Sunday, 26 September 2021
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E Collar Tips | Stop dog herding | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #436

and we're Live hey everyone how are you it's Jeff Hellman of Solid K9 Training whoa that's a new shine what the Frank Sinatra that's never happened before and I'm going on here Wow all right everybody how's everybody doing this Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training this is a Q&A show what's today Monday so we did it we did it there you go so we did it we made it to hey John how are you buddy we made it to Monday pretty good right we try to do we we try to do it on Monday it's really really important if you're new to my world a lot of you are we get new youtubers all the time thank you Youtube also all the folks on ugh itchy nose I know it's been a heck of a days we've got nine hundred nine hundred ninety degree weather here um if you're brand new to my world my name is Jeff Gelman Solid K9 Training and I've got a dog training facility here in Providence Rhode Island and what we do is we do a lot of aggression rehab let me adjust that camera a little bit a lot of aggression rehab and we do a lot of behavior modification we obviously teach dogs you know what we want and what we don't want but a lot of my show if you're brand new to the world is scoot scoot in a little bit so it's been right there is a lot of folks are going to be asking us hey Jeff how do I stop this hey Jeff how do I stop that so you hear me talk about a lot about punishments a lot and it's really important that people understand meaning it's the only way to stop an unwanted behavior is through punishments so I would say 90% of our day 90% of the day at our training center is probably based on reward-based training but we're never gonna get into the political aspect of training because people that like to spout too much like scientific stuff they actually probably don't really actually know practical applications to dogs and they just like sounding really smart so they get their ego stroked through sounding smart and I get my ego stroked through helping as many people as possible um so that's what I'm gonna be talking about so a lot of people are gonna ask me how do you stop an unwanted behavior so I'm gonna say okay well you need to figure out a way to properly punish your dog now punishment is not abuse at all if it is you need to educate yourself on actually how dogs learn so what we're to do is want to start right in now is a great time to start asking your dog training questions this is an audience participation program without questions we have no show so we need people to ask questions and they start coming in pretty hot and heavy unfortunately I don't get to all the questions so it's in your best interest to start asking questions at the beginning there's also this little dollar sign down at the bottom a lot of people wanted to become you know they'll become superfans or super chat your question goes right up to the top so if it gets really really busy you can always hit that you ask questions people donated you know anywhere from a dollar 99 to ten dollars but we don't do this to monetize we talked about hey maybe we can do this at least to get date night money right movie money baby movie money 11 dollars a piece mmm no popcorn maybe reeces stuff alright so right what do we got hmm hi John hey Missy Mae hey Jeff and now we got Jody good morning from Down Under guys love your work Kingdom 1 thank you hey guys can you recommend a good E collar yeah so Jody the I did I did a tip of the day that's not Jody that's Kingdom Kingdom one I did a tip of the day and it's like watch what we do so in the last ten years I've been showing E collars in videos and I make tons of videos over thousands of videos and I always have the same E collar back in the beginning I used to use Dogtra I'm still okay with Dogtra but I use E Collar Technology so what I want you to do is watch our videos and how we how we train dogs because that's even it's not even eat our conversation anymore it's just a dog training conversation velocity to conversation but we like E Collar Technologies the the also you go to our website you don't have to buy them from us you can buy them from Amazon if you want to I highly highly recommend not getting crappy collars there is a humongous difference and I couldn't even give you dog training advice if you had a crappy collar so we like Dogtra and E Collar Technology Garmen is good technology but it's hard to train the way we train sportdog tends to run hot what I mean by hot their level one seems to be too strong even for at least how we train if you've got a dog that's on punishment level only remote collars actually aren't just used for punishment it actually could be used for shaping behaviors as well as well as the kindergarten phase of dog training the sportdog brand would be great for more advanced stuff in my opinion that's just how we train everybody trains remote collars a little bit differently and thanks for the great question next Summer what setting do you put your e-collar on and why momentary boost continuous boost momentary continuous well it all depends on your training philosophy so you want to make the collar to match your philosophy so I actually don't personally use boost a lot of the staff member uses boost plenty of people that I know use boost I like my collars on momentary is my black button red button is continuous and then obviously you've got this setting in the middle to go up and down that's what I like to do but as far as like how do you train the dog all depends on what we're doing the kindergarten stage we do lower level continuous on continuous off that simulates pressure on pressure off same training philosophy that any of the horse people out there understand people that apply spatial pressure to dogs actually food louring is pressure on pressure off believe it or not if you train with a toy that's also pressure on pressure off if you want to see one of my dogs really like increase pressure don't give her a tug give her the tug the release of pressure so that's how we do it so it's not about how we set it up it's about what first what's your training philosophy establish that first then make the the E Collar settings the way that you want it to do next okay um Meredith one-and-a-half-year-old GSD who has reactivity issues with people and dogs he has bitten two previous roommates what can I do to avoid him biting my new roommate E Collar and prong trained I want him to like her well let's get this out of that where is that oh it's Meredith so what's Meredith let's do this number one I want you to get rid of the philosophy of you want your dog to like your roommates let's scrap that because what you really want is your dog not to bite your roommate and there is a big difference there's a humongous difference because if you use I was saving that for later if you use that philosophy of the emotional standpoint you want your dog to bite you'll assume that if your dog gets along it listens and plays with your roommate it won't bite which is a falsehood and then you'll assume that if your dog hates your roommate it'll bite and it won't so the goal is to get your dog to not bite it's hard when you've got roommates and it's hard when you've got family members that are not all on the same page your roommate doesn't need to be on the same page technically because it's not their dog they didn't sign up for this so what I'd like you to do is make sure that you keep you utilize a crate at night utilize a crate when you're at home I want the roommate not to try to convince the dog to love it with over affection with high-pitched voices with food the last time I got bit by a dog I was actually delivering a food reward to a dog so the best thing to do is work your dog make sure your dog knows that biting is inappropriate and I don't want you to let your roommate put pressure on the dog and don't have this mindset that you want your dog to love your roommate it might not it might not next ah kingdom 1 thank you I will watch your e-collar videos tonight watch also all of our videos even if you don't train with an E Collar watching our videos on our our philosophy is more important than the tools our philosophy is more important than tools next Jessica hey Jeff wait is that okay momentary versus continuous on walks I found momentary works for head-on distractions continuous if he's turned his head for a sudden rear distraction is that okay Jessica you answered your own question who gives a shit what I have to say right who cares who cares what I have to say how about if I told you that it was wrong it's a hundred percent wrong you're doing it wrong but meanwhile you just said it's working don't worry about me it's working for you got it next by the way I'm not mad next Robin when teaching a dog the out command what do you do when the e-collar setting is all the way up to fifty and it just pisses the dog off