Saturday, 25 March 2023
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Dale & Keefe – Troy Brown nonchalantly dropped a bomb on TV the other night; Why is Lane Johnson so obsessed …

When coach Tex a lot of Billie text her I’d certainly expect. Lawmakers are to get bigger multi user. I doubt good relationship. Nineteen years. Dale Arnold. Hash tag lame ass reports which GP OTT reluctant to turn tail and cheese made gains that he had any idea why not could play. Now have no proof melting polar situations why you can play I’m ordered to stay pleasant news. On the WEEI Sports Radio network. However to bailing key Sports Radio WEEI. Everybody sure tried you tried. You’ve tried real hard evidence arbitrate flowers given a shot Malcolm Butler at the Yahoo! tried from a circle back next week and in the we got that we got that knows the spirit dale. We’ll get the answer by the end of the season at a the techsters suggests that what Lou should have said to Belichick was. I’m gonna keep asking you this question until you answer at the well I I don’t know I think that would go well he should have done that that’s exactly notion ahead of that. I’m just gonna keep asking can you answer right. That article don’t take no for an answer to drop Lou in there you know that he knew who lies paradise. Yet used it he was gonna just have to have to just interject leagues so so the show all MF put up a great little shot and picture taken yesterday. It was before the interview might have been after. I don’t. Or it’s like Glenn was kind of push and those two out of the guidance as they attacked our yeah I read here at their arms around each other edited and it’s little showed shot. The total picture before the those guys with the real wearing his son Croatian lacrosse. So lecture including if you he had he would have a different equity years sweatshirt from a different look profit program off and we saw officers with that did you see so are former producer Indians working with them he’s the one took the picture did yeah you see what he wrote he’s that I took out the team to get the Specter. That is the idea that the play by play of the discussion goes. Build you might take a photo with the review the guy’s real quick physical response polls lies for one. And that it says nervous and incomprehensible. Something that something social media sarcastic Cairo by Bill Archer. That it unhappy at arrow with Morton to beautiful and Jerry really BS wanted to blame get a picture and and it was that it. It was the similar a lot of discussion. While. And yet he’s added that you probably noticed this huge into the whole social media thing though is not really known who he has as canned response but yet the photo is great because bill actually does are around Glen Glen has his horrible horrible waste of bill which is troubling as a sure shot but Glenn also is standing in front of Lou always your idea. I vowed to stick with a adhered to other guys that have a new behind the photo book. I’m looking forward their interviews throughout the year that’s for sure so one of the big stories of training camp on a promise we read back to the calls here one of the big stories of training camp it’s not Ralph Webb OK I’m just an Italian and I here’s CNN’s Tom Rath well wet ya. It’s 21 Bentley. 21 Bentley is one of the big stories had a good game last Thursday. Guys talking about him oh yeah you know target involves a mod and and talking about you know. How how we he’s willing to ask questions he works hard in the classroom he works hard in the film room filled packages and out and they like him than they like Milan they’re the guys who who. Really speaks glowingly of this guy. Is Donta hightower and it was kind of ball from the old man on the linebackers theaters I mean relatively speaking and has had its share of injury issues he has sole. Donta hightower also played a a fair amount on Thursday. You know it’s funny because you had guys coming off the injury who you know gone and more rationed and you might have expected right so I guess on that NBC sports Boston. Post game yes I’ll Michael Holley was on with Troy Brown right and and they were talking about why it is Don I happened to Donta hightower was playing as much as he did it. Dante hyped how great chances. When I was out there that sometimes. He’s gonna put people to walk it’s it’s too many people see that he didn’t look. We’re always well well. Well I don’t know that that is maybe you know I thought this thing nowadays you need I wanna see what he could do. A period of time. You can see one of. Could you just have to news. So. It’s. June so dale if you suggested that I would get up out of here yeah I’ll dog get out of my chair at Wachovia would laugh in your face that this defense that position betrayed. Donta hightower while I’m glad tied it into our clubs to one bet and I don’t want Bentley sharer and Bill Belichick will will do with the surprise trade or the surprise cut with the best of them maybe even better than the best of so I guess in a way you can’t rule anything out but the fact that Troy Brown said. What was. You know he’s got he’s got an opinion worth listening to tackle is to me you are right out there and argue you know you are and you have quietly but right. The game and highlighted just publicly over and that’s not too far the other way we’re yeah. All our football team share and I got a letter rail that I played I hey guys that I played out of the on the team anyway. But the point is not high tower is one of 83 guys on the defense that you feel good about Andy you know you’re gonna get out. Here’s the one issue Itar. He eternal all the time these are games played on back to rookie year 1416. 