A house boat owner choked a prospective tenant with a dog collar, then raped her after she passed out.

Jeffrey Ray Sundwall was jailed for 30 years over the horrific March 2017 attack last week after attacking the woman even as she pleaded with him to stop.

The rapist struck after the woman turned up to his 34-foot-long boat in Key West, Fla., ahead of a possible move into it, the Miami Herald reported.

Jeffrey Ray Sundwall was jailed for 30 years over the horrific attack last week after choking his victim with a dog collar, then raping her as she passed out (Picture: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office)

Moments after she boarded, Sundwall put the ‘dog-collar type’ device around her neck, then tightened it until she passedout.

Sundwall, 47, then raped and tortured his victim for several hours, with prosecutors describing how at one point she regained consciousness and ‘begged for her life.’


His boat was anchored near an uninhabited island at the time of the attack, with the woman finally escaping her ordeal as Sundwall sailed them back to the mainland on a tender.

She did so by jumping overboard, and reported Sundwall to the police soon after.

This abandoned boat, registered to Sundwall, washed up in Melbourne, Fla., six months after he attacked the woman, sparking speculation it may be the vessel on which she was attacked (Picture: Fox 13)

He was charged with sexual assault with a weapon, as well as child porn offenses after investigators scanned his computers.

Sundwall admitted a less serious charge of child battery and 20 counts of child porn possession to avoid going to trial.

He was sentenced to 15 years in jail for each on July 26, with the jail terms set to run consecutively.

Monroe County Circuit Judge Mark Jones branded Sundwall’s crimes ‘atrocious,’ adding: ‘Obviously, you’re a very sick man in the broadest sense of the word.’