well what I want you to do is check for fit but chances are make sure you're hitting momentary we do momentary for out not continuous for out but 50 is just a number we have dogs that blow through 100 when they're in Drive we have dogs that blow through double collars in 100 when they're on Drive we have dogs that blow through Dogtra 127 when they're in drive but if you're doing out when the dog is not around we start with a non arousal out then it'll be easier it'll be easier for you to do it'd be easy for you to do next Keith when going to the beach my dog sometimes gets excited and runs after people how to punish her properly when she already reacted and how to start teaching her that's not acceptable we use the E Collar ok Keith I don't want your dog off leash at all got it I don't want your dog off leash and you actually technically shouldn't be bringing your dog to the leash to the beach and I'm not trying to be a dick here I'm not trying to be a hard-ass but if your dog came after me at the beach it wouldn't be good and I'm not a violent person but there's no effing way I'm going to a public beach and having a dog go after me or my kids or my dog and I'm very outspoken about that so don't have your dog off of the leash now question how do I get a better recall with high levels of distraction on a long line make sure the dogs got a really good recall and then you need to proof your dog in drive around high levels of distraction meaning your dog can you take can you take your dog when it's running towards someone and spin it around on a dime when it doesn't want to when it wants to go after the person so until you can do that you can't do you can you can't take your dog off leash all it takes is one time and I'm not the only one out there that feels strongly about this I don't want dogs coming after me none of us do so whether it I don't care if your dog is friendly or not by the way any dog running towards me is gonna be a threat and especially with somebody screaming my dog is friendly because I can't tell you how many times I've been jumped on I can be knocked over my kids can be knocked over my dog can be attacked you can harm one of us so then somebody I might be might be petrified of dogs or after that incident you can scar them for life that happens so teach your dog recall and high levels of distraction on an enclosed area and proof it proof it proof if proof it proof it and then if your dog has ball Drive the question is can you throw a ball and can you call your dog back before it gets to the ball if you can't you most likely can't call it back before it gets to a human so what do you do keep your dog on a leash and more training next John snow if you were to hire a dog trainer what would you look for and where would you look um John snow I wouldn't look at credentials unless I was wanting to compete my dog so I know Joe can you be favor can you just sort of tilt that light up a little bit we've never had that shine maybe it moves or something yeah I don't know it's really weird the maybe you know what maybe my head's always in front of it no no I think if you can't tilt it easily Joelle well that means it wasn't there wasn't like it tilted out of place so anyway what we'll just leave it for now as annoying as it is oh all right okay so what we can do is say sorry everybody on Soundcloud and Spotify and Google because we just had to do a physical thing which you won't see you won't see on audio only but I had to move a photo off my wall there was a glare on it so what I would do is this I would go to their website I go to their Facebook page I go to their Instagram I'd read about their philosophy and watch them work I'd see if I had a connection with a dog I would I wouldn't look at Yelp I wouldn't look at any review site whatsoever because most of those are fake it's easy right now it's easy it's easy it's easy to get fake positive and put fake negative ones on other people's sites I would see if there's a connection that I had with them did they align with my philosophy do I think they're gonna they're gonna get it good you do a good job next the in total transparency I want total transparency ask that and I also want them to have a good human skills good human skills next this one's from Pamela how do you cya after training aggressive dogs big insurance policy Cya I'm not sure what cya is cover my ass thank you how do I cover my ass training aggressive dogs we don't get bit but of course we have a big insurance policy because we're a real business so every business should have at least a couple million dollars minimum insurance policies but how do we when we train aggressive dogs is we showing you're working with aggressive dogs if you've got a skill set that is gonna be up there but accidents happen anything could happen like we can have a our air conditioning unit fail and it can get hot and the dog could die we have safety protocols for that we actually have a heat alarm in the kennel which will actually trigger a notification to the alarm company which would then also notify to notify us so of course we have we have insurance but having insurance won't prevent you from getting bit and you don't want to rely on your insurance to work with aggressive dogs you want to rely on your on your skill set is skill set next but yeah you have if you can't afford insurance as a dog trainer think of another line of work that's because it's not that much money next this was from Lori first E collar trained them in quotes okay I don't know what that meant me either yeah Jeff yep it's another Jeff Lori I just must not have seen your first question next dog walks on structured walk in heel great in house and on walk still sees another dog corrections escalate him gets very audible when corrected where's prong and E Collar have been following your video so Jeff you're missing it what you're doing is you're coming in too late so you're coming in too late you're giving the dog the information already at the past the beginning sequence of the events which is arousal so what you need to do is you need to come down with a firm Punisher at the beginning of the sequence which is usually when the dog is barely aroused so the first sign of the dog at attention you're doing that and you're also probably chasing you're chasing the energy instead of squashing the energy and that happens a lot so what you want to do is you want do a 180 move you want to use a bonker you want to teach that dog to the word no in a not out in public first that's that's what you're gonna do and it's a protocol it's a process some dogs speed up really really quick but there's always a sign there's always a sign utilize space as well you want also utilize space next drew what up Jeff and Linda hey drew what's up Kayla hi Jeff my mom's pop used to constantly bully my pup by taking his toys when he's using them she was obsessed now he growls at her when she approaches him with his toy that make sense I correct this right I didn't even realize it was resource guarding until a week ago it's always just felt like he's been standing up for himself um well hold on here hold on here who are you correcting are you correcting the dog okay hold on here your mom's pup used to constantly bully your pup is your okay is your pup growling at your mom's pup no way don't correct your dog for that correct the other dog correct the other dog got it so if yeah this is a bad comparison but I'll humanize the shit out of this if somebody if somebody walked up to one of my kids and asked him for and forced him to give him money every day and then one day my kid fought back I'm not gonna I'm not gonna I got no problem with that whatsoever whatsoever I'm not a violent person at all but no you need to advocate for your dog who's having their toys stolen so I would never encourage a toy stealer so the dog is growling saying get the Frank Sinatra away from my pup I mean my toy the other dog better go oh I'm sorry why didn't you say that before so the missing link was it's not your fault but you're not advocating for your pup earlier no big deal you didn't ruin your dog you're not a bad person you didn't mess anything up but I would if I had a dog who's trying to take dogs if one of my dogs was constantly stealing toys from one of my dogs that the stealer would be corrected got it not the victim of the crime the criminal next this one's from Heather hi guys I have already achieved a solid off-leash heel with my dog and I'm working on a focus competition style heel how do you go about maintaining a focused heel I have no idea Heather because I don't do it I don't care about it and it has no purpose in my life also be careful about neck trauma make sure your dog's getting regular adjustments or getting k9 massage on its neck long-term focused heel is bad for your dog's bone structure so what I would do though is if you want to learn more about that start following some sport dog people it's done though with a ball and or food but that's not we're pet