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HMMS Hour 2 – “I Hate Miracle Whip” 8/27/18

Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I’m always I’m. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. You for a reason. I’ve been tested a number of occasions. Always done. And I think I understand. In my family’s history in game my experiences. The important things not to look back and figure out all the things they should’ve done it for lots of those. But don’t look backwards gratitude. Never talk to anyone. He’s just fortunate. Because John McCain. Now is it true that his mom. Is still alive she’s a 106 years old yes cracked amazing yes absolutely should easily amazing didn’t interview. Where she had said that ship our reverted surname. She said the dash is very very proud. Of his legacy but it’s still very difficult no matter how old they are comparing your child now. And all right. Well more on that as the morning moves on it is 701. And this is WA AF FM and HD one west Borough Boston. WEE. I HD two Lawrence. And WW. BX HD two Boston. And now they’ll be half a the bad clams with a WAS. Sports that without a bunch of those over the years. I’ve brought you by doctor Matthew oppressing doctor Robert Leonard derby or doctors of Wes Welker Minko. The big bands scout itself stud and I’d yours truly. It is wrong I grounder toward the middle but the second baseman on the left side has it throws flow through private cars. Ballgame is over at Red Sox guards left. No she got Joseph would go go go sue us we’re we’re on to Miami with that there. Could the knobs from New York. Are just five back Sox Marlins Brian Johnson gets the Marlins Jose. The ring you tonight at 7051 Nelson BEI New York people 53. And they are big and on our socks with 31 to go skipper Alex Cora always when classes powerful. Suzanne big inning on Saturday against last now when we ran all the stuff. They shut us out there and we’ll include at bats together and there weren’t there were outstanding MM. We were great so I guess and this time tomorrow and then Tuesday go them. Baghdad a Sox have a tough way Holm. It would seem with I think 31 to go or so. They got fed to get the Braves against stroh’s sewer backward. Very very very good and then they have six more. Tilts with the Yankees and Indians today and they got a good having you here in Cleveland so. Take on T don’t tried but just signed patriot wide receiver Eric Decker called it a career at 31 yesterday. Weren’t that there I know. The little blond on do you love playing and it’s so maybe we are in different. I mean Eric Decker and his wife I’m dusty dale Thacker should have the name will not be around us this NFL season that’s bad that’s served for both sexes both the men and the women are upset about this but. I don’t know maybe. Then maybe he felt like he was. Two older wasn’t gonna fit in down they are. I was available bawdy Wear and tear through these are these the easy. Yeah we’re from easily played in years skis yeah I mean I yeah Julia bearing or 101214. Militants are rumors of world. Candy he he signed a one year deals so. He retired or American Seagram. Next up the Arctic I’ve missed about for the patriots after Carolina loss Friday night the G men down in Jersey. On Thursday night during the pitchers set to open up on the ninth of September for real Houston Texans at Gillette. Then it’s the jags lions. On the road in the fish at home and we all off. Welcome our. Andrew locking court’s tilt in week five because he’s suspended for four games which I believe is pulled aside heads up for college pigskin fans it’s our game on. Why knocked off Colorado State this weekend rice beat prairie view. Wyoming top New Mexico and U mass crushed Duquesne 6315. Eagles and minutemen. At 1 o’clock on Saturday in the chase through ten mil and the FedEx Cup itself the the first Obama for a four went down yesterday and bracing to sham bow. Fired two under 69 takes a one point 62 million dollars. Tony Tino came home second at fourteen under your Little League World Series champs so low off. Did tonight. Yeah act. I will try to pronounce this right monarch Lyle call on how dash surrounding her who started off and why rules. Three simple for South Koreans take home all the marbles I’m albeit Smith sportsman. IE do the college football news and not gonna mention that Bentley kicked the season off on Thursday that Regina Lewis and I’d that Tibet data stud wide receiver I’ve covered him tough game to start the season against west Chester up. Apparently picked I believe numbered tune to finish second in the any pen pool nice and so. Sixty gamble see over there will get the tailgate I don’t know what time what what’s what’s actually start until two antlers yeah really at 2 o’clock 130. If it can’t be anarchy shall at 6 o’clock in the wars we are inspired. Not. I’ll be pleased that in. Shoot you know me and not operating and grilled on not having some and it lives in brilliance I guess yes that’s right yes yes yes will be operating the capital yeah. All right and multiple corrections LB on the Yankees they are six games out it’s very important. That we get that right so that