121213. And five last year he. So you’re a mean he got the one year in his entire six year career where he made it all the way through so. There is a concern there east when he. Coming off an injury but we have Rob Ninkovich on on Monday and talked him throughout patriots season on Mondays with the maintenance she’s going to be in studio with us for a couple hours but. He I asked them specifically about cattlemen’s that you know elements played a lot. And he’s coming off handwriting wanted to play until week five now predicament is what a bigger it’s like we’re able to cut up interest but he can do that you got to play. It’s I would assume that is the same paper Donta hightower has signed him to a pretty team friendly deal. Last series at a four year deal there was the thought that he could go to Pittsburgh very might go to some other team he stayed the patriots for four years. Was a 3435. Million dollars in so this is only a year to. So I would be shocked that this would be one of those put it under the the Jamie Collins. The lawyer Malloy and those in the trade but I would be shocked. If they govern dumping Itar so. Well it’s. He says he. Wants. I love Troy Brown fertilized and this makes me sad. Like act. I’m with you I don’t think that they would wield Donta hightower right here now we’ve seen them do other things we’ve seen them trade Richard Seymour. We always get it right now I don’t Melissa Logan Macon slow down Mankins before the season started. And you know as I said all these stories about how good to one Bentley Lexus I want Bentley go to great job covering guys out of the backfield he’s the one guy you look at the Russell linebackers Kyle bit annoyed that supports were touched on the pre season the same symbol symbol. All laid and Roberts. Your big NIC Grigsby guy. Harvey clinging NIC Grigsby guy mark these are hurt again or are relying a car excellence Wi-Fi out of brutal are Christian Sam. And you like Camelot come on now I mean I just. That is not a good group high tower at least at art you have him yet or real. It is the match for a linebacker being DuPont has been the playmaker you play in the middle and planning outside he needed to. I don’t that you Nestle had great at covering running backs but compared to some of the other guys on that list to eat he’s doing better. So it them or even trade him for. Most players in the NFL get treated it dealt for pics or it wouldn’t agree now that’s. Lester back to the calls the 6177797937. Mics in Connecticut and Mike. There eight on what’s going. I’d they’re Bryant yeah arm. And aren’t you glad Cabrera said that. Pickett said that though you know go to court. And I just. I feel he’s. Cancer. Watch Perry. I see no cure for cancer. Both sadly that right now is the case Michael why do you what CDs are coming here there’ll lose because that does Bryant. Just now yeah. Well also I’ll say this might they add that the patriots and I’ve disagreed with solemn by the way have never been afraid in the past to bring in. Character question players from Albert Haynesworth that Cory Dylan and Dave mar ran water cost wise to plug rate now Randy Moss ended up being. A model citizen up until the end weary shoppers try to women’s tennis for a three year pretty much yacht and had great press count sort of fell off the article weight of the earth on my shoulders yak. But but you know they brought in Haines where I heated when they brought it means that I hated out enough that every government or they’ll bring in anyone. That’s I mean I ain’t worth. The guy was a dog on the field and off the field accidental the dogs in on what the but you just take place off the defense of why didn’t all this. Is that a playoff. I don’t do something lay on the field. Then he was all the the the list of things that he had off the field. So Dez Bryant I don’t I think the patrons are strong enough when their head coach the rest of the coaching staff in the veteran players on the team that one player. Would it be able to terror apart and if he did start to terror and apart see ya all out the door. You don’t even hesitate it’s not like you drafted this guy right you know you scouted you develop them you bring in the end you make it very clear. This is what’s expected this is what’s allowed this is what is not allowed. And it is a better wide receiver in the what you out and I have a feeling he might be. I think he has and he’s definitely you do your best receiver and the I really believe that last year the last couple years and they haven’t been great for Dez Bryant but it a big part of that. Is the quarterback the office of the Iran head coach all of that OJ thing just they veteran players does breast 29. You just have to it’s common sense here or