dog trainers we're pet dog trainers and and I and I don't want to do I don't want my dogs looking up at me while I'm walking that that's they don't they don't need to do that checking in with me is one thing focused heel focused heel for long periods of time is not good for the dogs structure next and don't take my word for it just talk to it talk to a K9 chiropractor this one's from Joe howdy y'all my pity is always on prong she snapped at a beautiful boxer across the street yesterday best punishment besides the prong correction I think the prong doesn't work with him anymore oh wait I don't own an E collar yet planning on getting them so it doesn't make a different thanks Joe it's no difference if it's a beautiful boxer or an ugly boxer so I just sometimes pick up our peoples questions not to be a dick but to like sort of get like what's going on with your what's going on inside Joe's head you know what I mean it's like Joe you could be like Jeff you're being a jerk I'm never asking you a question again you're ripping apart my question like I just wanted help go after yourself but there's there's absolutely components absolutely a psychological component to somebody saying a beautiful boxer that does make you a bad person it doesn't make you a bad person what it does is this though it says to me possibly why did your dog do that because it's a beautiful boxer it's a nice dog don't worry about the beautiful boxer concentrate on your dog's behavior with you what you're doing and if you're brand new to my show you're probably gonna think I'm nuts if you know me for a long time you definitely know that I am nuts so you know you guys are all on you guys are all on the right path so this is what I want you to do remote collar is going to be a game changer but let's also make sure that we're on the same page as far as the rules and I don't want it so snapping mean were they close enough to make contact and if they were that's possibly your first mistake so I don't want dogs to ever meet each other on a leash I don't want dogs to greet each other I don't want dogs to be like oh my dog is friendly let's let them say hi to me the walk is all about work its migration its mind your own damn business walk next to me a remote collar so what could you have done prong correction after the fact it's not as effective but you do what you had to do next this one's from Melissa hey Melissa how do you know whether to use a 225 or a three millimeter prong collar usually through experience but I mean the way the best way to do it is historically dogs that are 45 pounds and under unless it's one of those squat like pocket pities is gonna probably be a 2

25 and then you actually even add extension prongs links to them for even bigger dogs but most dogs once they're trained could get away with a 225 but try to do a 225 for 45 pounds and under next this one's from AJ hey AJ dog growls when new people come into house his hair stands up but when he sniffs them he's excited to be with them yeah what should I do to stop growling help introducing people coming in so don't don't so this is what's gonna do right now you stop the growling best way to do it is to bonk the dog a bonker is a wrapped up towel if you're not familiar with bonkers it is warm in here today well it's warm outside actually as well an old house no air conditioning do you know Angelo says sweatin to the oldies now does he when he's hot he's the only house with Angelo lives on the third floor it'll get to like a hundred and twenty it's not higher up there if we didn't have an ac we have a little we have a little window unit this house was built in 1903 it's a three-story house no a/c and and there's no wind coming in either it's also earlier than normal when we're doing this show so what I would do is is teach that dog to the big thing is arousal the big thing right now is arousal so if your dog was in place lying down doing nothing then your dog would be fine your dog will be fine so that's what it is and it doesn't need to say hello to them at all get your dog to start existing around people next uh John do you think breeding and genetics has a lot to do with the dog's temperament yeah I mean that's sort of what the temperament of the dog is right so I mean can you change a dog's temperament that's probably open to discussion three different dog trainers will give you three different opinions on that I think there are some innate qualities in dogs that are just there but I think breeding has a lot to do with a dog there's some things that my dogs do that I had nothing to do with they're just solid dogs that like they were that's just the way they are but obviously which is more important nature or nurture which which has more influence on a dog you know again that's probably open for massive amounts of discussion all I know is this it is what it is try to get the best dog you can to start out with and then that try to make sure you're stopping unwanted behaviors adding wanted behaviors and creating a good state of mine on the dog next Lauri she says was wandering my question was just skipped a bit ago not sure why it's gray instead of black I didn't see it at all I didn't see it at all we didn't see your questions all that I saw the second part come through yeah so we saw we saw remote collar train on a remote first in quotes that's it that's it and then we just see a question white right now if it's in gray that means I don't know I have no idea there is unless there's an auto unless there's an auto something that you know I mean if you said f@#$ I mean it shouldn't cause it doesn't delete all my f@#$ so I have no idea not no idea we didn't do it can't delete your f@#$ no you can't you tried to though you try to block me okay okay Meredith thanks Jeff you're right about liking her would having her work and train with him build a better relationship it's more of a respect thing so he won't bite correct so Meredith yes working her would help working your dog would help but plenty of dogs okay no dog should be biting anybody in the house but shit happens so the biggest thing is be careful about pushing your you're pushing pressure on dogs so watch out for like if you're if your roommate like but I want to be your dog's friend I want your dog it's like a klingy girlfriend or a klingy boyfriend nobody likes that well least I don't right so you know I got the opposite I got one that doesn't give a shit about me so and you just keep coming back and then there's my and then there's my wife you know we're just talking about the girlfriend so so so anyway so death face doesn't intimidate me actually gets me aroused so keep doing it alright so so Meredith yes so working the dog I think would be a lot better but just the big issue is this don't try I don't want your roommate or you to have this philosophy of we want them to like okay we do want them to get along but the more structure the better the best way to get along with the dog a lot of times is to ignore it next oh yeah um spin a spur any t3 dates for 2019 are there going to be any in providence oh yeah we did two year in Providence so October we do was the last one June June we do a June in October one in Providence we go February one in February 2019 will be in California that's probably gonna be the regular schedule next Joseph my king Corso tries to eat my Marquis okay so Joseph that's that is a very long involved question I would look into doing a Skype with me I'm not trying to get you to spend money with me but that's all there's also a huge size difference there which means the major major safety risk it doesn't take much to kill a murky or a chihuahua or any or Shih Tzu or any of these small breeds especially with a power breed like yours so until you get help keep them separate but again the big thing you want to do is massive amounts of structure massive amounts of structure in your house start out with that you should be containing your dogs not in a separate room not behind a baby gates but crate them at night Marquis too crate them during the day when you're not there make sure there's no dogs in your bed and cut down on affection obedience train those dogs gotta figure out what a proper Punisher is everybody in the house has to be on the same page but it's not like an easy like just do this just do this it's a full philosophy of dog training that we do next but we deal with dogs like that every single day next Robin hey Robin when a dog raises their hackles is it voluntary or involuntary that's a really good question I wonder if it's something like goosebumps it's arousal yeah it's arousal so are they consciously doing it or unconsciously doing it that's a really good question I don't know next Beverly is there a way to determine if a dog is fear or dominant aggressive and is correction the same correction the same in other words you try to bite me i punish you bottom line I don't care what your motivation is I don't care what it is now dominate there's not as many out there as you think