people aren’t panicked game. Where did not reasonable insofar. Well I mean these there I heard 6 today this morning in these protesters are also saying six but doesn’t matter they’re gonna ballots this to the regular hot stocks it’s called. Atlas and you’ve got to have some faith and a little bit of bad faith in the past kind of rushed it and it’s it’s it’s it’s what six at six. Partner. All right we are gonna play your home L voicemail messages back in one hour so you can lead day he’ll email voicemail message right now on any topic. He’ll Mel voicemail number is 6177795463. With a matter of. You really cure of its five or six days that’s not why the race I think people can I think there there absolutely an uphill. Yeah. I’m in the windy everywhere analysts just you know giddy up I mean there at Fenway Park all right you say you got beat by the lowly rays. The planes on fire it’s headed to the moms attack that it. And our right coming up we’ll get to today’s nation of puts these reports. And we will discuss perhaps the most ridiculous emotional support animal story of all time. We will also get to some award winning redneck news actuality. Great audio and we will meet. Both of them Monday’s markets that are coming in the studio this week there’s two of. Arms and two of them yes and one what breed of dogs are that they’re lab mixes the ultra results. Three years old yep. And they can be adopted together where they can be adopted separate yet they’re bonded so if if we’re gonna happen in Bonn that I alone it’s. You know you LB you’re so close you know I think that each other gal or guy that you know they paid their put me in a bra cyanide they would not go to LaBroque show without the rest of the breast. Though there they love being together. But it’s not like that sometimes get dogs that are super depend on each other and they get depressed if they are not together. Not necessarily the case at this pair but if they were to split them up they would wanna make sure they have the right homes and kind. All right. Well we will meet both of those Monday’s months coming up on today’s Hill Man Morning Show waits to new threat favorite states sure OK yes it. So new that Jeep fall over. I asked her. Or is now a woman who thought he had bad Chinese food with actually pregnant. Another addition what is the reason why one would keep the sport is Florida. Not like the rest of us that’s ridiculous. Did you know there’s a town. In northern Florida called Mae L. No but I must go there. And did my Fries in the act. I did you might not want to I’ll have to hear this story knowing how you feel about certain thing oh really yes now. The town of Mayo. Recently made a deal with cramped Heinz. To temporarily change the name of the town and John know they’d know they’d I know where you’re going within us they did they didn’t change it to miracle whip. They’re trying to all our he’ll honor glib quick. Miracle whip is not mayonnaise. It is salad dressing area it’s not a it’s not amenities that addressing and it’s corals now. As a result of this little publicity stunt they would be paid anywhere from 1525000. Dollars by the company OK and here’s Rick it’s weird. Even though it was obviously temporary publicity stunts. Their plan was to do is a prank they’re gonna change the name an angle around an interview people and find out what they’ve gotten. The problem list. Because it was a prank they wanted to keep it quiet so they held a closed door meeting. Which represented at some craft time Ali landing out open media legal violation open meeting law violations and quickly boy so now the trick is ruined and the town a not getting the money from the company NB could be facing fines for all the king’s people ought to step up. I like the date they do they’re great when it comes to the minis game the addict the king’s people. On there ought to step up in and point five grand to keep it that they should call it cain’s Florida. Gains mail Florida don’t count those people Helmand itself as that’s right here competitor us. Obscure reference yes honesty behind my own my final Bruins teammate I tried to convince some word number 57. Hole that would have all. Well these are really did when he went when he signed with the Columbus it’s yes genius. That’s funny it. All right it is 710. And 2 days Hill Man Morning Show is presented by echo Stewart technologies. Your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot com. We discussed on the show from time to time service animals. And I think there are some. That are bothered in fact when we were talking last hour about. National dog day which was yesterday. And the restaurants in California. That allowed god speak with humans. Because California it turns out is the most. Dog friendly state in the union. Here in mass hole Leo we are number six. When it comes to those who love ducks. Californians California’s number one there were some who were saying why do people need to bring there. Their dogs everywhere where it’s a mile out were right we love donned their man’s best friend there a woman’s best friend Jeanne you know the deal and then Lester edgy and you quadrant is about him. However