Wednesday, 19 December 2018
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Dog owner pleads for the life of her pet

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local dog owner is pleading for her day in court before the city orders her beloved pet to be put down. In the meantime, Luna has been held at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society for the last couple of weeks, but a city attorney told the owners they’re going to give the Humane Society the go ahead on putting the dog down on Tuesday. 

Troys dangerous dog laws are different from New York State’s with very little tolerance for aggression. The owners say this was Luna’s first offense, and they’re hoping to buy her some more time so they can fight for a second chance.

“She’s playful, energetic and super loving,” said, Cade Saba, Luna’s owner.

The family is seeing a lot of support on social media with the hashtag #SaveLuna. The hound mix lives in Troy with her three humans, including a six year old little girl, one other dog and four cats. Saba says she’s never shown signs of aggression prior to this.

On the night of October 25, 2018, Luna went out in the backyard that they share with their upstairs neighbors and got tangled up with their neighbor’s dog. A scuffle ensued and the neighbor’s American Eskimo was left with a laceration to its hind leg, requiring a few stitches. The following day, Animal Control removed Luna from the home and issued the owners an appearance ticket for city court.

State law says there must be proof of serious physical injury in order to put a dog down. However, Saba’s attorney, Margaret Donnelly says, under Troy’s localized Public Safety Laws, the severity of the injury doesn’t matter.

“Even when the Animal Control officer came and made his report; he said there were minor injuries on the dog,” said Donnelly. 

“It’s an isolated incident. She has no prior history of biting another person or animal, so we just don’t see how that could be fair, I guess. So, it’s definitely overwhelming at the thought that my family member could be put down,” said Saba.

John Salka with the Troy Mayor’s Office says the city’s Corporation Counsel offered a deal to avoid putting the dog down if the owners agreed to leash and muzzle the animal in public, pay a $1,000 fine, and purchase Dangerous Dog Liability Insurance, but they rejected that offer, saying it’s fiscally impossible.

The owners say they’ve have already taken steps to cover the $450 worth of veterinary bills and the cost of a broken gate. However, the owner of the other dog, reached out to NEWS10 and said she hasn’t seen any of that money and that her husband was also bit in the hand that night.

Saba and her attorney said all they want is a hearing in County Court allowing them to present their case, but said the Judge denied that request. Since they rejected the complete offer, the dog is still scheduled to be put down on Tuesday.

Donnelly says she’ll be knocking on doors at the County Courthouse first thing in the morning to make sure that doesn’t happen. She also made it a point to say they are not blaming the neighbors for what’s happening. 


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