like we rarely see predatory aggression in dogs rarely a lot of its fear-based stuff so you know can you see the difference absolutely is our training program any different slightly but is the Punisher the same yes is a reward the same yes next Paul Granger Granger no questions just saying howdy hey howdy hey Paul that's that's the dude that's married to this chick oh nice well good all right she's behaving herself Paul for right now in this moment in this moment at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time she's behaving herself the rest of the day like she's fine the rest of the day I can't don't start cause I'm not causing problems she's fine she's fine she's fine Robin has anyone ever told you to put your dogs on a leash when you've been when they've been off leash I had that happen even though I told her my dog is completely under control I don't go I don't I don't have my I so when I go when I take my dogs off leash there's nobody else around there's nobody else around so no but if I was an area where there was a lot of population and t was an on leash area I would I would be proactive and put them on a leash on courtesy but when I'm not like you know for RV life when I'm at truckstops or Walmart parking lots or I'm at rest stops I go off to the side off the beaten path so you know again most people don't care that your dog is supposedly and your dog might be off leash trained they're doing it out of like past experiences usually past experiences usually next Melissa she says Kayla I corrected my puppy for stealing my older dogs toys it worked perfectly nice Karen thank you Jeff for all the info and support my mini educator is finally ordered I will be studying your videos awesome Karen Chevy hey Chevy dominant dog collar prong and e-collar E collar for dog aggression loading DDC if I miss the correction prong for a good heel is this setup okay to use and in what order yeah but you could also use the dominant dog collar to stop arousal instantly so usually the dominant dog collar goes up super high it's also the smallest thing then you can also have the prong collar below that and then the remote collar above that next Robin my eleven month old Dobby doesn't respond to other dogs cues when they've had enough how can I teach you to be more respectful eleven month old yeah that makes sense it's gonna get worse before it gets better so then your dog's cue your other dog cues aren't strong enough remote collar on that dog give that dog a little bit of a reminder also when you see us out in the yard doing socialization you'll see us with dressage whips but they're actually called stockyard are actually a stockyard whips quick swift smack on the butt usually stops dogs from all that nonsense as well next Beverly can you use the longer contacts on the e-collar even if the dog is short-haired um you can but be careful because it might you might create pressure sores because it's unneeded next Laurie Hoffman my questions are grayed out and not closed and for some reason so Laurie I just saw that and it's not grayed out so I don't understand what's going on because you just posted a question so in other words that statement wouldn't have mattered it says weird that posted but not my question yeah I have no idea Laurie don't get paranoid we're not out to get you I have no idea what's going on maybe log out log back in I have no idea what's going on I just sit here and just like make it fool myself that's because the message is too long thank you Robin Robin Ravens the message is too long ah thank you there you go your message is too long see that I never ask questions on my show next which means if your question is too long I'm not gonna be able to answer it because it's too long a fricking question next Kevin my cattle dog will selectively heard some people who run or walk by him and nip at heel we use the mini educator but it's tough to catch because it seems so random any tips so it's never random there's always a tell and it's usually arousal so to me if you had a cattle dog and I work with plenty you need to deliver a very firm Punisher for put it this way your dog should never exhibit that behavior ever in its life it should never exhibit herding of human beings ever that's not what it was genetically designed for it was designed to go after cattle so I know maybe like you might have called your ex a cow but it shouldn't be biting was that inappropriate what Joelle made a funny face is that except what okay well you never listen really it's like that's great I've only got it on what kind of like reading I felt like that I'm are like when we were up on it getting our wedding vows and like I professed my love for you like you weren't listening then either so what I would do is I would I would make sure there's a very firm Punisher for that how do you set it up find friends of yours to run around the dog and then you eliminate the arousal eliminate the arousal because there's plenty of working cattle dogs that literally it's what they do for a living and they would never go after a human they would wash them out they would wash them out next Robin yeah unfortunately I don't have a structured daycare in my area my dog blows off their recalls but it's 100% compliant with me that's without that so tell them to stop calling your dog I mean tell him to stop calling your dog back how's that or put a remote collar on your dog and encourage them to use it or don't worry about it their business their rules so you have two options put up with the rules or leave it's a private business right a sort of way that's sort of the way it works that's sort of like you know if you came in if you know if somebody came in to us and was like I want you to walk the dog like two feet in front of you I'm like that's not how walk dogs here I mean I may be a bad example but most business they're not gonna they're not gonna listen they're not gonna listen they've got a procedure for everything next um where is it Kevin no and Sabrina says go get her Oh Sabrina hey I'll tell you what see the little dollar amount right down there you click on that you send us some cash we'll go rent a room next all right Paul pink flamingos are on point love the shirt Paul this year when the shirt would look really good is out on that boat of yours all right how about this Joelle stays down here I'll head up there you and I on the boat together on the lake having a great time well by the way Joelle just flipped me off next wouldn't be the first person spin us fur do most people right off your t3 class as a business expense I mean if you've got a if you're a sole proprietor you probably know if you can or not but as long as you're an LLC you know are you having you're hot too aren't you yeah no I know you wanted me to meet family yeah go out there make a left into our bedroom there's a fan on the floor unplug it so there's two fans one other window one on the floor grab that and if you put it like right behind you like set it up right behind you and plug you know you'll be fine yes I mean if everything's a business expense hotel travel food seminar fees everything is a business expense everybody should actually own a business everybody should actually have a business so you can write things off but talk to your CPA about that don't Ask a don't talk to a dog trainer about I mean but yes it's an expense next Renee hi Jeff and Linda do you know of any beaches in the Connecticut or Massachusetts area that allows dogs would love to bring our dog blue for the first time awesome this time of year it's going to be challenging unless you do it late at night or like 5:00 in the morning we're not really familiar with the Connecticut yeah I don't know yeah ooh that feels good hey that feels really good definitely I think so yeah nice yes awesome so I don't know but off season it's usually a good time to do it this time of year it's always gonna be challenging cuz it's hype it's high season next Kimberly how many hours a day can a dog wear an e-collar um as long as you switch it every four to six hours for long periods of the day are you privately messaging Paul while we're doing that thing hey Paul you like that I just sent your wife to my bedroom did you notice that Paul did you see that literally I said Joelle get in my bedroom look at don't worry Paul nothing's going on yeah thanks raised hackles are involuntary just like goose bumps as Linda says awesome who said that thank you so much you are always right I know yep all right Chevy thanks so much you guys are the best but all that Laurie so we see that maybe it's question is too long it doesn't post what it is uh Stephanie oh my god your YouTube videos have helped so much with my GSD thank you thank you okay Laurie's question has come through okay Laurie that's not something but she's doing it in numerous segments go ahead should I try and convince noise go ahead sorry do you want me yeah yes do you even want me here yes I do say it I want you here should I try and convince owners to