I think today. During the nation of policies reports. We have perhaps. The most. Concerning. Service animal story from the airlines. And that is the story of the service animal. Ku had to travel. We it’s loan. Service animal. I mean I suppressed they picked it can be very stressful obviously being a service animal of and so you need to have your own. Service animal. In order to relieve that stress so DC. CEO of United Airlines Oscar Munoz recently did an interview with David Bernstein Stein teens dying from Bloomberg. And they were talking about a case that happened recently where an emotional support animal had its own emotional support animal we’ve got a dog in a monkey. Still unclear on who was supporting whom okay he describes it here. I once heard about the peacocks stories like I won’t go without one we just had a recent experience where one of the emotional support animals. We weren’t required. Another. Emotional support. So it. Was. A dog and a monkey and somebody asked me earlier today. Which totals of forty it’s not I don’t know that answer. Somebody getting out of plane would like five different emotional support animal yeah. Went through supporting each other I’m right here it’s like it’s like you know why is is flying in the campaign the arc anymore I mean I don’t. I mean that’s not that’s absolutely not I was reading over the weekend that I believe at Southwest Airlines. They had so many requests. That they finally gave in and said that you could have a mini one of those mini horses. As a hotel. As an emotional as Wheeler yes that’s gonna look now has an am at the emotional that’s our MO NK so yeah any horses the most practical of animals he bit gone through the rest of them. Yeah this is where we planned dose whereas with a mini horse yet is vital to notice that it’s Conroe. Do you take out a row of seats for the mini bursts I don’t know Kenya seek help extend the mini horse this what about what happens when you let it go how many guys. There has been pretty period Biggs a block grant a I’m ready bag on the other end and exhibit up and so are some there are some people who. Certainly see you need an emotional support comfort support animal oddly they definitely do but there are a lot of people like faking it if I mean most people run it for the people that immediate problem and ends at emotional supporting animals. Are not. They don’t they’re not granted the same protections in guidelines under the Canadian service animals rights of people walking to a place that only you know Brad Watson at TJ Maxx is like. That says I’m a service dog it’s like no. Not on this service died and she just pooped in the house for secular and our god. In that era. Let’s. And she’s too emotionally. She’s struggling emotionally so she can clean up after about what amounts to this area where yeah right because Eric Decker. Retired purists still. All right but it. We are going to play your whole Mel voicemail messages back. At eight so we have some time to leave the hill mail voice mail message. On any topic film L voicemail number is 617. 7795463. We’ll play your messages back and eats. After that we’re gonna go inside the simple mail mind so if you’re a woman. And you are confused. By the basic. Neanderthal like way that the male mind works he can ask LB to explain what is going on within emea and in your life. That’ll happen at eight and you can just text your question. For the simple mail mind. To the text line which is 97107. And I mentioned. Earlier. That word gonna replay a little bit of an interviews that we did with John McCain on this show in 2014. We’ll do that about fifteen years or twenty minutes or so and I have tickets. Doce Aaron Lewis to giveaway. Aaron Lewis is at the Chevalier theater. Coming up. On September 8 which is a Saturday he’s awesome he has he has excellence the great dude and we will we will give those tickets away during the nine. O’clock hour this morning. Today’s weather brought you by spot hero. And Summers is not going away. Easily I’m not going away quietly it’s going to be. Hazy and hot and humid today the temperature will be 88. For high but it’ll AccuWeather real Phil temperature wise it’ll feel like it’s 95 today and then. There is an excessive heat warning. Which goes into effect tomorrow morning. The rule Wednesday in temperatures are going to be in the upper ninety’s. In our back tomorrow gonna mean 98 that’s what that’s gonna break a record. Of 96. Which was set back in the in the fifties so. Get ready for that the. The moist smoggy weather these last meter will be a pin and they’ll be in the red and finally here’s a way you can save time parking. Use spot hero for any tiny park first time users can enter promo code we’ll. For ten dollars off spot hero park. Smarter. Let’s get some news before we meet both of them Monday’s mocs were coming in here and just a heads up that we will be live. On FaceBook. So you can see both of Monday’s markets. There 23 year old. Buddies. Tom and bears allowed pit mixes I would there Heredia two female yet to females and they will be in here. In about six or seven minutes for Monday’s month but right now the news and the news