Monday, 25 October 2021
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From Our Readers: Dogs of Napa County

“Tucker is rescue pup we adopted a few months ago after losing our dog Brodie of 14 years . He’s inseparable from my 5 yr old son Hunter. Tucker is a mixed breed bull dog. He has the recessive Merle gene in which I can thank for his beautiful blue eyes, white coat, blue freckled butt, ears and belly. Extremely attentive, a healthy appetite weighing over 55lbs at 7 months old. Tucker is quirky and a professional snuggler. From playing in the yard, taking naps or taking baths these two are partners in crime and I couldn’t feel more blessed. I am Grateful for local resident Neda S. Owner of Simbas Paw Dog Rescue and all her and her fosters selfless work. It takes a special person to take on the task.” — Stacy Rossi, American Canyon


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