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Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, August 9, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & Jerry Stackhouse in Seg 2)

I’m really going to hate myself for saying this as the only thing she got right she should cater supper saying that she said stupid that story number four though Justin Verlander. Com. Granted an interview oh I saw this this is why worry how I got help for his baseball game out granted an interview. Talking about non baseball things. And he credited his now wife is pregnant wife congrats to divert. Way to go. With saving his life not just his career now with his life as he explains why of course is Kate Upton. He said that he was injured. 31 years old and really like. And that’s what makes this Verlander stored there incredible like he’s like also now Australia and he was awesome before but he went a little phase where he was not nearly that guy anymore no. And he says like I’m injured and I’m just a got a lot of stuff going on I’m battling with depression and like I it. I don’t know if you didn’t mean this sincerely or not but he did say it like I was close to jumping off a bridge. And then keep upping comes and in my life penalty and and she like save me like she was almost like a therapist that the joke you made as a joke about you’ll made like. Yeah Cade acting to save my life too but like when you’re battling mental illness like I don’t care how. Beautiful somebody is or how great they look at bikini like that and really. Always help you. When you’re battling real mental illness. A boy it not her body but her presence. On seem to have really helped Justin Verlander at least according to Justin Verlander now says he’s happier than he’s ever been. And he’s pitching as well as he’s ever pitched and he credits his wife for all of that more word to the point. This is and we talked about this again yesterday. I’m he’s the latest. Athlete. Joining a list of Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan and Serena Williams. And if you wanted going to entertainment Kanye West to openly and candidly. Talk about their struggles with mental illness and say listen you know like yeah I’ve always or for a while now been rich and famous and successful. But I’ve also been going through it in a variety of ways that maybe. Are you can’t see from the outside and it can help. Some other people. Who are rich and are famous and are successful. But suddenly feel like they at least have something in common with somebody and Justin Verlander can get better. Kanye West can get better. Or Kevin Love can get better than maybe they can get better too and so at the tie these things together. The women speaking up in the me too moment has had a real impact on other women all over this country and and athletes entertainers speaking up about knowing her illness I think it’s having the same. Type of effect as well Geoff Calkins is up next. Code word this hour is the word date TA TE text to date to seven to anyone we’ll give it echoed again in three minutes. Rosie she’s ready to nine FM ESPN radio to. 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Crispy golden pen trust fund trust in something’s not on price. On the bus face starting at just 599 only see these prices and participation Barrett Jackson thinks it’s lifted restrictions apply. The city. I’m so serviceman. And a single care in the world. Further. Ready to right field you better song. Old friends motorsports at 5656. Goodman wrote an old branch for shop online at all. So to script approval to see your dealer for details. Download the radio guy. Nine FM ESPN’s. Right now we use coup. The worst days GAC is set it to anyone tech support dates. T eighteen ED seventy anyone that you chancellor thousand bucks and you’ve got 55 minutes to do so sexy so. And 6 o’clock with a site. That’s that’s very very show on 92. And we just thought kids on today’s show good. On that story about in the Wake Forest assistant basketball coach motivator complicated situation. There was a tourist from both what’s. Who. Was in the queen’s. For his brother’s wedding. Don’t know why your brother to get married in Queens but whatever I’m a business. And the guy was drawn and looking for car and couldn’t find it because he’s strong. And was banging on car and he banged on several cars including the car that belonged to know Joan. And Bill Jones. Confronts him and then punches him in the guy rocks hit his head on the pavement and then dies in the hospital. But certainly not murder. I wonder if you can just our viewers what am I supposed to do when a guy’s playing a moment now aren’t being drawn from just Iraqi People in general but he won’t do it twice. The dead man breath main. Won’t do it twice in just pointing out the fact that the man will not do that twice you’re good you’re technically Iraqi. Perhaps cruel but technically right. Anyway that’ll be an interest in college basketball story. But I can’t imagine he stayed employed at Wake Forest no matter what no rationale that was Jeff Cox that Thomas Daley met the host of the Jeff talk show showed the David I’m here right now. Good yeah amounted. But put the finishing touches on another bite out of I’ll drive up that you never do you like I can tell you know about your playing yeah. We’re. Talking about things are blind so large that it ordered that make you wait forever never never never never. It makes you you got to take every out of your pocket you got to shoot off. I don’t know how you all they really. And then you gotta wait forever and ever and ever. HI LO or as good mechanical problems. And court hotline to and go hall and then you just let us all put so great age of majority 500 dollars here. It is your truck he vehicle you get the car. Twelve perhaps thirteen hours later you’re headed escalation. 