Sunday, 26 September 2021
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Dog training tips

Question: How do I slow down my four-month-old who is a guts and thinks every feed is her last?

Answer: A dog will often gulp its food because it is worried someone will eat or take it if they don’t eat it first.

You can buy a special bowl that stops rapid feeding or simply use a muffin tin.

Distribute your dog’s food ration evenly among the sections in the tin.

You can also put a small ball on top of the food in all or some of the sections.

This will slow your dog’s eating habits as they have to work for their food.

Also, stand near your dog’s bowl as she eats or stand with your legs either side of it.

Every now and then, throw something better than what she is eating in her bowl such as chicken.

This way she will enjoy you being near her bowl and may not rush so much to finish her food.

Do you have a dog training question you would like answered?

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