Tuesday, 28 June 2022
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This is my first session of impulse control with Jemma, prior to this I just got her onto the bed So now it's my job to keep her on there and teach her that when I put her onto a spot I want her to stay there

So things we are going to look for here is when she is going to start to get off of the bed, I'm going to move in like now, teach her to stay I'm not giving any commands, at all this is just my body language and maybe a correction sound like a snap of my fingers But it's more my body language doing the work here So as you can see I'm getting really good eye contact, one thing that you'll notice with her is her mouth is very expressive So her mouth being closed is her just trying to figure out what's going on

You'll see at some points she will open her mouth and kinda pant and relax more I'm moving in here to give her a little affection just to tell her that she's being a good girl See how slow I'm moving, get a little eye junk out of there So she loves her neck and her chest being rubbed and I want to create more relaxation Now since I corrected her from getting off the bed here she's not so sure that she's supposed to get off the bed

So I'm just teaching her with a little bit of leash pressure to get off the bed and we're good to go So she can move around a little bit from here in a little bit I'm going to put her back up on the bed so we can do another session Good eye contact there checking in with me, going to lead her over on the bed Again this is new to her so she's not exactly sure what to do So put her up on there and I actually want her butt down I just haven't taught her the sit command, more of the snap of my fingers

Now look at her mouth, her ears are a little pinned back, not quite so sure what's happening She's about to almost fall off you can see her foot on the PVC part of it There, she kinda fell off, moving back in, grabbing the leash and just leading her back onto the bed again Little leash pressure to let her know which direction I want her to start moving Again I'm not using any words for this at all

There we go, back up on snap of the fingers, drop the leash and back away facing her Ears are a little funky there for a second and now they are a little more perked forward so she's not as tense See her mouth here kinda half closed So mouth open here is good and relaxed so that's when I create more distance see how that made her head kinda move down So if you rewind that and go back to it you will see how she went to start moving and then I corrected her, started to move in for a second and she caught my correction sound

So I'm just doing half circles around her, see she just went down with her head again So we call that the "head dump" meaning that's the first signal of her body in her body language that she's about ready to get off the bed Now her mouth is closed again and i'm just going to continue to do half circles around her Move in for a little more affection again, again really nice and slow You''ll see when I move down to her chest she will really start to relax

See these eyes, there we goin LaLa land

So I want her to realize that getting up onto this bed and doing this session is really relaxing and really calming Her blinks are long and pronounced I'm never going to call her off this bed because I don't want to create anticipation so I'm always going to pull her off the bed with the leash See how much easier the second time it is to take her off Going to take the leash off, no big deal not gonna make a big huge production of it and like say "Free, you're free go ahead and have fun"

And that's pretty much the session Just going to let her be a dog Hope you guys enjoyed this, let me know what you think

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