Sunday, 16 December 2018
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Dogs with Jobs: Boise State ‘Tee Dog’ dazzles fans on game day

BOISE — Editor’s note: This week on Today’s Morning News and KTVB.COM, KTVB is presenting the series “Dogs with Jobs,” featuring the furry friends that work alongside Idahoans in many different ways.

On Boise State game day there is a lot of excitement on the blue, but every week the crowd roars a little extra when one special athlete hits the turf.

9-year-old field trial Labrador named Kohl, the Boise State Tee Dog!

“After kickoff he runs out there and retrieves the tee and brings it back to me,” says Britta Closson, Kohl’s owner and trainer at Positive Pets Dog Training.

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Much like the BSU football squad, Kohl starts preparing for game day with a rigorous practice schedule. Kohl’s hard work on the practice field is important, but his coach says he is simply a natural.

“His genetics tell him he wants to retrieve, so then it was just fine-tuning it and showing him exactly what to retrieve, how to retrieve it, and how to bring it back,” says Closson.

Perfecting the technique though takes plenty of time and repetition.

“Basically using food and motivators to teach functional behaviors and making sure that they can behave around heavy distractions, like a Boise State game,” laughs Closson.

When game day arrives, Kohl works to stay concentrated as he gets ready. But as he trots around the stadium, he always makes time for his fans.

Closson explains, “Everyone loves to come say hi to him.”

Alongside the rest of the Boise State team, Kohl goes through the pregame excitement down on the Blue.

Finally, after much anticipation, Kohl runs to his position and waits for the Broncos to score.

“The louder that the crowd cheers, the more excited he gets,” said Closson.

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Kohl waits patiently to do his job, but soon enough he hears an explosive cheer, the Broncos have scored!

As BSU prepares to kickoff after the score Kohl knows it’s his time to shine.

Right on cue he sprints onto the field, grabs the tee, and flies back to the sidelines.

Kohl is rewarded with his favorite snacks for a job well done, but the truth is, he does it for the love of the game.

“His million-dollar reward is retrieving the tee,” said Closson.

And of course, playing with his friend, Buster Bronco.

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