Monday, 17 December 2018
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Friends Of Falmouth Dogs – October 19, 2018

Households all across the country are busy planning Halloween costumes, so we got to thinking what our guys might choose to trick-or-treat as.

Poppy would likely want to dress up as a golden retriever or perhaps some small fluffy dog, so more families would come see her and realize how awesome she is.

She is so eager to please and so loving that when that right family comes along, they will discover just how lucky they are to have this girl in their lives.

Poppy is a 2-year-old terrier mix, one of the breeds known as a pit bull. She is a very young 2 and has been working on training. Poppy has made great progress but will need a family who will continue her training. The good news is she is a follower and is quite willing for you to be in charge.

At 1 1⁄2 years old, Rambo, an Alaskan malamute, is also in need of training. This boy doesn’t really know just how large he is and, actually, is still not done filling out to his adult body size.

However, some things are clear about Rambo—he is handsome and enjoys attention. We think Rambo would choose to be a movie star for Halloween. Pick your favorite male star, because that is who Rambo would like to be—your favorite.

Rambo needs a family who understands his breed and his high-energy needs; he will need to walk or run several miles a day. He will also need a family who will continue his training and, given his size and young age, will need a family without small children.

Now we come to 10-year-old Ruby. Don’t let her age fool you, as Ruby’s Halloween costume is obvious; she wants to be a famous explorer. Basically, Ruby is going as herself for Halloween!

She loves to explore and needs a family willing to give her time to follow her nose. Although she often walks at a brisk pace and can do a couple of miles easily, she still needs those times when she will be allowed to zig and zag following a scent.

The famous part is also easy: Ruby feels like she is famous. She has been out and about in Falmouth and Mashpee, and strangers greet her by name. Clearly her fame is well-known!

Halloween Note

If you choose to dress up your dog for Halloween, please keep in mind that dogs do not like costumes that restrict their movements or block their senses.

Also keep in mind that some dogs get upset when people cover their faces with masks or when the doorbell at your house rings over and over again on Halloween night. It is often best to have them safely in a room in the back of the house with a family member, so they are not tempted to bolt out the front door.


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