there and respect Tom Brady bill bell check a lot more the Dak press got Jason Garrett. You’d like to you’d just I mean everybody would so I think I think he’d be better off. Now the fact that I guess he’s starting to take visits this week there is that he got the fourth of the door seeded Odeon Cleveland you have laid would hasn’t returned my call. I mean I’ll admit that there are some red flags yeah does he really wanna play how to play and the browns on them but he supposedly he’s not visited with anybody. I don’t know what he’s doing amenities Witten for an injury serious moral leverage in the go to a team that really need them by the patriots are one of those teams that that could use auto previously Needham I don’t think he’s gonna. The personal score a lot of points without a blood if he’s just available just for money I don’t know what that would Brigham and 6177797937. I blends and indicate last night on. I glad it’s gonna. I guess our way of looking at the wide receiver situation in I don’t I don’t expect government to replicate what he could part it was injury. But I do expect to replicate what and the goal it did last year which is someone in the vicinity of sixty catches that you open wanted to look more yardage. Hogan is obviously back in and actually mr. Putin at last there’s some spectrum and took in opium Baltimore into your door that was on the roster a bigger really boils down to a party you. You know wouldn’t status before about how do you replicate what courts did last year to endorse certain media. Kenny Britt you know combined to give them enough traffic accident and in vertical space. Keep passing games similar what are what it is you know it would went last year. He grew up a great point because I I I think we underestimated. How much Brandon Cox brought to the table last year. I mean he he had 65 catches he had a 1082 yards. He had seven touchdowns he had one less touchdown catch and rock did. Exactly. Obviously wrong and it impossible you know articulate proved it here. I don’t doorstep going to be doorstep but I do will be at least you get 3035 catches. But again who’s gonna starts and I need to use that term but I know other people do as well the party at least produce that same vertical. Threat that you have a cook at least in terms of enough. And up production to keep them honest you know I think that the the running backs that’s what they normally do fine. That it really well done that for me. It to me it’s a huge concern because let’s let’s say all right let’s say Welker. Welker let’s say analysts say cattlemen comes back. Yeah and any gives you would end and all Acadia last year OK what you’re doing is replacing him windowless numbers yet now just coax is gone. Now you’ve lost Klutz I’m doing now is replacing Hammond cola. And and look Danny Amendola was good not great 61 catches his good 659. Yards okay two touchdowns. If long for the season was 27 yards. Now you mention. Welker and there and that’s another one where. He’s the guy similar age he’s dealing with an injury rate was 2009 in the last few in the regular season. He tears as MCL and is ACL. But that was what January that he did that those the last game of the season. Whereas Alvin did in the pre season right so so that is that is a big gap there as well because Welker came back. He he wasn’t as good for that next year so 2009 he had a 123 catches which led the league thirteen hundred yards and gets hurt last game of the season doesn’t play in the playoffs. 2010. He plays in fifteen games drops down 86 catches 848 yards does have seven touchdowns. And that is the year after that. Where he has one of his best years ever leads the clean catches has a season high in in yards are career high in yards. But again I’m hopeful just because there was. What a difference of like five months between when I don’t and did it when Welker so maybe he did return from that injury it just took a mobile longer. We wanted to know whatever happened to them. No nothing millones some people have gotten older and maybe knock on the door but neither does he they have like disappeared I saw two years ago. I mean Stop & Shop in Franklin and I’m walking on the arms embargoes. I grant. New York. John just risky as the major Ares I forget what it’s it’s up something about Tang Wei or something ago. Like I literally I froze. And I wanted to say did you do what did you do. Yeah pretty healthy and I Tuesday night the Vijay yes well global club scene you’ll see around his number we’ll we’ll call cold and I want tomorrow look them all tomorrow. I’ll see that the model shop tomorrow and a curtain count him maybe John just ramps. So I have to admit I didn’t hear it I I only heard I saw on on Twitter that they said Greg Dickerson is seen John just rescue nice. Well. I gotta know yeah but I didn’t know that it was two years. Time is Greg Dickerson bill with a loss never dropped now Mon not get into that the ones that weighed toward that never come up a click of the every day. We’re always talking about John describes you or is it somebody saying that’s who was. Pregnant out of afforded me. Not that I know thinks enough that I didn’t. But somebody pretending to be him. The case that he had