01 off the idea twelve or thirteen I was just in Cincinnati so what might be others like if you if you had a neighbor. And everybody. Your neighbor got home and you like or were outside for some reason and you watch your neighbor like parked car right outside the garage. And then get out and they don’t like lift his garage door oh and then pull this carpet ride. I’m not left has told you about garage the world it and it be I don’t know what is what is this thing go you can get this thing is you keep an McCartney pushed them an opening daughter actually like. I’ll tell you are with airplanes like give no concept of airplanes like even the way you describe your clicks it’s just not real life for somebody who travels as much as I know what you described. Like AEA we’re not leaving go home. Like almost never happens I’ve probably flown I don’t even know. Thirty times this year feels like and that’s it’s that’s it’s happened why I got stuck not in we’re not where I was just. They complain about here click it like twice in the last couple years. I actually twice puts that yet you know what I call it or or when ally happen ball that big of a collection are. And the and I heckled at a golf what do we do occur. But it funeral are letting a lot but I doubt it out realize a good play out Friday they were stormed the Chicago could lead to troop surge got a a buffalo. And then they’re gonna flooded out that a little bit without a candidate to get their time like after I don’t let. Twice a last. A couple of years like a but the truth is due to acknowledged. Not good multiple triple. And you cookie if they bring jet flying in coach. If you are not a tee they preach yet she is a pro anything less than six hour drive is not close or now twelve hours is different. It could you bring YouTube as a new kid at a cheaper or not. He had trouble you get there twelve are I agree that they dropped but sexual or last produce you’re got a human being. Much better. I suppose but likes things I have they’re like you you don’t have to have some sort of status would delta you can like anybody can get TSA pre checked you know you’ve got to go. And I also have clear it by making it clear now clears not in the Memphis airport. But it’s that the board is so I have it is beneficial it’s the best if you got a combination of clear and TSA pre checked. If they treat you like you were Leonardo DiCaprio. Going through screening like not only do what it. Clear on the bird could look like actually discovered. In Madison I have a child okay. So what you do is you didn’t get this clear machine is as a machinist has cleared easy to identify. And then you walk up to and you take your two fingers makes you thumb whatever they’re called and you place a Melissa yeah. And it does it get your finger prick and then your picture that you took whenever you signed up for clear pops up and they go. Welcome back mr. perished and they don’t cope with us and they walked you a person escorts you even pass everybody else and TSA. Prescreen so even if there’s a slight lead TSA prescreen. Screening they walk you past all those people like Whitney watch. Like if you see it TMZ video and it’s for instance can card ashy and and you watch clearly somebody who works for the airport. Usher her to the front of everything just to get hurt the roof because her presence in a lying just calls as more commotion than they need they just it there and try to do a much of their detriment to our favor as much as like let’s just get hurt the room because it’s insane. That all the attention she’s drawing in the cameras and everything else. That’s what they do for that’s what it feels like you almost find yourself apologizing. To the other TSA screenplay. They talk what it was what a terrible what do they create a bet I have done a good. I thought it cost some money and a double into the title to not let Eddie do expect yeah. You have to go do disease that. It’s I think 85 bucks and it takes twenty minutes. Actually good DL yeah I should do that. Clear publicly or was it clear that the. They’ll like. It is more than a hundred but not more than 200. And they put. I have been everybody who do projected clear. True. All about everywhere to think predict everywhere clearly is not in Memphis it’s clear is not most places like I really only to use clearer. I think at LaGuardia maybe at used it at LAX is well it’s not everywhere. But it is there and honestly just the way it makes you feel always worked at 200 dollars like they did Jesus they walk you have a other people get threat and it’s flat it’s it’s like some. You’re not important. But they are treating you like your heart and I wanted to do the street to the floor if you could pay 200 dollars to make people treat you like your important work. It might make Jon Karl or I’ll do what sort of port that nobody has come on the yeah. There are people who know clear who will look at you and be like oh he yes clear. But that other 90% of people in this screening line who don’t know anything about clear day I if this happens all the time they look at you like they’re trying to figure out. Who didn’t know you lie because you decrease. Some. Things I should do that that I should be clear that I speak your data typically it should give the preacher. But even that would that this particular drives. What I wanna deal call. Obviously we’ve got a great site that three of us that. The Travers city Michigan is a guitar or Pete you’ve got a little earlier or option I got the true but the Trotsky raji got I got a child on the back up to get the battle. I got Carla I would what that would let another 500 dollar worked great for us she and then. Ha but yeah so even though the Olympics that’s at I’ve IE disputed I bit about sister about it. 23 years I tried a packet or division again. Twice a year. I don’t strides this 840 while our trade out of order out shot. A harder time but it stopped anywhere that I’ve not stopped for a capitalist. It does go to been everywhere or Porsche and I bet they’ll do the job very well putting a little Pat Brown. Braddock the play treated profitable Jerry audience at New Madrid county. And elaborated that orient. Rickles sites in there again. Yeah pretty closely you go to the home throw balls now aren’t cut out and out once what did you think. Man I listen here’s the other day. A frequent Lambert then throw rolls time. It’s awesome for