Friday, 9 December 2022
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Here’s How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

It’s no secret that Americans love to celebrate holidays — especially the Fourth of July — with a spectacular firework display. That said, not everyone is a fan. Case in point: The loud booming sounds of fireworks don’t exactly have a calming effect on dogs. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on anxiety medication to keep your dog calm during a firework display.

Discover how to keep your dog calm during fireworks, ahead.

dog in the water

dog in the water

Keep your dog inside during a firework display. | Rommma/iStock/Getty Images

Keep your dog inside

One of the best things you can do to keep your dog calm during fireworks is to keep it inside. Whether you’re hanging out on your front porch or barbecuing dinner in the backyard, outdoor areas are not a safe place for dogs during firework displays — especially if they’re nearby.

Provide a safe place

In addition to keeping your dog inside, another thing you can do is provide a safe place for your fur baby. If your dog likes its crate, that works. If not, create a confined area for your dog and leave it lots of comforting items such as a favorite toy, blanket, or even clothes that smell like you.

Make sure it gets plenty of exercise

Another thing you can do to keep your dog calm during fireworks is to make sure it gets plenty of exercise during the day. Whether you take it to the dog park, on a run, or let it swim in the pool tiring, a dog out before fireworks can help calm some of its nerves.

Dog playing with toy

Dog playing with toy

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. | Alexei_tm/iStock/Getty Images

Keep windows and curtains closed

Closing your windows and curtains can also help. Trying to drown out the sound — and flashing colors — by closing the windows and curtains can help muffle the anxiety-inducing sounds and, ultimately, calm your dog. If your dog is in a crate, try placing a blanket over it.

Give your dog something to do

If your dog gets anxious during fireworks, one of the best things you can do is keep it occupied. Make sure your dog has plenty of toys and, even better, a frozen treat to keep it busy. Add your dog’s favorite treats and some peanut butter to a Kong and keep it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it. Make sure to give your dog the treat before fireworks start, that way they have something to focus on before the show.

Play music before the fireworks start

Drowning out the sound of fireworks is one of the best things you can do to keep your dog calm during fireworks. That said, you’ll want to make sure that the music is on before fireworks start when your dog is relaxed.

Use an anxiety wrap

You might also want to try using an anxiety wrap. Invented by a professional dog trainer, Susan Sharpe, CPDT-KA, The Anxiety Wrap is a vest that utilizes the benefits of acupressure to help reduce stress caused by thunderstorms (or, fireworks), separation anxiety, travel anxiety, noise phobia, and more in dogs.

Try some dog-friendly aromatherapy

Lastly, you can try some dog-friendly aromatherapy, such as Earth Heart Canine Calm to help keep dogs relaxed and calm during fireworks. Canine Calm can be sprayed onto the hands and massaged into your dog’s stomach or ears, or lightly misted behind your dog’s head, onto its bed, or inside its crate.

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