Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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GOP Debate, Improving Utilities, Director of Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program, Service Dogs

Congressman Ron DeSantis and Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam squared off at last night’s Republican debate, the last before the primary on Aug. 28. During the debate, Putnam questioned the substance of DeSantis’ campaign and the value of president Trump’s endorsement, while DeSantis continued to link Putnam to Big Sugar. They discussed school safety, water issues, and job growth. POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo joined Sundial to discuss how the two performed. He says that although Putnam is very knowledgeable of Florida politics, last night was “just a terrible night” for the candidate. 

Approximately 62 percent of Florida Power & Light customers in the state were without power during Hurricane Irma. A new report from Florida’s Public Service Commission is looking at what steps Florida can take to improve its electric systems. The commission collected data based on the state’s response to hurricanes last year and came up with recommendations based on what they learned. Some of the recommendations include more available workers to begin restoration on power lines and debris clean-up after the hurricane, tree trimming near power lines and more underground power lines. Mark Futrell is the Deputy Executive Director of Florida’s Public Service Commission. He joined Sundial to discuss the new report’s findings.

Last month, the Director of Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program, Christian Bax, abruptly resigned amid controversy over his handling of the state’s marijuana licensing. Many, including lawmakers, criticized his competency while in office. Some have questioned his background and resume. News Service Florida Senior Writer Dara Kam has been reporting on the legal case surrounding the use of smokable medical marijuana and joined Sundial to explain Bax’s departure.

Last month, grocery chain Publix added new warning signs in their stores about service animals. The signs read “For food safety reasons, only service animals that are specifically trained to aid a person with disabilities are permitted within the store. Service animals are not permitted to sit or ride in shopping carts.”

Dog owners took to social media to respond: 

The issue of service dogs has become very controversial in many states. Recently, nearly two dozen states have tightened their laws on fake service animals – including Florida. Daniel De La Rosa has been training service dogs, emotional support dogs, and therapy dogs for over 30 years. He has his own dog training business in Fort Lauderdale and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. De La Rosa says after Publix’s announcement he started receiving more calls from confused pet owners. De La Rosa joined Sundial to break down the Americans with Disabilities Act and tell us where certain trained dogs are allowed.  

Source: http://www.wlrn.org/post/gop-debate-improving-utilities-director-floridas-medical-marijuana-program-service-dogs

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