a conversation with them while ago he was talking about that by the Keene knew who was at least before you get right there and went for it was funny so you know so he for sure talks in Rome. Greg just out of interaction that growth restore them so that’s good to. He’s speaking for you didn’t hear the issues they had yes and a foray. With break microphones in the picture studios wanna believe and are you know you’re not know I know you’re not the only let’s go to. Odds are all older ago when a what does Jesus. McDonnell on Cuomo. Destroying the equipment in here and stop touching that feels like he’s gone yeah. It’s available now moved to Orlando and I will always asserts its. And I asked him. The excuse. He broke right at her followed right first day and I noticed that at some folks who work here. Just can’t leave them alone. Pretty much out I mean already on the debate they can’t blame that got a plane that they exiting with a little with a written. And you know we can hear all the time and these things are hanging in yeah here’s an idea Christian you talk into pocket and you don’t have to fondled. Please though probably not phrase. Not an option if you’ve thrown off back off like I had let all the stuff touch and that cat I let it stop us is that doesn’t that you got touched pocket do it. There’s a lot their butt. Yeah they asked that a lot of time of the microphones spells though. Spent a lot of time because Fauria was sitting in the seat that Belichick does the interview went so there’s four I don’t know how I mean they sometimes. They thought at that yeah the microphone off the thing they did tell him right off the bat and got out of Gaza incidents also hear that for three hours and also over their ornaments welcome back career to sit the other might there’s another Mike in there was like my three other markets several microphones and there but. That’s other approach or pictures Monday that’s finally and its group picture they got that out of the way. Well and now here they go one of yeah. That’s terrible about the awful thousand ago. One seemed to be a little more involved in the group pictured in the other two guys that Glenn is a gliding coach picture as the other two guys happened beaters well. Clinton seemed numb excited by the prospect of the picture. All doesn’t it elaborate I’ll I don’t think he’s now he’s been in the senate the states it is all of this and it might have had medical studio there just for any of those specifically and stuff such an act that. Okay all of the way they get all that ironed out for a week to win and beyond report that. Back to the call 6177797937. Mics in New Hampshire might. That might. I didn’t answer or it’s another good week of a New Hampshire calls my child by my my wife and I just don’t feel like fight winner now that’s fine I. The ones last week and it didn’t hit a collar was it was mainly you war. Fellow state yeah I don’t know what happens. But also a great others not as much that’s that’s fine but they were still engaging with the show bill that’s what we look for Larry Larry was really engaging with I don’t think I’ve heard in the years I’ve been on the air Arnold so I hate. I don’t. Is that is in need that much your wife left nausea and I have heard eight are now going to that bright never die they say they along. But he was so we hackers. They cater. All was that it was the biggest from merit. Audio every iron hand I’m really good cabinet colleagues in the thing out of my mouth which is. So we put a lot later on menus and I’d really like Larry in New Hampshire and the militant. Knocked on the ice and. He would order a turn from there so. But they we welcome all collars of these you’ll elect to show you hate the show that’s fired me or were here tended to feel for their lodge it was above I missed yesterday I am and cause. I feel bad because I’m I’m left handed yesterday was national left handed oh was did you notice there’s a hash tag national something day every single day. Most of which there is fairly dopey yes I international Whoopi pie day hello you know because I know who doesn’t outlaw so yesterday was national left handed day. And and I I’ve read this there is not a single left handed quarterback on any NFL roster this year. No not that’s true one. The last left handed quarterback on an NFL roster. Last year we ate McNown Kellen Moore tell Dallas Cowboys say with a lefty there’s no lefty quarterback there is there’s not a quarterback. That is crazy. Not one. Does Tebow is now the gamble while Michael Vick out of the inning while by the way today’s Tim’s birthday is that really yes polls and won I think 31. We’ll have averted Tivo inspired Major League Baseball player hopefully he’s able to achieve that goal. No let the court that’s really melt my brain now for awhile no lefty or not a single one why is that’s. We suck. And they beat Steve got a nice player. Now they I don’t think I don’t he’s got much game left now probably not coming out of retirement to would love to meet you get that left handed quarterback quote he needed and so. I think it’s about Boomer Esiason lefty right go to repeat a good one yeah. Let’s try let’s try Mike in New Hampshire again and I. I mean yeah. Okay. Are