Monday, 10 December 2018
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Dog training facility ready to train your pups

In the past, the trainers would go to clients’ houses or meet in public areas to train their pooches.

But now pet owners can bring their dogs to the facility for special one-on-one training.

Owner of Smart K9 Training, Emilee Mahar, said they don’t believe in “cookie cutter” training, but would rather determine the needs of each individual dog.

“Just like with children, every dog is different, just like every child learns differently,” Mahar said. “We have 2-week options to 8-week options, whatever works best for you and your dog.”

“Board and Train” is one of more popular services, where dogs stay at the facility for 2 to 8 weeks.

During that time, they get hours of hands-on training from professionals per day.

Mahar said people are overwhelmed with how different their dog acts when they are reunited.

“Typically their dog is jumping all over you,” said Mahar. “So when you get them, your dog just sits politely and looks at you. It’s really game-changing. People are blown away.”

To sign up for the training packages, you have to set up an appointment to have your dog evaluated by the trainers.

To learn more about Smart K9 Training, CLICK HERE.


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