kids like eight when he was young loved it and Oliver now loves it Oliver’s they lose a little too young I don’t think lose ever be any might have been before or. Like Elliott who has been good wit last summer and so lose that opened Tuesday. The kids you’re capable of throwing things in catching things. I absolutely love like it’s just an amazing experience for them. And I’m sure I was that way when I was the kids who can I remember being there and I was a kid but at Murray aids with my eight. Issues. But I. Interested and a lot of people holiday food. I don’t want touchy I don’t wanna be like. There is not interested in his communal X I I don’t wanna gamble I don’t wanna be kitchen my food. Voted out how the food itself to duplicate called coconut that would get the three is good yeah. It looks like it’s some. Yes it’s like southern food. But it’s the way it’s set up as you or off the menu. But then they come out every few minutes and they’re like hot rolled and you hold your hand up and then they just start. Roll roll all around the dimmer image and it’s like crazy. Rolled slightly what you would enjoy you know now. We will but I don’t like we’ve been disease were I don’t like touching threw my hands and it’s episode so pitching through my hands like a whole issue. Am I can get over that against but then it’s like the problem is. These guys ain’t Greg medics. I. They don’t they got a lot of the pain garnered with the lump and I like that like classic dramas now Oliver will be like hole. Look at him for a while home and then the guy throws a little too I’ve Oliver and I won’t coming in my head I. Want to be involved and so that’s an issue and then in in addition to that they’ll come out would like a big. Pot like this lady be walking around a big part of Black Eyed Peas and she’ll say you want Black Eyed Peas in your lakeshore and they just dump them on a napkin right in front of you and they’ll be like you want. Put black IP dot net. Absolutely will put black at Pete on a NAFTA if you have those like brown paper towels that you might see a bathroom. And they’re just laid out on your table and they just dump stuff on it like it hate you want some fry don’t quite. I think I’d like them right Joker they didn’t break. Fried okra but are you yeah I ain’t got these. Actually a better barbecue place and slicing called Dextre is that I like it’s better than that I think that’s my personal preference for they think they expressed interest here in San. I used to go to the patrol rolled place and I saw on that found this yeah I think if you had children take him because of the experience but it just like out with a girl on a date as 23 year old. You don’t need to be able to. Sure did like throwing rolls around home. And contain what is. You know you could market egyptians and dot that we saw Earl little. I can be a little late don’t you don’t want you we want no part of the yet output to help get a cynical about sect. And that’s especially true on how to conduct that expect had a delicately we’re going to be very. She’s I. I remember the last time I am I right sir I believe I’ve ever been in a thirteen hour car trip. But I would say the point you make is it’s of an important point that we make it sound like I just flying all over the country because I’d like did the money doesn’t matter. Guy I’d like lying. Fight plane tickets now every time we go somewhere the family. And beat the reason that makes sense to me where my dynamics is the other is because I fly so much. I haven’t actually bought a plane to go my own money in years. Like I got so many dealt the point I just cashed in a Brazilian government initially wanted to go back to Mexico again tomorrow. On points I could do it again tomorrow so I don’t actually. Like like when I was trying to rule. You know decide we just wanna go to normal beach tide beach or like just get on a plane go to another country hang out or all inclusive resort. I actually figured out the way we were gonna do with less expensive. But it like clearly better but also less expensive and the reasons less expensive is because I don’t have to bite any flights ever and never like flights. He had no that’s Patrick that’s a good site other number to a number two was there as to what a great amount almost a best. Bit of a great courage. Imagine that matter it’s. In ancient like you immediately picked accurate picture catcher Mike Greg Maddux is the quintessential if anyone has it is there anyone who. Like in terms of our particular opinions sportswriter like if we had that could actually great hall think that your butt and interstate. He is the most associated where accurate picture. Patron Betty quarterback and like I hit job on Cadillac and outgrow it but. It ought regret that it’s not that big image and hit you pulled it out immediately. The guys who could throw an active role in Greg definitely right. I could view it like if you were trying to make a point about. Man I was on fire from three point range you might immediately like everybody else go like step currently like he’s known for that the way to. It’s today you wouldn’t do you know let them let. A great attitude is just. Twelve hours ago you’re still like great actor at all. Like Eric that’s what they got like seriously if you didn’t if you are not old enough to have watched Greg Maddux pitch or. If you can’t remember how unbelievable he war is going YouTube in just typing dramatics and there’s all sorts of videos. Of like it is in same. Where he could place a baseball there is one thing they did one time. Where am sure you can buy this on YouTube they actually blindfolded the catcher. And it didn’t it the the point being you don’t even have to be able. Just put them there you put it right into your Mitt you do not have to be able to sleep and they block all the character meant to put it right and it. Right where redneck and I mean like rock like. It’s got there’s only one place this ball can go where it blindfolded catcher can catch it and he put it there. Every town every town every time. And you know they YouTube video cook why could you bet money but search