all we’re not brick. I think one of the things that they benefit from last year with the pretty speedy. And our quality iCloud. It would actually all the safeties or open the other side of eagle. Now I don’t really see much on the lawn of the early view that only outside. Guy that I possibly can use that would be maybe Paul corner on either kicked or are you saying there’s. It would it would be bigger than the front maybe practiced in material. Yeah. He’s got an eight. Both source that hasn’t speed does me Chris Hogan. Coral Patterson’s that’s how he does the sibling they got some guys that can run straight putt on I don’t know how good they are on I’ve I don’t I don’t I don’t think back good. But they can do that to happen. Yeah I say not China not evil little guy on its ear don’t like without doubt one of our court sect are just. Showed up somewhere and be good. Right apparently gives you that’s Jacobs Hollister first I logic and author of balancing of Ulster. So that you are through my fake or else not lie in which yours out we haven’t mentioned Riley McCarron and Braxton burials that those guys you know most guys think they’re gonna make the team I think one of them while. I think they’re gonna need some in return Ponce the first four weeks maybe the Y accidentally hit it well because you think deckers knock enemy I die I do think I don’t think he’s their punt returner you don’t budgets are just trying to make the team is no I don’t see that he’s not gonna make the team I think the way Kenny Britt is going. He might not make the team. Birthdays today. I’ll just that. It’s. An easy balls for about I was. Still just senators birds that are forgotten by the music on The Who. I I. That the that goes to that happy birthday Tivo I also found out it’s deals that is always national something day. It’s I don’t know what today is no today was national left handers that today is national. Is that sort of the cream sickle is the cream sickle I mean it it is on one and there are another one certainly ran for a big of a certain places out there hungry obstacle will develop this hash tag national something day. Is that something might in embracing die there should be while for the principal industry for yet another bone principles that every single day I play you know national divorced ex father and one thing. I think yeah. And it does it I don’t I don’t know where this stuff comes from I don’t know whose idea of these are when two days it’s national from day. Hi people so we can all national golf I always tell us what that the time change yes. When you were tweeting got a picture of tea paper I wrote about 230 I had my paper I had met burst through the day before 3 o’clock yesterday is a great day. And night and you suddenly realize well. Up and I’m mobbed by the way high about it we’re working to like 630. No not at all yesterday would have been seven who ever keep last night that would be my. Who’s to go to tonight he was and today. That I don’t know gate oh. Other honest the or about us that tiger dug in you can look at me and asking them probably not gonna happen at a really need the instrument and ask anymore I is that right now is that wanted to see how we still don’t know now we’re going to be on them keep our eyes on the by the way according to our techsters Cindy. Oh I hope this is true I don’t know that is true but I openness you know. The last person to throw a touchdown pass in the NFL left handed. Tivo Dez Bryant. It. Would be hey look that’s a true worlds colliding right now that possibly true. Is this writing left handed I doubt that Kellen Moore threw one. And probably not you know a lot letter that is quarterback on a roster now he was problem Woodruff you a couple of years ago and last year I did did Dez Bryant throw a touchdown pass last year. We will we will have that he daddy did throw a touchdown and Jason Witten was. Last year what 16 December 26 when he’s sixteen do we know for a fact that he throws lefty. And while the polo cup I have the highlight in front of me and currently watching it and yet he does it’s giants. Hey Michael shot. I’d I’d say eight black left corner of the end zone Jason Witten put a male. That’s great. As it’s got to get him out at tribute at the orchard a question right there who was the last player music player. The throw less than touchdown touchdown pass in the NFL says Bryant won. 6177797937. Its telephone number daily keep all new thirty or make it out five minutes from now. It would be good as much as were put those adding I spy spoof that’s the ball move. The I don’t know it doesn’t. And somebody. When your sick economy song I guess I’m asking if you could explain something that I usually can maybe other people Kenneth if you’re unable to. Can somebody explain to me lane Johnson’s infatuation. With the patriot is odd isn’t it. It’s really strayed so he comes out the offseason and he’s talking about how they never have any fun out there and OK fine you know if you want the city don’t look at it this year when you get to talk all that stuff. Yeah so now it’s. He’s been waiting for this pre season game pre Thursday’s pre season game briefing since the Super Bowl first fall lane that’s a lie. We