Monday, 25 October 2021
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Dog shot, killed by Bay St. Louis police after reports of aggression

Bay St. Louis police say the German Shepherd that was shot and killed was being aggressive toward an officer. (Photo Source: WLOX)Bay St. Louis police say the German Shepherd that was shot and killed was being aggressive toward an officer. (Photo Source: WLOX)

Over the weekend, a German Shepherd was shot and killed by a Bay St. Louis police officer, leaving its owners angry and seeking justice. 

On June 23, Bay St. Louis police officers stated responded to Spanish Acers Drive after three separate 911 calls reporting two large German Shepards on the loose. The callers told police that the dogs were being aggressive to residents and other animals in the area. 

An animal control officers was also dispatched to the location, according to Chief Gary Ponthieux.  

The dogs showed signs of aggression by charging at officers, police say. Officers then used pepper spray in attempts to deter the aggressive behavior. Officers safely secured one of the dogs in a patrol car. When the second dog reportedly made more aggressive charges toward police, one officer fired a single shot that killed the dog. The incident was captured on a body camera video.

The dog that was in police custody was later released to the owners. The dog that died was taken to the Hancock County Animal Shelter. 

In a statement posted on Facebook, Chase Farve expressed his frustration, asking why police couldn’t use a taser instead. He also claimed that he has gathered witness statements that go against Bay St. Louis police department’s press release, which claims the dogs were being aggressive. 

The Bay St. Louis issued this response to the incident: 

The department’s administration has thoroughly reviewed this incident and concluded that the officer was justified in his actions. While the loss of a family’s dog is always regretful, the safety of our officers and citizens must remain paramount.

Bay St. Louis police met with the dog owners and their family the next day. Details of the incident and video from police body camera were reviewed by the family members, who are still demanding answers. 

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