Saturday, 27 November 2021
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DOGFATHER: Vital you’re not a passenger in your dog’s life

I’m frequently called by frantic owners who tell me their dog is fighting, chasing or jumping all over them. They talk like innocent bystanders who have no control of events.

As pack leader, everything that happens in your dog’s life is your responsibility.

You can’t train a dog without earning his respect, which you won’t gain by standing by while he creates havoc.

I’m currently schooling a dog who believes he can misbehave then run away where I can’t catch him.

It’s his trump card.

Yesterday I tied a 30 foot piece of string to his collar. As soon as I removed the lead he chased the cat. Imagine his surprise when I stood on the line.

He knew his little ploy had been sussed and although he may try me out a couple more times, he’ll soon realise I’m in charge.

Allowing your dog to be attacked is a sure sign of weakness and the remedy is relatively simple.

Keep a spare lead in your pocket and whenever a strange, uncontrolled dog approaches swing it round swiftly with one hand like a propeller.

The movement, swishing noise and your determination will be more than enough to shoo the offending dog away.

“He jumps all over me” is a common complaint and easy to solve.

Raise your knee and protect yourself. In doing so he’ll find lunging at a bony knee is no fun and soon quit his disrespectful behaviour.

You must find an answer for all his unruly tricks or he’ll regard you with contempt and refuse to listen. Pack animals only obey orders from above.

Every time he plays his trump card you must top it. Let him see no matter how smart he thinks he is you are smarter.

You must be the driver not a passenger.

Take control, gain his respect and you will have a companion for life.

Read more training tips on my website or text me direct on 07590 560012.

By The Dogfather


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