didn’t know the priciest thing won’t back down and we aren’t we and you what do you like you even playing them back that day seems a little laud what what is his. I mean he steals one bit I can’t explain I thought I could whatever your question was going to be a thug bill Lou exploited but lane Johnson. I don’t know how you can get hyped for a pre season game that idiotic. I didn’t who doesn’t mean anything you have no idea who you gonna play against another look this guy’s a very high graphic heavy use fourth overall pick is he’s a good fire player I ever player you know you won a Super Bowl you to say whatever I want that he did I and and had a fine fine got no issues first exit asked about a lot of that now to be you know saner I’d been waiting to play this chaos since the support it’s a glorified practice it’s it’s like come on are you serious I don’t know so there’s this billboard outside Gillette Stadium on my got to see this thing GAAP. I’m wondering did Lange put this up. It lane pay for this thing now it wasn’t it all of the back veteran of these electronic billboards that they have it’s down by Gillette Stadium. And it’s basically some Philadelphia Eagles fan or like in Johnson. Celebrating the Eagles Super Bowl victory over the patriots and it just appeared here in the last few days yes yeah. Both surveys didn’t summary it was a bad or it happened in Eagles fan I was able to to get in there but they were able to put up a billboard which. Is though is ridiculous that is the billboard. You know usually wants something as a drought and buy it to quickly look up and like oh. There’s an ad for whatever the product is there’s a website there’s a photo there’s a radio show there’s whatever equipment this thing is. Very strange Sosa’s go birds world champs so long they are confident that that’s little burned up a mummers. Photo there that the player who Wear the mummers costume. In the in the victory parade but it doesn’t look. It looks very strangely you have to look at that for a while some of the magic guy poster to figure out what’s there in the middle. That it looks like a player. It’s supposed to be a patriot. But at first glance it looks like a Detroit lion or Dallas cowboy guy and an eagle tackling hand them as another eagle catching a pass. It could’ve been so much better if you wanted to really rip the patriots are given little jab. You could just said you know Eagles Super Bowl champs early go Eagles or this thing’s gonna dump they try to add these pictures to it looks it looks dumb suffered. Saw okay yet you’ve got an Eagles fan who wants to tweak the patriots that’s fine again you won the game you do EU got money to spend have had added told duet that you spent a better define as that’s how you wanted to do it live your life but the lane Johnson thing just. Full screen why is he so obsessed about the patriots is what he beat out appreciates the patriots yet IE he hates them by the way if he’s not alone in the NFL I understand that. Now but he’s at least the other guys that Tatum were all guys that lost to them the you’d think you’d understand that you are lined paper vetted them from getting to the Super Bowl or winning the Super Bowl or. Every to make the play out there Seahawks players who hate are they talented players Taylor Taylor’s play area. That’s fine what’s instill from the top rule at our athletic guys up there. Of separate the beat them and in the Super Bowl. It is Eli Manning hate the patriots or not. Probably probably not but you know what yeah I think my career thank you you made my career and it happened to be against you guys whereas. Elaine Johnson I don’t know if I’ve ever even heard a player in the NFL ever say they’re they’ve been counting down the days for a pre season game. I’m snaps he would apply the second pre season in her star. How awkward would be a funny idea as the worst why he may not. He pity me not I don’t get it by the way apparently. If if he has anything to say about it Tom Brady is playing Thursday night. Yes he was asked specifically about that this morning when he was on with KNC. ’cause last Thursday didn’t play in Arizona back injured piano said that’s fine too by the way good back Yani he did address that but. But he was asked specifically if he’s gonna play this Thursday. Art. You are you playing do you plan on playing this week and now we took a pre season Tom yeah. It up there’s good news yes absolutely now those again it’s not his call but. Might be. Confidence. I think in the past he’s lobbied about yeah I’m sure he got a lot way he can present his case but. So he’s gonna play and you would I’ve bull said this is a sudden we agree on is that. He shouldn’t play all the pre season we don’t want I don’t wanna see him play at all in the pre season you see too many injuries on the running back from the Redskins. Torn ACL game one of the pre season as a rookie and second round pick. Gone for the year. There’s too many of those injuries range he’s got the offense down better than anybody ever could. Yes he has new teammates but again they have the luxury of being able to work some things out in the regular season. So I don’t need to see him but. It’s part of what he normally does not