this hour is brought to you by. It’s in auto group looking for a car under 101000 dollars does that raise new lot for any six Washington street or not. Quality cars under 101000 dollars perhaps you also this hour by booking dot com. From hotels and resorts to unique vacation rentals and Europe’s booking dot com has the perfect place for your next vacation is it booking dot com to book the perfect place for you. Booking dot com booking dot via. Well just been fantastic audio this morning out of Kentucky. Eat Turkey creek may end. Says he’s mortified after catching an armed burglar stealing unusual items from his home like. So. Well. He says there’s a drug problem you’ll hear him address that in the in the idea yet. And he says that there’s a lot of people who are on. The math movement. And he arrived home to find this guy stealing some of his belongings. But not like the television and stuff like that it was the soap. And cheese greater and kind of popped out to you wouldn’t think would be that valuable but. Here is the fantastic. Redneck news actuality. Left him by an adventurer here afloat caddies went crazy and live for night when I finally got them here who have split actually love Patton go spend a lot of open it looked like he was packed about four yard sale where he can be dimpled there a moment when I got back around my house with no luggage without outlets say we’ve been. Still the case he’s right. To drop the water laughs now and so you can bottle of foreign. What got me the most was the slope. Spelled without host real salt Mexicans don’t buy it. Don’t ice pack. And may think champions have arsonists I thought that these are new here Kindle would be thief. His cousin all have it can’t that is me neighbors narc him out there Ehrlich I think Roger Clinton to elements to Africa. The most pragmatic math before it ever. I’m gonna need dozens soap and the sweet monologue is great and she’s very disobey in the arena so I was gonna resign his son and you cheeseburger. A here’s the taxer who is wondering if he said freeze drop the soap always I don’t want is that the it’s. Wealth is in the news today did you know. An irrational fear that one that’s been squashed which is good not literally there was a boa constrictor on the loose since August for two weeks yeah. People were panicked that occur in this neighborhood because the boa constrictor had gotten out of its cage. And was roaming free loops and people were afraid to go out of their homes and things like that and sun gets my friends family lives in that neighborhood guys. Are wreaking. What is Scott from women’s also with a friend and as expected providing. Them any Nazareth is the if necessary I go in there. Anyway so the five foot five inch Long Island named Michaela. Was recovered yesterday by its owner tomorrow so some neighbors found the ball in a hole in their card. And tomorrow also spoke with channel Sen. Just starting out and find. She gave me a tight. Deval all she’s all muscle. I feel like that and I’m really and camping out down the line it will mean now. And then we have so that sounds for a lick of yellow losing neighbor. I used yeah yeah yeah okay how do you feel known ski it if it. I just hope they get it do we have a snake darom when you come on the snake and magician. I know snake charmer yeah. Well it’s mainly just I’ve plays. Places instrumental in his name comes out of the yeah. I think there’s little play same in France where than you ladies to have the whole roll and no ball in the men can see Nadal. I manly man moon moons this. Well people are those are you allowed to have a boa constrictor and physically so they’re apparently don’t you would now one in a I don’t June reptiles and really Shia while it would report was don’t have the experience we’re done with only what don’t like about the president and I don’t like that might just have notes and the not a fortune which you have ultimately could at least make like a rattlesnake or — vote in the house there’s kind of tough to have like a ball and a baby squirrel yeah let’s just. Ask him for challenged us world he really and the like pinkie tested don’t you made her. They get to snack and I hasn’t bigger next time thanks. All right well that’s good news I’m sure those people are. Feeling better this morning and sagas what else is in the news today Greg we all though that you are known cure France’s captain cable yes yes. I assume that you you being mentioned earlier today but obviously it’s Sunday night you probably watched a boatload TV last night. I watched I watched a lot of TV yesterday and of course I wrapped it up with the the finale of of those sharp objects which is. I had not read the book apparently people who read the book you have been waiting for the dramatic finish of that for the whole entire time because they knew something that the rest of us didn’t but. I was. I believe on this show alliance suggested. Last week who life a lot. The the murderer was yes you did I’m trying not to reveal too many things because we have a wins they rule on the show. And I know that people haven’t been it but but the the the the doll house discovery last night. Well