Thursday, 23 September 2021
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DB Show live at Ellie Mae Classic – Hour 2

You’re listening to 957 they gained KG MB FM any steam line includes land near San Francisco radio dot com station. Plastic guy I met my kind of people write their Dallas Braden you can take this pork queen with you to doubt did great at bat that’s a good stuff right there so much energy if you’ve seen some of the recent broadcast but there was a back and forth about drinking and chugging energy drinks. He does not need that now well you might not need an extra energy so this. I was wondering we. Who started the pounding the energy drink thing I. I see him was at the a’s in the dugout and then he took it out of the dugout in the abroad gas bulletin the broadcasters. Were pound were quite active pilot I saw there. Erekat terrace Illinois is pounded energy drinks on Twitter I got people just pleased fans are pouring energy drinks on their faces and pictures now isn’t. The hype ace stands man what went got whipped cream pie that. I whipped cream pie filling up my back favored most endearing things about him is victory I gonna cancel the whipped cream pie ice I I vote yes bring that back bring back the price what a great guy. He would do well in several of the upcoming events that are scheduled on ESP and prevention programming before the old show where it’s all coming up starting April or not April to August 8 and a couple of days right there was an aids I don’t know today if they sex. Yet they act who know what day. Well yeah we’re confirming today is August 6 com. Listen to some of these things that are are coming up and in to be totally honest here a party watch one of them when he’s been taped and watch a little bit I swear to god. I paused I went and got joy and as a joint U wanna watch a 35 most exec at 35 most exciting seconds in sports are gonna see all year that. It was the end of the dodge ball game. Where. Malaysia. Knocked out England there’s something in it was just. Read it I don’t like us excitement I had. So international dodge ball so here’s what’s coming up on the old show this week on ESPN as we are all not just local talk show host but even the mother ship itself ESPN. Or confers some NB dead as the football season that’s where we are. Most look this is the point in the year were most baseball fan bases are either in her out of it. Giants fans are realizing they’re out of it kinda. A’s fans even notre realizing they’re in it there’s it’s still a very. Vocal minority yes I mean this is. The laser plane that kind of baseball they should have racking up 35000. A night no questions. I’d love to see that jays fans do it I dare you show up 35000 a night strong. Between here in the end of the year I’ve loved that men make sure you listen to the radio. Who while the days of playing till I’m glove that that would be phenomenal Abbie good could be phenomenal it is kind of feedback that. Made us talk about him even more I’m guessing but. A bomb. We’re waiting waiting waiting for for for football to get here. You can RTC did just little morsels of footballer being picked up by like crack addicts who seemed like a little. Pebble in the carpet you know like what does that what does that what does we’ll training camp oh my goodness the pre season game got a better rating than I think any game in the Stanley Cup finals. Really free season yet okay game last Thursday night and now so here we are. Once again get through the dog days in ESP and is basically conceded yeah like we need other things to talk about two. So the 2018. Dodge ball World Cup which has been played at Madison Square Garden it was recorded on August 4 I watched it live. They will be replaying it for you awesome the ultimate dodge ball championship is going to happen now that’s 32 teams vying for the ultimate title. In trampoline. Dodge ball I was at this takes it up a notch there’s the world dodge ball championships. Not to be confused with the ultimate dodge ball championships wow. Then there’s the US open ultimate championships it’s a self officiating competition. With two teams on a similar feel to a football field. But they throw a frisbee in the object of the game is to catch a pass in the opponents of the so its ultimate frisbee is coming to the old joke. Phenomenal. Armed despite all east tore series. Despite both essentially. Volleyball luck at around a small trampoline instead of the net. Two teams basically two players teach you how on this small ball off the trampoline and the first team. To miss it hits the floor well you lose right now kind of fun if you see people planted the beats yeah X to explain it has made it deeper stony crunchy beach goers or again. The spike ball east Tor series covered on ESPN. We’ve already said some glorious things about the following sports. And I have nothing bad to say about it. The corn hole ACL pro championship series continues Jana how hole we’ve already looked corn hole we’ve enjoyed corn hole we’ve seen it happen. True purer world class athletes out there. How not called as yet to broadcast the play by play I don’t know but they’re gonna be competing for over 70000. Dollars in purses well so that’s the biggest no money to I think thank then we have a Major League eating. But not anything current they’re gonna show us the best of ESPN’s gonna open up the pole vault Gionta and go all the way back to 2006. The shot speaks. 