Sunday, 26 September 2021
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Doggie Day splashes through Discovery Bay for the sixth year

Dogs and owners alike splashed through Discovery Bay on Saturday at the waterpark’s sixth annual Doggie Day. (Kelsy Schlotthauer/

They were sprinting around the pool, weaving between others and jumping in wherever they saw fit, but no lifeguard whistled for them to stop.

Nearly 200 dogs splashed through Discovery Bay on Saturday at the waterpark’s sixth annual Doggie Day.

Ranging in size from chihuahuas to Saint Bernards, the dogs enjoyed the park’s lazy river, sloped-entry pool and splash pad while their owners followed along, snapping pictures and tossing tennis balls.

Some dogs wore life vests or GoPro harnesses, while others opted for a more fashion-forward option: doggles, or dog-goggles.

Bess Barodi and Aliesha Largent brought five mini-Australian shepherds to the party and spent time near the deeper end of the pool, watching the pups scramble through the water for tennis balls. Barodi said it was her third year bringing her dogs.

“I love doing stuff with them,” Barodi said. “Whenever there’s any type of dog activity, I’m like, ‘Let’s go.’ “

Aliesha Largent makes sure her pup’s eyes are covered with doggles, or dog-goggles, at Discovery Bay Waterpark’s sixth annual Doggie Day. (Kelsy Schlotthauer/

Justin Wells, recreation supervisor for Greeley’s parks and recreation department, and Brennan Brachtenbach, the pool’s manager, worked together to organize the event.

Wells said the team decided to start the event six years ago because dog-swim days were available in other areas of the state but not here.

“There are a lot of dog lovers in this area,” Wells said. “So we knew it’d be a hit.”

Not all of the dogs were content to jump into the pool, and many had to be coaxed into the water. Some even needed a push, like Buster, the 8-month-old rescue dog of Tim and Heidi Carlson. After multiple attempts to introduce Buster to the deep-end, Tim and Heidi decided it was time to move on.

“We’re going to the shallow-end,” Tim said.

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