Lou absolutely blew my mind I had I had no idea and you know what I didn’t know either. This is not really spoiler this is not a spoiler about the show but. I had no idea until I watched the after special thing. That the actress. Who plays Emma. Liza Scanlon. Is another Brett. And she did that. The basically the Missouri accents. Like the late then the best ever and I think I feel like she should get an Emmy and an. But anyway yes why are you asking I do watch a lot of television and Marshall out of yesterday. In his study out that says if you own a TV. You’re probably not having sex. Really who got another surprise you older married Al Sadr and a long while but well what’s the problem that television is distracting you know your fear focusing more on watching Netflix and I’m chilling is pretty much out of scientists from the University of Delaware. Analyzed Dieter firm four million people from eighty different countries. And they found gaps. People around the world. Are showing a willingness to substitute electronic companionship. Or human companionship. The author of the study actually singled out game of problems. As a culprit. And they say that TV used to close down at 10:30 PM okay go to the color bars of the flag I’m glad nothing else to ditto and a so they’d get a nice with each other. Now. You get 24 hour television you’ve got on demand yeah Netflix CNET everything in the world I got a catch up on right until you fall asleep. LB interesting that you mention that because they also did mention the world’s Smartphones in the study. Whereby even if you don’t have the TV in the room for a better with you like some people don’t like to have a TV in the bedroom. He’s still a hundred and Smartphone your ipads he can still taking digital content and you not having awful pima thrown news over the weekend too by the way both senate and see. There they’ve fallen behind them so they may not make the April of next year deadline on the final season in May be delayed even longer than April of next year teachers. Which is it is an absolute disaster well that there on that their own crazy location right in late New Zealanders Ali yes yeah I think what day they start day it’s it’s the editing I think they said that the editing is. Is there is taking is taking on time. I anything else in the noose on a parent out all right. If you wanna be on the show this morning you can call on the framing him Ford studio line that number is 617. 9311223. Or you can tax. On the text line which is 97107. And coming up at eight. We are going to play you’re held male voice mail messages back you can leave one of those right now on any topic. Gold mill voicemail number is 617779. 5463. Here is. A tax that says. A woman I knew oh. Or I know. Recently got divorced. Just showed associate could have more time to watch the clicking. Channel. A great channel. Records show notes are there now. And I guess if you don’t have enough time to watch TV because here. A year how does your husband is always a grab athenaeum in the area. And the manner in. Let’s get to this. Looking for a very new friend hey guys serial thoughts what they Hill Man Morning Show help you what about the walls were about to. It’s time didn’t eat Monday’s much. Stop me. On W. My face and body is brought to you by team goes in May. Vodka the vodka for dog people each dog in this month will go back to their shelter or Foster home. We have a welcome home Tito’s wag basket. For their future home. And owner and I am about to share. That cute his video. Both of Monday’s. Monday’s months. Walking into the studios this morning and I’ll do that on mine incident and the polygamy sect in the air. And that will be. The a story on insert Graham if you’re not following me on institute Graham. Greg Hill 107. So you can stay up to date wit everything that is going on on this show. And with the foundation and the like. And this morning. We have. Two dogs here we are on FaceBook why a right. We’re FaceBook live FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks you wanna see both these dogs and what is your name Lindsay Lindsay and where you from. I’m from Patrick Eddie oh what’s called Pappas at. Is it okay all right and tell us about both of the Monday’s much. We’re here and fill. And any drugs that are. Being earned it by their owners. Because there owners had some health issues down and I’m no longer definitely that they feel they deserve. I’m so they are three years old they’ll add picnic is that you learn the process. I. County where irons are you found in Tennessee and a tunnel on together. Now they came up to mask and their owners it took them in and have had them for the three years. They’re incredibly trained they actually have completed the first level of canine police dog training that’s awesome. So there they’re really played very well trained and there also affection trained though. When they got them they really want to make sure that they could be here around kids adult underdogs without any problems. So it you can pull on the ears pull their tails post them and they want not react because they know after that and lots of love. I ever heard of that that’s