2006. Johnson bill brought eating world championships in the 2006. Crystal world hamburger eating championships. To highlight the world’s best iron stomachs and I guess 06 was a year that. In competitive eating will not be forgot that it now I’ve. We will not forget we will not forget the Major League eating that was done in 2006. We will be back for more the world championship but ping pong is coming beef then way hurling classic which is a series of hurling matches. Played at Fenway does that mean throwing logs are throwing up I don’t even know. It’s it’s Boston could be either. Then there’s going to be amazing games like they’re gonna show you Spain’s famous for the running of the bulls there’s a human castle there’s grass cutting apparently competitive. Grass addict and I. Bomb in Korea there is a game called a war of the wagons. I don’t even know what that is but I’m fascinated they also have the blitz chess. I don’t even know it blitz chess as fast and it is great I’m guessing that’s what went sat out lets me let to a decade usually bomb. England’s gonna have a lawn mower racing. The Cumberland wrestling and jousting matches will also be seen a few with a few other things here but I this is what I’m most excited about. Jian there is a sport called chess. Boxing. Chess boxing chess boxing. Guess what you do and just box at putting you humored him a piece in the new box that how I don’t know if you’re right out of are you got that chest boxing is a hybrid sport started in 2003. So this goes way back I had no idea there’s fifteen years or just boxing that is already out of the history. Com it is designed to test both the body in the mind you have three minute rounds each. Of boxing. Ridiculous but and then she asks. And then so you go for a total of eleven rounds so you either have to be winning that chess match with an eleven moves. Or did not doubt your opponent within eleven rounds ticket to be fit and Smart. It’s that seems to be the most challenging that we’ve said we’ve we’ve shared today well just boxing it’s just it’s just did those two things don’t sound like they would be. Dance partners should be like if you’re good at Chester probably not going to be a boxer. Or the other way around I’m kind of I don’t know where that. So wouldn’t a true. Across this type of world class athlete you have to be to do something like that so chess boxing is something I’m absolutely going to be taping on the coach Joseph I want to see that. And then there’s also gonna have the moxie games which they say is a relatively. Miliband that combines a variety of sports into one. For example like it’s not just dodge ball it’s dodge ball while juggling. Martial arts and the volleyball for us is just getting crazy table tennis and soccer. Practice for that I don’t know but I just came up with a way to spice up you’ll telling me how that I want full contact golf. Just like that just like the old commercial he’s full time contact golf you have eight seconds to address the ball and hit it at which point in time you will be trampled. So you’re gonna wanna be through your back swing. Quickly because if you like to hold that backswing you think it affects the travel of the ball you’re gonna have to address it hit the ball quickly. Because again you get tackled on five Mississippi and that’s how this works but then argue over what if the tackle I tell you what I’m going to test it out the very first hole without even telling anybody and see if this surprised. Is a welcome guest here at the Ellie may of at TP seized over I don’t you go anywhere I heard didn’t dip bully. Is about to hit a bucket of balls and talk to us here on 957 the day. 19576. Welcome welcome we’re at the Ellie may classic it is a beautiful day out here in Hindi word sunny is shining. People are all around we got a whole bunch of golfers warming up would buckets of balls and one of those is about to meet again diddley the before it warms it up. He decided to pop bond by and say how Gloria and I haven’t seen in so long but they do what I am doing great. It’s great to see you both to my dear friends though in the business but in. In the real life world as well I’m I just have to wait for the the big reveal and we keep getting update on the shot a risky I know you all sunglasses on haven’t. It’s not. I didn’t get the body absorbed quickly it was like a normal day. Bruce did and it wasn’t alleged shoe shiner is much as well as collateral damage from a cut eyebrow got you so hopefully. We’ll cite China exactly shiner light’s Yellow River. I guess so well I did as rebounded nicely thank you for your concern I really loved appreciated it does think it. They they keep on telling me I got a host a podcast and I’m like you know what I get in this because it wanted to be a broadcaster. When your broadcaster. You don’t need to podcaster apparently damned. Did that times change and it did the earth is shifting underneath our feet I always thought. But if you and I did a podcast together we could call it. Big area radio we know were all the bodies Norman and just tell me when and where all. All the bodies are buried deep that there it is that might have to beat the debut. All of the podcast where you and I just completely go over the last twenty years of radio and. I live we can start with the ahead ahead ahead there and and that’s five podcasts. In of itself but apparently isn’t what you need a good bit more timing move into different shaft as it did they radioed his tee which you know very much about things and that’s actually not that. Not that a TV about a four point 25 cried as we bring crowd. Like I. Having drysdale