train with E collar first before bark collar dog barks in yard when they are not home okay Laurie you shouldn't have to explain or convince an owner of anything they should be on board you're the expert you need to prequalify if you tell the owner I think your dog needs a bark collar when you're not home because it's barking there's two options number one don't leave your dog outside unattended number two have a collar on it those are the two suggestions that I would have if they don't like any of those I don't have a third it's called being a non-clients our job is not to convince our job is to educate take it for what it's worth and then go they're called non-clients so if they don't get that well then why work with them why work with them got it so you're gonna drive yourself crazy you're gonna be unhappy you're gonna be miserable dog trainer because you didn't prequalify I'm not yelling at you either so what I want you to do is these are my suggestions take it for what it's worth but if your a lot but if they go I don't want to use a bark collar fine I want to keep my dog outside all day long fine but then you can't ask me you can't ask me to what just stop the barking got it it's not your fight no if the dog was at your house you'd stop the barking because you would do what it took does that make sound that makes sense for everybody out there by the way next Stephanie I'm using an e-collar on my GSD and it's amazing thank you for the free videos thank you hold on you let me just talk to Stephanie thank you so much this is a great video I mean this is a great segue into this stuff stay I've never I've don't think I've ever met Stephanie before I have no idea where stephanie is I don't know where she lives I don't think you probably over Skype or I've done anything maybe we skyped because I've talked with a lot of people Stephanie is Stephanie is though gone to my website and this is to be my website this is not an ego statement it's the concept of massive amounts of free information out there massive amounts of free information out there and I firmly believe that every single person should be making videos on something that adds value to the marketplace adding value to the marketplace on anything so Joelle she's really good with eating um proper diet and she's really good at exercise and working out also Joelle has gotten massively out of her comfort zone by number one here with me which makes a lot of people uncomfortable so kudos for her for that so she's got an out of her comfort zone by doing a three month internship here that means she's leaving her husband which is probably the hardest thing Paul I got your back right probably the hardest thing um she left her brand-new house up in New Hampshire that she just moved into and still wasn't unpacked she should be doing a series of videos about the struggles the challenges the big picture stuff she's troubled with some stuff like chair to sit down and talk to her family about some things about that by making the hard decisions whatever you do share your information share your information out there for others to consume with no obligation for anything in return we all could be teachers we all could be teachers right now I'm having a problem with my Yeti microphone this Yeti microphone is not syncing up at all the last people are going to call is technical support the first thing I'm gonna do when I already started before this show is starting to Google the information and I'll be watching other people's YouTube videos and how to troubleshoot it I've got a feeling I may be I might have to take it apart check for a loose wire first thing I'm gonna do is actually take off the switch off the USB cable obviously already check the settings my point being there's so much information out there that we could be giving so someone like Stephanie is taking that is making dramatic changes what I mean by that is there's no reason for ninety percent plus of dogs are out of control to be out of control because the information is free can you get around the budget you're not geographically close to I know I'm ranting geographically close to a dog trainer your dog could be better but why am i ranting I'm sick and tired of freakin dogs being killed and surrendered for very simple things next take the power cord tonight thank you maybe well while you're down there I got a pocket full of quarters to leave you as a tip next go ahead just save that cuz it's not 50 cents next all right run I can't explain it's because it's too long I know you said it's okay but just verifying because trainers said that's a no-no just wanted to do the right thing okay Laurie a trainer that said it's a no-no is because they never successfully done it got it next Stephanie yeah my dog is scared of the but the vibration on the e-collar oh that's sorry finish the question my dog is scared of the vibration on the e-collar so when should I start using the shock Stephanie I was just faking giving you massive amounts of kudos and shoutouts I've never said use vibration on E Collars right never ever so you should be using shock right away but it's not high level shock it's working level low level shock to start I don't use they don't use vibration you know why it freaks dogs out i I can only think of one time to get a deaf a deaf dog's attention when it wasn't in Drive I used it but I don't use vibration so many dogs are freaked out by vibration next Kevin thanks for your help heard about you through a friend of John's and now my wife and I watch all the time so thanks for the support my pleasure Kevin thanks Laurie I love your trainings and advice and have agreed with you with mostly everything but confused about this issue Laurie you don't have to agree with me about everything but thank you very much but I hopefully I just explained myself about the issue next Paul thanks Jeff I started the prong collar about three weeks ago and the educator about a week ago night and day difference bam fist bump thanks Paul Robyn use the e collar to teach my dog not to go after the toads in the backyard lifesaver these are poisonous another good reason I know next Stephanie when my GSD had a prong collar on she acts like it's hurting her so am I using it I'm not necessarily prong collars don't hurt dogs and I not trust me I'm a very aware of the conversation well then why do they work which is the stupidest freaking comment anybody can make we food trained dogs we clicker trained dogs that works too well why don't you just do that because you can't stop an unwanted behavior with a positive positive marker that's why you have to use a Punisher so chances are you've got a very either your dogs manipulative or sensitive a prong collar is barbaric as it looks does not hurt a dog it doesn't it doesn't so your dog just might be pushy and snotty and just being a drama queen how many times have you said to your kid if you have a kid Angelo you okay Angelo shut off your tablet he's really good at this but lately he's been a little bit snarky shut off your tablet he gets to watch your tablet he can play minecraft too five-year-old kid rocking minecraft he figured it out all by himself pretty impressed you might have to get him tested so Angelo shut off your shut off your on your tablet what does he do most the time he's like okay so much time though he's like oh my god this is the worst day ever why do I have to go to bed why he's not in pain he's not a discomfort now he doesn't shut up his frickin nonsense he'll be in discomfort but but no so sometimes dogs do the same thing next Laurie I guess that's what you mean about so many different opinions with different trainers with tools yikes so confusing at times since I'm so new as these tools Laurie is like I said in my patreon if you haven't seen my patreon response yet you might not want to talk to me again because I sort of give you give you a hard time on that that's why you need to start training massive amounts of dogs massive amounts of dogs next Stephanie first time catching you live yay so many questions awesome Stephanie Carol great seminar in Collingwood thanks oh my god question could the e-collar cause heart arrhythmia my dog used to run around like crazy but now just a bit of exercise she sits down with the irregular beats we know that's a cut good I've never that and I've E Collar trained thousands of dogs the manufacturer has probably tested this in our industry probably is train ten million dogs and e-commerce if that was a problem I'd like to think that we would know about that stuff same with seizures same with so I've got a feeling it's probably coincidence it could be the heat it could be literally it could be coincidence coincidence so we're not seeing that we're not seeing that it would contact Greg at E Collar technology and I would ask him if there's any studies don't ask your vet because your vet won't know cuz your vets not an expert on remote collars at all but I highly doubt it is a muscle stimulator I know the heart's a muscle but