got it lets you yeah. I I hope that when I die. That. There is no way for people to crack open my computer and go and in my browsing history. Because I. Record is someplace I give in to some of the weirdest places such. She sent. Back. It is it’s usually at night. You know you it it it’s artsy you poured drinking you play with the kids and you’re watching a baseball game. And then you’re in a group text with some friends eventually the kids fall asleep Kelly’s asleep and now. It doesn’t matter how focused you like to have some drinks and get some work done doing really going to get ahead. I have some briefing get a little work done but eventually you hit a point where you work anymore you’re just so distracted by. Being not completely sober and you’re watching Greg record videos on YouTube and yeah I kind of went in the past six months I guarantee you liked it thirty minutes. On YouTube probably around 1147. At night. Watching Greg Maddux YouTube videos like set. This happens to me. All the talk last night. My buddy McCloskey was in. I think Minneapolis made and he was like yeah OJ and beyoncé are playing like four blocks from my hotel should I go. And I’m like absolutely you should go. And he’d like started looking at ticket he’s like do it but look the worst ticket in the places 200 dollars and I’m like that’s because the show is by all accounts amazing. And so it’s just putting that fought in my so they get a conversation there come a national August when there are I was gonna. Go Kelly and I had already booked a hotel on everything now I found that I got to be in New York on August 23 and so I was like yeah I was born in Nashville but now it had to cancel that. And it’s just those little ultimately I woke up this morning and look at my browsing history. And I’d watch like 47 straight JC beyoncé vehicle for like from like this toward just like video people shot on their so iphones I I. I must’ve spent an hour last night. Watching JC beyoncé videos and why just because that’s all it takes is that little all in my here. That is what happened to America. Like I do think America does a lot of that well lit up BJP it beyond strategy what do. He played pretty well. Yet know exactly right. I get I get I I get this what it it’s often something I see you on Twitter or I’d seen on TV. And I’ll go I wanna know everything about that. The guy immediately when I know I wanna remember everything about that I wanna see that. It it it’ll happen it it just happens all the tar. Well do you get a duplicate the UQ could come on video and you’re right. There’s seven or videos right there as a hobby I and Gary are you now or all our. I did it I did it. I think that two days ago just middle the day. Somebody tweeted something about Sasha baron Cohen’s old boring character. And it was about a joke from that from like one scene in that movie. Some like I don’t really remember that seeing some of the gold find it’s a go to YouTube and find it next thing I know I have watched Sasha baron Cohen’s. It in me. Acceptance speech. I’ve watched him at some. English. Some Brit awards. His hold it there. I’ve watched an entire Ali G episode and I look look like I see. I think ready to veto what do and it’s all because one thing got in my head and now I’m I’m like totally down the rabbit hole YouTube got that figured out. You watch one thing and then they got two things sit there waiting for you and I will let me see this let me say this I didn’t let them pick it took part show. I’m watching this miniseries a biggie to talk next thing you know I’m like watching Al Gore long documentaries about two talks occur just because that’s like that solitary. Good drive there or not I think I think practically everyone because some variation of that it had you ever go out or all white bear no. That guy you are truly severed just I just got bought YouTube. No not so focused on what he’s actually supposed to be doing all kind of look what is it like to keep their vote could I could do I could do it. Well I gotta watch out underground. Layer enjoy the rest your driver all I appreciate you helped attitude toward anyone. I’ll have another time to left that alone as have target idol I wanted to be back tomorrow Gerri let’s check out what the McDonald all American game MVP in high school. Sports Illustrated player of the year in college at North Carolina eighteen years in the MBA too darn MBA all star. Former G league coach of the year. And now I don’t staff here in Memphis. Which may be bicker staff. Gonna join me next IDC 9 AM ESPN has met this is NFL station isn’t for the titans game against the Packers tonight coverage at 6 PM kick off at 7 PM live on 99 FM EST yeah. Like keeping your freedom and this is all. And it was in your medicines. Two times nineteen. He’s the titans on 99 FM ESPN that I want you think your favorite happily placed along and I’ll wait. If you didn’t think of the swing guru and we need to talk. The wind blew. Was gonna ranked sixth best when join in the US and number one in Memphis we have national. Or when you sauces like Tony suicide. Garlic so Russia Memphis dry heat lemon pepper hot. Honey easing than I no wind and our newest flavor Nashville high. We friar Winston premium peanut oil which means your wings actually tastes like chicken and not the fried pickles they were done right before your. Locations and not Mariah and stay drove him. 