river thank you what do you. The having zero to five cry of course of course I give you or whatever that whoever that or whoever that might have been asked for a quarter solid cry for so what’s going on what are your plans today are you playing in is his best ball is it is scrambles and every man for yourself what’s the word here a final hole jamboree eat in which I played last year on a team called legends of sport a team that has been eradicated. In the current format so. Follow me if you will. You’ve got the niners with a team the raiders the giant BA is the earthquakes with a squad in last year they had this. Rin and catch all team called legends of sports low O’Neal was on it. Michael Reagan the former punter of the Broncos. Was on that I believe he’s connect would Ellie Mae and okay some fashion though. We’re thinking in my career and you get my Koran not a bad players feeling a little rusty but I digest as we say that it’s potential relative. I was the fourth person because somebody didn’t show a lot the last year I played in it. This year that team doesn’t exist so I am going to be the on course announcer. Hello again friends all I didn’t bring my own tinkling piano G on us of Branson. I don’t know if you like but an app for you or be so incredible hello again friends so I will be public address announcer slash play by play slash. Both roast master general I fees and I want to do as. Put the camera lately we invite you. So early this man is off the clock yeah don’t don’t let the fact he’s back on the radio makes you think he’s back on the clock and got out joy frosty wind has not worked absolutely crowd control is what we had a need here for the insecurity and salute. You know since this. Golf seems to be a little bit of the theme of the day I gotta ask you we think about the whole. For a match between that tiger infill hole would that be something they’re gonna and yet you really do your big golfer or you’re not the eighty. Just the weekend. And addicts they are you worried and they had a US Seattle laughs so you don’t drink the real Seattle that people will see you just exalt in my addiction but anyway Damon hit a bigger offered the station you assignments. Little League I think I’ve played 47 rounds this year he’s at about 38 were 39 affect the real question did he is going through right now is. Do I played better when I don’t play it with him. Because I had a career best round I wanna turn than a month ago. Final round 81 he wasn’t in my group. So now we second guessing whether or not he he’s bad for ball as we bring Michael Irvin about it at as we’re it did it again we thank you know overall that I didn’t. Front of us against him make him an item and he’s unbelievable I can’t believe he’s need to hate Calgary weren’t aggressive enough for the almonds so yeah. What I wanted to ask you about his tiger filled the Mac. Actual right they’re gonna be playing for 101000 dollar sponsor money tender and billion yes. I would rather than play for one million dollars of their own cash like they brought it to the course with the may put it in a bad it’s wait for them on eighteen you know it’s their money. What about UV. Spiny ten bucks managed. Still needed actually we don’t play for money because it devolved into a competitive sort of not get that that’s the really French in the program. The reason why I golf and play golf is because it’s an escape. From the regular world which is competitive our business is ultra competitive so I got to play golf. And maybe you’ll voiced a couple in a little how you doing until I events could enjoy myself Lotta wannabes button. Five bucks ten bucks ten million dollars. Your point. I agree it would be much better fit to pony up there won’t know but the fact that they’re gonna head to head it. In prime time. Thanksgiving week which is a dead zone for golf. It’s gonna be great TV theater to remember you’ll skins game like Tom Watson Fuzzy Zoeller Lee Trevino they used to go on yeah that was a staple yeah. Well my childhood Thanksgiving and even before that they did a thing called the shell wonderful world of golf under a free remember that. She Scotia before your time god I lay before us. I’m course point one year old but these to take like Arnold Palmer and Gary Player in the Myron are you know in the nation really great. Landscapes and it beat Jack Nicklaus and Lee trivia and Aruba eccentric that’s sort of format with all the stars they have known golf that would work. Do what do you think the east is catching on fire and just turning into like an actual. What are our baseball team that’s going somewhere this isn’t an illusionist is in a mirage like their businesses. Was 3433. In ten of the 3333. In ten minutes it’s kind of tough to ignore that. They’re the pedestrian loss on June 15 the angels they fell two games below 500 and we all had our shovels folder right weird eggs thrown on them and then. 33 intent it’s unbelievable heat scorching. Yet now you have to change expectations what do you now expect from this team just making the wild card and losing seven to three at New York that’s not good enough anymore so. It’s a re calibration temptation is Tim right in my pool. I like you can run over I love the recalibrate absolutely. Any were calibration on the giants this is Dina I think he’s been going nowhere fast old aren’t here yet it like the old box step we learned saint Reid is not an eighth grader we are forced to take dance class and has a four foot. Seven inch eighth grader is a tough hearing while every girl from a