Monday, 17 December 2018
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Dog attempts to free squeaky toy from bed sheets

This adorable footage of a pit bull trying to dig through the bed sheets to get her lost toy has emerged on the internet and we cannot stop laughing. You will laugh every time she digs at the toy underneath the bed sheet because every time she digs at it, it makes a loud squeaky noise. The faster she digs, the funnier the squeaky noise is!

When the bed was made in the morning, this dogs owner must not have seen the dog toy laying on the mattress and then covered it with a fitted sheet. After jumping on the bed and hearing a loud squeak, the Pit bull immediately realizes what it is and tries to free it from the bedding by digging it out, but without much luck as you can see! Watch as as tries and tries to free the toy from the linens by digging her paws in and trying to scratch the toy free. Her persistence is admirable!

When the digging just doesn’t work, the video gets even funnier and she starts to resorts to using her teeth, trying to bite the toy out of it’s hiding place. The pit bull pulls back her lips and very carefully uses her teeth to try pulling it out. It is obvious that she is trying really hard not to rip or damage the bed sheets! You can almost see the dogs frustration levels rise and she starts digging again at a much faster and persistent manner. The squeaking noise also get faster and louder!

Pit bulls are amazing family pets. They are loyal and make great companions. They love their toys and love to play all the time, just like having a furry kid. They are very intelligent and are known to be problem solvers. You can really see the brain power working in this video as she tried to figure out how to get the toy. We really do hope that she eventually got it out, or that someone helped her! She sure did work hard for it!


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