we're not seeing that we're not hearing about that this is the first time I've heard about it that doesn't mean it can't happen anything can happen also I'll be in Collingwood next June we're announcing the dates in the next week next this one's from the Zeek nice love the show and appreciate all that you guys do thanks Stephanie I'm from Ohio and I watch all of your videos you're amazing Stephanie I will be doing a I just contacted my buddy in Canton Ohio today to schedule a seminar in Canton Ohio it's funny she also said I want to come to one of your seminars when you come to Ohio yeah I'll be there I need a lot of demand for Ohio which is weird because there's a shitload of dog trainers in Ohio because there's a dog training school there next Lori says it's me that's confused haha they will listen to me of course after all I know so it always is Stephanie I've been to your website and thank you for getting back to me so quickly in messages you're welcome hey Lori you're confused make a decision follow through see how it plays out dot it make a decision follow-through see how it plays out if you're wrong you're wrong got it I've learned more from making mistakes in a life than I have on anything else no textbook no mentor no no anything have I learned more from than my mistakes next Paul update the drivers for the Yeti perhaps happened to mine yeah I thought if that was my next step but I figure this out ten minutes before I went on and I didn't want to start doing that but that was rec that was recommended as well about updating my drivers thanks Paul Robin loves that rant I wish more dog owners took the time to watch these videos and save their dogs to Angelo what's up with that say goodbye this is YouTube live one say goodbye you think about YouTube no want to give Joelle a hug all right I'll take one of those too buddy hold on we've got to an Angelo going to bed break nice all right thanks thanks oh my god yeah no Sabrina do you use a 50-foot long line I have a 20-foot any need from these 50 foots a lot we don't have big huge humongous open fields like that I would go with a 30-foot the thing about is if you get a 50 foot you'd always cut it right so next Stephanie lol I'm so sorry I used it before watching your video I'm sorry I'm so sorry but now I know I'm so sorry say sorry again Stephanie just kidding or if you're gonna Canada say sorry right so you're fine Steph don't worry about it say I'm never mad at anybody guys I know I rant sometimes I know sometimes I seem angry I know I go off on these things you never actually see me train dogs like privately like by myself or the dog actually don't talk to the dogs I try you're not all worked up no I trained very very calmly very very quietly very neutral energy yes neutral yeah Wow yeah okay Kimberly you are right about a lot lots of free info out there learned how to fix my running toilet today I appreciate all the training info you put out are you ever in Spokane Washington Kimberly yes Kimberly I'm in Seattle in three weeks WWW

RVDOgTrainercom I'm in Seattle in three weeks that was just up in Kelowna which I know it's a different country you went to Spkoane a while ago but I'll be in Seattle it's worth the trip it's actually not that far from you next physique by the way really love your business advice as well right up there with dog advice top shelf and helpful awesome but so Kimberly I I was having a hard time setting a mousetrap for some reason I it wouldn't set I went online and YouTube to find it and then for some reason there was a suggested video how to tie your shoes 15 million people watch this one video on how to tie your shoes a lot of people need information out there but guess what I watch the free video there was a ton of people that watched it before me sure a ton of people watch it after me and guess what I figured how to set the mousetrap next Stephanie watching your videos I've learned to teach my dog to kennel up sit down in place honestly I honestly think my dog is a dramatic dog yeah we have a lot of that we have dogs that if you look at they are oh it's not because they're afraid of us they're just sensitive dogs well they can't be like they if they can't say you look like a dog because negative say look like a human yes they say you look like a dog that means they probably have self-esteem issues themselves you know I mean they're probably gonna be like Oh gross human yeah next time that's just me speculating um Jake if a please stop I can't help if a person had ever personally used an e-collar you guys why should they do as soon as they pull it out of the box if any of you guys ever done like manscaping at all please I don't any I do it frequently I'm not going down to the you know I'm not going down to like Angelo bare nothing but I'm itching for some reason today I don't know why it's the only think I can think of it's irritating the f out of me is that embarrassing is it oh sure she's doing a dramatic effect we all know that you shaving your hoo-ha I'm not I'm not I'm not shaving it I don't like seventies bush give me a break okay next you won't even around that I was next what are you talking about around when where what seventies I was born in the 70s but you were nothing else going on next if a person had never personally used an e-collar what should they do as soon as they pull it out of the box um read the owner's manual so read the owners manual number one so start out with the owner's manual and then learn how to turn it on learn how to charge it and learn how to size it for the dog and understand all of the functions and then we learn how to get the working level for the dog and we learn how to fit it properly and learn to find a working level for the dog next yeah Zuri no my dog is extremely food aggressive towards other dogs not towards humans how many Corrections on high with the mini educator will it take for her to understand the correct yeah so this is the thing I feed all my dogs and cats not because their food aggressive because it's the safest thing to do so all of my dogs and they're not fast eaters all my dogs eat in 30 seconds or less and they're not like like they're not fast eaters my dogs are on the raw diet and they just eat their food and they're done they all eat in but I've left my dogs kennels open and they don't fight sometimes I'm just lazy and I'm like I'll just leave your kennels open and just so I don't gotta come back and let you out cuz my dogs have sort of indoor/outdoor space but what I would do is that would I would I would get your dogs to be um in their kennels but then what I would do is this I wouldn't if my dog was eating food I want to allow another dog to walk up to it it's a recipe for disaster it is but one good Punisher should stop it because we do that with human aggression human resource guarding all the time the thing is I don't want you to have to roleplay that and I don't want you have to deal with that next Barbara says hello hey Barbara Jamal no choice but to watch the replay but hey guys hey Jamal for you buddy by the way he's not his wife's not pregnant remember wait two weeks for my you know his wife is not pregnant yet his wife's not pregnant no Jamal he's one of my patreon people lots of people are pregnant last time we talked I'm like Jamal why did you correct me so well I didn't want to quite correct like correct me well how'd you find out that his wife's not cuz he told me his wife's not pregnant that's what I was asking he told me his wife's not pregnant next you have to kind of listen Laurie what I mean is but is it better to train with low level e collar first instead of a bark collar if you have a choice even though they want issue result asap okay but still Laurie I've answered this question to you're just thinking too hard no through a damn bark collar on the dog and teach the dog to freaking shut up got it you got it and all these people my colleagues don't do that you want to teach the dog what it means first Rob Rob blah blah blah bullshit you bark you shut up great now we can train you to do stuff got it next Stephanie don't ask me that question again Laurie Stephanie hey Stephanie my vet looked at me badly for using an e-collar and I said well Jeff said it's okay Stephanie ask your vet the last time he chopped the testicles off of a dog well ask your vet the last time he took a sharp knife and cut and gutted a dog ask him the last a dog came into the vet office and blew its anal glands do you know that the most fear my dog has ever shown is at a vet office my dog has never blown its anal glands during a training exercise during fireworks during anything that I could remember ever the most fear inflicted on my dog is it the vet office got it so tell your Vet to stick to the medical shit know nutrition know clearly what I say your dog your vet next next yeah I got you right now okay hi Jeff how do I stop my 11 week old Doberman puppy play rough with kids so Aaron number one if you never raise the puppy before that dog should be 11 