Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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Four dogs graduate from prison training program

VIENNA, Ill. — Four dogs trained by inmates at Shawnee Correctional Center graduated from the program Tuesday. Project Hope Humane Society in Metropolis provided the four dogs, the goal was to teach them to be companion dogs for veterans.

James Robertson is a Marine veteran. He tells News 3 he’s been waiting for the day he can take his new friend, Floyd, home. Floyd is described as compassionate, sensitive, and timid dog. 

“I am excited to take him home,” said Robertson.

Robert Hunter was one of the inmates who trained Floyd, he was taught basic obedience and social skills.

“We had approximately six weeks a couple of months to get them ready and all four of them are beyond ready,” said Hunter. 

Floyd and the other dogs were not the ones who benefited from the program. Hunter adds the training was also a great experience for him. 

“I feel a great deal of optimism a successful program I’m so glad to be apart of it,” said Hunter.

All four dogs took part in the program and were given to four veterans. Robertson is happy to be receive one, and he hopes Floyd will be a good influence on his other pets at home.

Robertson said, “You’re doing him a favor he gets a home and you get a companion.”

The dogs received a medal and the trainers received a certificate. Inmates sat with the dogs during the graduation ceremony.

A new group of dogs will be go through the same training in December. Five dogs will take part in that training.

Source: http://www.wsiltv.com/story/39387846/four-dogs-graduate-from-prison-training-program

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