Thursday, 13 December 2018
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How 170 adorable service dogs brush up on their emergency and disaster skills

The raging wildfires currently burning across the Californian landscapes are pretty scary. Would you know what to do in such an emergency, let alone your dog? These 170 service dogs took a refresher course.

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What to do in the event of an emergency

When faced with an emergency, just like the Californian fires or other terrible disasters, everyone should be prepared. Certainly, this is important not only for humans but also for our pets too! We all know to call for the emergency services but how best to evacuate a building in an emergency.

A practice kennel evacuation for 170 service dogs

First of all, imagine a roaring fire takes hold in a kennel that houses lots of canines. The staff need to clear all of the dogs out as soon as possible. But even more important is evacuating the dogs as speedily as they can. The Yorktown Heights training school decided to carry out a refresher exercise. Their challenge was to remove all 174 dogs and all humans from the building before the fire trucks arrived on the scene.

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Guiding Eyes for the Blind © Instagram

This New York, non-profit organisation, Guiding Eyes for the Blind works with and trains dogs specifically for people with eyesight problems.  The fire drill involved all of the service dogs being released from the building as quickly as possible, many of them without ID collars.  One member of the staff kept the door open while the dogs, the majority Labradors and German Shepherds, ran through the doorway out into the yard area. Consequently, as you would expect, the excited dogs race around in chaos. As a result of their organisation skills, the trainers soon had the dogs under control with their identification collars back on each dog.

They accomplished this feat within just 3 minutes and 8 seconds – a fantastic team effort. Certainly, the service dogs all had a marvellous, fun time during this drill exercise.

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