weeks old we're talking 20 hours a day in a crate 20 hours a day in a crate so let's make sure the kids are not on the floor like roughhousing the dog your Dobermans gonna be here you know this right your Doberman's gonna be huge unless it's one of those small Doberman's but it's still gonna be at least you know to the head it so at least it'd be almost a meter high and if you've got a working line Doberman from Europe that thing's gonna be humongous it's gonna be over a hundred pounds so what I want you to do is this every remember you're not raising a puppy you're raising the dog so by the time that dog is six months old it's gonna be like running over those kids so everything right now should be structured dogs should be on a leash in the house everything should be structured at all the only activity the kids should be doing is probably teaching it fetch and hanging out with it 20 hours a day in a crate though not all at once excuse me but over the course of course of the day so if the dogs playing rough it's up to you to stop it what can you do I don't want the kids to be delivering Punishers to the dog you can deliver a bonker do a pet convincer all these things are easily found on my website next Stephanie my GST is actually going to the dog boarding train in Columbus for eight days awesome cool nice Jamal says Laurie lol baby girl you know he's not going to switch advice over here come on believe in yourself and get that confidence up Thank You Jamal that's nice yeah Jamal and both of them are patreon supporters Oh Stephanie stop saying sorry stop it I'm so sorry are you from Canada stop this next what everybody's nice in Canada like sorry sorry sorry sorry I don't know if that's a stereotype or not but I I experienced that was just up in Canada next double duckling it's like when I'm in Germany you know it's like you get a lot of that or they say yeah I don't know who knows German is usually excuse me Jules yeah anyway next double duckling hey guys Kari from New Zealand here glad I can chat what can I do if my dog blows off the bonker and it was a decent tap it wasn't decent enough we rarely get literally we rarely see a dog that blows off the bonker it probably wasn't firm enough or the dog was already aroused you have to do it at the beginning of the sequence so next Kimberly are there spots available in your Seattle session I think someone bought the last there's audit spots there's plenty of audit spots because it's a huge facility working spots there may not be any left there might not be if you go to RVDogTrainercom click on Seattle you'll see it does it say sold out or not if the doesn't say sold out that means it's available but even if you go as an audit spot you will learn a ton some people prefer not to bring their dogs because they learn more because they can pay more attention all right so if with or without your what was that ok with or without your dog you learn a ton next uh Missy may hey Missy I love Ang so much yeah Ang is just awesome I love him so much all right Barbara can't get signals here live in the boonies oh sorry Barbara oh man stephanie says lmao my husband man escapes and he inches sometimes to when growing back see that I just don't see Stephanie BAM you don't you don't landscape I don't talk about it okay I talk about it on YouTube or you don't talk about it at all you just don't talk about it you and Beth don't talk about it you and Beth don't talk about your grooming habits yes or no yes you do answer the question yes or no we've been best friends you still didn't answer the question thank you point taken next okay Susan it's hot out use powder to help with itch Thank You Susan why do my YouTube followers have more concerned about my comfort than my wife that's what I'd like to know go ahead next question knock'em knock'em yeah you guys are on a roll tonight I'm loving it hey knock'em I just like you're by the way I just like I can't get it I do talk with my hands but that's also a Jewish thing too so by the way I'm loving your Instagram content you're doing a great job I'm super proud of you I'm super proud of the chance that you took with your life after the last T3 the dramatic dramatic change you're making in your life is so powerful I'm so looking forward to the next the next year it's going to be huge for you I'm so looking forward to it next Missy May do you think feeding dogs in crates makes them more protective over their kennels I'm not seeing it and if it put it this way we have dogs that are protective over their kennels that don't eat in their crates I think it's a separate issue I think it's a separate issue next Jamal says my wife is like f&#$ing Thank You Kimberly my GSD service dog has always slept in a bed next to mine I have mobility issues that's different Kimberly and sorry should I have her sleep in a crate no no Kimberly no so this is it when it comes to when it comes to service dogs it's different it's different if you've got you if you need mobility oh Linda's got to go by the way you want to jump in and ask the rest of questions oh really I have to take my yeah but she can use my computer okay I guess you don't mind right so say goodbye Joelle stepping up but I have to be professional with you though yeah so that's the only thing you know right so what you got to do the questions are there we're on Kimberly right there and then you'll be scroll you'll be like scrolling down okay so Kimberly so Kimberly if you've got a service dog with mobility issues now what you're going to do with you is mobility issues that's a little bit of a different story that's a different story but if you've got a service dog with that has got this resource guards which it shouldn't separation anxiety which it shouldn't reactive on the leash which it shouldn't then that's a game changer but service dogs are different next also if your dog doesn't have any freaking behavior problems who cares where your dog sleeps next what makes me upset is I'm trying to work with my dog and my family will not get on board she is she's so she acts confused a bit so Stephanie so just so Steph because we're using this way so this is the thing Steph everyone's got to be on board time for a family meeting and only the minimum the minimum what you can do is you can just ask people to stop to stop at least stop sabotaging so at least tell people to stop self sabotaging alright next my GSD weighs 87 pounds what size crate should she has oh I don't know the actual size it's probably to be an extra large though probably gonna be extra large big enough that the dog probably about the size of the dog bed right unless it's going this humongous circular dog beds so I don't know dimensions like how wide would it be 36 inches wide or 30 inches wide by what 42 inches long I don't know I mean you dog want something but sort of like lie down like a horse next Marian answered your question about how to say excuse me in German where is it and it is thank you thank you thank you Marian I was saying that all the time on this it's been a while since I've been to Germany I love Germany I love Berlin I got some really I have some fantastic stories about Linda and I literally almost getting arrested by four guys with ak-47s in Germany we literally were 10 seconds of let me share the story probably 10 seconds away from getting arrested yeah yeah next Keith says is it acceptable to have days when you're not using the e-collar or should we have it on every day so I mean you know this is the thing I hate to lose training opportunities that's going to be personal choice but what you don't want to do is this the worst thing to do with the remote collar is this dogs behaving badly oh let me get my E Collar that's what you don't want that's what you don't want to do so but that's up to you by the way this is Joelle Joelle has been with me now for two weeks two weeks she's doing a three month internship program and she's learning everything everything and being put on the spot for social media daily which is probably not one of your biggest comfort zones yeah so I'm proud of you good job next k9 dog training says yay Joelle we love Linda but a special guest is fun thank you Barbara says the only problem I have with my dog is jumping on people she's crazy about people okay um there's probably other issues but I'll let you be okay with that most I wish I only had one problem with my dog what I would do is I've got a video on how to stop jumping it's easier to stop a dog from jumping from from it's easy to stop a dog from jumping than it is teaching a sit in my opinion I stop dogs from jumping in less than three seconds and I've got a video on that watch the video next can E collar be used or bark collar on a GSD for separation anxiety yes for some reason I'm not seeing I'm either behind on my questions hold on here there we go yeah so separate the thing about separation anxiety is this okay E collar okay what did we say about bark collar is it a bark collar question yes a bark collar is only good