know he’s changed a little bit you know some of the practice is guilty if they didn’t go to. So you’d think maybe you can also do this or continue to practice they also they want the they seemed to be managing. His attempts I he’s not thrown the ball as much as he used to. So hopefully I plan much hope it even less than a quarter and and he can bring on the Brian Hoyer experience in the did Danny when. Project so Elaine Johnson who by the way. He probably doesn’t remember but I remember 00 he was. Suspended for ten games for PED violation by the way out there over Nazi you know try ten games this was after he signed that that big. Six year 63 million dollar contract. By the Wikipedia expansion. Suspension. Avoided all the remaining base salary guarantees that totaled seven point 74. Are great so so Elaine has had his own issues by the way I mean you know lane. Let he who is without blame all that stuff but yeah people who live in glass houses should dress in the basement follow. But Alec that went just it’s some of the lead I will all gonna add that to my repertoire so solve this guy who has been a drug cheater a aide busted convict. Did drugged out here I got your hear your take Iowa victory out while ayalon lane I think you immediately Johnson more than any other player chest that’s like for you cannot figure out his obsession yeah I don’t get it the first advice I kind of gave mom the benefit of the doubt he was asked about it. And and so he went on we kind of believe you probably talked to Chris Long and probably talk to Garrett blog maybe get an idea and then the other thing with a surrogate backed up. Really there for like Danny Amendola kind of backed up what lane Johnson was thing that he didn’t really wanna hear at the time but maybe there was some truth to what he’s saying originally. But then to sort out hype up this this pre season game I don’t get. Match if they had joint practices with each other late but the pacers wanted to do. You know Eagles turned it down to get out Wayne Johnson three days straight on over if these guys that would that would have made his life. But all of that did you see via the Mike Zimmer quotes speaking of joint practices as Emery percentages as him reaper is the vikings that the jaguars wanted to have joint practices what. Which they will delay against this coming week ace it. Avalanche fights and stuff those there was that might be a good place that well I’d be our fight with each other they can’t wait to fight we view their fight with the media. There’s there’s screaming at the media that are so we have the jaguars are probably gonna start a fight with the vikings it’s pretty safe to assume that a second ago. But I I get I I so think they would have preferred to do it and know all about they asked Bill Belichick about it again yesterday he’s addressed that before. I think if you’ve been a 100% truthful he would rather have joint practices. They’re not album but they couldn’t get they couldn’t agree with teams and so this year the number don’t CI. I have a feeling it if you wanted to another key spirits or so ago op I think it’s going to be harder and harder for build a fine teams that wanna. Practice what. Yeah I mean it’s got to be. You know who he good friends in the lead when Andy Reid amicable it’s gonna have Sean paid yet it had to be those those guys. Yeah I mean I you know the Eagles had thanks for now market and it’s you know like whirls. Surprise as many teams in the past that it was them. Because who’s gonna get more out of anything you big debate EO Bill Belichick is gonna look at he’s going to be able to. You know see some things in in it especially if you’re playing them in the regular season or there’s a chance you might even play them in the super but there’s a realistic chance you could play them there. I wondered that was part of the Eagles mindset. Was able consumable rematch on orbit earth wallets you would Belichick had to say about it. Well on the schedule as good as we thought we try to do thus we can make the most of them. I don’t have an issue is filled with what we’re doing this year problem. Might be different next year might that might have been different here before I don’t think that’s really that a Florida I think it’s a week. A productive where their time and so retarded thus became the I’m on funk or. I think F three’s gonna since he’s always of of course is gonna say that but I think. Why else would he have done so many of them over recent years you know going down the West Virginia and he’s crazy trips to selected you know square off against another team. I think yell a lot out of that I wanted to go to Richmond. Which is where the jets just were working out with the Redskins. As an angle with a kiss has myself out and convert their salvaged but yeah I I think there and I don’t know if you need to do to global met every every year. Trading day like this I do want him I think he definitely does. By the way did I mention that was laying Johnson’s second PDs suspension did not you know that he had a girl or this guy had a four game suspension Bakken. 