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Also offers business networking and IT services for small to medium size businesses true they do so viewed network or server is not performing well that should. Called Cooper systems they can design and troubleshoot network server configure your firewall for maximum security. And improving your wireless network they can get certified networking here Ab GA site and get your running smoothly against a remember. If you need servers business class workstations routers firewalls laptops desktops Microsoft software licensing apple products. Virus removal. Any thing Cooper systems is your spot that is corporate systems are not oil as part. 3609679. On the web Cooper systems dot com just appear to field a smile soon or not. Lionel. Is it getting better show. Bears show is live from the bluff restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN’s. Point nine million pairs oh here and 99 a ME ST and he was a McDonald’s all American game in VPN high school to Sports Illustrated. National player of the hearings college and a two time. All star in the NBA during an eighteen year career after retiring transition to coaching one what is now known as the geely I don’t. In 2017. G league coach of the year 2017. And guys remember JV business desk staff with the Mets is good and I am of course talking about. Former UNC star Jerry’s that Kathy joint drills back it’s scary bears thanks for being a man. What compared represented every minute thank you. Now you do me a favor and first off thumb I enjoy. I’m just so far it’s nice that he. There are pretty good at. Cougars are smoother there restaurant’s own. Sort of food he goes to work well both on and I’m excited about you know it’s that’s all part of it you know this didn’t. The table limits have been great this welcoming you know they’re excited for us. It will. The good seat removed who’s gonna comparisons are being you’ve been in order to. Let’s good to hear like let’s not only pocket watch in on him but here’s the truth like you made a lot of money in your NBA career you could probably be doing whatever it is you wanna do. At this moment and yet you spent years. Not just on an NBA staff other you’ve done that. I’m but like in the G leak and that’s that’s different world then five star hotels and charter flights. You know I’ve been like just randomly on flights would she league teams and I have like 611 do sitting in the middle of 32 bit wrote 32 girls like there are a group. It’s it’s it’s not the type of place where you typically fine. Guys who have had their careers that you had but what it suggests to me is that. You want to really you wanted to really be a coach and that is a place to have become that you walk through your decision to. To give up what would otherwise be a glamorous life do whatever you wanna do to live that G league like for multiple years. Another that the that the group part of my purpose built on duo wanted to try to go and that the Kremlin and coach and then. They’re not a bit my path who would have been removed you know coach I know. Local user may have miles to loosen them. It’s usually there’s very little kind of pass correctly from the dead corner of it the end this is there in the game obviously. I coaster you know the grassroots network start I know little maybe that’s also. That was you know sort of part of part of valor you didn’t see these huge revenue in the hotel open you know what like this stuff out there doing their beat cute or do that god created man you really great event that would meet the need to meet. You don’t go that you know we’re professional team the fifth group. You know all the things about David duke from the standpoint of they can schedule dual power and staff gone it was never a coat experienced good assistant coach. So probably taken a step back with the state to step forward in the where did our current insider who’s serious about coaching. Do you know or may not be a close it out there any doubt in Hutus are quite ever a doubt been blue blue 130 NBA team and and they don’t. You know lay out those who are. In the torso speaks. I looked at least favorite you’re great comedian Boca who can get some biblical could do is look. You’re still young guy how much do you think it helped expedite your goal of being a head coach by already being a head coach like it’s one thing and I don’t mean to diminish anybody’s role anybody’s death there’s one thing to be number four assistant as opposed to. Listen whether the G illegal whatever you’re running this team this you’re making the decisions that’s got to be beneficial I would assume. We have limited. People on the ground there that. You make objective American citizens and residents are bigger they’re coach you have to make those decisions. This is just couldn’t understand that they. Candidate culture and you better system doesn’t know what to expect you know kind of things. No we’re on the certain groups in notepad that kind of bought the circus and then he got that good. You know there are you know largely trustworthy pitch you can have your delegate got you got to be kids who don’t know. And I think that’s why it’s you know as excited to be a part of it is no they didn’t even come here any. In our objectives coaching title logo one person’s integrity more guys that. You know they coaches that brings so moaned every side of the pocket and he says we have an important game collapsed and so. I don’t know he just told us don’t experience very I just can’t keep them. As an assistant you have to use them so they can always going to be case where. You need head coaching experience so now but rather that look all I have check. Standpoint norms you know I had a couple of interviews this summer would be your car we were to run over our world. And and so just experience of going through there and understand what their process so well it was unbelievable for me so amount this feel like more hard. And you know I went back and ask questions to those people who are in a few quick things that you will look into that you’d better. And I think that that seat back and help me next time around in a little bit too. Are we interviewed did. I’m talking to Jerry Stackhouse of former NBA all star now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff everything I read. And again this is probably just one person’s perspective but. On everything I read was that you do interview well and that you come across not just as they. Guy who was an amazing basketball player at every level but somebody who. Really understands the game and and since it is specializes in x.s and o.s has that been. Not to ask you to talk a brilliantly about yourself I know that’s uncomfortable but you can bet that is that I think that you’ve also got there that everything I heard was like positive stuff. You have a little