Monday, 10 December 2018
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Anyone who knows me, knows how I love German shepherds (especially my own). They have always been very loved and protected (and protective). When they ever needed exercise outdoors they were in my large privacy-fenced back yard, with or without me. A ride in the car means a visit to the vet. My taking a trip would mean that my son comes to my house and feeds her and takes her outside, everything necessary. Never, ever, in my wildest thoughts, have I considered taking any one of them to an outdoor event where they could encounter other dogs and strangers. There is absolutely no reason for this, not even separation anxiety. This is a very dangerous practice which dog owners have recently insisted upon, taking a dog everywhere they go. Yes, she is a pet but she is also an animal, unpredictable. She needs to stay in her own home for her own safety and everyone else’s.

Judy Berrios, Hobart


The Bark Box

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