Monday, 16 May 2022
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Gabby Griffin of Roanoke Rapids is one dog richer, thanks to some volunteers, family and community members.

Gabby, almost 10, needs a service dog due to some medical issues, her mom Nicole said.

With the Disaster Immediate Response Team (D.I.R.T.) heading up a lunch fundraiser on Friday at Builders FirstSource in Roanoke Rapids, the Griffins sold more than 500 lunches, between pre-sale tickets and folks rolling up in their vehicles. The $8 lunche included two barbecue sandwiches, coleslaw and chips.

Nicole said at first they were worried, because the pre-sale tickets were slow.

“And all of a sudden it started exploding and people started buying tickets left and right,” she said. “The D.I.R.T. team is wonderful and I can’t believe what they put into it just to volunteer their time. It’s amazing.”

With the addition of previous fundraisers, they were able to reach their goal of about $1,500 for the initial cost of the Labrador Retriever named Molly and her training. The Griffins will have some additional expenses with the dog, Nicole said.

Molly was trained by Michael Beaulieu, a dog trainer at Ventosa Kennel in Scotland Neck. Gabby’s dad, Frank, said the family had visited the dog a few times so Gabby and Molly could get to know each other.

The kennel is a police dog kennel, providing police K-9, military and civilian obedience dog training. The dogs are imported from overseas, Beaulieu said. Molly was trained for about five to six weeks, specifically for Gabby.

“She is going to be a comfort dog,” he said. “We taught her basic commands, such as sit, heel and stay, but she will play ball with her, be by her side and protect her.”

Nicole said the dog will make a huge difference in Gabby’s life.

Fundraisers have taken place at the Builders FirstSource parking lot since around 1967. They were started and are still led by Herman Moseley of D.I.R.T. He started working for Builders FirstSource in 1963. The current building was built in 1967, where Moseley thought of having drive-thru fundraising lunches.

“Growing up, my family has always tried to help others,” he said. “I just felt a need to get involved.”

Moseley managed the store from 1978-2003, and while he retired in 2003, he continues his ministry, which he became president of in 2007.

“God has blessed us and we do the best we can,” he said. “I work as hard as I ever worked. But it’s an enjoyment to do it when you don’t have to; when you are helping someone.”

Curt Strickland, Builders FirstSource general manager, said Moseley is the one deserving credit.

“Providing the parking lot is the least we can do for the community who has supported us for so many years as a business,” Strickland said. “It is our little way of giving back.”


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