height standpoint. It was like staring at the map of the Andes mountains it wasn’t comfortable. Dolce go for me but the box that you learn which is up. Over back to decide that the giants won up one over one back watch out of those mountains the Sutton. It was true Dion I I. It looks like I had an interview how to deal with that I would imagine that if he survived the majority could have posted me up just a good thing midget and the program I just had a flashback to your your. When they sent us out go do like sea and Jose sabretech pregame yes there one day when I did and I did. What was how do ban the worst broadcast made history of the Bay Area we get to do like it wasn’t just. Like an hour and a half or forty minutes before take off. We did approximately an eight hour San Jose wow brigade out you don’t want to ever cats at those like before the first game of the year twosome we’re recapping nothing we weren’t even sure the rules we didn’t have the rosters team colors were still. Any issue but I did anything that was one heck of a broadcast that word both very proud of them to get out. I would say so and I will also add this that team got me to New Orleans not once. That’s why saying how wrong I don’t know they’ll say three idled down. I had to take in the afternoon Joseph would have been shattered if I didn’t go with today is there any jealousy afford ball Friday or do you think if you wanna go work for free for a couple more hours that’s on you moron. That’s that I thought if ally this you guys are a great mix of hot sauce and likes the spicy is how Pena pepper you can find. Listening to that segment is like. Watching that got all of that you wouldn’t eat this. It’s not us pretty much danger here for that hour eyewitness that every every week is that he doesn’t do just not a sustainable meal though it’s a bear sure more than it is anything else. The week you know absolutely man dude who’s so good to see you I’m glad you’re out here what what. Other that is really only play five holes. They’re playing five holes I’ll be announcing hello friends tinkling piano and Don Knapp did the giants have a team in one allows you will be here with the but the sound of the earthquake one mile time favorite athletes Odyssey one know and now. I believe under eight dollars playing on the warrior team. Along with get this Damon. Lisa Goodwin I just her she just thought but I defected to Lisa Goodwin is now eight announced guest is a step up at least a good when stock it really did so I broadcast her high school games in my early days of TV in marine marine 31 shot out Gary was Linda good people and ran 31. Lisa knows the knockdown shooter he really about you the not even sleep on Lisa from 21 from the wing are you a fan of coffee television. I’m not sure to notice that you seem to have party and they don’t. Like OK if while. Yet I think to a local dance party where they have like the same foot or so all you guys like dance at it’s just really something else it’s local and so amazing and thought maybe you don’t know. I though it now you know hey left why coffee yeah CD twenty and I saw you win al-Qaeda goes way back but. If I go buy it. I’ll stick and stay for good night. Second every time by the way we’re talking about how the a’s are on fire literally beats San Francisco Giants are on fire there is eight. I hear it a concession stand at AT&T. Park and there’s a photo that there was just put out and it looks like the entire concourse has been. Just inundated with smoking she’s she is but I didn’t and I don’t think they’d zero again at the restaurant yeah I’m sure it’ll be okay you know they have to get that one out before it’s all said and done but she’s a nursing that happened before. AT&T park bench or Sean we got out the other including Damon Elliott Smith classic death get a higher Thursday and Friday. One out this is actually did not spectacular it sexy gorgeous right now he’s in Eudora US three is. Think all legit these you know these web dot comers are great players caught up folks support the event. Thanks for having to do did we didn’t have warning that we need to invention thank you so much for coming on by and do the best BM Tivoli. Blood and they feel blood brother if there ever was one we will do that podcast that bull in it that will make it happen. You come on over to my place. We’ll do some pre game. And we’ll get ready for the broadcast or the podcast with the kids call it in the broadcasts did it resent sounds good Dan thank you very much and straight today. You know you’re gonna grab the club and work on your short game from about a hundred yards out wants it or sand wedge and drop the ball it is in playable I get kidneys not yet but it chips since I had issues he’s rate your traps were gentlemen do the and thank you there. Don’t start. Did the belief on the morning show I feel like the whole thing was a hell of I don’t know I do not D’Qwell dozens element here and I’m not. Out of here. And you’ve wall. There matter. How about this we can do better way to do well how about this though voice. All of this if Francisco 49ers. At Teddy ballgame Ted Robinson joining us here on 957 game that we were just talking with Dan diddly for way too long so thank you for saving us. Huckleberry big statement. Holy god. In the afternoon true. It. Ellie Mae classic and we got a little bit of pro am scramble things happening today as we get a lot of people walking around and were so happy that you were able to stop bomb by Ted thank you very much I just got down. To Santa