I’ll pick you lose you know that sir that the court does not welcome another you know we’re confident so. Always have to occur without it interviewed my. In they could get through it much look at homeowners there’s big big. What we’re used to you about your word for me this time around me just being able to. You are about to be on the bench because I have been on the bit spoiled by an appearance with case. And sort of that you heard about it. You know eighteen years who they’re playing experience who are older than her demeanor agreement and go to war on. This got a funny weather system where it goes together earn chops to gather. Got to pay your dues or whether that was able to do that in people recognize curb those cheers from a crowd who wants to load you know I’m not a it just took our time do. Keep these guys to everybody got in the noted. Game homestand you know it goes in there and now what can you give these guys exactly you know that they because. My playing career what I’ve been able to do here when things are broken a huge transition they have done their best kind of a part of my success I had a word ball. You know bad guys were blew open a New Year’s broken. Do not because they’re trying to do so what I’m doing which uniquely equip our relative garrison turned to. Come in the game and then make their mark in the game Garrett who have been in the game and you know maybe you can take on a different role coming out of danger got towards in his career I’ve been all those guys that say normalcy something that could argue directly into their work. Out of my current I love the game you know term you know Mets have been able to dinky because McCain. Clay anymore and it says this image removed. Contributed and I guarantee our guys to a rare form coaching marks hey you need back in 2000 and it caught the votes are what those he would get better. So they’re not like that. I’d like to mimic they have no problem. Don’t what I need to do to transition. Them to go to two to two broken in London because game. They’re not really work you know who need right now I’ve been my dream car without. You don’t like not so I want big brick. I am bound NBA player and then you know and they and they because they’re decent to good look. I’m talking to Jerry Stackhouse former UNC star former NBA all star he’s on Twitter at Jerry’s that cast it’s interesting because Penny Hardaway now the University of Memphis head coach. Got into coaching a similar way that started work on middle school kids and when he got in the grassroots basketball. Do you have any relationship pitting. Not that in this kid that got on assert command are pretty. Court so whatever. So that their car their mom or grandma and beat them grow this program are the biggest. If an advantage pretty rare because we didn’t they didn’t see he’s here today could go there I call the worker would have eaten we don’t going to reduce patient. So it’s like I got there at the type noted they say don’t do brown and you know. Right now he’s achieved is coming out now and it to become household names. You have put forward a million little part of it development so that they didn’t know. Good to be eliminated departments where are you got a lot of cute maybe not that you have to vet the pro level. You know if we give them opportunity to. Because education so I mean these kudos to have a Big Brother won’t be doing over double that that. I’m talking to Jerry Stackhouse here in 99 if ME ST I mentioned earlier I only Wear your McDonald’s all American League MVP of the McDonald’s all American game and somebody tweeted me and said that was actually played at the mid south coliseum. You remember vehemently about the history of movement and it. My experience. Man I have ever again out of Bhutto’s are the slew who is done they’re branded whom you rather have taken it draw the district. Restaurant manager at you know that we can with the guys currency bill that we can give you historically to Tokyo we’ve. Downtown near Winfield job on my main victims Kokomo local local scene I was. April the cowboys were David PRC to try to get that they got had 28 territory ever and that lowers the market for a record third out acute. But that is and also has done a diluted shares back out of former UNC star. Of former NBA all star he’s on Twitter at Jerry Stackhouse now a member JB did just asked a staff. Armed with the Memphis Grizzlies and it’s despicable me is these things were quick Mike Conley. Helped you progress seen can you update us on and on how he gets. Well I’ve this game and give Merrill ignore you know to which our government. None of them blues played very well it’s addictive game on the court he’s. He didn’t go well I don’t work I would have last week in new moon go well man going in the current conflict wreck on their artistry. There’s a lot of it’s great create those are those who aren’t clear lead us look so good we got you start B star he’s going to therapy we’ve got to have so. As you can see them. Back in the world could freshen sort of monitor instead of one of being on the call will consult me. You know they’ve become staggering blow minute you know not make issue and I do too much for training camp where. If there was excited about it. That’s going to sit. And obviously the Iraqis the star of summer league but certainly the most encouraging players summer league given where he was selected in the 2018 NBA draft. A Jerry Jackson. Really that showed a lot of the stuff that. Make people think not only was where the grisly Smart to take him where that they took him. Perhaps some other French I should’ve taken him even higher what did you make of the summer league DJ Jackson put together. And this starting groups losing good you know you can pretend person or the the vote their standpoint and respected in their return to. Bring fifteen you know that there is declared that the greens are little salute all the women got the hinders young defenders of their own particular rim and wanted to hear first and then he comes out and make their innate greed so I can do that pick their argument. Excited about it particularly