when you're not there I mean I shouldn't say that it's good when you're not there if you were also there but not in the room that's also good is it self activating a remote collar is only good if you're actually there well one of the best things out there for separation anxiety is a bark a remote collar and everyone's you know like no the dogs already afraid to make it worse my response is no it won't because we do it all the time so next Jamal says 42 or 48 inch somebody asked me to put my GSD which is 15 weeks and I told them no with no explanations awesome stuff now if 15 weeks old with your dog what you can start doing is we would do social outings well first of all I want my dog to be social but not excited to see humans I don't want my dogs to be excited when they see people or dogs I want them to be neutral it's the philosophy of public access it's a public access philosophy it's a service dog philosophy it's a me being a selfish dog owner philosophy it's my dog I want to be the most important thing in my dog's life philosophy so that that sounds good never explain ever explain yourself to people ever ever it's you know but people are entitled next they feel entitled next Aaron says should I give my 11 weeks old Doberman puppy dog food or raw chicken diet at that age you have to be that age when they're growing you just want to make sure that you're balanced so I wouldn't just do raw chicken you need a lot of components too much chicken in general is not good even for my adult dogs so what I would do is you wanna research the heck out of raw diet for puppies because there's a lot of factors there's a lot of factors cuz they're growing so much both mentally and physically next Chevy says teaching the out with the remote collar during fetch is there such a thing as going to high she's pretty stubborn um to high would be if they never want to pick up a ball again right but if she's pretty stubborn then don't worry about the number worry about the response next sheshank says eight month boxerdor runs to place how to train to walk on the place mat problem is to control the state of mind it's not the worst thing if they run put the dog on a leash and slow it down though Heather says I'm doing great that's Hillary by the way Hi Hillary give yourself f&$#ing proper shout out up Joelle you're doing great love you thanks Hillary stephanie says that is what we're working on is being social and keeping her attention on me awesome yeah Keith says how can you make them stop being excited to see you Keith believe it or not the question is how do you stop a behavior right how do you stop the behavior thru punishment thru punishment so what I would do is start teaching your dog to exist around humans not let humans pet your dog and become everything to your dog so what you want to do is remote collar heel your dog that's a fantastic thing to do fifteen weeks old though I know you guys have 15 so that was wait hold on no Keith T Susan fifteen weeks old at the beginning of their when they're puppies though they do get excited about humans but remember that one you weren't here when we had that one done we got from eight weeks old from the breeder that dog at 16 weeks old was walking through farmers market ignoring people it just was always it just it played it did fun stuff but it was so we made it so handler / owner centric that nothing it was it didn't get its enjoyment from environmentals it got its enjoyment from us so we controlled everything with that dog next um Robin says I was at a hundred on e collar to teach my dog not to go after my hand when I picked up the frisbee she didn't even make a peep Drive really changes their minds oh yeah it works though perfect fetch now yeah so Robin drive like I said I owned a dog named uma who is dead now ten years ago maybe no so she died two or three years ago so this goes back to when she was maybe one or two years old she blew through a Dogtra nineteen hundred which is a powerful remote on 127 chasing the deer completely blew through it kept chasing the deer never swear she eventually stopped when her drive was down I found her so I actually really changed the way I trained recon and this is a dog who and I would say here and she was running toward something she would turn so quick to head back that she would almost like like keep going the other way we felt it wasn't good for her spine or her muscles but that's how intense her recall was a deer though boom I missed it I missed the opportunity so I started practicing high-level recall in low Drive high consequence and then frequent recall in high drive so we proofed the heck out of that and that never happen again next my dog does excitement pee tried to say huh oh my god I'd rather have your dog bite me I really would excitement pee is really really challenging so what you need to do what you need to do is this with excitement pee is we'd work dogs through excitement pee and nervous pee and what do we do everything is neutral every interaction is neutral you hear when that dog a huge dog who's a mastiff I think the Dobby did too yeah so what do we do everything is neutral and everything is going to everything is calm everything is structured no excitement watch your praise watch your food rewards anything that gets that dog excited or you gotta stop next Barbara says I'm a senior citizen training is getting a little harder I love her I know Barbara I know medleys just you you forget sometimes to you when you get a new dog in a little bit of activity I'm getting into the dog training career and I find this to be one of my biggest struggles to work with any tips yeah don't get into it with dog on dog on aggression do an internship with somebody that's done it hundreds of times if not thousands of times successfully so what I want you to do is be super careful working with aggressive dogs is very appetizing for a lot of people there's a high rate of injury you can actually be your career could end you can also be responsible for the death of the dog by not doing it right the best way to do it though is work with somebody that's been doing it for a while that's really really good and there are folks out there that have done it but be super super careful next melissa says Joelle do you have any dogs up your own I do I have tow I have a black lab and a German Shepherd and my shepherd I trained all through Jeff's videos so nice so we have as we have a $5 superchat superfan they go right to the top so you read that okay Shane says I love your content luckily I got awesome dog trainer I trained canine in Onterio awesome uses the same principles I watch all your content with trainers pointers awesome I think I see I trained canine on my social media it might not be there's a lot of ones that sound familiar or awesome cool thank you so much thanks for the five dollars and he got even five dollars by clicking that little dollar sign there and some people just throw his money five bucks ten bucks just to say thank you next stephanie says my dog whines when I leave so she she will get separation anxiety when she goes to boarding train no not necessarily not necessarily but if she does that's their problem so in other words I can't imagine us that we're calling up an owner saying oh by the way your dog has separation anxiety it has to go back to you like that's our job like the only thing we would ever ask in order to think of a dog for if they were in town and the dog had a disease that was contagious but if they were out of town cuz a lot of people said the dogs to us when they leave town we'll just have to quarantine it in a separate area we still work it we just everything massive sterilization protocols on cleaning stuff up but other than that that's their issue that's their issue a lot of times though it doesn't exist with trainers because separation anxiety a lot of it is human centric owner centric next Erin says my puppy lives in the backyard he has wooden kennel door it's open and he goes in and out should I keep him tight or loose so we if you have a fenced-in yard keep him loose I'm not a big fan of tying up a dog and guys nobody freak out he's not talking about a two-foot f&#$ing chain like you see on the news he's not and also by the way sled dogs are also tied out there staked out their stake to the doghouse their stake to the 50 gallon drum they do find a whole nother lifestyle but if you've got the space if you have the space if your dog doesn't dig under the fence jump over the fence give it a little bit of freedom I'm not a big fan of a tie out in that situation because they could they could hang themselves somehow next so many of your life videos I don't know that's because I'm not on a consistent schedule Susan that's my problem I think that's it that's it all right everybody thank you so much you did an hour and 21 minutes Joelle thanks for jumping in that's awesome thank you so much all right guys may in love with you and I'll talk to you soon

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