten, his body tenses and his tail twitches.

Dear Pete

Geese in Regent's Park


Do geese have good memories? When I fed the birds bread at my local nature reserve a few – one in particular – were aggressive and would not leave me alone. They appeared to recognise me on my way back. Can I ever return to this location?

GM, Middlesex

Dear GM

As one of the more intelligent species of birds, geese have an excellent memory for people, animals, locations and situations. This is one of the reasons why they make such excellent guard animals (for example at whisky distilleries in Scotland). Many bird species have long memories.

In one study, crows and ravens not only remembered the faces of people they had interacted with, but they spread this information to other members of their flocks. So be warned: not only might this goose chase you again, but his flock mates may also go for you.

Making sure your dog comes back

Two out of three dog walkers like to let their dogs off the lead on their daily walks But one in five admitted they had lost their dog while out on a walk. The National Animal Welfare Trust is giving free help to people to teach their dogs more reliable recall: see nawt.org.uk/blog/putting-spotlight-dog-recall.

Rescue pets

Kate and Lass

Kate and Lass

Kate and her sister Lass are lovely three-year-old greyhounds, to be homed together. Contact Dogs Trust Darlington on 0300 303 0292.

To view outcomes of rescued pets, see petethevet.com/rescues

Send queries to petsubjects@telegraph.co.uk or tweet 
@PeteTheVet. All sick animals should be taken to a vet.

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/pets/news-features/can-stop-lovely-ginger-tom-aggressive/

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