Clara. At the end the last week and took him a little in person training camp. And the one thing to just jumps out TI mean you don’t even need to cover this team for a long time to realize that. The culture that Shanahan and leadership laid down. Is now the grounded everyone walks on like it this is year to end off and running. And we all know that. We enter what matters that’s what they wanted to see. So like having said that there’s no question what you said it a 100% or. And to meet the foundation it’s really important fact I spent time this morning talking to Gary. Who’s going to be at that pac bell park tonight coaching for you afterwards but he was that. The facility to support you watch son. And he was telling me about doctor is that that Al docket been warned about the NFL of that. You know the professional mindset. And every man for himself and that dot they had old debt there’s another bet you. And that to be looked like exactly what you felt. And to meet. David despite that is that the 49ers. That two years ago world we’re really broken on the field and they were broken in the locker. And the first thing that Kyle and job text blocker. Wade didn’t come until late this sequel to quarterback got in there but they started to kick block will think first and now that’s why. I think we all feel that the foundational pieces of their produced get I don’t how that it’s gonna happen but the question what the foundation there. Well you know there’s an awful lot of expectations being attached to this team there’s a lot of excitement as there. There should be when you’ve got to a young coach who is ahead of the curve in terms of play calling with the quarterback looks like he can absolutely run the system. I’m fascinated in this backfield but before we get their Ted. I think the biggest difference in the niners passing game this year is going to be a receiver corps that is made up of legit. 123. Guys not 345. Off the roster guys you know there’s there’s there’s. I don’t know if there’s a clear number one but there aren’t a whole bunch of glory number four and fives and that is a major difference I think for drop below Shanahan and everyone. Yeah. And game and I’ll go back and say it out I think what equipment water beat many things that jumped out of one of the most prominent. Characteristic to meet the last five games last season. Or how much better receivers looked. Talking about even the rookie George cable trick Taylor Keddric board. And that to me go back to the quarterback and for years the 49ers have made that team where the receivers. Had more responsibility to help the quarterback. And now this is a situation where the quarterback help with the receivers and the quarterback to make the receivers look better too good. Addicted to Tibet court I have there’s no question this is the best. But I felt. 49ers were back at had been at quarterback position six year supported twelve treating can’t afford Alex was covered up and edit Egypt Egypt Europe can’t predict was back tomorrow. This is the bad at all about the position it’s that. Ted Robinson the voice of the niners when you do with the game on Thursday where were year old ice BI user group to you’ll be watching ward and another group one individual that you think is going to get enough snaps actually leaned forward and try to evaluate what we might see out of date a week 13 season one performance we know a lot of the the key names in players will not see the field very much so where will your attention beset. What that David I think the first one active be right car at that. Again not a sexy positioned and but right now we all for the 49ers because. Ryder Garnett. Nor Cooper who was brought into the yard season has yet. They’re ready to take that job so now they’re. And it’s important so does Mike person are better it would forty democratic few years back in his. It around the league since it can become didn’t take one of the kick it back up lecter like it Eric Magnuson to be ticket. Their job they’re. In the preceding games because up. Right now to respect with McCain in every so we joke just by his draft choice for our draft position of the you’re no inkling that spot. I I’m gonna guess form at the wide receiver position that you talked about David Cook I think a lot of people watch which genes. Can Ricci James. So Brett Brackett small stature but big numbers in college to make that it. It is luck and and basically forces were you under a team position that you’re at now at some depth. But in the other side of the ball one name I’ll watch upfront for a quarter or rat Brett. They understand the demand now speeded that linebacker spot to be able to cover have to do that. And that’s what our Warner would practice what ought to be about the first two weeks there’s got to be. I Chancery of the play right away so we need to be ready to play week one of the flat spot to be will be. Did you get to Baxter we know that in a position where you need a lot of spots five to six play on virtually every down. And bad. Those jobs generally why the filling a lot the special role. So but he but he did get that ninety and deep it is PG read that rookie bracket. And Kansas State is he ready to make a T and ultimately the exact date just a week one because you know you’re not gonna seek drop below it are sold in. And Frontline guys play all that much vote to be a good thing to watch. If you when Mike McClelland GR have been able to work on your Notre Dame secret handshake. But that. That’s right well look we’re here are the