amazing yeah I had harassing either and they have put so much training into these two dogs there. There completely heartbroken they had to surrender them by them we economies and if and in some. So what they’d do better and home to gather or well. We idea only just because they’ve been together since earth we would like to see them together if the right and came along we’re certainly not an apple and pack a cash and we will let them and it would have to be furthering. And if if someone is listening right now who thinks they have the right home. What’s the best way to go about starting the process would you guys are so you can come check out our FaceBook page it’s Patrick any trash and on FaceBook an end to Graham and care patriots’ Haiti project dot org if you wanna check out what they get a little faces you hey yeah. Sunday. Says there’s kids yet now thank you Greg and I have rather. But the he apparently hiking and they’re trained to be awfully hiking is only about eight at ten my week and taking. There. Very energetic and love to do you work and it it really make agree. The super beautiful and other British government and its they had human rather who’s a few months old just. Oil. All right. Well there are Monday’s months you can get both of them home where you can give either one wow. And thank you for bringing them in today you are having an irony it is 740. And there’s Monday’s modest program. Monday’s month yeah and then if you work with and recognized rescue or shall take an email me. To me Monday’s much WA AF dot com I’m looking through the end of September. Now on have you won’t be on the show just have to be able to be in Brighton. For about 720. Right. I’m coming up well let go back to 2014. And listen to a little bit of an interview that we did on the show. Who is Senator John McCain. Well I. On my is the gram of both of the Monday’s months that were just in here and hopefully one of fuel or to view. We’ll be able find a home for them for Holmes for themselves. Greg Hill 107. Follow me and it’s a Graham and the check out both of them Monday’s months and there in my story as well he reminder. That you should and there. To win tickets for Pearl Jam this weekend at Fenway in a lecture re sweet. Now race you can do that at WA AF dot com slash Pearl Jam and then. Be listening for your name. Every weekday. At 1230 during Carey show and at 530 during our afternoon show Matty and neck. And the very sad and disappointed it is grammys whom was blown off. On a very romantic breakfast date that that Danielle had scheduled within. And then last minute she decided to go grocery shopping yes that itself. But you’ll be able to if you win you’ll be able to watch. Pearl Jam from Fenway sweep and it’s brought Cuba recognize their. And WA AF Boston the only station that really rock so if you already signed up make sure you’re listening for your name at 1230 and at 530. And if you have in there and make sure you go to WA AF dot com slash Pearl Jam. To get yourself and here’s an 857 tax I’m just gonna read it because. You know I get it there’s some there’s some people who listen to the show or Saturday just so taken. Text in an NB confrontational. And and and and aggressive. But this 857 taxer says I knew Greg would be silent. About trumpet being banned from McCain’s funeral. And I know I wasn’t I was not. Silence about that I just that hadn’t happened and I can’t believe that John McCain’s request was that. Both Obama. And boy. Should 4043. Speak at its at his funeral so. And the course and it’s well documented that the McCain family. Had an issue with comments that our president made. Where he I would be paraphrasing but where he said he. He basically said John McCain was a traitor. That John McCain is only a war hero busy well captured bullying N’sync traitor he said that done. Yet he didn’t have as much respect for those who got captured yet they like the ones that are captured right by AC was there ever writes Donald for quite right. But. I didn’t want to. Replay a little bit of an interview that we did with the John McCain on the show in 2014. In which she. Which she joined us to talk about torture and I mentioned this earlier but John McCain was always willing to come on the show. Course it helped if you were running. For president then and he wanted to catch one to reach the New Hampshire voters and certainly he was. During both of those campaigns was on the show somewhat frequently. And this interview in 2014. We are talking to him. About torture and then of course we get to the really important topic. Which is television. And we talk a little bit about homeland. In this in this segment but. This is John McCain who. Past the way on Saturday after battling cancer. At 81. Years old cracked and I think believe. By many to be one of the most. One of the most civil politicians that that our country is has ever had. And here is a little bit of that interview with him from 20141. Of my favorite guests on this program joining us right now Senator John McCain I am interstate in your opinion I know you spoke yesterday about this and I guess. I’m UAE UEU have gone through it so EU would have more of