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Emerald Pet Products

Glenn A. Novotny, vice president of sales and marketing at Emerald Pet Products, discusses the company’s approach to innovating the dog chew category.

Published: 09.01.2018

How is the dog chews category performing in pet stores? What is driving this performance? The dog chew category continues to accelerate in growth with stores looking to offer a variety of options. Alternative chews are relatively new when compared to body part chews and are driving the category with consumers. Many consumers know they need to provide a chew to satisfy the natural chewing urge of their dog, but they do not like the idea of giving their dog a direct body part. The alternative, easy-to-digest category like our Twizzies product has been, and continues to be, a very popular choice.

How does Emerald Pet Products’ approach to producing high-quality dog chews set it apart from other vendors in the category? At Emerald Pet, we always work our way backwards from the need to the treat structure. Operating in this manner gives us the approach of questioning what is in the product, what purpose it serves, and whether or not it is the best product available for that purpose. It really starts with thinking through the nutritional side before building the base.

What are the latest trends in the dog chews category? How is Emerald Pet incorporating those trends in its product lineup? Alternative chews are the most in demand when it comes to the dog chew category. Our all-natural Twizzies dog chews have been on the market for several years, with many consumers asking for us to create a multi-pack option for them. We recently introduced six packs of our Twizzies chews to provide the consumer with a higher quantity at a better value for our daily users.

What are some of the most popular products offered by Emerald Pet? What are the key features of these products? Emerald Pet all-natural Twizzies dog chews are in the alternative to rawhide category and are very popular with consumers looking for a safe chew to occupy their dog. Twizzies are non-staining, low-odor and 100 percent digestible while being made in the USA with U.S. ingredients.  These chews are crafted with a unique shape that dogs love.

What are the newest products from Emerald Pet? What makes these products stand out? On the other end of the chew spectrum, we recently introduced Purely Prime Sausage and Bacon. These treats are made to be super soft with over 90 percent smoked turkey in each treat. Trainers love them for the easy to tear soft texture and amazing taste. 

Aside from providing high-quality products, how does Emerald help retailers drive sales? What types of sales and marketing support does the company provide? At Emerald Pet, we provide education through in-field training for our products, as well as education on package and with point-of-purchase materials. Engaging with the store staff and having them try our products with their own pets has always been a key focus for Emerald Pet.

What does the future hold for Emerald Pet Products, as well as the dog chews category in general? Including natural ingredients used in our own diets for multiple health benefits, we believe, will be the next step for the progression in the chews and treats category. PB


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