guy we don’t talk about Britain for Brett Brackett will collect tiger or Brett Brackett. Up he walked right into starting dish itself. You know it felt it yet Alex he’s already proven it yet to get. At a different because look there are some. The reality the team still questions. Garnett is the first Brett bracket that has basically not done much yet are at the first round graphics still needing to prove that he can stay on the field. And like and and live up to that first ran that. Up. Or router is gone now Eric re entered and he was first uptick Jimmy war first. Against the only played one. All in Connecticut sport so far with the 49ers solid double what they wanna see. Be able to could you don’t count there is Jimmy war valuable player but you. Gave up all the cool true capped a field so those are rather exactly what. We all. Obviously wanna see Richard Sherman on the field but not really in the pre season this man doesn’t need much more practice he needs the rest. He’s got to hand me we know is coming off an Achilles I think he’s just full of intangibles and intangibles. And even if he’s not. How dare to be the player that he used to be in Seattle. That guy that I saw as an on field coach the guy who’s already invited a Q a Witherspoon becomes work out with him and other league NFL corners. I think that this pays off huge dividends. And that’s even if he doesn’t hit the field as much as he’s I’m sure planning on hitting the field I love the fact that they’ve added Richard Sherman. How you felt about him as a player and do you feel as strongly as I do about his locker room presence. Well two things in first on the second point use those who rattled which they just might. And diligence. I keep hearing that widget behind the scenes and things we publicly saw a little bit in the PTA and mini camps and now we’re seeing a start which aperture server Sherman. It’ll hole he’s working with the other DP this is all of which it the second part of it is it equal player. I think this guy I want you want to be out there he’s pushed himself and maybe that’s where that came streaking club. The indications are not serious thing that should be back keep it going late Thursday. Thought that yeah that he really want to be up and that’s in football. David we all know from being around the sport in our rules that’s a huge part of the issue that we you wanna get out do your late to stop other people. May take ought to win I have to be right I told German really want to be out there and that is a big to excel. Clearly. Think the ultimate victory question he’d get a lot of roll early in the string to ultimately yet he has to get on the field but yet. Always good to talk to you Ted thank you so much for your time not a lot of guests make to show a little bit smarter B you do and we appreciate it. Yeah it would. Thank you very much. He is the voice the 49ers Ted Robinson era and 95 cents in the game always always a pleasure to have Montauk Tim about the coming season. I’m excited you’re excited it’s time of the year where everyone’s allowed to be excited for a little football been reading. Bears’ training camp updates heel fan in me wants to get excited to hard but you know it’s a Drabinsky world McConnell Livan and it. We’ll see you net net he can get it going I’m sure readers fans are excited they want the very latest coming out and now but our only real update today added that does that Gavin Newsom was at raiders’ practice today that’s the only real update we have I haven’t seen anything about any players. Make him big plays that plays no plays good plays no one got hurt which means it’s a great day at training camp have no one got hurt. You just had a great day training camp no matter what else happened we are out here to enjoy a great day the Ellie Mae classic if you’re interested in coming on by the Ellie Mae classic you can still find tickets Ellie Mae classic dot com. The tournament is gonna start on Thursday stepped Korea’s going to be out here playing with the pros trying to make the cut. For the second year in a row he came oh so close last year we’ll see if you can do it again this year. And a little bit later Ron we might indeed talk and its stance pop. Dell who is stopped and on by they keep on telling me here at the BC’s John Bryson don’t you go anywhere it is wonderful to have you along I just realized that we haven’t even had chance. To take a phone call yet so. We will open some phone to phone lines for you right now. 88895795708889579570. You were allowed to be a fan you’re allowed to get excited about your football team. For the next segment on the Damon per shall all reason. Need not apply to the next segment your pure joy and excitement is allowed to come through unabated here not 57 the game. Trying to okay. 95 exhibit. Paula it’s one of my favorites in pardon me I did not. Forward promote that we were. This right here now Jana because on these remarks I get distracted I get off a cock does people are talking to me left and right. I can’t even see the clock I’d put it down here because there’s too much glare yeah securities and either I can’t again it’s really hot for the very first time in my entire life. My phone and just gave me the overheating warning really I’ve never had that after the hour my iPhone just said. It’s too hot your phones got a cool down before it’ll show you anything. Did that back now for guide per second there I. I was a little worried yeah I would beat you so getting Abbott the I found ways to Xavier I don’t say the iPhone all right