more of a an informed opinion and I. But it was when it comes to their release said that CIA torture information and I I personally I hear about a guy. Like police Sheikh Mohamed who. Plan the attack on this country that killed that 3000 Americans innocent Americans I hear about him being water boarded it doesn’t bother me. I MR eight I write it does not bother me one iota. But I know yesterday you said you’re you’re you are not somebody who believes we should be using enhanced interrogation techniques. You know great. I think many Americans share exactly how you feel that after they killed thousands of innocent Americans that. We need to do what is necessary I would make two points one is the reason why we are different from. Is that we don’t. Torture people. The second. Point is that frankly it’s not an effective message the most effective method is a good cop bad cop thing that are. Law enforcement people do every day if you inflict enough pain on someone they’re gonna take whatever they think he won here. In order to make detained stuff so it’s not. And effective way and and very and very much you know the reason why they are enemies is because of well of who they are and who we are. If we do the things that they do. Which. You know torture people. Then what is the difference and so. One not I think it’s wrong from Maine moral standpoint the second of all I don’t think it’s effective and keep arguing that they did. But. Every bit of information I have is that they get and by the way. Do you want to great effect that cat waterboarding somebody which is seen near death experiences. This exquisite. Form of torture do you think he should be water boarded a 183. Times. As Khalid Sheikh Mohamed lows. I guess it. Senator it’s hard for me because these people are savages say day. They cut the date they cut the throats of journalists trying to do their job day day. You know they they just they don’t live in the same world we live in owed and and shouldn’t be breathing the same air we breathe so I I I agree I find I find myself saying I don’t care but when you you know you’ve lived you’ve been tortured. So when you when you argue that way it’s compelling them I need you could you could change my mind it’s just very hard for me. Very very hard Natick. I understand that Americans certain art ever around the kitchen table Americans so all over our country today there are discussing so I’m just saying. That we did sign Geneva conventions for the treatment of prisoners that those were what that we metal side but we are certain. And and so do we want to be the same kind of people as they are. And the second thing is of course it’s very important is. How effectiveness and now the work of art there better ways. Of obtaining that information as well as I detest them I’ve seen. Their work I’ve seen those. Pictures of the people who have been slaughtered by them this. And a crisis for example just declared mission note that enslave men over women in keeping with. Which are real law and indeed these are these are the worst company year. But I’m just saying that we have certain moral standard that people have to look up to do and we have to maintain. And especially when there are other ways. In my view of obtaining the objectives that we see which is to destroy it not to degrade but destroyed. Senator do you do you watch homeland by chance. I’d love for Medicare and they’re GM now we know what she would do if you are passionate about the ball but the path. Gary I don’t carry it through yet but they don’t carry that little emotional. As I know that it did in watching. The serious but it’s fascinating series and now with this. Attack on the embassy in the prisoner swap what the situation in about a person truck we get a prisoner swap now we know we’re Bert golfer. I have al-Qaeda and Al batches of the five that. One or more of those people are not only hurt the fight now and the question is assist. Is was that work in order to do that and the other thing is that other countries tranche of people out. Should we ransom. Are people out my argument is small because I at all it does just encouraged. More people being take taken prisoner. Little bit of the interview John McCain on the show from 2014. Yes and pretty intelligent guy made him and pretty open. To all kinds of ideas and and I think that’s with some people might say is lacking. On both sides. Of the political. I tell these days Sweeney you know if there’s very few people left like that that are that are really like editor in charge of running this country yeah and Avi. He had that great talent talent what Charlie Baker has where he’s open to your idea. But at the same time he’s not gonna compromise he he may but he’s not gonna give up what he believes run like that exchange with a view. About torture that’s like John McCain for me in a capsule right there right he he took your point of view in recent well I respect that. But I feel this way and it’s not gonna change he didn’t call you a Communist probably could have said they’re actually Americans fear hate so much bigger and it could have called me a.


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