2015. Or sixteen in five years and he’s on the fourteenth 2014 EF four game. Yeah 2016 he had a ten game but last year he played the mall and include the super clean as a whistle like that ha ha Mike Hsu Wakefield they might. Monetary ya speakerphone quality great veteran move yes thank you and eat at you. Like he has to offer. No they’re coming up I don’t know thirty yeah I hate that they might thank you. Look I hate equals and out egg gloat one look at it all had became a lightning bolt. Literally made deal dealt a bad game and I can almost guarantee that it will not be representing yet see this year I mean if you look at ESP is. They come up I would think fairly tightly crossed caught their fortunately I mean you look at that. Up and comers like the ram the cowboys are getting stronger. Quite in incredible each had. I really balled into Eagles and he. Also doubled our podcast now when I went back up was. Are still don’t Tuesday night’s reveal is that what got a good guy right there are other guy out of the pot and I don’t know why cop minding I don’t realize that it’s specifically ask you about the dork podcast while he’s not a and I have halo Paulus not a plan is not alone I wish I did notice of the great guy and a lot of good tape pretty Smart guy is that a Smart guy as far as the odds to win the Super Bowl. The patriots are still the favorite the favorite from the NFC Diaw was like to take a guess that who’s the NFC favorite is right now. I bet it’s not the it’s not Eagles are second in the NFC. Of my bad edits that Jamaica rappel alleged Sanford I’m not getting it doesn’t EI LA rams which makes sense because this got a pretty star studded rock ever loaded roster the problem hearing a lot of bats. And then you get the Steelers are up there the Packers and the vikings are all in contention so. Yeah actually so the NFC he doesn’t represent the the NFC in order coronet Vegas to be rams. Eagles and then Packers vikings are tied for third. Thought with a I think the Eagles they obviously have a good as anybody else like sort of catch lightning in a body yet I don’t like them. In many respects it felt like that 2001 patriots team and had a super all right now I’d hold my god this apple they are starting quarterback it’s heart backup quarterback leads the team to Victoria and there where the dog masks because they’re embracing them being underdogs we are underdogs anymore that was playing Johnson and champ long. Chris Long press long that the Doug Maxwell and Kelsey is brother to re it was a big dog mask are used to it he did like the double WE promo at the at the parade number he was losing his mind is that Jason tells the column but they can’t be underdogs anymore. Another the favorite to win their division of the favorite weather caught a second favorite guests it’s. When the NFC so their record deal to have that role now the patriots adjusted took a year but award they are the underdog great story Oates who they just missed out on the playoffs. The the next thing you know they’re the team to beat the likes of leaders. Some people like the saints I am not a huge things down the niners are actually outcome reeling seven. I that’s hired I wouldn’t expect that you have got halfway. Yeah they’re behind away instead of on the falcons in the duke fourteen that I have to I would think the falcons would be area. A pretty strong NFC. Now up by that by those numbers they would not be a playoff team they paid. Vegas has them behind the rams in the division but ahead of Seattle and there’s. That looking at that hour. The the city can bet on the AFC easterners that national but he Ted. They have got on the board and it AFC east is on the board the patriots are minus 800. Meaning you’d have to bet 800 dollars to win 100 dollars. And who second Miami is plus 11100. C about a hundred dollar from the dolphins who would win 1100. As though there’s a bit of a gap between there’s a bit of the bread and a number two team better get what do you think provided dolphins out of their camp the last few days they got. Riots had Hillary is look at rights handled it right it goes can he threw it right out of the Holler rookie out of the huddle even out of gazes on record the way can’t always do that but he showed good leadership. That just yesterday they have a defensive tackle a veteran defensive tackle. Takes a cheap shot at their starting running back taking a drink that does help on just knocks him down blind sides them and they cut back. Well he’s economies voice I wasn’t gonna make the team any one of these in real messed up but the fact that that was that would even happen. Goes to show you while what’s going on there that dolphins. There again a lot of battling going running camps lot of tip battles you know we’ll see how many rookies and a starting in the and in the AFC east is another story was Sam Arnold. Who didn’t look too bad his first pre season game he may end up starting at all this chance media love him they deal. The jets’ media if they get to make the choice of Sam Sam Donald’s your stars have Donald. Josh Allen was I guess okay for the bills I don’t think he’s a solid start week one that but midway through the season or by the time these teams face each other. Patriots could see at least two rookie quarterback.


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