what have you gotten to send to. OK I have a lot in fact I might have more than we need but here we go let’s check up with this kind of flares up in every season schedule starts at that he looks. On and at home on September 29 so the announcer regular season. Sometime later this week probably on Friday rumors are that they’ll play the thunder first and never gonna Peter earlier start like we did last year deal like that idea yeah. Start the latest rumor and I’ve been counting down is that they’re gonna face the thunder on October 16 or seventeenth two days. Yeah you can go ahead and started earlier if you need more time to add fewer back to backs and and and in easier schedules. Couldn’t give yourself more time it’s easier to start in October now you might miss some casual fans along the way we were just going to be settling into the football season. Most casual NBA fans don’t really start leaning forward to about Christmas and so I wonder. It’ll do any damage to themselves by starting too early but the weight of the NBA stock in and profiled just continue. To shoot up our pop words aren’t I think they’re gonna be fine I think they’re going to do have a a their season’s going to be more in focus next year than ever before I think it’s going to be a smashing success and what I also like but the warriors three season schedule. Is that they got a game in key re now up in Seattle which means the rant at a go get a game in Seattle. Which you gotta be cool whip like forget about the rant leaving Oklahoma City the team that dirt. But the visit to grant never wanna believe what this Seattle fans like he had no choice but to go to franchise when they were moved out from underneath them so. I think to rant at Experian. If it not been there will be eight. Crescendo of the free season but it’s going to be the one and only leaned forward moment. All of the priest seasoned warriors. In Seattle the rant act Fiorina that’s cool. Pick that school. Also the last year at oracle. Let me you know those like and this today this is the EE you know the swan song for ORACLE Arena though I think we’re gonna me. Pre season not everyone gets really excited tonight. I tell you don’t win we’ve already had Oracle’s last season because I need Matthew Hurwitz operate in my recipes are true so I feel like we’ve already done in this will be beat. This just demolished and years. Hi Mike taking it too has only did Jennifer just endeavor for just a couple months Damon he’s got himself in a bit of a dispute with a local radio station I thought you love this story ought to be first got cooking on Friday it went 104.3 the fan it’s their host exact site and Brandon Stokley. In thinking after practice so. You know king I’ve actually interviewed on my podcast he’s been on our station yeah. I interview punters that’s not never on the very conversational he’s got great energy he’s thought on the air but it first in this interview he was very subdued. He was very quiet it lasted only got ninety seconds and a critic called it out on it till now there’s been this back and forth. And they asked him during it’d be like why are you don’t like giving us a short answer is why are you responding. He didn’t take it well they’ve gone back of our military out every goalie you’re the punter who dances is it. DS first potter did. It’s. Right here need talented team I mean yeah you’re radio broadcaster David how how do you respond to those kind of moments when you get. Someone on air an interview that’s just not receptive. Well I mean I like I gotta be totally honest with you I haven’t had to deal would much of that I’ve never said I’ve hit in your views flop. Because either this subject matter wasn’t very interest staying. All right Ted interviews flop because the phone line was bad in the couldn’t you couldn’t really hear or understand the person. I never really got the flop because that person. Didn’t wanna participate the closest I came back out what it was like. Del Rio at the end the power got Rio ahead very terse in short handed out at the end he didn’t want any part of the interview. And there’s no doubt that Trent bulky at the very end to lose was falling out of love fast. I remember that killed. But I don’t know if those are willing participants as much as there are quality questions that they really don’t wanna face in public. So I don’t know what Marquette this problem is maybe he. Maybe god. Soft afternoon hosting Denver who’s been a lot of potter stumped on what I can happen here. Why why here in Denver dominant big city college of wayward. In the big leagues where where got a higher Brandon Stokley. Former NFL there and and navy earlier something there maybe maybe he’d. Because a lot of these are a lot of guys who were former players to become broadcasters. They love. To play NF former player guard. And you can play it all you want to on the air with your listeners but when you start playing former player card with former players. Like numb and now you’ve crossed the street you wanna then you’re no longer one of us and that’s something that a lot of these guys do have problems with. But Marquette king happy DNC look at me one bubble mode she potter like. What what’s the big deal. Maybe maybe maybe he dismisses these guys come. Maybe maybe hanging over the Boehner is a good place to be I never three here variety dot com reporting that LeBron James. Is set to produce a duck tees series called quote shut up and dribble it’s for showtime it’ll be a three part series. And it’ll kind of exploring the heat