add them I think you know. So grown. You know you can work in progress where you don’t play the deepest talent and not to play in a good he’s fortunate that some island to Mark Green there and spin around. Their credit better and whose. He can learn prone and at the same time the conclusion typical well Minnesota is still have built up the competition so you know physically. Excited about that where the oil businesses that picky if they’re great parents again there are mixed yeah. Well and you on good bankers all of its greatest possible we do today our didn’t know very quickly. Coke also would America grows this is trying to watch and what about the sudden the coach. I’m wrapping up here were Jerry Stackhouse former NBA all star now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff last thing before I let you go it’s a little bit off topic but I think your good person asked because. If you’re not some anonymous high school player who became an NBA star you’re not some former high school star who was irrelevant in the NBA. You were the MVP of the McDonald’s all American game you were the Sports Illustrated national player of the year. At North Carolina you spent eighteen years in the league two time all star you’ve been incredibly successful at every level of the sport. And just yesterday the NCAA announced a whole bunch of rule changes to college basketball but they’re still not elect. I’m prospects like you were once upon a time except any significant monetary. It inducement or anything from agents. You still can’t expect except fair market value in any way whatsoever. As someone who’s. Did all those things that describe but also somebody who worked in grassroots basketball. Do you ever envision a time when the NCAA actually recognizes that. People like Jerry Stackhouse when they’re seventeen years old all worth an incredible amount of money already and to try to restrict them in so many ways. Is just a battled it’s gonna be a losing battle. Until they actually bring about real change. We have a particular around the runway and then my personal opinion arts epic period. The model is completely broken them you know the term good bad days on the ground our goal Dixon but I think the fact that. In the vote this spring in the want agent into it there’s gonna ultimately. Can’t solve the problem and get the players union involvement would grow players. You know these kids have the reputation took a couple of detained without English speaking on the other. Good until that happened the amount that agents are summary kind of got their name about them being able to boost but it agents are governed by the close associate. So that’s what they have to color then and include these accuses someone we have been talking about. You know what you are unbeaten ball won’t be on that committee to decide who could needed the most subjective. Though it’s slowed in how to use. You know Arafat whom this Garrett gap filler even though American expert is like he’s you’re talking agent where each unit blunt about the guys on the order got this slippery slope there the poker. If you figured out that our computer been taken away you know pretty into some form or Colin can come out next week he’s cute. If not yet been confirmed they wanna come out that you garlic and see all. BP Q do warn him like he’d been awarded these severe as opposed to churn to have those CPP do you that there were at each individual ice who. Just it is good that makes sense I’m Greg Burke. Though they want to do the right thing where you got there are some of the right people live the minutes elapsed. I regret who could repeat could you trying to go round got to get some of those people to dictate to understand. Blue book value. In an it doesn’t value that agreement or you know you’re not caught ever called Kirk. People out there’s a quote to these few that in that they could you compare that there than there was critical piece. So more than there’s going to be the other way around that is at about 100. In the bring your reply to dictate but it most current push to give out no. You know all their mini game you know monetary will debate it billions of thousands and all of them in two. It came in well known territory you’ve been a bit deeper layer in Google Talk about are we. Resolve then that basically only strictly with us we have within the proposed talks. He reiterated in SoHo hopeless figured out with a look at it tomorrow or certain. College basketball but at the same time these cute deserves something the matter and that or so the pair shoes that you gave me right you know. In what ideal world in what other world are not allowed to sell something that belongs to you. Well as he. Uploaded because you remember it well that’s. Got that those aren’t I don’t know if we don’t. I don’t get it I don’t get it either sounds like honestly the NCAA would have been wise to invite you into the room and bad that Mary didn’t. Get there do you mean you go until. Should Google are working on it Gerri it’s also bad here I appreciated them glad you’re in Memphis and I’ll see you soon. Take care that’s Jerry’s telecasts former NBA all star current member of the Memphis Grizzlies staff just terrific carry. You know they are there there’s a bunch of guys who have been successful at different levels of the sport. He has been. At the top of the sport. At every level you know McDonald’s all American game MVP. At the mid south coliseum which is some I did remember I am I I appreciate. Kelly bringing that up on on Twitter and there’s a multiple people have said they. They were actually remember being at they gain a lot of MVP McDonald’s all American game. National player of the year while at North Carolina and then an MBA all star at the professional level elect someone who was awesome every step of the way and by all accounts has a brilliant coaching career and in front of them he will be a head coach in the NBA. At some point he had interview opportunities this this offseason. Obviously didn’t get those Italians at the Memphis but when people tell you JB Vickers to put together a great staff. You know they are in part talking about. Jerry Stackhouse being part of that staff and he obviously interviews well as well because he was terrific. It was really get it you’re just there now backwards and it got very into. The sale Friday and Saturday only select ten pet food for priests. 