Friday, 19 August 2022
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Elgin letters to the Editor

Crosby’s wrong, pit bulls are scary dogs

Thank you, Bill Voda, for your letter in response to Denise Crosby’s column on pit bulls that contained often-overlooked facts regarding that breed of dog.

I, as a retired letter carrier, and other fellow carriers have our own horror stories about pit bulls and their aggressive nature. Their attacks can greatly harm and even kill. Pit bulls will bite and not let go. Most maddening is the owner’s willingness to defend their dog at all costs.

I have heard all the ridiculous comments from owners. “He won’t bite, he won’t hurt you. He’ll just lick you to death.” Maybe you mean that’s how the pet would act around you. Just once, I wish the dog owners would step outside themselves and acknowledge the risk and the fear they are causing others. It is real!

This is not about me disliking dogs. Yes, I am leery of pit bulls due to my experiences. I’m actually quite an animal lover. I have owned pets and have had to put pets down. I get the whole emotional angle.


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