you know changing role of athletes in this new political climate and of course. I could don’t ask if she could own slaves she would she’s a detestable human being. On America’s most detestable. Un watchable uninformed network of almost purely a pull bureau propaganda. Get off get off the fox beat every one it’s making a stupid it’s turning your mind and demolish. It’s ridiculous by the way this has got nothing to do with politics and just talk about quality broadcast I know what’s up at. It on the cutting its Trade Minister I’d I’d I’d need to look as I said earlier in the show. Donald Trump has a lot of things to say about black men in America and none of it is positive. The positive change that LeBron James makes for his community. So fat though our community after that you understand how dominos fall issue president trump one pushes over and the whole line goes down like. For anyone to think you look well LeBron if you really care about everybody you’d open a school for white kids to. Look. I guess you never understood how everything was connected I guess Devern understood how. Even though your streak ends at the street and your street doesn’t end like the pavement continues and it goes to every other neighborhood and every other neighborhood can come into your neighborhood. And we all need to help each other in all of our neighborhoods it’s why I love being a Guardsmen I’ve been privileged in my life Gionta I’ve been handed. I’ve been handed a little of works for a lot and in my own stupid dumb little way out made it end. What I love most about being a Guardsmen is because every guy in there is sort of in the same boat I’m in and they wanna give back they understand it. You’re making it doesn’t matter unless you bring someone we view and let’s you help someone you never met get better hurt. Donald Trump to of attacked the LeBron James is intelligence level. The same day that he opens up a school for financially challenged children. He’s he’s not. It’s not random it’s not random it’s it’s it’s happening because we have a monster. Who is using now sports to divide us and I heard LeBron eloquently say you know sports is all about bringing people together and to look at it. As it as a tool to create division like I can even speak that language. It does bring us together doesn’t matter who you are but if you especially if you love that same team if you operate for the nineteenth. You are collectively together doing something now I think you’re right I think it you know here’s another reason my abroad and Hollywood and all these opportunities things that he’s one X is sort of dive into a little bit more that you know producing side I think cabs catch this interest we’re gonna. Remember LeBron for ever. The minute Donald Trump can be written out of history books he will be that’s all you need to know about they’re staying power. Right number of our thirteen North Carolina about players to miss the games this season this the school also reporting secondary violation in July coupon it was discovered about players source selling shoes the Damon. But elites are these are Eckstein issued air Jordan you’re. They’ll be suspended anywhere between two to four games is not too harsh. No it’s not it’s absolute makeup on V. The death penalty that school should have gotten for running the biggest academic scandal the ACC’s ever seen. I mean. So on a pair Jordan’s. Is the closest thing your student athletes event to be in a real student athletes have they said what I guess this I mean come on you wanna talk about. Suspending kids over these sneakers. But. Classes. Can take totally fake no show classes. And nothing happens I. I mean he did it out your mind yeah he hit so North Carolina opens the year. In Berkeley that. Now I OPEC. Go bears could ever get the good guy. They’ve about it not now. How district created this is number five at the UK to eat an electric festival. There was a erode Puerto pie he’s set ups of yet another restaurant meat rocket is what price of one part of body. Led to something. Amazing apparently it played a hit and rape you literally locked in to the Porta potty. Not necessarily knowing you tired or about him and that there was a whole coriander room that was a rave party happening well that’s pretty delete an incredible don’t. I don’t the people waiting in line. See that this one port of bodies just got person after person walking in no one’s locked out yet I am sure about catch jotted some lighter at least they’ll be intrigued as to why isn’t anybody coming out that’s pretty cool I could say that some like. New York upper crust we party better than you do our money goes further than you do type raiding party. It’s it’s it’s no longer call Jian a to have the party that everyone knows now now everyone want to throw the party that nobody knows about it and nobody can find. There might be of Narnia. That you all right. What you’re lucky if you don’t have Alfredo if you look at the board of RD it’s Narnia for adults but I was pretty funny total. He did take a left at the Porta potty enough mr. Tom this’ll bring you the rest of the way right and that’s. At the better guy mr. Tom this fix them CI read that book his ticket pick this up ZW Lewis while. Yeah there that I know that I really sell you know all things metaphor for christianity yes. There we go it’s five or five wood about right on time how about it but then you know we should do wish this topic or 5 o’clock hour right here now let’s do it.


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