99 cents a plus Qaeda and digital coupon. Kroger now. 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And here’s this summer classic on the Tennessee lottery. Does this engaged. That Tennessee lottery game. Just inevitably response just to clear field a smile center hotline now. Together a better show. We did you spears show is live from the blood restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN’s. My guess Bradley yesterday James king of Sam Marta they are here in Memphis they provide expert legal representation in a way that makes it comparable. Good going to be average trust somebody on his side finding solutions to the problem that you’re facing including workplace problems or sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. If you’ve been dealing with that man or woman it does we’re told place. He usually. A certain way but definitely an undeniably told way. OK if you can dealing with not only our workplace that’s uncomfortable plus plus. Possibly lethal. What you worried about it speaking out because you don’t want to toss the toughest jobs for those losses on your career it’s understandable somewhat short as the king of money they’ve been dealing with these cases for a long long time men’s. And they can guide you through it makes you don’t make any missed steps if you need if you call the phone number is 52888889015288888. Column date or night Tom Gary Parrish would rather be anxious to help get as the king of Mardi on the web essence keen that was. I’ve got to come I don’t know if you saw this video that’s circulating just now. Mine and even the wearable. Little controversy because it’s more I think it’s a local store that. The nationals toward the Kelvin Benjamin display fur collar Panthers and and now he plays for. The a Buffalo Bills. Right so the Panthers and bills are opening. Exhibition games against each other tonight okay and suicide this former first round pick of of the Panthers now playing against the Panthers and they go and ask him. Couple days ago about you know his time with Carolina what do you remember about academy engines like and you know I just. A web feel like I just should have been. Playing with someone else yup I just been like with Aaron Rodgers or Eli remaining a big dinner any accurate quarterback. Right and then I would’ve you not have a different time there but it is what it is. And so you know that’s gonna be a story in in Charlotte right and off you know and if gay people who love Kim Newton a reason to to defend him and people who hate can do no reason to jump on him in bed so that’s perfect for talk radio and Charlotte OB. So there’s videos now because they’re getting ready to play they kick off from like five minutes of play and Cam Newton walks right up. All old VA went right to a hawks right got a lot of them face to face a boy and he’s like. He’s like yo what’s up and you can seem close handout they’re like trying to shake can’t come into will not shake his thing. These are guys who were teammates while won’t shake his hand and somebody tries to get in between him cam might grandstand I grab some I’m overstating right I gotta put nudges them when I Delmon is between me and him let his caddie. And television and start trying to walk away from Camden came to stall and around that feel this is all have him going wow that’s pretty good video it’ll be it’ll be all over it yes and scans that are all that stuff but I can actually respects somebody like who did what cam did and I know Manuel a pop up above me must have a conversation I’m the around here just like here I am it’s me I got no respect for people and got a problem somebody else and the more actually talk to him. Like well why don’t wanna talk about it what are they getting it within your. Like I’m here let’s talk about it right now only cal where would choose not to do it that way. I got respect for Camden will be an accurate quarterback but I like that he did that did minute ago. Joe’s presented by Humphries prime cut shop of folks folly original piece did or did not. We learned today I hope I just up the focus of the news that broke while I was talking to Jerry Stackhouse is from the grizzlies Mike Wallace among my check on Twitter. That report larger bond Carter suffered a right thumb ligament rupture. Freaky injury thing yesterday during the work out in that loss in Vegas so let’s back. Oh we lost maybe our third point. I don’t know if they got shuffled back got signed because I garner might be hurt for a little while we’ll say that’s a good reviews of the day what’s the biggest game tonight. Play female is expected to make his bears debut for the university that this target the bigger but that’s not on TV you’re looking for a televised game NFL network. Browns giants obviously the big stories there baker mayfield number one pick in the draft. Making his debut of fickle Barkley number two pick in the draft. Making his debut what she’s done watch on TV he either is or Jimmy Kimmel tonight and Kanye West they announced today. Just gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel whether or performing or simply talking. That’s unclear but it could be a first late night appearance and in many years certainly since before he had to break off. Think Pablo Torre and and be hospitalized and all that stuff so I’m sure that’ll be interesting TV if nothing else to 1030 tonight on ABC. Is there anything I need to make sure I read. Don’t read that in Orlando he’s been doing a lot of reporting and writing on Woody’s. Real about the college basketball rules changes what do they do what they do not do what they mean what does not mean you can find out that CBS sports background what’s on tap for tomorrow up your border at 11 AM. I’ll be opened the Jim Rome show again tomorrow from 11 central to.


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